Motherly Love Ch. 05

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I am obligated to state all characters are 18 and over.

– –

“Kyle!” Mom called from upstairs one morning, “time for breakfast honey!”

“Coming!” I called back before getting up, the sheets soaked from our hot efforts the night before.

I hopped downstairs where Mom stood naked and cooking. Turning down the stove, she kissed me tenderly.

“Did my strong handsome lover sleep good last night?”

“You mean for the half hour I slept?” I retorted.

She laughed and kissed me again. “Sit down. The eggs are almost done.”

I sat and took in her beautiful form. Still thin despite having 8 kids, her huge udders not having dropped in the least and her ass still tight and round. She could’ve easily passed for a 19-year-old, seeming to begin to age backward.

“Here you go honey,” Mom said as she set the pancakes and sausage on the table.

After finishing the eggs, she sat next to me and asked, “So what are you doing today baby?”

“You hopefully,” I joked.

“You and me both,” she replied seductively as she a long lick to a sausage link before rapidly plunging it between her blue lips. As if I wasn’t hard enough, she put it in her cleavage and began to move her boobs up and down.

She then brought her plate to my cock and with one touch, I opened fire with a loud shout, blasting her pancakes with my cum which she gleefully ate.

“I can’t wait Kyle,” she said with a soft giggle as I caught my breath, watching her eat the cum splattered food.

– –

After we finished, I went up to my room as Mom straightened up the living room, soiled after our hard fuck the night before.

“Mom?” I called behind her.

“Yes Kyle?” she asked as she turned, and her eyes lit up as she saw the box in my hand.

“I bought it for Christmas,” I said as I handed it to her, “but I decided to wait until today to give it to you.”

She smiled as she unwrapped it and I watched her as she removed the lid.

“Oh my god…” she said, beginning to cry, “Kyle. It’s beautiful!”

She pulled out the black dress and began to try it on.

“No!” I stopped her, “I don’t want to see you in it until tonight.”

“What’s tonight baby?” she asked.

“I’m taking you out Mom,” I answered, “for New Year’s Eve!”

– –

I didn’t see Mom any more that day. At about 1 that afternoon, she went for a hair appointment and I was upstairs when she returned, simply hearing her door close.

– –

At 6:30, I checked my watch and nervously fumbled with my black suit. I wanted tonight to be perfect. I was going into a year of my relationship with Mom. As I fixed my tie for about the 25th time, a voice asked,

“How do I look honey?”

I looked back and nearly melted into my perfectly shined shoes. Mom stood in her black silk dress and white 6-inch heels that had a silver strap snaking up to her ankle. Her eyes were decorated with blue eye shadow bringing out the even more dynamic blue of her eyes. Her red curls made her look even younger.

The specially altered dress still gave a more than generous view of her cleavage, proudly boasting the huge breasts which had slapped gravity in the face. It came only to the middle of her thigh. My eyes traveled down her stocking clad legs and I stammered to speak.

She walked over kissed me warmly, my knees going weak as her sweet perfume wafted up my nose.

“You look absolutely perfect Mom.” I finally managed to say.

“So do you Kyle,” Mom replied, “with you in that suit, I don’t thunk anyone could resist you. I know I can’t.”

I smiled at the compliment as she straightened my tie. “So what’s the plan tonight?”

“Dinner and a show,” I replied, “but I can’t tell you the rest.”

“Not even for me baby?” she asked in a baby voice while brushing her boobs against me while rubbing my crotch.

I gulped but kept up my nerve. “No you’ll just have to wait and see.”

I opened the car door for her and she chuckled. “Such a gentleman.”

During the car ride, we had light conversation in which Mom still tried to get answers, but I didn’t cave. The handjob at the red light was tempting but I still didn’t give up anything.

When we arrived, I led Mom through the fancy Italian restaurant to our reserved area.

“Oh my…” Mom gasped as she took in the candlelit table, “I can’t believe you went through all this trouble Kyle! What did I do to deserve this?”

“Just being you Mom,” I answered as I pulled out her chair, “and that’s all that matters.”

She sat and I kissed her cheek.

“Are you sure we can afford this?” Mom then asked.

“We don’t have to afford anything,” I answered, “I’m covering it all.”

“And you saved all that money just for me?” she asked.

I took her hand in mine. “There’s nothing I’d rather do Mom.”

She smiled, and we ordered. Over the dinner and champagne, we had a good time. I felt my cock twitch as she moved her foot onto my crotch. I looked at Mom who innocently sipped her champagne and continued to eat.

