Mom’s Surprise Ch. 01

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Corinne, her daughter Lisa and Lisa’s son Mark lived in a two-bedroom cabin in Kentucky that had once served as a hunting cabin but had been converted to a home for them when electricity and utilities finally made it to that part of the county. Corinne’s dad had the cabin converted nicely to a modest, small, home for his daughter, her child and the young Mark. As Mark grew older, he was given the room that he and his mother had used for his own. Lisa had reluctantly joined her mother in her room; not reluctant because she didn’t like her, but because she relished her nights with her son. But Corinne was right. The boy needed his space as he would soon be hitting puberty.

It was a hard and lonely decision for Lisa. Lisa was working full time as a cashier at the local super market while attending the local community college. With all her hard work, school and lack of social interaction with anyone, her one pleasure in life was to fall asleep each night holding her precious son. Corinne did her best to help her through the tough transition and it turned out to be the best thing for her and her daughter’s relationship. Each night, for the first two weeks, she would hold her sobbing daughter close and sing gently to her while she stroked her hair. Soon, the tears lessened and the sobbing was gone. Lisa had become accustomed to her mother holding her at night and looked forward to their closeness each night with almost the same anticipation she had felt for her time with Mark. She discovered then just how much her mother loved her.

Lisa became more appreciative of the sacrifices that Corinne made for the two of them. She had helped raise Mark and took care of him all the times that Lisa had to work, go to school or study. Plus, she had sacrificed any semblance of career or relationship to take care of their family. Money was tight but Corinne always managed to get what they needed.

One night as Corinne was getting ready for bed, Lisa looked appraisingly at her mom. She could have had any man she wanted. She was beautiful and appeared so much younger than her years. She had given it all up for her and Mark. She watched as her mom sat at the vanity brushing her hair. Corinne was forty-three at the time but could easily pass for late twenties. Lisa watched as her mom ran the brush through her hair. She noticed through the thin material of her night gown how her breasts would sway with each stroke of the brush. She could clearly make out the outline of her bosom. The light was just right so that the sheer material was made nearly translucent.

As Lisa stared at her mother’s tits, she noticed that Corinne’s nipples suddenly hardened. She shifted her gaze to her mother’s face reflected in the mirror to see her smiling at her daughter and looking her square in the face. Lisa was so embarrassed. She stammered, “I thought … you … uh … were cold or something, mom. I mean I was watching you brush your hair and …”

“It’s okay, darlin’,” said Corinne. “No need to be embarrassed. I am happy you appreciate my form. It is very flattering to think that a twenty-eight-year old girl would find some one as ancient as me to be worth looking at with appreciation,” she added.

“Well, yes, mom. I do appreciate how you look. I mean, you are so fit and everything and your skin is so smooth and unblemished. And your breasts …,” she cut herself off.

Corinne turned to her daughter and smiling said, “What about them? My breasts … what?”

“Well, they are just so firm looking and shapely,” stammered Lisa.

Corinne turned back to the mirror and resumed her task. “Well, honey, chickens, cows, horses, goats and all the other critters here-abouts don’t feed nor take care of themselves. Somebody has to tote feed, water and stuff. Keeps me in shape. And, I kinda like it,” replied Corinne.

Lisa smiled at her mom’s reflection. The smile faded. “Mom? Do you miss sex?” she asked.

Corinne stopped what she was doing. She lay her brush down and turned to face her daughter. “More than you know sweetie. I mean … I get a little pleasure from a cucumber now and then but, I do miss the human touch,” she lamented.

Lisa laughed at the cucumber. Corinne didn’t. She looked at her daughter and said, “What, you think I’m joking? What do you do to satisfy your urges? Since I know you don’t have time for socializin’ and you have very little privacy. I am curious as to how you meet your sexual needs.”

“Lisa’s laughter disappeared and her smile faded. “I don’t” she said in a very subdued voice.

“Well, that just won’t do. Baby, you gotta take care of yourself. All that pent up energy will go bad and it can really cause you to be … well … bad,” she said.

“But you made a good point. I don’t have time to socialize and I have no time to myself,” she answered.

“Well, honey I could give you some time whenever you want and, you know, be in the living room or something. If you want,” said Corinne. The woman returned avcılar grup yapan escort to brushing her hair.

