Moms new lover.

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Moms new lover.

I’m a 38 year old police officer from the middle of the uk, so obviously I knew incest is wrong.

It all started when mom got a toy boy around my age, mom is 55 now and was 52 at the time. To be fair her new lover was ten years older than me, but it wasn’t just me who couldn’t believe he was not in his thirties. I was so jealous of a man that seemed around my age, making love to her, and keeping her happy in a relationship, that I couldn’t help but start seeing her more often, we lived on the same Street anyway so it was easy to sneak away from my wife and girls for a short while.

I went to a party for moms fiftieth a couple years before all of this happened, and she wore a short black dress and during a serenade from a nephew as she sat on a chair in the middle of the dark dance floor, I noticed along with everyone else, that mom didn’t wear any panties.

I got a bit drunk that night which I don’t usually do, and mom got so drunk on her birthday that I offered to walk her home and get her back safely.

When we got home I helped her upstairs and into her bedroom, where she fell back on the bed helpless and barely conscious. I removed her loose top as she smiled lovingly at me, and seen my mother in a very pretty black snug bra. I was only concerned at the time about getting her safely into bed. I turned her over to find the clip and zip on her short black skirt and loosened it around her waist, then slipped it down over her feet. She had on some thin black tights which I left on due to her not wearing panties. I noticed moms pussy was neatly shaven and pert, nubile for her age. I tucked her in, kissed her goodnight and never could get her sexy body out of my head again.

Well after that mom joked to everyone we met about how drunk she got and that her son had to carry her home and help her to bed. No one seemed to find it unusual and I felt reassurance that mom had an interest in the arousal from incestuous thoughts, though I never mentioned it.

Anyway, a couple of years later and mom found another man on a dating site who she met for a few weekends before moving him in to her house and bedroom. I never really got on with Graham, but it was clear he made mom very happy and she seemed to be very satisfied too, so I tried to be friendly and put my desires away where they couldn’t do any harm.

It just happened one day, I went round to moms house to collect my eldest daughter who also loved spending time with grandma and Graham, and couldn’t believe bayan arkadaş how jealous I was of this man. Mom said she had something for me upstairs and instead of waiting for her to bring it down, I followed her up, leaving graham playing in the living room with Elsie.

“It’s a jumper from that shop you like.” Mom held up a woollen sweater which I did really like.

“I’m really jealous of you mom, you have the perfect house and seem so happy.” It just came out of nowhere.

“You have a nice house and family, I don’t understand how you could be jealous.” Mom sat on the bed wearing her usual tight black leggings that stretched over her thick shapely thighs and curved arse, and a loose t-shirt that her boobs still pushed out in a very fascinating and arousing way.

“It’s just graham.” I said. “He seems more like my age than yours.”

“I understand. You don’t have to be jealous son, you’re never gonna be left out because of any partner, no matter how much I love them.”

I stared up and down at her gorgeous big breasts and her thighs tightly wrapped in stretched nylon leggings, I held my gaze between her legs and immediately realised how beautiful she was down there. Her eyes raced in her head as she clearly noticed me staring in a way I never had before.

She still looked shocked as she couldn’t keep her eyes still and seemed to take deep short breaths.

“Why don’t you come round later when graham is at work and we can have a cup of tea and a catch up.” Mom stared straight at me now unblinking.

After leaving with Elsie and a new jumper, I knew I would have to answer moms questions when I went round later.

I went round in the evening after 6 as graham was working a late shift. I used thank you flowers for the jumper as an excuse, and when I arrived mom had tight leggings and a loose t-shirt that swung out at the front on, as usual. She had beautiful green eyes too.

She thanked me for the flowers and made us both a drink, then sat me on the sofa placing a caring hand above my knee as she turned to face me. I felt myself tingle, I was getting hard and mom was gonna ask me questions about graham. I couldn’t help but look between her thighs again. Like there was something in where we had left off. I got hard straight away and was only wearing Bermuda shorts and a tshirt. My mom looked so beautiful down there. I looked her in the eyes.

“You don’t have to be jealous of any man I’m in a relationship with Marcus. I will bayan partner always put my boy first. You can be sure of that. I love you.” Mom drank her tea and waited for me to reply.

I tried to think of something to say but couldn’t keep my mind of her pert gorgeous pussy pushing into her tight leggings.

“Are those new shorts your wearing. You’ve got something on them.”