The ones around us didn’t notice. I was amazed esenyurt anal yapan escort as she unzipped my pants, still with her foot and began to give me a footjob. The nylon wrapped around my prick felt indescribable as she moved her toes over my head, sending tingles all through my body.

My balls began to churn just as the bubbly waitress walked up, her 32D boobs bouncing in her black shirt.

“Will you two be having dessert?” she asked.

Not here… I thought as Mom looked at me and licked her lips.

“Um,” My voice cracked as Mom resumed her treatment of my shaft, “no thank you. We have a show to catch.”

She nodded and took our plates. “Who of you will be taking the check?”

“I will,” I said, and she handed me the bill. Mom smiled as I tried to subtly zip my pants after stuffing my cock back inside.

“Ready to go?” I asked her, extending my arm.

“Yes baby,” Mom said as she linked her arm with mine and we walked out, horny as hell.

– –

Afterward, I drove with Mom to the theatre and thankfully we found a good spot before getting in line. A lot of people were in line, mostly women.

“Must be a romance movie playing,” Mom said.

“Yep,” I said, not revealing too much.

The busty concierge handed us two tickets. “Enjoy your movie…” she said with a smile. The theatre was beautiful, a large shimmering chandelier hanging from the ceiling with gold painted stair leading up to the roof.

“Not so fast Mom,” I said as she began to walk into the auditorium. I led her up to our private booth.

“Oooh,” she said, “just full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?”

“Not as many as I have in store.”

She kissed me. “One’s not too much of one.” She gave a gentle squeeze to my crotch as the lights dimmed.

An incredibly busty woman lay on a beach chair, her red hair hanging past her big boobs.

Her son, obviously 18 in accord with Literotica guidelines, crawled up between her legs.

“Hello baby,” she said with a comforting tone, “is daddy gone?”

“Yes Mommy,” he responded, and she fished out his boner.

They began to kiss, and she moaned while she stroked his cock while he fingered her. Mom soon took out my own cock and began to jerk me off. The movie was hot, the boy soon pounding her desperately between her legs until he blasted hot load after load into her cunt.

Down in the audience, some were groping one another and some were full-on fucking. Mom got on her knees and removed the straps from her shoulders, enabling me to take two large handfuls of her tits.

“Time for me to thank you for today baby,” Mom said as she began to suck on my cock.

On screen, the mother had a large platter of cookies for her son’s basketball team, all 18. “Congratulations on your win boys,” she said seductively, “here’s some nice warm milk and cookies for you.”

The team members, all with hard ons from her ample cleavage gleefully accepted. “Where’s the milk?” her son asked.

In seconds, she was on her hands and knees, sucking off several boys as others took turns sucking her lactating tits and fucking her pussy and ass. As it ended, the boys and coaches blasting gallons of cum on her.

The whole audience exploded in a mixture of orgasmic moans and applause. At the same time, I grunted deeply as I shot my load down Mom’s throat. She then began to roughly jerk me off, thick globs of cum firing on her face and tits.

“Fuck Mom,” I panted as I was drained, “you’re fucking amazing!”

“So is my baby,” she whispered as she licked my cock clean, “the amazing son anyone could ask for.”

– –

After I recovered feeling in my legs, we walked arm in arm out to the car. “That movie was so hot,” Mom said as she leaned on my shoulder, “I’ve got the most intense itch between my legs.”

“I’m glad you liked it Mom,” I replied as I started the car.

Mom turned to me and smiled. “I just wish this night didn’t have to end.”

I laughed, knowing how she felt. “The night may end Mom. But we never will.”

She smiled again and ran her fingers over my bulge again and unzipped my pants as I stopped at a red light. I moaned as I felt her wet lips close over my cock again but managed to maintain my focus on the road.

After a long drive, Mom felt the car stop and released my cock and looked up.

“What are we doing here?” Mom asked, seeing we were outside the 4 Seasons.

“Finishing the night off right,” I answered and checked my watch, “we’d better hurry. The fireworks start in just about an hour and a half.”

We walked in, hand-in-hand into the bustling lobby.

“Honeymoon suite for Anderson,” I told the concierge who handed me the keys. I turned to look into Mom’s shocked sparkling eyes. Not waiting for her response, I pulled her into the elevator and we kissed unceasingly as I hit the button for the very top floor.

– –

As I switched on the light, Mom gasped. “Oh my god Kyle!” she exclaimed, “it’s beautiful!”

The room was white and pink with a covered esenyurt escort hot tub in the center of the floor. I poured each of us a glass of champagne. She looked so gorgeous as she took in the room.

I was the luckiest guy in the world. I moved over to kiss her but she placed her hand on my chest.