“Mom? Would you want to do it together? Like, I mean next to me? Would that be freaky or something? I think I’d like that,” said Lisa.

Corinne stood and lay her brush gently on the vanity. “I think that would be fine sweetheart. Mom and daughter should share such things. And, who knows, maybe I could learn a trick or two,” she said as she climbed into bed.

“I think it would be me that learns from you. Sounds like you have all the experience,” said Lisa.

“Well, no time like the present,” said Corinne as she slipped her gown over her head. “I like to be naked when I have my fun. You don’t mind do you?” she asked. Lisa shook her head as she watched her mother’s beautiful breasts pop free of the garment. “You want to get naked too, honey?” asked Corinne. Lisa pulled her t-shirt over her head nervously. Her breasts were nowhere near the size of her mother’s but they were firm and perky and her nipples became instantly hard as they hit the air and the gaze of her mother. Corinne starred at her daughter’s tits for, what seemed to Lisa to be hours. Corinne lifted her bottom and pulled her panties off. Lisa followed suit and the two were now naked; side by side in bed.

The blanket came up only to their waists. Lisa watched as her mother’s right hand slipped beneath the covers and made its way to her crotch. She watched as the covers began to move moved by the touch of her mother’s hand on her pussy. She was fascinated. She was unembarrassed. She was curious. She was interested. And; she was turned on! Lisa felt herself getting wet before she even touched herself. She just lay there watching as her mother masturbated next to her. She watched as her mom’s other hand came up and began to toy with her left nipple.

“MMmmmm,” moaned Corinne. “It feels good to touch my nipples as I play with myself,” she cooed. Lisa licked her lips unconsciously. She made no effort to touch herself. She was so enthralled by the sight before her that she couldn’t break away from it. Corinne was so into her self gratification, that she didn’t notice the absence of movement from her daughter. Lisa was fixated. She watched almost hungrily as her mom’s hand movements increased. The blanket slipped further and further down. Now she could see her mother’s hand on her pussy. She watched as her rubbing became a blur. Suddenly Corinne’s back arched and she let out a, “Oh … Oh … OH GOD that’s so good.” She watched as her mom’s fingers disappeared into her vagina. It looked as if she were trying to pick herself up by curling her fingers and lifting. Corinne thrashed about like a wild woman as the orgasm played out. Her hips bucked several times in succession and then she lay still.

After a moment, Lisa spoke in a whisper, “God mom, that was beautiful.”

Corinne turned to her daughter and smiled. Then she realized that Lisa had not done anything but watch. “Wait baby. This is audience participation. You got work to do too. Don’t be shy sweetie or you’ll make me feel embarrassed. I mean, after all; I just laid next to you, my daughter, and played with myself till I came,” she said.

Lisa smiled sweetly at her mother’s words. She slowly and reluctantly inched her hand towards her pussy. It had been so long since she had done this and now she was going to do it right next to her mom. She closed her eyes as her fingers found their mark. She was wetter than she had anticipated. It seemed that watching her mother rub herself to orgasm had been quite stimulating. As she thought this, the vision of her mom pleasuring herself popped back into her head. She could vividly see her mom’s hand as it rubbed her pussy. She recalled that there was very little hair there and wondered if she shaved it. She opened her eyes to look at her mom’s bush. It was still uncovered and Corinne’s hand was still there. So she could only see a part of it. But she noted that it was definitely trimmed. Her eyes became glued to her mother’s sex; no, she was fixated on it. As her fingers played across her own pussy, she imagined what it would be like to touch her mother there. With that thought she felt a jolt. She was going to come! She was going to come thinking of and starring at her mother’s pussy! She didn’t care! She lost all rational thought and starred at her mother’s pussy.

She noticed that her mother’s hand had begun to move again. Corinne was playing with herself once more. She looked at her mom’s face. She was looking at her. She was starring into her eyes. She looked back at her mom’s hand on her pussy. Now it was moving faster. She had spread her lips and was toying with her clit. Unconsciously, Lisa did the same. She was there now. She was on the edge. She felt her hips rise. She looked back into her mother’s eyes.

