Monica Masturbates

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“Mr. Dabney, could you help Monica with her art class project this afternoon?” Clara said, from the upstairs landing.

“Sure, I’d be gland to Clara.” He said, thinking that he could spend the time getting closer to Clara’s eighteen year old daughter.

“Do you want to come up to our apartment, or would you rather have her go to yours?”

“My place is fine Clara; I’m working on the computer and I would like to finish, if that’s all right with you.”

“I’ll send her right down, as soon as she gets home, thanks a lot Mr. Dabney.”

Dabney had been attracted to Monica for years. He would watch her as she claimed the stairs to her third floor apartment. He had noticed how her young body was developing those womanly curves and how she was experimenting with makeup. Her hair was shoulder length, dark auburn in color, and always nicely styled. Her long, slender legs peeked out from beneath her pleated, school uniform skirt. Her fat little ass swayed as she walked down the sidewalk on her way to class. Her young tits were small but nice. What he wouldn’t give to have a lick of her hard, little nipples.

Monica was interested in art. Dabney had helped her with school projects before he became sexually attracted to her. She trusted him and valued his judgment as an art critic. He was going to show her his collection of European art photos; the photos of men and women posing nude. He hoped that seeing the photos would arouse her and make his advances acceptable to her.

A soft knock on the door alerted Dabney and he pushed himself away from his computer, eager to let her in.

“Ah…Monica, how lovely you look. You’re all grown up. You’ve become a very beautiful young woman.” He said, while giving her a solid hug.

“Thank you Mr. Dabney.”

“Call me Cliff; I insist,” He said, eyeing her slender young body.

“Okay…Cliff,” She replied.

“Are you still studying art, Monica?”

“Yes, I am; I’ve signed up for an advanced course this summer, before I start classes this fall at the university, I’m really excited.”

“I’ll bet you are.” Dabney said, while motioning toward the refrigerator. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure, do you have Coke?”

“I do, would you like ice in it?”

“Yes, please.”

“What are studying in your course this summer; still life, landscapes, or what?”

“I’m not sure; probably a little bit of everything.”

“Have you studied figure drawing; you know…anatomy, proportions, and nudes?”

“Some, I’m sure that I will be doing a lot more at the university, though.”

“In Europe, they start figure drawing much earlier than they do here. I’ve found a web site that shows work being done by students that are about your age. Their work is very advanced, would you like to see?”


“Come on; you can bring your drink in with you.”

Dabney escorted Monica into the darkened library, pulled up a chair for her and put it next to his chair. He quickly went through his saved files and found the folder that contained nude sketches and photos.

“Here are some award winning sketches; charcoal and pastels, mostly. What do you thing…pretty good, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they’re fantastic; so vivid and very well done.”

Together, they went through the file, one drawing at a time, commenting on each. The next file contained nude photos.

“These are the photos of the actual models that were used in the drawings that we just saw; you can see how well the artists have captured the reality of the live forms.”

They both watched as the photos flashed onto bursa escort the screen. Dabney was fully erect and looking at Monica for signs of her arousal. Her breathing was becoming heavy, as she shifted in her chair. Her nipples jetted out from behind the fabric of her thin bra and blouse.

“How do these photos make you feel Monica?” He said, watching her closely.

“They make me feel funny.” She said, clutching her crotch through her dress.

“Are you getting wet?” Dabney said, pointing toward her crotch. “Reach in and feel, I think that you’ll discover that you are becoming sexually aroused.”

She did as he instructed, reaching under her skirt and moving her fingers around. She pulled her fingers out from under her skirt, covered with a clear, viscous liquid.

“Smell your fingers, Monica.”

She complied with his request.

“Does it smell good?”

“Yes,” She replied.

“Let me smell,” He said, while drawing her fingers to his nose, “You’re getting aroused, aren’t you?”

She nodded her head ‘yes’.

“I could tell. Do you feel like masturbating?” He said.

She nodded and looked up to Dabney.

“Go ahead, I won’t tell anyone.”

She reached up under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy. Dabney watched, wishing that he could join her; his cock was hard as flint and throbbing.

