Mom’s Titfuck Ch. 02

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Previously: After Jeff’s hugely busted beautiful mother picked him up from a friend the talk turned dirty and Nancy had a plan. Would something happen? Would her son show her titfuck porn on his computer?

As Jeff turned the door knob to enter his room with his mom trailing behind him, all sorts of thoughts entered his head. Was this wrong, what could happen, was she as horny as he was and how this had progressed from a car ride to this. It was confusing and exciting at the same time.

“Um, you sit here mom, yes just on the bed”, Jeff said as Nancy sat down.

Nancy took off her jersey and displayed the biggest cleavage Jeff had ever seen. Her tits looked like two massive butt cheeks peeking out and naturally pushed up and there was about a foot of cleavage staring at him. He got lost in this sexy vision in front of him. He was more than shocked as his mom had never displayed this sort of sexiness and lust ever.

“Well come on”, his mom said jokingly as she caught him staring.

Jeff snapped out of his trance and quickly found his porn folder and opened up one of his favourite videos of a massively chested milf titfucking her stepsons cock until he blasted a huge load on her face and tits. This was his favourite video to beat off to.

He struggled with the mouse as his hands were shaking.

Nancy was horny with anticipation about what she was going to watch.

The video started playing and within a few minutes the porn stars giant natural tits were out as the male pornstar grabbed his cock and lathered it in lube. He stuck it between her tits as she knelt on the floor making her tits look even bigger.

Nancy and her son Jeff were watching this amazing and horny sight and as he sat down. She noticed his huge boner in his pants. Now it was Nancy who started having conflicting thoughts. She knew this was wrong for a mother and son to watch porn, but she was so horny she didn’t care. Her pussy was wet and her clit hard already as she watched the buxom porn star titfuck the cock in front of her and Jeff. It had been years since she had sex after her husband ran off with another woman years ago. As quickly as she got lost in her thoughts a loud moan from the busty superstar brought her back to the situation she was now in. Both mother and son were overcome with horniness now and nothing mattered. They sat in silence for a while, watching.

Nancy was the first to speak. “Wow those are massive boobs but not quite as big as mine, she proudly boasted. I think I could do a better job and even YOUR cock would disappear in my cleavage.”

Jeff could barely take this sexy talk with his huge breasted mother displaying massive amounts of cleavage on his bed watching porn. Had she just implied she would give him a titfuck with her 36K tits?

“I’m not sure mom, my cock is 10 inches so it might poke through.”

Reminding her how big his cock turned her on even more.

Meanwhile Nancy devised a plan. Overcome with horniness and with morals out the window she slowly and sultrily said, “Darling, do you mind if I take off my bra? It’s incredibly hot in here.”

“No problem mom,” replied Jeff.

He was thrilled at what was happening.

“1, 2, 3, ah finally released the bra straps and whew what a relief this is,” Nancy exclaimed. Jeff was not even watching the screen now where the massively breasted porn star was screaming at her partner to cum on her massive tits. His moms top remained on but her hard nipples were poking through it.

“Darling, why don’t you take off your pants? They seem to be hurting your penis and you can’t have a sore penis now, right?”

As shocked as Jeff was, he did as he was told as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers leaving his huge boner poking into his boxer shorts.

“You poor darling, it looks like this naughty titfuck video we’re watching has given you a big erection. It’s extremely impressive! How would you like me to take care of you?”

By this stage neither cared about morals. They were both so horny and as Nancy took off her top displaying her impossibly natural 36K tits, Jeff did the same and his rock-hard throbbing cock was at her mercy. Her enormous tits hung down just below her ribs and pushed out from her body quite a bit and with very little sag, they displayed proudly on her chest with cute pink nipples and medium sized areola. They were impossibly huge, natural and soft.

“Lie down darling, Nancy suggested. Do you like my tits? Do you want mommy to smother them all over your thick beautiful cock?”

Jeff could only nod weakly as he lay down with his cock pointing in the air.

Nancy reached into her bag and pulled out a small bottle of lube. She poured a generous amount from the bottle over her soft delicate hands and slowly warmed them up. Jeff’s heart was thumping loudly in his chest as he was about to put his cock between the biggest, softest tits he could imagine.

He took a moment to look at his huge busted mother whose kind face was looking down at her hands lathering in the lube that was about to be placed on his avcılar üniversiteli escort hard, pulsing cock. His eyes drifted to her tits and they were bouncing as she rubbed her warm hands together. He loved how cute and small her nipples were compared to the size of her gargantuan tits.

