Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 14

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I had an earlier shift Tuesday so by the time I had arrived home from work it was before anyone else. I quickly changed into my speedos, grabbed my cargo shorts and sunglasses then headed back downstairs and out to the pool.

I did my usual workout, changed out of my speedos into my shorts and pulled a beer from the fridge as I headed back out to relax on the patio.

I eased into Mom’s usual chaise lounge, adjusted my sunglasses and took a large chug of my beer before settling back for some sun.

I relaxed feeling the rays hitting my skin and thought of the last few days. The whole Darla thing crossed my mind, both that first night and Sunday’s wake up along with the rest of the day. She was one frisky MILF, that’s for sure! And I wondered when our next encounter would be.

After she left Sunday evening, the three of us seemed to have a family wrap up meeting about her too.

Beth had put it directly to Mom that we could tell she not only had a new fuck buddy, she also had a lover. Mom confessed, admitted to it and announced that we would see her staying over occasionally and that Mom would be doing the same at her place.

This led to the subject of date nights with Darla. Mom had asked if we wanted to date her on occasions like we did Mom and we both answered with an enthusiastic yes. When asked how often we’d do it, Beth spoke for both of us and said only occasionally since we didn’t want to encroach into both our date nights and Mom’s time with her so, for now we’d just play it by ear.

One major thing I also remember from Sunday night was Mom keeping her promise to Darla to finish what she had started.

So, after our little chat, Mom had set me on the edge of the couch, shed my shorts and then her own tank top exposing her bra-less boobs.

She had me lift my ass to put the edge of her top under it so the rest could drape down over the edge of the cushion. She took my shorts and placed them on the floor by the edge of the couch.

Mom then declared in a playful way “Your slutty mom is going to tit fuck you and give the hottest sloppy wet blow job you’ve ever had.

And she did too!

The three of us got into some hot talk as Mom slowly tit fucked me and it didn’t take long for Beth to lose her clothes and masturbate with us, especially when Mom told her she was going to do this in such a way it was going to take both of them to clean up the mess we’d make.

As she started on the blow job portion, Mom puckered her cheeks to excrete more saliva into her mouth which she then suspended her lips over the head of my cock and lit it drool out.

The saliva flowed over the head of my cock and started dripping down the sides of my shaft. Mom did it again and more flowed and dripped and now the abundance of saliva was enough to pool between her fingers and my shaft as she gripped it.

It crossed my mind Mom and Darla must have talked in detail which would account for the sloppy wet blowjob I was getting now since it was how Darla had started sucking me in the car, but I wondered when they had the chance to talk before she left.

Mom stroked me hard for a few strokes making sure the skin of my shaft rolled over the ridge of my mushroom head, as it made smucking sounds from all the wetness. Then she went down…

Her lips engulfed the head of my cock and she gave it only one medium pressure suck before releasing it.

From there on through, Mom started fucking my cock with her mouth as her hand stroked the base but instead of sucking my cock she held her mouth open just enough to let it graze the inside of her mouth and lips, but that gave lots of room for her tongue as she constantly rolled it around the head and flickered over the sensitive area on the bottom where the ridges come together like a V.

Mom would often take me deep to where I could feel the back of her throat and I noticed when she did, more and more saliva coated my cock and added to the slurps.

Mom would suck me like this then switch to jacking me off hard like before only to suck me again. On the third jack session she could tell I was getting close.

Mom’s grip at the base of my cock changed from the “O” grip to only three fingers on the top side of my cock with her thumb on the ridge at the bottom of my shaft.

At this point Mom was really into what she was doing as she blew me. Her finger grip sped up as if she was going to literally jack me off in her mouth which, if that was her intent, it was working as her mouth fucked me lightly and her tongue teased me.

I suddenly felt a huge surge up my inner shaft as my first spurt exploded in her mouth as I watched. Mom only moaned and as I expected her lips to tighten and her start to swallow, but I was highly mistaken.

Instead she just let the cum ooze from her lips.

As my cock and balls delivered spurt after spurt, Mom kept forcing it out between her lips and my shaft and it wasn’t long before the cum pooled at the base of my cock, unchecked by her finger tip grip of the shaft and started slowly dripping down avcılar grup yapan escort onto my scrotum.