“Do you want to pull your panties down; to give your hand more room?”

She immediately stood up and pulled her panties down to her ankles. Dabney glanced at the light blue panties; the fabric glistened with you young juices. His lust was nearly uncontrollable; the urge to masturbate almost overwhelmed him.

Monica, with her legs spread wide and her heels dug into the carpet, began franticly stroking her pussy. Her mouth gaped open, and she moaning in pleading tones, coaxing her young body to grant her the release she needed.

Dabney slowly reached for the hem of her skirt, watching her face for a look of disapproval. Her expression remained unchanged as he began to draw her skirt up the length of her thighs. He folded back her skirt, to revel her nearly hairless pussy, drenched with her dewy fluid. Her thumb was strumming her clit, as two fingers jabbed into her tight hole.

Her feet shot out straight as she tensed her legs and arched her back. Her breathing, once labored, was now more like panting. A high pitched whine escaped her lips as she rocked her hips, pushing her crotch into her hand. One convulsion after another, until her trembling body sat still.

“Do you feel better now?” Dabney asked.

“Yes…you won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“No, this will be our little secret. Do you want to come back sometime and look at the photos again?”

“Yes, can I come back tomorrow?”

“You can come back any time you want. Maybe next time, I’ll join you.” Dabney said with a wily smile.

“Okay, it’s a deal.” Monica said, timidly, blushing from the neck up.


Dabney stripped off his clothes the minute Monica left his apartment. The thought of her masturbating right next to him was more than he could stand. He walked into the bathroom and began stroking his cock. Within seconds, he shot his load onto the vanity and the mirror above it. He had never been so aroused. He repeated the ritual several more times that afternoon. His attraction to Monica had now become an obsession. His thoughts were dominated by her and her promise to return tomorrow.

He suffered through a restless night and a long morning, waiting for Monica to return. He forbid himself to masturbate until she arrived, bursa escort bayan wanting to produce a massive load of semen, to impress his new, young love interest. After what seemed like an eternity, he heard a soft knock on his door.

Monica was standing in the hallway, still wearing her school uniform. He invited her in

“You look beautiful, Monica. Come in please. Would you like a drink?” He said, barely able to mask his excitement.

“No thank you, I just want to go right in and look at the pictures…okay?”

“Sure honey, the computer is already on; I’ll just have to pull up the files. Come on.”

They walked into the library and sat down in front of the computer. Dabney turned to Monica and wondered how safe their secret was.

“What did you tell your mother…I mean about coming down here this afternoon?”

“I told her that you were going to help me with a project and that it might take several days. Do you think that was alright?”

“I don’t know, do you think that she believed you?”

“Yes, she seemed to.”

“Good, we don’t want to give her any reason to be suspicious.”

Dabney scrolled through the files until he found one containing male and female nudes.

“I think that you will like these photos, there are models of both sexes; you like men, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I’ve never seen a man naked. I don’t have any brothers and my father left us when I was just a baby.”

“Yes, I know; your mother told me all about it, while we were doing laundry together, one afternoon.

“I think that you’ll like this one.”

A picture flashed upon the screen. A young man, about twenty years old, standing naked and holding his erect penis in his hand.

Dabney watched Monica, trying to judge her reaction to the photo. Her breathing was halted by a sharp gasp, as the photo came into frame. She glanced in Dabney’s direction, with a question written all over innocent face.

“It’s so big; are they all that big?”

“They come in different sizes, just like breasts; this guy’s is about average, I’d say.”

“I like it…I mean I like the way looking at it makes me feel.”

“Well, enjoy yourself, that’s what you’re here for.”

Monica stood, reached up under her skirt, pulled her panties down, and stepped out of them. She gracefully bent her knees, casually scooped up her panties, and put them on top of the computer desk.

Dabney watched every move intently, especially the moist panties, now sitting in front of him. “I’m going to take my blouse of too, okay?”

“Sure, you might get it wrinkled, other wise.”

“It’s not that; I just like to take all of my cloths of, you know…when I do it.”

“When you masturbate, you mean?”

