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Unfortunately I have left this story alone for a little while, ever since beginning to write “Carnal Sin” (I mentioned at the intro of Ch 01 that I had been writing another story and this it).

Ummm, I’m going to submit this as it is. If anyone would like me to finish it then please say so. I was writing “Carnal Sin” very briefly and hurried, to come back to wiring this. In between submission, you reading…I may come back to this — who knows?

Again, this may need editing or touching up. Always a work in progress!

Thanks for reading, Nickkazama xxx


Morning Sex

Nick woke up early on a Saturday morning and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Nick shifted in the bed, turning onto his right shoulder so he look at his clock on his bedside table, and it read precisely, in green digital numbers: 6:30 AM. Nick groaned softly at having woken up so early on a Saturday morning, though he didn’t have anything planned for the day.

Nick turned onto back his back, and then shifted onto his left shoulder. He found his wife, Rebecca (Becca in short), sleeping peacefully beside him. Her auburn hair fell over her shoulders, as her back was turned to him, and her clothes hugged her body. – She wore a white t-shirt and blue shorts.

Nick ran his hands over his body trying to wake himself up, feeling for the cramp that had started in his left calf, but found his cock was slightly erect. The previous night, Friday, he had engaged in passionate fucking with Becca, and whilst she put her clothes back on, Nick decided to sleep naked. He shifted himself closer to Rebecca and hugged her gently not trying to wake her up, pushing his arms gently under hers. He felt her warmth and heard the gentle breath as she slept; he gently moved one hand further down and pushed his hand under her blue shorts, finding her shaven pussy. With the other hand he gently cupped her breast through the fabric of her shirt, his cock now hardening as he began to fondle and grope his sleeping wife. He stroked her groin very gently and squeezed her breast just the same. Nick pulled his hands away gently his cock now fully erect and throbbing, the duvet slightly raised where his cock protruded. He got up slowly and gently, on the right side, rolling the duvet back down hoping not to wake Becca and made his way to his office, stopping just before he left to check that his wife was still asleep. She was and Nick sighed with relief.

There was no real doorway to the bedroom and it’s only real ‘door’ served as actual sliding doors, making a soft clicking sound as Nick locked the sliding door backs into place. Now stood in the office/entertainment suite, he looked over the various furnishings: the large leather sofa, accompanied by a large 50 inch plasma TV, the DVD shelf to the left of the TV; on the right (as if you were looking at the TV) sat Nick’s computer, an apple iMac sitting on an oak desk and a comfy-looking leather chair. To the left was a small bathroom, and down the hallway was a storage room. Nick walked over to iMac and sat down; he positioned himself comfortably on the chair.

He tapped a key on the keyboard and the computer whirred to life having been in sleep mode as Nick had been working here the night before, mostly on strictly business. Nick closed most of the windows, ensuring you save his work beforehand, but decided to open up a folder titled ‘Pron’ (He doesn’t have to be discreet, as this spells porn – only Nick and Becca use this computer). His cock was still erect and throbbing and Nick decided to masturbate before his wife got up, and he had a collection of videos on his computer. Becca didn’t mind him watching these sorts of videos, as she sometimes liked to watch them as well; the lesbian videos got her hot.

Nick’s favourite were big fitted porn stars, and he had a collection kartal escort bayan of Sophie Dee videos, his favourite being the blowjob one where she’s wearing a green bikini; Nick opened up the video using the VLC video player, from the draw he pulled out lube and a towel. He began to watch the video silently so it wouldn’t wake Becca up (she would only sigh and dutifully get Nick off) and began to masturbate, he poured a drop of lube over his cock and wrapped the hand towel around his cock, as it wouldn’t take him long. He didn’t want to start off slow or build up to it, and he began to stroke his cock fast. Sophie Dee was enough to help him get off and he came in two minutes, just as she started to titty-fuck the guy, shooting a thick load into the towel, making sure to clean himself off, which he put back in the draw along with the lube.

Sighing happily, he sent the computer back into sleep mode, making sure to close all the windows beforehand, and went back into the room. It was now about 7:00 AM. He softly drew back the door and stepped inside the room, softly clicking the door back into place, and stepped towards his wardrobe which was located on the left side of the room, if you were looking at it if you had just entered through the doors. He opened it up softly and he began to pull out his clothes for day, selecting a Black Sabbath t-shirt and tried to remember where he threw his jeans, and remembered they were downstairs, so he pulled out a blue pair of sweat pants, which he also took out black boxers, and also selected a black pair of socks. He dressed himself and stood by the window, looking over the garden. The weather was piss-poor today, as temperamental as was UK’s weather. Rain and, oh, more rain.