My orgasm was especially intense with what seemed to be full of cum with more spurting spewing cum than usual. Maybe it was because of the sight of watching my Mom with my cock between her beautiful lips as each wave of my jism loaded with my white seed continue to ooze past them. Or, maybe it was I had all day to rejuvenate and I’m sure the half blow job Darla gave me leaving me with a slight case of blue balls had something to do with it.

I don’t know, but right now all I knew is I was fucking cuming hard and I exclaimed “Ohhhh FUCK Mom, god you can be such a good, hot slutty cocksucker!”

Mom’s lips finally cleared the head and we watched as she used her tongue to move the globs of white cum around the head of my cock without sucking it up.

Beth moaned “Oh my fucking god, yes!” as she came watching.

Mom backed her head away a bit to watch the head as it continued to spasm, as it attempted to spurt a few more times. My loads had reduced to dribble, but each spasm made the head of my cock swell and producing only just a bit more that oozed onto my cock’s head which was now thoroughly coated with cum.

Mom’s face appeared to be sexually engrossed as she focused her eyes on the tip watching it. I thought she looked so fucking hot looking at it with sultry looking eyes and cum literally dripping from her lips.

Mom’s eye then moved to mine as a devilish grin came to her face. “So… did your mom do Ok Honey?”

“Oh, mom did just fine!” I said breathlessly, which influenced a giggle out of Beth.

Mom’s look then turned to Beth and said “Does Baby Girl want to come help mommy clean up Johnny? Mommy sure could use the help.”

I grinned as I glanced at Beth and thought she’d have no problems with helping her, especially with a role-play statement that we both knew Beth liked.

Beth immediately played into the mommy routine “Ooooooooh! Yes!” as she quickly slid off the couch as she grabbed my knee to spread my legs wider as she eased in next to Mom. “Ohhhhh look at all the cum! Big brother made such a mess… And look at your lips!”

Beth immediately leaned in to Mom and traced her tongue around her mouth gently cleaning the wetness from them and them and eased into a deep wet open mouth kiss.

Mom moaned into it, then suddenly broke it off and suggested they get started.

Mom and Beth gave me the best tongue bath I ever had one going low lapping the base of my cock and sucking the cum from my pubic hairs as the other worked my upper shaft and head.

I might not have been rock hard, but I was nowhere near being semi hard either as I watched from above. Every so often they’d share what they had scooped up in a kiss.

By the time they both had licked my cock and scrotum clean I was hard as a rock again. Mom had looked at it, giggled and said “Well, Baby Girl, mommy’s exhausted after yesterday and today. It looks like your brother Johnny has a big problem… one that his sexy sister may want to help him with, wouldn’t you Honey…”asked mom with a grin.

Beth had agreed and Mom gave each of us a kiss and took off to bed, pausing only to watch Beth straddle my hard cock and ease down on it for a relaxing cow girl fuck.

Yes, Sunday had been an interesting day.


I took another slug of my beer and I relaxed my head against the tilted back cushion of the chaise lounge as I continued to take in the sun as I let my mind wander more.

Yesterday we had all gone to work as usual and last night was actually like a normal night around the house.

Mom had announced that Darla had managed to get a waxing appointment for this evening which led to all three of the ladies meeting here after work to go with her. Mom had talked Beth into it too after Darla explained when they did a Brazilian, all the fine hairs got removed, even those around the anus.

Beth liked the thought of a “clean slate” and played with the idea of going completely bald. When she asked me which I preferred, I told her I thought both were super hot. Beth said I was no help, called me a dog and slapped my arm jokingly.

When I asked her later in bed what she decided on, she just said “I guess you’ll just have to wait to find out” as she gave me a stubborn grin but it didn’t stop us from our nightly fuck before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

This afternoon though, Mom was the first to arrive after me. As I was finishing my beer I heard the patio door slide open and Mom’s greeting as she stepped out.

“High, Honey! Getting some sun?” she asked as she bent over to give me a kiss.

“Yep” I answered returning her kiss and adding “Want your seat?”

“No, that’s Ok, with this outfit, I’ll just take a chair but I want a glass of wine first. Be right back…”

She was back in a minute and a half. She pulled out one from the patio table and swiveled it to face me. I watched her as she did, avcılar masöz escort appreciating how she looked in her sundress that she had worn to work and the sandaled heels she wore.

