Morning Coffee

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She flicked the button to the coffee maker and shuffled out of the kitchen, heading to the window for her first look at the world on a sleepy Sunday morning.

Opening the drapes, she let a shaft of the bright morning sun slip into the dimly lit den, which became His for most of the day.

However, this time of day, her favorite time, the den, and this window, almost always belonged to her.

It wasn’t her favorite room in the expansive home, but the view this time of day was just so perfect. The sun crept over the trees and exploded on the neighbor’s colorful garden.

The scent of the freshly brewed coffee drifted into the room and she was about to turn, when a movement from the corner of her eye caught her attention. Patty, the Glover’s daughter, was wandering out the patio doors and heading for the bountiful bed of multicolored roses with a basket and pruning shears.

As her eyes followed Patty, she smiled wistfully to herself and secretly envied the young girl. “Oh, to be twenty again and home from college for the summer. Free to do as she pleased and so young and pretty.” At thirty-five, she knew she still looked good, but she supposed every woman would stay young, if given the chance.

Deep in thought, she jumped as His hands rested upon both her shoulders. She hadn’t heard Him slip into the room and became a little nervous for not having His coffee poured and ready.

As she took a breath to apologize, He whispered in her ear to be quiet and peered over her shoulder at the young woman carefully cutting roses and placing them into the wicker basket.

One hand left her shoulder, and He slowly opened the drapes all the way, opening the huge window to the outside world, the movement catching kartal escort bayan Patty’s eye. She looked up to see them both looking down at her. She smiled and looked away quickly, a little nervous at seeing the woman so close to the glass in only her morning robe.

He chuckled and slid His hands down her arms, the flesh tingling at His touch. Before she could even react, she heard the metallic click as the steel snaps locked around each ring of her wrist cuffs.

He nuzzled her neck with His mouth as He raised her arms above her head and clicked the snaps on the other end of the tethers to the rings above the window. She whimpered a little and whispered “Not like this…. not with someone actually in the garden. What if she looks up again and sees us?”

A soft chuckle slipped from His lips as His hands came around her and began to loosen the tie to her robe. She whimpered again and became quiet, knowing nothing she said would matter, the warm feeling taking over all her thoughts. As the robe fell open, the warm morning sun fell across her skin and she started to melt back against Him.

At just that moment, Patty looked up once again and couldn’t help but take a deep breath. She felt her face flush and knew she should look away, or better yet, go back in the house, but something kept her eyes locked up towards the window. Perhaps it was her own needs, so long unfulfilled, or perhaps it was the way He looked over the woman’s shoulder straight into Patty’s eyes, seemingly looking right inside her. Either way, she simply stood still and watched, feeling her heart pound.

The woman fell back a little and let the tethers hold her up as His hands came around her, slipping up the warm skin. He brushed escort maltepe his fingers across her nipples, stopping to pinch and twist them between fingers and thumbs. She felt them swell and grow harder as His fingers did there magic. God, she loved His touch. He leaned against her as He played, and she could feel Him grow hard against her ass.

She opened her eyes and looked down at the garden. The girl was openly watching with no further look of embarrassment. His right hand slipped down across her tummy and she moaned as His finger slid across her bare, smooth pussy.

The woman stepped apart, giving Him better access, knowing the girl in the garden could see His finger spread her open, and not caring, only wanting the feelings His hands could give her. She let out an audible moan as one finger slipped through the wetness, probing deeper.

Patty saw the finger slip inside the woman and softly moaned also. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting, and knowing her parents were gone for the weekend, sat back on the garden bench and parted her own legs a little, letting the morning air slip up into her yellow sundress, realizing for the first time how wet she had become.

She saw the man slip a second finger inside the woman and He looked down at Patty, smiling just a little. Feeling a little bolder from His smile, she gently traced a finger up her own thigh, the cotton sundress climbing higher and her own touch getting closer to the hot wetness growing between her legs.

The woman felt the second finger and let out a small cry as her wet pussy was spread open even more. “Oh, God” she thought to herself. I need Him so badly, this morning.

The fingers, as always, were driving pendik escort her crazy, but He knew she needed more. He pulled the fingers out and traced them wetly up her warm skin, letting them rest across her lips and pausing while she licked them clean.

She opened her legs a little further and finally felt Him rub the huge head of His stiff cock against her pussy from behind. She pushed her ass back and moaned, begging for what she needed, and was rewarded with the hard, deep thrust of His cock. “Fuck me” she moaned, her breath coming fast and hard, her head feeling dizzy as He plunged the hard cock in and out of her wet, hungry pussy. His one hand held her hip, but the other played with her nipples, twisting and pinching. The thought of morning coffee was long forgotten as she pushed her hungry pussy back against the cock that always took such good care of her.

Patty could tell from the reaction on the woman’s face, that He had started to fuck her. The woman’s eyes had practically glazed over, and again, the Man looked across the woman’s shoulder and directly into Patty’s eyes.

Patty didn’t look away, but instead let her fingers glide across her own pussy. She could feel the wetness soaking through the soft cotton. She pushed the panty’s aside and found her clit. Faster and faster she rubbed herself, occasionally slipping a single finger deep inside the wetness. She slid to the edge of the bench, her legs wide apart as she masturbated, feeling herself getting close.

The woman let out a soft cry. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum.” The Man reacted by plunging deep and holding Himself against her, His cum shooting deep inside her in burst after burst.

Patty saw the woman scream and arched high off the bench, her own fingers plunging deep as the orgasm came over her. As she let herself come back down, she tried to catch her breath and opened her eyes, glancing up to the window. All she saw was a slight movement of the closed drapes, leaving her to wonder. Was it all a dream?

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