He heard a groan from the bed and decided that Becca was now waking up, and Nick heard the shuffle of the covers as she got up. There was the gentle patter of bare feet.

“Morning,” she said tiredly. She hugged Nick from behind, running her hands over his body and gently pecking him on the cheek. “You alright?” She asked and her hand came to rest on Nick’s groin. She squeezed it gently and, pushed herself away, stepped over to her wardrobe, her feet making soft sounds on the carpet. Nick heard the sounds of clothes being removed. His cock was coming to life again.

“Yea, I’m fine,” he said, daring a peek and seeing her fiery auburn hair, her back and slender but toned arms, her petite but strong hips and her smooth arse, and lastly her slender legs. “Sleep alright?” He asked as Becca bought out a towel (they had a his and hers towel) and made her way to shower,

“Yep, like a log,” she said and smiled at Nick as she turned around. She saw his gaze was lingering over her body and wrapped the towel around herself, and she saw he already had an erection. Jesus Christ! She swore to herself. She stepped a little closer to Nick so that they wouldn’t have to shout as they made general chit-chat – it didn’t matter anyway “What time you been up since?”

They were now face and face, and they embraced in a kiss, they parted and Nick replied: “About half six,” Nick smiled back and kissed her again.

“Oh, that’s early.” She said with a concerned look but Nick had merely shrugged in reply.

“Anyway, I’m heading off into the shower. Make me breakfast, please?” Becca said as she stepped towards the sliding doors and switched hands to hold the towel and open the door, but Nick intervened and opened it for her. “Your shower awaits, Madam.” Nick said with a slight curtsy.

She laughed at Nick’s silly attempts of chivalry and headed towards the bathroom. Nick waited a second or two to hear the sounds of the shower running and wondered whether to act or not on his new erection: Would she mind? Wouldn’t she? Nick asked himself as she stood escort maltepe there, and knocked on the door loudly enough and hoped that Becca heard.

“What?” came the disgruntled question of a wife clearly annoyed?

Nick pushed himself up against the door and shouted. “I’ve got a kind of…downstairs problem. I uhh….could use your help.” He absently rubbed his cock through his sweat pants, and then stopped as he realised he was doing it.

“Alright, fine. Come in,” replied Becca.

Nick pushed open the door and saw his wife was standing in the shower, naked and with her hands on her hips. OK, clearly annoyed, Nick thought.

“Sorry love,” Nick said, but Becca merely smiled at him. “You’re not…annoyed are you?”

“No, ‘course not. Come here then and take off your pants.” And Nick did so, his cock standing out proudly. He hung the clothes on a nearby rail.

She stepped out of the shower and knelt down as she got to where Nick was standing, her tits jiggling as she walked. She gently caressed his hard cock, stroking tenderly as it throbbed and hung there. Nick moaned as he felt his wife begin to caress his throbbing cock, aching badly to come.

She stroked in strong and fast, wanting to make Nick come quickly and then eventually get back to showering. Within a minute or two, Nick came as he moaned loudly. Nick’s cock sprayed a thick load of come over her face and body. Nick’s moans eventually subsided, mumbling his thanks, kissing her come-soaked face. Nick gathered his clothes, and sauntered quietly out of the bathroom. Becca went back to showering.

Nick slumped down lazily on his office chair the post-orgasmic haze still surrounding him. He sighed happily and in the distance he could hear the showering running, Nick not knowing that Becca was fingering herself crazily – the shower was merely just a ruse to cover her moans. (It turned Becca whenever Nick sprayed a thick load of come over her body, making her pussy get very wet.)

Becca pushed herself against the wall as she kept on pushing her finger in and out of her dripping pussy, the shower’s spray of water falling on her body. Her eyes were half-closed, her mouth half-open as she moaned and her hand played with her large breasts. She moaned loudly each time she rammed her finger deep inside, turned on by Nick’s come.

Nick clicked the computer back into life and opened a video of two girls making out, which eventually moved to them licking their pussies, one licking and the other moaning, then switching positions. Nick’s cock grew back to life slowly as he watched the lesbian video, this time with a little sound so he was able to hear the action. Within 10 minutes or so his cock had grown back to the 10″ monster, throbbing and pulsing away – ready to yet again come a huge load.