She gently placed both her well-oiled hands over his cock and the first touch sent Jeff into absolute bliss. His head rolled back, and he moaned as her soft and slippery hands were guiding up and down his cock slowly spreading lube all around it. He almost came from such excitement and stimulation. He felt her warm hands move up and down and then corkscrew slightly with her 1 hand rubbing the sensitive head gently while the other was rubbing up the length of his cock from the very bottom to just before the head. She added a bit more pressure while her hands spread the lube all around his huge dick.

He could not believe his sexy horny mom was sitting on the bed giving him an expert hand job with her tits out. Nancy was enjoying this too watching her son lie back and enjoy the amazing gift she was giving him.

“I’m going to cum mom,” Jeff shouted. Nancy expertly squeezed the base of his cock to stop him from cumming and slowly, the feeling subsided.

“Not yet darling. I want you to come in my cleavage while I give you a titfuck to remember.”

Nancy got on her knees while Jeff sat up on the bed. She struggled to lift her huge tits up with her delicate hands, but she parted the tits and placed them around Jeff’s oiled cock. As soon as she squeezed her tits around Jeff’s big dick, and he felt the warm softness of his moms’ tits, he writhed in pleasure and groaned loudly. She raised her tits up and down slowly to get a feel for her son’s huge dick that was now lost in the cleavage.

“Ahhhhh…fuck, that’s good mom, keep going,” Jeff moaned. He grunted and sighed as her impossibly enormous fun bags massaged every inch of his 10 inch cock.

“That’s it baby, fuck my giant tits, feel the firmness around your cock. They were made for fucking a beautiful dick like yours. I can feel your throbbing cock on my chest as I squeeze my tits harder around you, I know you will come soon.”

Jeff was panting and moaning nonstop. She was getting into a good rhythm now going a little faster. She squeezed her tits a bit tighter now as Jeff could really feel her huge tits over every inch of his cock and over the sensitive head. He felt the softness of her 36K tits wrapped around him and pleasure his cock like nothing else he had ever felt. His cock was perfectly squished between her and right in the middle of her tits.

His mom now jiggled her tits around his cock in a perfect motion adding extra sensation to the already over stimulated dick.

She went faster and squeezed her tits tighter. It was almost too much to bare for Jeff. He felt his moms’ breasts on his thighs as they came down on his cock.

“Are you going to cum baby”, the hot and horny mother asked. I can see you’re so close to cumming on my insanely huge tits and I want you to. I need your hot cum on my body, I need it in my cleavage, on my chin and I never want you to stop fucking my tits.”

She was now fucking his cock hard and fast as his sensitive head poked out of her cleavage and brought pleasure to her sons entire body.

This was too much for Jeff and he warned his mom as he started cumming she brought her tits down into his lap while squeezing tightly.

“I’m cumming mom, my balls are boiling and…ah…fuck YES, keep going, I’m going to explode in your cleavage mom, please…keep…going,” Jeff cried out.

His cock erupted into jets of hot cum that shot into her cleavage. 2, 3 , 4 jets of hot cum exploded from his hard cock as he moaned and screamed in pleasure. Nancy continued to bounce her tits up and down his cock as he came even more. A loving smile appeared on her face. Jeff continued cumming large amount of hot semen into her giant tits and cleavage. 10 more hot and fast jets of cum sprayed out as his body shook and finally the last few drops dribbled out. He had made a huge mess.

As she slowed down a lot of sperm escaped her cleavage and onto Jeff’s groin.

“Ah fuckin hell, that was amazing mom. I can’t believe I titfucked my own mom. It felt incredible and your tits are just the best. Promise me we can do this often.”

“Of course darling,” Nancy lovingly replied. Now lets clean up and come downstairs, I have a few ideas to make our sexual adventures even better.”

After Nancy cleaned up her son’s cum, she ran him a bath and Jeff got inside. The still horny mother had more planned for him but was at a conundrum. She really wanted to please her son, maybe even fuck him but she knew that it would be wrong to do that.

“What’s the harm in titfucking, it’s not incest”, she thought out loud.

She basically excused her actions by thinking about what is best for her son and that is to gain experience, but she needed help.

You see Jeff had a younger sister Amy who was avrupa yakası escort about to start college and was away at a friend. She was extremely clever and had a few offers of a full scholarship. At 19 she always thought of herself as nerdy and not attractive but let loose her hair, take off her glasses and put on some better clothes she was a gorgeous brunette with a slim waist, thick hips and a peach of a butt that stood out far from her body.