Lisa called out, “Oh God Mom, I’m going to come. Oh!!” She felt her avcılar masöz escort orgasm hit her like a freight train. Then, without thinking, as she came, she leaned over and kissed her mother on her lips. It wasn’t a daughter-mother kiss. It was a kiss of passion and lust. She leaned further into her mom pressing her wriggling body to hers. She felt her mother’s breasts pushing against her own. She felt her mother jerking with her as well. Corinne was coming too. As the two women kissed they fingered themselves madly as their sex play rolled into one long orgasm.

It was Corinne who was the first to penetrate her daughter’s mouth with her tongue. But Lisa was receptive and her tongue danced with her mother’s as the two lovers kissed with desire. Then it was Lisa who pushed her body on top of her mother. As the two continued to writhe in ecstasy, hands roamed over each other’s body. Lisa felt her mother’s hand on her ass then moving to her pussy to join hers. She relinquished the spot as her mom took over fingering her to yet another orgasm. She felt her mother’s fingers inside her; curling, pulling her to her body. Both of Lisa’s hands went to her mother’s breast. She squeezed them tightly as her hips bucked in the onslaught of Corinne’s fingers. All the while the two women kissed with a passion and lust fueled by deprivation and need. She could feel her mother coming hard. She slid one of her hands to the woman’s sex, that part of her body that had ignited this explosion to start with. She cupped her hand over her mother’s as Corinne plunged her own fingers inside her hole.

Lisa joined her, slipping a finger inside her mother. It caused a tremendous burst of thrashing as Corinne felt her daughter’s finger inside her. The two humped each other as their hands pushed inside one another. Corinne let her hand slide from her pussy and let her daughter take over. She placed her soaked hand on her daughter’s ass and pulled her to her. All the while the two, mother and daughter, were locked in a fervent kiss; a lovers’ kiss. It lasted for hours; or so it seemed. At long last they gave out. The two collapsed into each other being spent. Their kiss broke and it was Lisa who spoke first.

“Mom, I love you so much. Please say that this was alright. I wouldn’t do anything to… ,” she was cut off.

“Shush my baby, it was heaven and I would not have it any other way. I love you more than anything in this world and this was the best feeling I have ever had!” said Corinne as she kissed her daughter tenderly. She wrapped her arms around her baby and the two held each other and fell fast asleep without another word.

“Good morning momma,” said a dressed and ready-to-leave Lisa. She leaned over and kissed the forehead of her mother. “I’m leaving for school. Mark’s lunch is made and I woke him to get himself ready so he won’t miss the bus. And, thank you so much for last night. I love you, momma,” she said as she kissed her forehead again.

Corinne stirred from the fog of sleep and watched as her daughter turned to leave. “Wait,” she called after her. “Are you ok? Is everything all right?” she asked.

“I am more than ‘OK’, momma. I feel wonderful. See you tonight,” replied Lisa as she closed the door behind her.

Corinne smiled. She too was ‘more than OK’. She felt elated. For the first time in longer than she could remember, she had intimacy with another person. And, it was the person in the world that she loved the most. She closed her eyes and replayed as much as she could recall of the events of the previous night. She stirred a little and felt the sheets on her naked breasts. It aroused her. Her hand moved to her pussy. It was still crusted with the left overs of last night’s sex. But it was quickly getting wet again as she thought of the sex she’d had with her daughter. Even though the two only masturbated. They had somehow joined together and it was the best sex that she could recall ever having. She toyed with her pussy and coaxed her clit out of its hood. Her other hand took its customary spot on her breast. She cupped her tit and rolled her nipple between thumb and finger. She could almost feel her daughter’s lips on hers as she relived the passionate kiss they shared.

Now her fingers were inside her. She began pumping her vagina with them as the juices flowed even more. Her thumb toyed with her clit alternately with her fingers plunging into her snatch. She squeezed her tit hard as she began to feel the rising of an orgasm. As she came, she called out softly, “Lisa, I love you baby.”

Sean was up and dressed before his mom had left. He made himself breakfast and was standing in the kitchen when his mother passed through to leave. “Good morning mommy,” he said as she walked by.

“Good morning my little man,” she replied to her boy. She walked over to the young boy and held him tight. She was actually happy for the first time since she had left him to his own bed. avcılar otele gelen escort He was fine and, now, she was too. He would grow up and go through his changes into manhood without the shadow of sleeping with his mother. Corinne had been right; it was the best thing to do for Mark. And now, she realized that it was the best thing for all of them. She kissed the little man on the top of his head and headed for the door.