“Yes, I feel sexier when I’m bare.”

“Go ahead, by all means; I don’t mind. Do you masturbate often?”

“Yes, I really like it a lot. I did it twice last night, after I left you I mean.”

Monica nervously unbuttoned the white blouse. She tugged at the buttons that stubbornly grabbed to the button holes. Finally, the blouse was open and her lacy, white bra was reveled. It was slightly padded, but even so, her breasts still looked small and undeveloped.

She gently draped the blouse over the chair back and undid the snap, on the waist band of her skirt. Her skirt dropped to the floor as she reached around to unfasten the clasps holding her bra together. Her bra jointed her skirt on the floor; except for knee socks and her loafers, she was totally nude.

“Do you like to take your shoes and socks off when you masturbate?”

“Yes,” escort bursa She replied, sweeping her bra and skirt out of her way and into a pile next to her chair.

She set down on the chair and pushed her socks down her slender calves, while taking her loafers off with the toes of the opposite foot.

Dabney stared at her perfectly formed feet. Small, for her age, with little toes, perfectly graduated from big to tiny. Her toe nails were painted with a light burgundy polish.

“You have sexy feet. I have a thing for feet.” Dabney said, with a perverted laugh.

“Really? That’s so weird.” Monica said.

Dabney blushed with embarrassment and turned toward the computer screen. Monica swiveled her chair, as Dabney opened a file containing photos of young people, fucking with reckless abandon.

“Do you like these photos, Monica?”

“Yes, I do.” She said, breathlessly, already fingering the folds of her moist pussy.

She parted her pussy lips and slid a finger deep inside, while rubbing her clit with her thumb. She placed her heels on the cushion of the chair, stroked her anus, and then inserted her slender finger inside. She thrust her finger in , up to her second knuckle, withdrew and then repeated several times; eventually withdrawing her finger completely and bringing it to her nose for a sniff. She caught Dabney watching her and quickly put her hand back on her butt.

Embarrassed, she looked into Dabney’s face and said, “I thought that you were going to join me.”

“If you insist,” Dabney said, trying to sound indifferent.

Dabney dropped his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them, leaving them in a heap. He removed his shirt, as he watched his young friend finger both of her holes. She was engrossed by the sights flashing on the screen. He removed his boxers and his cock shot up straight, fully erect and covered with pre cum. Monica turned quickly, with a look of astonishment on her face.

“Mr. Dab…I mean Cliff, it’s so big.”

“It’s bigger than some I’ve seen,” Dabney replied, pleased with Monica’s response.

“How do you do it…you know, masturbate?”

“I’ll show you. Will you hand me the lotion? It’s sitting on the shelf, right next to your chair.”

Monica turned and looked for the lotion bottle, finding it; she held it out for Dabney to take.

“Squeeze a little into my hand; yes, like that…just a little more.”

“Why do you need lotion?” she asked.

“I don’t need it, I just like the way it feels on my cock; you know, the way you feel when you take all of you clothes off.”

Dabney spread the lotion up and down his ridged cock using long, slow strokes. Monica watched the process, completely ignoring the computer screen.

“Oh…yah…that feels good.” He said, in a breathy voice while pumping his cock.

“I like it; I mean, the way men do it, you know. It makes me wet watching you.”

Dabney was unable to reply, being consumed by lust and overwhelmed by the erotic energy that he shared with Monica.

Dabney stroked in rhythm as Monica circled her clit with her thumb. He knew that he could hold on no longer and hunched his torso forward with an ecstatic shudder.

“I’m going to cum; I can’t help it.”

He shot his load as Monica reached her peak. His semen blasted out and lay in ribbons on Monica’s breasts. She gasped with surprise and look down at the streams of the thick, white discharge that now covered her.

She dipped her finger into the semen, now trickling down her abdomen, and brought it to her nose.

“It smells good.” She said.

“Taste it.” Dabney said.

She licked the tip of her finger and looked up at Dabney, as he tried to catch his breath.

“I like the way it tastes.” She said.

“Good,” He said. “I’ve got a great idea for tomorrow afternoon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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