Morning Glory

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As the morning’s first light breaks through our window, I blink heavily and stretch my arms. I sit up, and lean against our headboard. Mother nature is giving me a strong signal to procreate. I look to my right to find Vanessa still sleeping soundly, her voluptuous curves thinly veiled by a black and pink silk robe. I slide my finger delicately into the opening and pull the sides apart, exposing a matching pair of panties. I place my hand just below her sternum and stretch my fingers across her skin. Pressing lightly on her stomach, I move my hand lower, until the tips of my fingers are in her panties. I bring my fingers back together before inching lower. Spreading my fingers again causes her to let out a soft moan.

“Mmm, good morning.” She says, half yawing. She stretches one arm straight up and the other bends to grab her hip.

“Good morning, Teapot.” A nickname I had given her for the silly way she wakes up.

When she finishes stretching, she rolls over on top of me and slides her body against mine. The contact of our skin still makes me nervous. I can feel my temperature rise as her face reaches mine.

She leans in for a kiss, but stops before our lips touch, the anticipation building my eagerness. I grab her waist and pull it tight against my body, causing her to let out a playful squeal. Straddling me on her knees, she looks down, and shakes her wavy, brown hair down around our faces. She bends down and our foreheads touch. She rolls her face down until our noses are touching. I can feel her breath on my lips, hers once again just out of reach. I can’t wait any longer. I reach up and put a hand on the back of her neck, closing the gap between our lips.

She grabs my face with both hands, kissing me harder. She pulls back and takes a strained breath, before pulling our faces back together. She draws a line on my lips with her tongue before separating them. My tongue finds hers quickly, and we start tasting each other’s mouths.

When we pull apart again for a breath, I reach up and grab a handful of hair. Pulling her head back, I begin kissing my way down her face to her neck and then her collar. I lean her backwards, laying her on the bed, before untying the loose knot in her robe. I use both of my index fingers, and starting eryaman anal yapan escort at her collar slide them down to the bottom of her robe. I take the corners and open the robe all the way, exposing her perky breasts, her nipples already hard from the excitement.

I go back to kissing my way around her chest, before making it to her nipple. Drawing wide circles with my tongue, I slowly draw them smaller and smaller before wrapping my lips around them and sucking gently. My teeth grip her nipple and squeeze, before pulling on it and flicking it with my tongue.

Vanessa’s back is completely arched and her hands have started pulling up the sheets. When her nipple pops out of my teeth, I slide my hand up and play with it, while I perform the same acts on her other nipple.

Giving her nipples a pinch between the soft part of my fingers, I pull on them until they slip out, and I kiss the mandala tattoo decorating her stomach. I grab her waist and kiss my way down to it, before taking a playful bite of her panties. She lifts up ever so slightly, allowing me to slide them down and off. After pulling her panties from around her ankle, I grab it tightly and use my free hand to push down her leg. I do this several times before switching to the other leg to do the same thing.

Leaning down I let out a long, hot breath down her thigh and back up the other. Lingering at the bottom, causes her to shiver with anticipation. I give her a quick lick, causing her to flinch from the shock and pleasure. She spreads her legs as I lay down in front of her glistening peach. For a moment, I just stare, admiring it. I use my middle finger to draw down to her peach and leave it there, pressing lightly. I can tell the anticipation is agonizing. I slowly slide my way inside and she takes in a staggered breath. I slowly pet her insides before licking her clitoris. I draw circles with my tongue, occasionally switching directions. Vanessa starts breathing heavily as she begins moaning. A second finger finds its way inside of her and her body squeezes tighter than before. She starts grabbing her breasts and pulling her nipples.

Her body collapses into spasms, her moaning causing her to struggle to breathe.

She pulls my face back up to hers ankara escort and putting my elbows beside her face, I start dipping down for small kisses, over and over again.

“Your,” Kiss, “Turn.” Kiss. She pushes on my shoulder and rolls over on top of me. She pulls the silk belt out of her robe and tosses the rest of it next to her panties on the floor. She ties my hands together around the post at the foot of our bed. After my hands are bound, she slides down my body, until I poke her, between her legs. She eases down onto me, as far as she can, before leaning back. She starts slowly rising and falling back onto me, gaining speed.

Switching things up, she plants her feet next to my waist, and I leverage myself to be able to move with her. I can feel her body squeeze against mine, and It doesn’t take much longer for me to cum. Vanessa doesn’t stop, but instead starts rubbing her clit. I’m so sensitive that her every move causes my body to flinch, but the sporadic motion pushes her over the top and once again I feel her body clench and release. She falls onto my chest, our bodies still one. After catching her breath, she picks herself back up and she walks out of the room. I call to her to untie me, but she doesn’t come back.

After several minutes of struggling to undo the knot, it finally comes undone. I walk out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, to find Vanessa whisking some eggs and dancing to some music. She doesn’t notice me walk in. I sneak up on her, and watch her hips sway, before I grab her ass with a little smack. She screams and flicks some eggs on the wall. Her scream turns into a laugh as she realizes it’s me. I put my hands on her hips and she turns around. I take the whisk from her and place it on the counter before picking her up. She wraps her legs around me, our bodies separated only by the French Maid’s apron she has put on. We kiss several times before I say, “You know,” Kiss. “It was,” Kiss. “Very naughty,” Kiss. “Leaving me,” Kiss. “Like that.” Kiss.

She leans back, “Oh, yeah?” Whispering seductively into my ear, she says “Maybe I should be punished.”

I carry her to the dining room table and pull out a chair. She climbs down, straightens her apron, puts her hands in her lap and tilts her etimesgut escort head towards the ground. I sit in the chair, and bend her over my knee. Raising my hand, I smack her ass, leaving a mark that quickly turns bright red. She yelps from the stinging pain, but I see her bite her lip. She wants more. I raise my hand and smack her ass again. And again. I can see her eyes watering. I raise my hand one more time. This time when my hand hits her, a tear rolls down her cheek. I stop, and she looks up at me, her eyes full of tears and her cheeks red. The look isn’t one of fear or pain. It’s a look of longing. She loves this.

I grab a handful of hair tightly, and lift her up by it, before pushing her against the table. My clenched hand hits the table, forcing her head sideways. I spread her feet with mine before reaching between her legs. She’s so turned on its started dripping down her legs. I run my finger between her lips, before smacking her ass again. I grab my member and slide it between her legs, letting her juices lubricate it. She lets out a guttural moan as she feels me inside of her. Thrusting slowly, hard and deep, inside of her brings her back to tears, but she’s standing on her toes with her back arched, she wants this. I start going faster, and subsequently softer. I pull her back up by her hair and I use my free hand to rip the apron off of her. I smack her breasts, once each, before grabbing her nipples, twisting and pulling on them. Her body starts clenching mine. I slam her on the table, one hand in her hair, the other I move to her clit. It’s not long before she climaxes. Once again her body makes mine cum, but I dont stop, I thrust as deeply as I can and hold it. I continue rubbing her clit, until she’s flinching and panting. A few more seconds of her squirming and I push her into the table as I pull out.

“I hope you learned your lesson.”

She turns to me, her face still red and wet with tears, “Is that all you got?” Her voice is hoarse, but her tone is still playful.

I hand her a glass of water and she drinks it before rubbing her eyes. I wipe tears from her face with a damp washcloth.

“You are beautiful.”

She laughs, but it turns into a coughing fit. When she catches her breath, she says, “You think this,” She draws a circle around her face with the hand that is holding a cup, “Is beautiful?”

I move her messy, sweat-matted hair from her forehead and give it a kiss. “Absolutely.”

Another tear rolls from her eye, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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