Mom’s in Town Ch. 07

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Brian, with the agility of youth, got up from his knees and found himself standing next to his mother who was still lying face down on the sling, restrained to the spreader bars.

Jack and Scott had gone to clean up before heading out for a beer together.

“She’s all yours. Take as many times as you can or want to. She loves it.” They called out as they left the store. “When you are done, you might as well close up the store early.”

Brian was incapacitated with inaction. He was at a loss of what to do. He was embarrassed that he had acted so wantonly, but then again; it had been his mother who, just minutes ago, was being abused by two men and now still laying almost naked in front of him.

His rock hard Nike missile like erection was beginning to ache. His boy balls, swollen with cum, had become full and stretched and would soon explode – one way or the other. An uneasy silence, broken only by the swaying and rubbing of the leather and steel sling supports, filled the empty store. Brian realized he was now standing where Jack and Scott had stood. His rampant cock only inches from his mother’s face. He wanted release desperately but hesitated pushing it into her mouth. His mind churned with thoughts of incest, his mother’s a slut, and she would suck him if he took one step and pressed his swollen cock to her lips.

He wanted her in every way but was conflicted. His primal urges for sexual pleasure and orgasmic release overwhelmed him but he stepped back and made his way around her laid out body and then stepped in – in between her legs. He stared at the gaping leaking asshole atop the bright red swollen gash of his mother’s vagina. Debauched Images and feelings flooded through his brain as he took in the enormity of what he was going to do. He was going to fuck his mother – right here, right now.

He moved into the breech and felt her soft thighs on his hips. He pressed himself tight against her and let the heat of her body melt into him.

“Brian my son. If you are going to fuck mommy, I want to see you. I want to watch you.” his mother pleaded when she felt him nestle his cock between ataşehir escort her moist cunt lips, like a hot dog in a bun. “Turn me over so I can see you fuck me.”

He held her naked legs and caressed her thighs with his thumbs reveling in the heat of her cunt. He was in a daze but responded with a jolt when he heard his mother.

“Untie and fuck me Brian, now!”

He released his mother’s wrist restraints first, then the straps on her ankle straps. His mother stood up, rubbed her red abraded wrists and turned around to face him. In her heels, she was taller than he was and when she gazed down into his eyes, she saw the lust she herself often felt. She could see he urgently needed release.

She sat down on the sling and grabbing his cock, pulled her son toward her.

“Is this what you want? Do you want mommy’s cunt?”

The touch of her fingers and the taboo questions pushed him to an unstoppable course of action. Without replying, he pushed the head of his cock down, dipped his hips and penetrated the swollen red lips. He came before he was even completely buried inside of her. No chance for repeated thrusts or tender endearments.

“UUUUUnnnnggggghhhh” he screamed and wept as his hot creamy cum unloaded into his mother’s birth canal. He pushed is cock deep as possible along the velvet sheath and felt every square inch of his cock tingle as his balls emptied.

He looked down to see his mother, the woman he was fucking – the horny naked slut on the end of his cock – with her eyes closed. Christine felt her son’s hot burning sperm in her womb and his steel like cock impaling her…it was the most intense feeling she had ever had. She had small cocks, young cocks, huge cocks, old cocks, and once – even two cocks at the same time in her cunt, but nothing as exciting as this. Her body was aflame. She pulled herself up on the sling, put her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. She buried her face in his neck and held him tight.

She felt the cold steel of the nipple clamps’ chain hanging between her breasts and as she pressed avcılar anal yapan escort into him, her nipples, extended with the sexual excitement, she was being to ache. The deposit of her son’s cum in her began this sensual chain reaction and she kissed away his tears of joy then began to nibble at his neck. Her soft lips had earlier left most of their red lipstick smeared over the owner’s cock when she had sucked him off, but a faint trace was left on her son’s neck. She felt him respond as his hip began slight movements to and fro. She began to unbutton his short sleeved shirt and let her lips trace down from the nape of his neck to his chest. She pushed the open shirt off his shoulders giving herself access to his white almost hairless chest and his small nipples.

No one had kissed his nipples before never mind tease them with their tongue. Not his one and only girlfriend, not his new university roommate…and he found that the sensation unbelievably stimulating. He trust himself forward, pushing his left nipple into his mother’s mouth, urging her to continue. He felt her respond by nipping then sucking the left one, then the right one. He felt his whole body course with sexual electricity, and although he thought it would be impossible, his cock got more rigid and the sensitive corona began to probe the depth of the sticky slippery cunt it was buried in. The small thrusts of his hips, as he sought to increase the sensations to his cock, gave way to more distinct and overt shoving as he reached to grab her hips allowing him to plunge as deep as possible into his mother.

“That’s it darling. Yes, that’s it Brian. Fuck me. I know you want to. I know you want you to fuck your mother. I want you to. I always have wanted you to fuck me.” she said into his ear, as she clung to him.

She spread her thighs as far apart as possible and used her legs that were wrapped around him and her high shoes on her feet to pull him as deep as possible. She felt her juices – mixed with his cum – lubricate her cunt granting permission for the piston like action of her son’s avcılar bdsm escort cock to fuck her as deep and forcefully as possible. She looked into his eyes as he began earnestly to take her. She could see that he was concentrating on the carnal actions and lustful feelings of cock in cunt. Cock in used cunt. Cock and cunt covered in sperm and pussy juice. She felt the store owner’s cum leaking out of her ass, while her son’s recent creamy mess in her cunt also began to escape. The warm liquids spread over her nether lips, trailed down her ass before splashing droplets on the floor. Who cares she thought, my son was fucking me. Fucking me good.

Brian repeatedly drove into his mother’s cunt, lust had overtaken him as sensory jolts of electricity overwhelmed him. He thrust madly, wildly bottoming out every time. He wanted back into her and his granite like cock was leading the way. While concentrating on deepening his penetrations, he feel the tips of his mother’s high heels digging into the cheeks of his ass. He felt her let go of his arms and watched as she pressed her right hand into her groin and sought her swollen clit. Three of her fingers with their long red nails spread her lips open and she began to rub the large now exposed numb.

OM God, she was masturbating herself as he fucked her.

Frantically she jilled herself to his movements. Soon her strokes were so rapid they outpaced his as she sought release. She had never been this excited…ever.

“Watch me come for you.” she begged.

Brian’s hips tried to keep pace with her fingers. Violently he fucked her as the sling rocked crazily. He felt it come from his toes, up his legs into his loins, through his balls. A loud guttural roar came from this throat as his hot semen spewed into his mother’s delicious waiting cunt.

His mother echoed his roar with a low moan rising to a high pitch as she felt the release of her orgasm and she squirted. She had never squirted before. She had never been this excited before. Her fingers on her clit was like turning on a tap…a geyser. Like Old Faithful at Yellowstone, her juices shot out of her cunt, blocked by his groin, and forcing itself around his cock it splashed everywhere. It shot out with a whoooooooosh and drenched the two of them.

Startled – they looked at each other before Brian’s quivering legs made him fall on top of her naked wet body. Sated with the intensity of the incestuous act they clung to each other.

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