Mom moved her hand straight to where the tip of my dripping cock was, I hadn’t noticed the mark seep through my shorts. She rubbed gently on the mark, getting a small grip against the tip of my penis as she caressed the sticky substance.

“It feels wet, what have you got under there.” She asked figuring it out as she spoke.

She looked so genuinely shocked. I felt dread and embarrassment.

She realised her hand was still on my penis, and looked at it and then me.

She drew away slowly still looking shocked.

She looked down then between her own thighs, where her pussy was clearly outlined throbbing through the thin stretch of fabric.

“Oh, mommy has something on her lap too.”

It’s just the light mom I said, as I leaned in to kiss her neck and place my hand firmly on her wet excited pussy. “See there is nothing there.”

Mom stared into my eyes lustfully. I wanted to cum in my shorts right then. Her pussy wet in my hand felt so beautiful, like something I had always known.

Mom kissed me and thrust her pussy into my trembling hand. She lifted her tshirt above her bra and indicated that she wanted to take it off.

“Oh son your gonna make a bad mommy of me.” Mom unhooked her bra and I saw her naked breasts for the first time. I couldn’t take my hand off her pussy as she felt too good, so I kissed down her neck and chest and I put my hand into her leggings. Mom was so pretty, so exciting, I never realised just how hot a body she really had. She was moaning now and being quite loud and expressive considering what we were doing.

“Oh son be good to mommy, mommy is so wet and excited. ” She held my head into her heaving breasts, and writhed between my fingers.

“Your gonna make mommy cum, oh my, oh baby yes finger mommy.”

Here calls were making me a little nervous as they seemed quite loud and walls are only thin. Feeling mommy burst beneath my fingers made me feel like I wanted to burst too.

She pulled her leggings off and immediately began raising her body, pushing my head into her shaved wet dripping pussy.

“Oh bdsm escort baby taste mommy.”

Mom was a bit of a gusher, I never knew that about her.

Warm thick liquid poured from her pulsating pussy, dripping down her ass and onto the sofa. Mom was so keen to get my head down I almost felt a little dizzy. She wriggled and pushed as my tongue met her pussy, I tasted her warm sweet juices, she tasted better than I had hoped for.

“Taste mommy baby, mommies pussy is so wet for you now.”

I ate her pussy for at least ten minutes, using my whole tongue, a rolled tongue, my fingers and the tip of my tongue, I explored every inch of mommy, and she wanted more.

“Harder baby, eat mommies pussy harder.” She forced her weight against my head clearly indicated that she wanted me to go on and on. My cock was so in need of some attention, but she practically had me in a head lock. My mom was so strong when she wanted something.

I kept eating her sexy wet pussy as she moaned constantly, “Oh baby eat mommies pussy, make mommy cum again sexy baby.” Although she seemed a little quieter now.

I kissed so much of moms pussy that my tongue had practically touched her ass a few times, and she hadn’t pushed me away, so I slowly moved my tongue down.

“Oh baby, oh gosh baby your so good to mommy, oh baby eat mommies ass.”

Then she started practically screaming.

“Oh baby eat mommies ass, you eat mommy so nice, Oh Baby, Eat Mommies Sexy Ass.”

I was sure somebody must have heard. I wanted to stop but my cock hadn’t had any attention yet and was so hard still. Besides mom still had my head locked between her thighs, heaving me down with all of her upper body strength, playing with her nipples whenever she let go.

Suddenly she erupted again, her warm cum gushed from her pussy, and she finally lay back moaning gently with pleasure.

I took the opportunity as soon as I was free, to quickly whip off my shorts, and push my hard cock into moms heavenly wet easy pussy.

I stroked gently at first as she lay back intoxicated with pleasure. I wanted to make love to her, I wanted to ravish her and cum too.

“Oh baby this is the best bit of all.” She whispered into my ear now.

“Give mommy all of your big hard cock son.”

I felt her gush again as she kissed my lips. I stroked her breasts gently as I worked up speed with my thrust.

I wanted to see my hard cock going in and out of mommies juicy pussy, just to make sure it was really real. As soon as I adjusted so I could see myself entering her wet mound, I gave a deep stroke and shuddered inside her creamy wet excited pussy, Cumming so hard for her.

I looked into her beautiful green eyes so lovingly.

“Thank you baby. Mommy is so proud of her son.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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