Mom sat down, crossed her legs and took a sip as she glanced my way and saw me watching. She swallowed her sip and looked down at her dress searching for something and asked “Something wrong?” She grinned as she said it and I could tell she knew I was just soaking in the sight of her.

I chuckled. “Not a thing Mom! I was just looking… you look really good in that dress and those shoes today… but you’d look really good without them too!” I added with a soft laugh.

“Oh! Well thank you! You can give me complements like that anytime you want young man” she said with a soft giggle. “So how was your day?”

“No complaints here. I had a half-day morning schedule. I also talked to Jerry and Lou. I told them Beth has moved in officially and ever since then they’ve been calling me pussy whipped and that I had to ask permission to come out and play with the boys. So we’re going to meet at the pub later, get something to eat and shoot some pool.”

“What did you say to them when they called you pussy whipped?” asked Mom with a grin.

“Ha, I just told them I have a heck of a better time keeping Beth entertained than hanging with a bunch of stale farts like themselves. They were only kidding. Both of them thought I was a fool for letting her go in the first place.”

Mom chuckled. “Oh, I’d have to agree with them on that one.”

“So, ready to get waxed tonight?”

Mom shrugged her shoulders, grinned, took a sip of her wine and then said “Just a bit nervous, that’s all.”

“Runway like Beth’s?… Or bald like Darla…”

“Runway, definitely.”

“What’s Beth going to do? Stay the same or go bald?”

Mom looked at me and gave me a comical evil grin “Well, you’ll just have to find out later!”

I laughed “Damn! Do you two talk about everything?”

“When it comes to you, yes, but… If something’s important to you, I can keep a secret, though you’ll need to tell me it’s a secret and make me promise.”

I said “I’ll keep that in mind” as I thought how I didn’t really mind them comparing sexual notes about me. I kind of liked the idea of Mom and Beth discussing all of the sexual adventures we’ve been having whether with each one or together.

“I bet when you get your waxing you’re going to like it a lot and it’s going to make you even hornier” and then added “I think I’m going to miss that perfectly trimmed triangle of yours! I should have taken a picture of it.”

Mom was taking a sip of her wine as I said it and she seemed to savor the taste for a moment before swallowing. “Well… I guess now’s your last chance” she replied with a big grin, “but not with your phone. Is the battery charged on your Nikon?”

I perked right up hearing this. “Really? Are you serious?”

“Sure, why not. It sounds naughty” Mom said with a giggle. “But you have to promise to delete them right away after copying it to that encrypted drive you store the videos in… And… no faces in the naughty ones, Ok?”

“Nooo problem!” I said jumping up. “I’ll be right back!”

I arrived back only 2 minutes later, anxious to take some hot shots of Mom. Mom was just tossing a pair of white lace panties onto the table and settling back in her seat for another sip as I exited the patio doors.

I sat on the edge of the lounge as I took off the lens cap and turned the camera on. When I looked up Mom was sitting there, not with her legs crossed as before but instead on the edge of her seat, her knees fairly far apart.

She wasn’t exposing anything because her skirt dished down between the open area of her legs but the scene of her sitting there struck me as very erotic that in a way, portrayed a sexual confidence. Her high heeled feet were flat to the patio and from the angle it affected her calves making them even shapelier.

Her spread knees and dishing skirt portrayed a worldly stance as if she knew just what she was doing, though the rest of her body language spoke of being relaxed with one arm relaxing on the chair’s arm as the other held her wine glass.

I framed the shot with the zoom of the lens and took the picture, face and all. Mom knew it too as she looked into the camera’s lens with a relaxed yet mischievous smile.

The late afternoon light was just right for taking photographs with the tone of the sunlight being warmer and which was flattering to Mom’s tanned face, arms and legs.

“First let me get some shots of you Mom…” I said as I stared taking upper body and head shots from different angles. “I really like your new hair style… these are going to be fantastic shots!” I said as I clicked away.

Mom was a natural subject and tilted her head or looked away naturally posing in a very subtle way, but looking very natural as she did. I asked her to stand and we took more shots.

I finally got what I wanted for straight shots avcılar otele gelen escort and then gave Mom a grin and said “Ready to get a bit naughtier?”

Mom grinned, nodded yes and took one last sip before putting her glass down on the table. “Just lift your dress and let’s get one or two standing.”