“I have to be honest with you Kyle…” she swallowed.

“What’s wrong Mom?” I asked, gently lifting her head look into her eyes.

“I knew about all this already,” she said, watching my reaction, “it wasn’t intended. While you were out one day, the hotel and restaurant called to confirm the reservation and I saw the ticket stubs for Beach Bang.”

I nodded and sat on the bed. “I had a marvelous evening baby. I didn’t say anything because I saw you worked so hard on it. And you put in all that time in breeding for me. Well, I know you enjoy breeding too.”

I couldn’t help but to laugh as she sat next to me. “Besides,” she whispered softly, “if I hadn’t found out, I wouldn’t have brought your thank you present here yesterday.”

“What present?” I asked but she simply kissed me and walked into the bathroom.

I waited in earnest anticipation, eventually stripping to just my boxers just as the door opened. Mom walked out in a see-through silk nightie, along with red stiletto heels. Her boobs still hung out and her ass jiggled with each step.

“Turned on baby?” she asked.

“I’ve never been more turned on in my life.”

Mom smiled at my response and rubbed my rock solid bulge. “Take your boxers off baby. We have a lot of work to do…”

I consented and she gently rubbed my cock before moving to feel my balls with a slight amount of of pressure. I moaned, holding back a cry but she let go.

“Ready to have some extremely dirty fun honey?”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied, eager to see what she would do. She dropped to her knees and began to run her hands over my aching hard on. Her sweet perfume filling my nostrils as I felt the heat emanating from her body.

Her soft began to glide ever so gently over my prick as she kept looking up at me with her gentle and caring eyes. I looked over her body, her tits the size and length of pencil erasers, her shaven and wet pussy and squeezable and gorgeous ass.

She continued to jerk me in a steady rhythm from my base to my balls. With her other hand, she rolled my balls through her fingers and flicked each loaded egg with her thumb.

“I want every drop of seed from these,” Mom said resolutely, “is that understood?”

“Understood,” I replied as she picked up speed, hammering her fist into my sack. She then arose and rubbed my head against her pussy.

“On your feet Kyle,” she ordered, “put your hands on your head and leave them there.”

I complied as she walked over, my cock dripping for her as tightly squeezed my cock. Her hand rapidly slid over it over my rigidness. She traced her nails from the underside of my sack to the head, scooping up a generous amount of precum and licking it from her hand.

She kissed me tenderly as she positioned my cock into her pussy. “Holy shit!” I cried as she pulled my face to her boobs, filling my mouth with the warm flesh.

In retaliation for earlier, I slapped her ass hard, making her cry out. In a sudden burst of energy, I pushed her onto the bed.

“Kyle!” Mom said laughing in a shocked tone.

“Spread your legs,” I ordered, “right now.” I kissed her tenderly and began to fuck her.

“Yes Kyle!” Mom screamed as I began to thrust rapidly, “Give it to me!”

“Oh fuck!” I shouted, ecstatic to finally be fucking Mom again, digging my fingers into her boobs. She raised up to kiss me as my balls slammed into her pussy. As I looked down at her, she began to suck on one of her tits and I was prompted to fuck her faster.

She began to circle her tits and give them hard squeezes as I picked up speed. I reached under to grab her ass and she cried out. “Oh god!” Mom screamed, “I feel it Kyle! Yes!!”

I hammered her even harder, slapping her udders as my balls made loud pounding sounds as they made contact. Mom looked deep into my eyes as we moaned together and rubbed her clit in pace with my furious fucking.

I pulled out to the head and forced myself back in, making her scream loudly as she locked her ankles around my back. “Oh god yes!” Mom yelled, “fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy harder!!!”

She began to cum on my cock and every time I pulled back, she came up with me, making resounding impacts as I made contact again. Her breath began ragged and hurried as I kept up my rhythm.

“God!” I shouted as I dug my nails into the spread, “you’re so tight Mom!”

“Open it up Kyle!” she encouraged me, “spread me apart!” Her encouragement was thrilling as I kissed her again, speedily slamming between her legs. I could feel her wetness coating every inch of my cock as I pinched her hard tits.

Her screams had become a long gasp, her mouth open with no sound coming out. “Yes Kyle!” Mom pleaded, “make love to me!” I was in heaven as I went faster, our hips pounding esenyurt eve gelen escort together.

Mom began to French kiss me, moaning as my head furiously slammed against her cervix. I held onto her hips and grunted against her pussy clenched my cock as if it never wanted to let go.

“Wait baby,” Mom whimpered though I was so full of lust I barely heard her.