Like her mom, she had huge tits but with huge tits came unwanted attention. Amy always wore a sports bra and large clothes to cover her tits. Only her mom knew Amy’s had giant cans and could be used to pleasure her son and gain much needed experience.

How would she get her innocent and probably virgin daughter to agree to such a sexual act. She thought for a while and made a call to Amy.

“Hi darling, yes it’s me…no everything is fine. I just wanted to know when you were coming home tonight? Jeff is here and I thought the 3 of us could get some take outs and have a drink and catch up.” Nancy’s heart pounded as she had hoped Amy would be into this but honestly she had no idea if she would. She often kept to herself.

“Sure mom, that sounds good. I feel like having a chilled evening at home. I will be home in about an hour if that’s fine.”

“Sounds good darling, see you then,” Nancy said. She ended the call. The plan was working so far, now to get Jeff excited for tonight.

Nancy went back to the bathroom and just in time to see her son dry himself. He quickly wrapped the towel around himself to cover his privates.

“Sorry mom, still seems a bit weird because you’ve seen my privates. I’m just not used to it yet.”

“It’s fine darling, I understand and that’s why I’m here. I want to ask you if we could continue the fun we’re having with someone else, you know like a threesome?”

“Wow, really mom, that sounds amazing but who else do you know with huge boobs like yours to join us? I’m assuming it’s Janet from Yoga class right? Her tits are almost as big as yours and I would love to fuck them. Perhaps a double titfuck from you and her?”

“Well, you’re half right darling. A double titfuck is what I have planned, but it’s not Janet, it’s your sister Amy.”

“Jesus mom! You think Amy would go for that? Her boobs aren’t big, are they?”

“I’m going to try with her tonight and trust me, they are bigger than you think. You see Jeff I want to teach you things about pleasure so you are more experienced for when you have sex. I think your sister needs some help too and together the 3 of us will have a great night together.”

She told Jeff the basic outline of the plan and he was onboard. He got dressed, ordered some food and got the drinks out. His mom got ready and both mother and son waited in horny anticipation for Amy to arrive.

Finally they heard the keys in the door as Amy entered looking pretty but plain in a bulky hoody and loose jeans. “Hi Mom, hi Jeff!” she shouted.

“Hi Amy, replied Jeff as he came in for a hug. Food just arrived and mom said you and I can have a few drinks as it’s the weekend.”

As he hugged her he felt her huge soft tits on his chest and suddenly realized what she’s been hiding.

Nancy appeared and greeted her daughter and hugged her.

A shocked Amy asked, “So are you really letting us drink mom, you know I’m only 19 and haven’t really drunk before?”

“It will be fine, Nancy replied. Jeff is here and you’re at home and he will take care of you if anything happened.”

This was the first time Amy would properly drink and who better to do it with than her brother and mom in the house. She was off to college and knew there would be plenty of drinking.

“Thanks bro,” Amy said shyly.

The family sat down to some great food, a few beers and a couple of glasses of wine each.

Amy was feeling a little tipsy but at ease with her mom and brother enjoying it as much as her.

It was time for step 2 of the plan to work.

“Whew, I’m sleepy” yawned Nancy as she stretched her arms above her head making her giant tits wobble. “I’m off to bed. You two stay up and enjoy it. Goodnight, see you soon.”

“Sooner than you think mom” as Jeff winked at her. The plan was to get Amy upstairs and have fun together.

Brother and sister were now alone.

“So, you’re off to college soon sis? Have you had a serious boyfriend yet?”

“Jeff,” that’s personal, said an embarrassed Amy. But then she started to giggle. A bit of booze helped relax her into being more forward.

“I’ve like kissed a few guys but nothing more than that. There was a rumour some guy from another school felt my breasts but that’s not true. I’m a bit inexperienced I guess.”

“Oh really, well you know you don’t have to be inexperienced before college. I can help with that.”

“What!” replied Amy, shocked as ever. ‘I can’t talk to you about these things, that’s personal girl stuff, you know.”

“Nonsense, responded Jeff. I bet I can help and I bet you have a gorgeous bağdat caddesi escort body under those baggy clothes.”

Amy blushed a deep red and lowered her head.

“Um…thanks bro, I mean I don’t know, I have these um…ugly boobs and they hurt my back. I dunno, I wish I didn’t have them so big.”