The drive to college that morning was lighter than ever. She seemed on top of the world. She gave no thought as to the ramifications of what her and her mother had done last night. She only remembered and enjoyed how good it felt and how close it made her and her mom. She found it a tad hard to focus on the lectures all day. At lunch, she called the house and talked briefly with her mom. It was not unusual for her to call during her break but today the conversation was a bit different.

“Mom, how is your day going?” she asked.

“It is great dear. How about yours?” she replied.

“Mine is good. I feel so good today. But it’s a little hard to concentrate,” she answered.

“Why I wonder why?” laughed Corinne.

“Mom, … Last night was … uh … heavenly. I mean, it just felt so wonderful, so close and so … recharging,” said Lisa.

“Well, I am so glad to hear that, honey. Your momma was a bit worried that you might feel … well … differently,” said Corinne.

“No … I mean, well, yes … differently but good; better than I have ever felt. Mom?” she asked.

“Yes baby?” replied Corinne.

“I love you so much,” I want to be close to you like this always. I feel so connected,” she said as tears welled in her eyes.

Corinne could sense the breaking in her daughter’s voice. “Oh, baby. I love you too. And I know we will always be this close. I feel closer to you by the minute. I am so happy I have you and Mark. And, I am so happy we shared last night,” said Corinne.

“Mom? … Can we do that again?” asked Lisa timidly.

“Of course honey, of course we will,” replied Corinne.

“That’s great mom! I’ll call you when I’m out of school or at the store. Gotta run, lunch is over, bye-bye. I love you,” she said.

“I love you too baby. Have a great day,” replied Corinne.

As she hung up the phone, Lisa smiled the happiest smile she had ever had. As she walked towards her class, she realized that her panties were wet. Thinking of last night as she talked to her mother had aroused her. She looked at her watch. She had 15 minutes till class. Should she try it? Of course. She ducked into the “Family Bathroom” and locked the door. She dropped her jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. She peed first. Then, licking her fingers, she started to rub herself. She closed her eyes and imagined her and her mother kissing as they had last night. She could see her mother’s beautiful tits as she played with them. Thinking of what her mom had said, she reached under her shirt and slid her hand inside her bra. She began to tweak her nipple as she fingered herself. She could her her mother’s voice, “It feels good to touch my nipples as I play with myself,” she heard her say. She could see her mother’s hand playing with her pussy as she lay next to her. She remembered how strongly that Corinne had come. She could still see her thrusting her hips up and down as her mother had let her orgasm take control of her body. Then it hit her; she began to come. All she could do was hold on to the handicap rail as her hand rubbed her pussy in a blur. She slid sideways on the toilet seat as the explosive orgasm washed over her. She lurched and bucked and humped her hand as she enjoyed herself.

As her come wound down, she had no time to waste. She only had three minutes to get to class. She pulled her pants up, buttoned and zipped them and bolted through the door. She didn’t have time to wash up or wipe. She scrambled for class.

In the class room, she took advantage of the hand sanitizer at the door. She squirted a copious amount of the gel into her palm and rubbed it thoroughly onto her hands. She wasn’t worried about the germs; just didn’t want anyone to smell her recent joy. As she sat in the chair, another broad smile crept over her face. She couldn’t wait to get home! It was Friday and she had the next day off. Work tonight would go fast because she wasn’t closing the store. She would be able to tally her register and simply walk out. She would be home by nine-thirty. Mark would be in bed and she could devote her time to herself and her mother. There was so much she wanted to say. But, there was so much more that she wanted to do.

As Lisa walked through the kitchen door, she was greeted by her mom and her son. “He wanted to stay up and have his mommy tuck him in,” said Corinne.

“Hi little man! Give mommy a hug,” said Lisa. Mark ran to his mother and jumped into her arms. She carried him to his bed kissing her mom on the cheek as she passed. She caught a whiff of perfume. It made her do a double take of her mom. She was dressed a bit differently than normal. She usually wore a loose hanging shift. But tonight she was dressed in a white cotton summer dress. Her shoulders were bare and the dress barely contained her tits. She smiled at her mom. She also noticed a bottle of red wine and two glasses on the table.

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