Mom said Ok but reminded me of no faces in the naughty shots.

Mom raised her skirt in such a way to were the skirt framed her exposed her lower stomach and mound. It showed the precise triangle of her trimmed pussy and also a hint of triangular gap formed where her thighs met her hips. I always thought of that being a mark of quality on a woman in good shape.

I especially liked the pose as she pointed her knee slightly inward to touch the other one by pivoting on the balls of her foot and lifting her heel up and out.

We then got down to some serious shots as Mom sat back down in her chair and slid to the edge of the seat. She took off her rings so no one could identify them and struck some poses as if she was holding her thighs apart for a partner to see.

My camera clicked as Mom moved naturally from spreading her lips ever so slightly to give a hint of what’s in between to blatantly spreading her lips lewdly. Doing so, exposed just how turned on Mom was doing this from the glint of wetness forming at the bottom of her vaginal opening.

My camera clicked away as she spread her creamy slickness over her labia and clit, then tugged each inner lip so as to when she released her outer ones, the edges of her swollen labia and her clit and its hood peeked out past the pubic hairs.

Mom finally dropped her skirt and with a short laugh said “Enough of that… I’m so wet already! I don’t want to go to the shop with a well rubbed pussy. Let me go get cleaned up. They should be here any minute now.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean” looking down at the lump that was working down the leg of my shorts.

Mom took off for the powder room and I went up to put my camera back in the bedroom. As I did, I scanned the pictures one more time. Seeing Mom’s crotch shots made my cock twinge again but I decided not to dwell on them right now. Maybe Beth and I could enjoy them more tonight.

I scanned the facial pics I took and one especially caught my eye. I quickly noted the file name, ejected the card and inserted it into my computer. I sent myself an email with the picture attached and quickly sent it to myself.

I was putting the card back in the camera and set it aside while thinking I’ll do the copy and deleting later before bed when the tone for new email announced on my phone that I had email and a moment later it was assigned as the picture under Mom’s contact and phone information. I looked the image on my phone admiring how beautiful and so damned sexy Mom looked in the photo.

Hearing Beth arrive down stairs broke the trance and I threw on a T shirt and sandals and headed down.

“Hi Babe!” said Beth as she came over and gave me a quick peck then I heard “Hey there Johnny!” and as I looked over Darla was there too standing next to Mom. Apparently she had arrived at the same time.

Darla came over and took my cheeks in her hands and gave me a quick kiss with a hint of tongue and said “Good to see you Darling!”

“You too Darla…I’m always glad to see one of my favorite MILFs” I said with a grin and playfully gave her ass a squeeze.

She responded with an “Oooh!” and then asked “So, are you going to go with us?”

“Nope, I was thinking this is more of a girl to girl thing. I’ll get to play with the results later, I’m sure.”

Mom then explained I was going out with the boys tonight for a bit.

I asked Darla “So with Beth and Mom getting waxed is this going to put both of them out of business until they heal up or something?”

Darla laughed. “Not totally. There might be a little sensitive for a day or two. It will feel a little smart as the quickly remove the wax but they also have creams that will smooth the irritation. As long as she keeps applying it for a few days they’ll be ok.”

I replied with “Cool!” as I looked at Mom and gave her a wink.

Beth chimed in by saying “Well, we’re going to go. We want to stop and get a drink and a bit to eat before the appointment, so, take care and have fun with the guys” as she leaned in and gave me another peck.

Both Darla and Mom did the same. I looked at my watch and saw it was still early evening and I followed them out, locking the door behind me as I left to meet my friends at the pub knowing they’d probably be there already since they often went straight after work.


Sure enough, Jerry and Lou had just arrived a few minutes before I did and we settled in at the bar. After a few beers and baseball talk, we ordered the pub burgers and the talk turned to relationships.

Jerry asked about how things were going with Beth and me them both my honest opinion that I was tired of playing the field and she seemed to feel the same, so it looks like we’re stuck with each other.

Lou laughed “Hey dude! You could do a hell of a lot worse! She’s a catch, man!” Jerry agreed.

I knew Jerry had just started dating a girl named Carol that we knew. He said he was and things were looking up. He also mentioned she knew about us being at the pub tonight and she planned on dropping by with a friend she wants to introduce to Lou.

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