Becca stopped for a second and turned off the shower, so perhaps Nick could hear her, she stated to moan his name out loudly as she began to finger her pussy once again. Now with the shower turned off, she could hear the sound of her finger moving in and out of her, as she moaned out Nick’s name.

Nick heard his name faintly and decided to go and check if Becca was alright and left the movie playing, but when he entered the shower he found his wife against the wall of the shower and masturbating furiously. “Becca, you alright?” He asked her, unsure of how to approach this situation – either he let her continue, or intervene and fuck her silly. Becca nodded slightly as she opened her eyes and looked up at Nick’s body, her eyes focusing upon Nick’s throbbing member, and as Nick noticed he went to grab a nearby towel to cover himself up, but Becca intervened and said to him not to do that.

Nick had decided to intervene and fuck his wife silly, crossing across the slightly wet shower pendik escort floor, and stepped into the shower. He helped his wife to stand straight and stop her masturbating; Becca hugged Nick and kissed his shoulder lightly, whilst Nick tried not to poke his wife with his dick. She wanted, no, she needed to be fucked. Hard. Nick helped Becca to the middle of the bathroom and grabbed the “hers” towel from the nearby rail, and dried Rebecca off. As he finished he placed the towel back on the rail, and got down on his knees, and started to gently kiss her thighs and her groin. Becca sensed he wanted to lick her and didn’t have any reservations about this, placing her hand softly on Nick’s head and whispered sweetly: “Lick me, go on…”

And with that Nick pulled himself away and plunged his face into her pussy, lapping and licking at her soft skin, just teasing her, placing his hand on her thighs. Becca moaned loudly, closing her eyes and tiltied her head back slightly, but knew this would only last a few minutes, she was already wet and insanely horny but Nick wanted to know if she was ready. After a minute or two, as Becca nearly came, Nick stopped and got up from his knees and kissed Becca, and Becca tasted her juices and liked this.

They exited the bathroom and made their way to the bed, opening up the sliding doors and leaving them open. Becca lay on the edge of the bed and spread her legs widely, whilst Nick stepped away to close down his computer (the moans of the lesbian sex could be still be heard). Nick did so and stepped back towards his horny wife, his cock twitching madly as he walked, and lowered himself onto her, kissing her lips frantically. He positioned himself and gently inserted his cock inside her, both of them moaning and straining as the first waves of pleasure hit them. Nick began to move gently against his wife, pushing his penis slowly and softly in and out of her in a rhythmic thrust, as Becca began to moan clasping her arms around his neck, her legs hanging loosely off the edge of the bed. Her big tits bounced around like crazy, only enhanced by her stiff nipples.

Each time Nick drove his cock into her it sent waves of pleasure running up and down Becca’s body, the kind of pleasure that made her toes curl.

It wouldn’t be long before either of them had their first orgasm of many; Nick began to feel the tightness in his groin and Becca’s body began to heat up and she felt the early twitches of her pussy. Soon it wasn’t long before he was roughly thrusting in and out of her pussy, aching badly to come again. You could hear the slap of their skin and groins connecting as Nick thrust his cock roughly into her, the lewd sound of her juices sounding as Nick’s cock probed deeper into her. Nick was the first give in, and Becca happily obliged foregoing her own orgasm, pulling out roughly after 10 solid minutes of hard fucking, standing up and masturbating his dick like crazy. Becca knelt on the floor, her eyes closed and her mouth showing the slightest hint of a smile, waiting patiently for Nick’s come to shower her again.

When Nick came, eventually as he moaned loudly, his cock twitched like mad as he sprayed out his first few good loads, but then he moaned sharply and his cock proceed to spray out a few more loads, covering Becca’s face in come. When Nick was about finished and Becca had rubbed all of his come over herself, they moved back onto the bed so that Becca could now orgasm. Instead of being on the edge of the bed like before, they both lay in the centre of the bed. The bed was made so that the centre could give a little (especially when fucking) but would never break.

Becca lay on her back and Nick moved to lie on top of her, grabbing a hold of her tits and positioning his now revived cock in the prime position. They no longer cared for being gentle, but rather just being primal and ape-like, as Nick shoved his cock into her pussy and pushed it all the way. Nick found the back of her pussy, and they both rest there for a minute or two kissing and snuggling.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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