Moonlight Seduction

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You are looking out into the night sky from your darkened bedroom, wearing a thin silk nightshirt of pearl white, the length of which all but covers your nakedness. The soft light of a full moon casts amusing shadows over your face and paints the room in shades of blue. A cool breeze stirs in the night and enters through the open window, lightly touching the fine hairs of your womanhood.

I appear as if out of the shadows and make my way towards you. A sly grin escapes me as I view three objects carefully placed on the small table next to your bed. A playful gesture that sets the mood for tonight’s encounter.

I reach out and softly stroke your cheek with the back of my fingers tips. I lightly draw your wind swept auburn hair out of your eyes as you continue to stare out at the moon. I kiss the softness below your ear as my hands slowly traces the curves of your hips, ascending as they come to rest upon both breasts. I take my time drawing each button through the hole of your nightshirt until the fullness of your breasts reveal themselves to the night air.

I kiss your neck as I free your body from its silk cocoon. You feel my excitement as I pull your body against my nude body. The hard contrast of my erection presses between the soft mounds of flesh that surrounds your nether region. The erection grows as I hold you tightly against me and gently stroke the soft petals of your woman flower.

I pull you across the room and gently lay you face down upon your bed. I pick up the first item on your bedside table, a pair of handcuffs, and secure your wrist behind your back. My fingers caress your body as they glide down your back and across your smooth delicious ass. I grasp one ankle in hand and with the other, reach for the second bedside item. I secure the one ankle with the bondage strap, slip the chain under the bed and around to the other side and secure the marmaris escort other ankle. Your thighs are spread, open to my desire and I hungrily gaze at the feast before me.

I grasp the last remaining toy from your bedside table, a slender metallic object and with a twist, bring it to life.

A flush of warm moisture pumps between your thighs as I trace the curves of your magnificent body with a light touch of metallic vibration. The fine hairs that cover your body seem to stand on end as I follow the hills and valleys that shape you. I pull away and with another quick twist, silence fills the room. Your body squirms in anticipation of my next move. Your mind explodes with mental images that feed your fantasy. Forbidden thoughts that know no limit of wanting desire.

You shiver as my fingers press against you and spread both checks of your exquisite ass. You feel a hot, moisten tongue lash about the nether region, exploring the entry of the forbidden well. As my tongue continues to explore your ass, you arch your body to offer a taste of your hot dripping sex.

My tongue greedily laps at your sweetness, exploring, pushing deep as my fingers stroke your sex and nether mouth. Your body moves frantically and my tongue follows. The skin that encases my manhood is stretched to an uncomfortable state and needs satisfaction. I place the tip of my engorged cock at the opening flower before me and stir your desire until the tip of my helmet is glistening.

I offer you a taste and you except.

I move forward and offer you sustenance. Saliva moistens your mouth as you stare hungrily at the meat held inches from you. Your tongue lashes out to taste what I have offered you and I tease as I draw away.

“Let me taste you,” you pant.

The wanting ache of desire within must be satisfied and I allow you to take my swollen member deep into your mouth. Rhythmically, marmaris escort bayan your head moves up and down the shaft, sucking hard and engulfing every inch of my cock. You are aroused by the taste of your own juices as you swallow my length. I entangle my fingers in your hair to insure no escape as your mouth works its magic.

“I think you have tasted enough,” I gasp.

I draw away and watch as your eyes follow the movement of a glistening wet cock dance before you. You swallow hard as you spy a drop of precum emerge from the head of my cock. You want to roll your tongue around the tip…licking the cream of passion and swirling it’s taste on your tongue.

“I want another taste,” you plead… but you only manage to run your tongue along the shaft before my cock is out of range as I circle around you. You are taunted by the nearness of your meal as I suck hard on the back of your thigh, inching my way up then stopping to nibble at your sex. I suck hard at your fruit, at the mouth and around your nether region.

I continue to circle around you and with one swift movement, plunge all eight inches of passion deep and effortlessly into your wetness. You squirm in ecstasy as I pummel your body with powerful and methodical thrusts. A thread of liquid drips from your womanhood, overcome by the shear volume that has entered you. The thrusting continues, spilling more sweetness as I plunge deep. The need in me rises and before the mounting pleasure spills from me, I withdraw my swollen cock.

You feel your skin stretched taunt as my fingers spread your luscious mounds of flesh once more. My face is melded into your glorious ass as I vigorously lick the nether mouth. Your hips rotate in a jerky, circular motion as if to escape the wetness of my tongue. The virgin entry is slick and inviting as saliva spills from my mouth.

I quickly position myself behind you escort marmaris and press the head of my cock against the nether mouth. “This will feel so good,” I whisper. I slowly start to penetrate your forbidden fruit as your body strains against the bondage that holds you. It is the flame of desire that makes you squirm… the arousal of pain mixed with pleasure explodes in your mind.

The struggle ceases as you become accustomed to the sparse length that I have given you. A wave of pleasure courses through your body as you become aware of something parting the lips of your sex. A smooth long shaft of metallic manhood.

“Give it to me. Make it hard. Give me all of it…please”

A breath escapes you as two hard shafts penetrate you, filling you equally and full hilt. Your body twitches, as you try to offer equal pleasure to both masters. But only one can unload it’s need and you offer yourself to it’s gift.

Deep inside you I spill the precious cargo. Hot semen spurts and fills your sweet and virgin ass. You moan deliciously as a wave of hot fluid washes down your sex and spills out against your thighs as the last remaining fluid is drawn from my body.

Exhausted by the intensity of our passion, our bodies slump forward. My tongue licks the sweat of your back as I withdraw my weapon. I take a deep breath as I savor the memory that will sustain me. A lasting memory of this night.

I kiss your cheek, then free you from your bonds. You turn and look into my eyes as if you were searching for the remnants of disapproval. I place a finger to your soft lips and answer those beautiful eyes.

“There is nothing more than that which you desire and nothing less than that which you are entitled. A tender moment between two people, respectfully acknowledging each others existence. Sleep well tonight my beauty and know that you are in my thoughts.”

I kiss your cheek once more and bid you good night. A small trace of a smile hangs upon your lips as your eyes grow heavy. I cover the beauty of your skin with a thin sheet to shield you from adolescent fears and slip into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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