“Kyle!!” Mom screamed as she came yet again making me stop.

“On… on the… balcony…”she panted as pointed out the door. I opened it and Mom kissed me again before getting on the lounge chair on all fours.

“Fuck that ass baby,” she whispered and I moved in, loving the feel.

“Ohhhhh god…” she moaned, showing me that she loved the sensation as much as I did. I began to fuck her slowly before gradually going fast enough that Mom was screaming uncontrollably.

“Fuck yes!!” she yelled, “fuck me harder!!!!” Her screams filled the night as she moved a hand to squeeze her tits as my groin slammed against her ass cheeks and I spanked it.

Grabbing her hair tightly, I picked up speed, the claps of our skin able to heard a mile away. I roughly pinched her bouncing tit, making her scream as she resolutely held the end of the chair.

“Yes Kyle!” Mom cried out, “god yes! Fuck! This is the best night of my entire life!!”

“Mine too Mom!” I shouted, strengthening my hold on her hips. My balls made loud slapping sounds on the ample buttocks and I felt my orgasm rising quickly.

“Keep fucking me!” she pleaded, “I want to feel that hot seed as the fireworks start.”

I picked up speed, thrusting faster than ever as she kissed me. I picked up speed, tightly gripping her tits. “God yes! It’s nearly time baby. Finish inside me!!”

I shouted in pleasure and began vigorously pounding her, her tits bouncing madly while I spread her legs. Mom held my face to hers.

“Give it to me honey!” She cried out again as my hot cum blasted out, quickly painting her womb in my seed.

I made fast, raspy breaths as my cock forced itself into her while I continued filling her with cum. The fireworks began and I went faster, not stopping until I was completely drained, gallons of my seed deep within her.

“That was incredible,” Mom laughed as we watched the show.

“The best night ever,” I replied.

– –

As I lay on the bed the next morning, my mind playing over the hot night I had just experienced, the bathroom door opened. Mom stood there, drenched and naked after her shower.

Her full boobs dripped she licked her lips as I got insanely hard. “Is my favorite toy ready for some morning servicing?”

“Always Mom,” I instantly replied as she walked over and kissed me.

I ran my hands up her wide juicy hips and smooth plump ass. I then placed my hands on her boobs, the warm flesh overflowing my hands.

“I dreamed about this fat cock all night.” She kissed my head before sucking it in her mouth. Her gentle hum as she slurped me down made my balls simmer. She took one of my ass cheeks in each hand and began quickly blowing me off, my balls bouncing off her chin.

My cock swished in her throat before pulled me out, slapping my head against her tongue. She then slipped my balls into her mouth, sucking thoroughly on each one as she slid her hand up and down my slick cock. I moaned as her now turquoise lips slid with ease over my prick.

“Oh fuck, Mom,” I moaned louder as I put my hands on her head. My precum poured into her mouth, flowing rapidly down her throat.

She licked her lips and stood taller in her sexy silk stockings, her pendulous boobs shaking gently with her pink tits having my full attention.

I stood and pressed my lips to hers, her gigantic breasts pressed between us as I rubbed her hot ass. As she stroked my cock in her soft hands, she explored my mouth with her tongue, nibbling gently on my lip. She pulled back and lay on the bed. Grabbing her ankles, I raised her legs, rubbing my knob on her wet cunt.

“Yes baby,” she whispered, “fuck Mommy good and deep.”

I then guided my cock inside, feeling the wet heat wrap around my cock like a blanket and I began pounding back and forth. She spread her legs wider, letting me push completely inside the most amazing pussy I have ever fucked. Her sexual prowess was fantastic, her cunt muscles trying to milk my shaft.

The friction always had me mere seconds from erupting and she knew this, picking up speed when I slowed down. I grunted as I went deeper, holding onto the rocking mattress. “Mmm…” Mom cooed, “Daddy like?”

I began fucking her like a savage beast, the resounding clap of my balls against her ass filling the large room.

My cock was on fire as I fucked her into oblivion. She cackled like a villain as she moaned and screamed in pace with my brutal thrusts. I continued to grope the wonderfully soft orbs and fucking powerfully.

“Oh shit!!!” Mom cried as she came all over my balls and stomach.

Accelerating her orgasm, I began fucking her like a freight train, pounding so hard my brain rattled in my skull. Her huge luscious tits overflowed my hands as I fucked her harder and harder. We both cried out in the force of our wild fuck.

She looked into my eyes and could see that I could hold no more. Cum blasted from my balls, filling her tight cunt with my hot seed. We kissed furiously through our dual orgasms, finally passing out in exhaustion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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