“Crap Amy, said Jeff. Big boobs are a blessing and most men love them, me included.”

“You really think so”? responded Amy.

“Yes, all the girls I’ve been with were big in the chest department. I really like busty girls and from what I can tell yours aren’t big”, he lied.

“Like I said I wear a lot of baggy clothes and a massive sports bra to hide them. Only mom knows I have big boobs”. Amy was feeling more comfortable having this heart to heart with him and she felt loved and comforted by Jeff as he put his arm around her.

“They’re bigger than you can see,” she said while looking down at them.

“Well I can’t see and you have such a pretty face. With that face and body, you will be snatched up by some jock any day. Here, why don’t you untie your hair and take off your glasses.

There we go, now fluff your long hair back over your shoulders.”

Jeff was staring at a literal beauty. Her shy face made her even cuter. He was glad he was helping her with her self confidence even though he wanted her.

“Wow what a stunner said Jeff.”

“You really think so?” replied a shocked Amy.

“I do. Now all you need is a low-cut top to show off your supposed big boobs and the guys will be knocking on this door to date you.”

“I don’t have a low-cut top but I have this sports bra underneath. Should I take off my hoody?”

As if that were even a question. Jeff’s hands were clammy as she slowly pulled her hoody up over her head while her boobs bounced, shook and jiggled in her too small sports bra.

As her boobs came into view properly they stood out far from her body with massive amounts of beautiful untouched breast meat help up by a straining bra. Jeff knew 2 hands wouldn’t be enough to hold even one boob. His cock rising, he boldly exclaimed to his sister.

“You weren’t joking were you, those are humongous…and…and…so soft, inviting and beautiful if you don’t mind me saying.”

Amy giggled in a cute way and blushed.

“You think they not too huge?” she inquired. I was the biggest in school, even more than the teachers and girls used to point and laugh.”

“No they are not too big, they are amazing. I’ve been with a few women in clubs and house parties, but they weren’t nearly as big as you. And they look so soft yet firm and supple.”

“OK, OK keep it in your pants Amy giggled. She noticed his raging hard on poke out and far down his leg. She felt turned on by this brash talk they were having and the sight of his big dick made her wet. The booze was making her flirty and she continued to stare.

“Looks like I’m not the only one packing something huge, oh my!” Amy laughed.

“You did this to me, your boobs and body. Your tiny slim waist, huge hips and massive tits are driving me wild. Please I need to know how big they are…please,” he begged.

“How about you show me your cock and I’ll let you see my boobs,” blurted out an excited Amy.

“OK how about this sis. If I show you my dick, you show me your boobs and tell me how big they are.”

“Deal!” replied Amy.

Jeff unbuckled his jeans and slid them down, then his boxers and his huge 10 inch cock pointed straight out and throbbed angrily.

“Wow!” exclaimed Amy. You have a massive cock. It looks tasty and you’re right bro, I need to learn about these things before college. Will you teach me?”

“I will sis but first take off your bra and tell me how big your giant cans are.”

Amy struggled to take off her bra but finally got it off showing her magnificent breasts in the open. They were perfectly round but giant and had no sag. It was a miracle. They jutted out far from her body, roughly a foot from her chest. Her pretty pink nipples were hard and her small aureole’s were also perfectly round.

“My bra size is 32 HH,” Amy quietly said.

“Ahhh fuck that’s amazing sis. I love your boobs, they are incredible. They look almost fake with such a small waist and back. I want them and I’m going to have them but first are you ready for lesson 1? Get on your knees.”

Amy did as she was told.

“I want you to give me a blowjob,” said Jeff. Without hesitation Amy opened her mouth and swallowed as much cock as she could and she was doing well.

“Ahhh, yeah that’s good, shit you can suck cock well.” Her head bobbed back and forth slowly savouring every inch she could swallow which was about half of it. As she tried to take more of his cock, he felt it touch the back of her throat and she gagged slightly.

Kyle’s knees buckled slightly and moaned as the tightness of her virgin throat sucked his cock.

“Ahhhhh yes Amy, you’re doing so well for a beginner. Are you sure you haven’t sucked cock before?”

“MMmmmpphhhh, mmmmmm,” was all she could respond.

She now took both her hands and gently grabbed his cock and lathered her spit down over every inch while bobbing her head up and down on his massive pole. She looked up at Jeff with loving eyes as she gave him a beautiful blowjob and handjob. Jeff didn’t notice as his head was tilted back and he was moaning. His knees weak and was close to cumming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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