Mom’s in Town Ch. 03

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Brian had opened his text book to try and study between customers wanting to either buy something or enter the arcade, but he could not rid himself of the images of his mother sucking the owner’s cock less than an hour ago. The electronic beep went off periodically with new customers, but about twenty minutes later, the chime was followed by his mother reentering the store. With a satisfied smile on her face she carried a small take out bag and what appeared to be a couple of coffees.

“Here you go honey, I got you a Cuban sandwich. I asked a few people what was best and they said the Cubano was great and I got you a coffee to go with it. Eat and I’ll just sit here and we can talk.”

“Thanks mom.” he said quietly hoping that no one would hear the word mom.

“I hope you like it. Dessert may be coming later.”

“Brian, I am so sorry you had to find out about me, I mean your dad and me, this way. I don’t know if we would have told you, since how do you really bring up a subject like this? I suspect if you had not of found out this way, maybe you never would have.”

“It’s ok, it is just a shock. I am not so naïve that I don’t know things like this go on. I was dumbfounded but at the same time, I have to admit, turned on. I am embarrassed to say I got a real hard-on watching you blow the owner. I am not sure if it was because it was you or because I wanted to get on my knees and help you.”

“You suck cock?” she said incredulously to her son.

“Yes I have, quite a few times actually. That is also one reason why I even bothered to apply here. The pay is not great, but when no one is around I can study and if someone that I fancy is around – sometimes I will suck their cock. Never really have to do Craigslist or Tinder again. I have a ready supply of customers so to speak.’

“You shouldn’t do Craigslist. It can be dangerous if you get yourself into a situation you cannot handle.” his mother advised. “Even here, usually I have your dad with me to stop things from getting out of control. You know how men can be when their testosterone let their dicks do the thinking.”

Looking out the open door of the sex shop, Christine saw the frat boy coming out of the food court across the street.

“Here comes dessert. I’ll be in the back.” she said as she turned away and made her way to the curtained opening of the arcade booth area. She stopped halfway there, paused, looked around, and seeing no-one, quickly slipped her thong off. She went back to her son at the front desk and handed it to him. With a smile his mother undid the button at the bust line of her blouse, leaving only the two lower buttons done up. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek as her bosom offered itself to view. A quick turn, and a few steps later the curtain to the arcade closed behind her as the boy entered.

‘Hi, did you see a sexy older lady come in here a few minutes ago?”

Brian looked up from his position behind the counter, where his Cubano sandwich and coffee were resting next to his mother’s damp panties, to see a familiar face from university. He always worried that maybe someday he would know someone who came into the store. Tonight was that night and on top of that, the university student was asking about his mother.

“Hey, don’t I know you? I’ve seen you on campus.” the customer said to a blushing and a bit embarrassed Brian.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you to. You’re at the frat house down the street from the freshman residence where I am. I work here a couple of nights to get some spending money.”

“Don’t sweat it. We all need some, plus you probably get to watch all the porn you want? It’s cool. I was just across the street, having coffee with some pledges, when this cougar came in looking to find someone to play with. I remembered her from last year when two of us pledges had to come in here and take sloppy seconds bareback. OMG, she’s a nympho man. We did her man, we did her good. She loved it. She drained us man and she begged for more. So, is she here?”

“She’s in the back. The entry fee is $5.”

“Cheapest blow job and fuck around.” the frat boy boasted. “Can you give me a break on the entry? I can get you an invite to the kegger we are having in a couple of weeks.”

“Okay. This time only, but don’t tell anyone. Can I sell you a pack of condoms?”

“No way. Did you see the way she was dressed? She loved the mess we made of her last year. Cum everywhere, all over her. Her face, her tits and her cunt, man. I want to dump a big load in her if I can.” he bragged as he grabbed his crotch.

“Thanks dude.” he said as he made his way to the beaded curtains separating the main part of the store from the arcade at the back behind the CD display.

Brian watched as the boy pushed the tinkling strands aside and confidently entered the darkened interior. He lost sight of him but turned to the hi-res security monitor behind the front desk. The greenish low-light enhanced image was just of the corridor that served sincan escort bayan the booths and the one common restroom. The actual booths and what happened in them were not surveilled as each had doors with locks for ultimate privacy.

Via the camera mounted above the door, he saw the curtain sway closed and the frat boy enter. His mother illuminated by the glow of the red lights, stood just inside pretending to look at the wall cabinet featuring the VCR and CD covers illustrating what was playing on each of the 50 channels. She turned to see him enter and smiled. The boy took the two steps to the cabinet and moved behind Brian’s mother. He put his hand on her hips and spun her back around to the face the glass case as he pulled up the back of her skirt to her waist. He pushed the cock bulge in the front of his jeans between the cheeks of her ass and dry humped her. Rachael push back into him as she felt him reach around and undo the only two buttons left on her blouse. The heavy weight of her breasts pushed apart the now open semi-sheer blouse and her tits swayed back and forth as he attempted to grab them. He roughly groped her tits, twisting and pulling on her nipples as he continued to rub himself against her.

He must have been a hockey player at some time in his life as he then pulled the blouse off her shoulders to about halfway down her back. This maneuver trapped her arms by her side leaving him free to fondle her.

There was no sound on the security system so Brian could not hear what was going on. But he knew, that over the overdubbed orgasms from the machines in the booths, they were likely groaning passionately as their lust took over. He watched them move down the hall a little ways to where there was more room. The frat boy now had her bare ass up against the wall, with her arms trapped by her side and her breasts fully exposed. The front ruffles on his mother’s skirt barely covered her now panty-less cunt. Reduced to being almost naked with only an open blouse, a skirt now the width of a wide belt, thigh-hi nylons and heels she looked like a true slut.

Brian unconsciously stroked the front of his pants, sending an electric tingle to his hardening cock. Realizing how horny he had become and what he had just done, he had to admit to himself, she looked really fuckable.

“Did I tell you I’m also a sorority girl…Sigma Lambda Upsilon Tau. That is SLUT to you.” she whispered into the frat boy’s ear as he nuzzled his young smooth face into her neck. “That makes us brother and sister.” she moaned as his fingers plied the wet slit between her legs.

“Fuck I love that. It makes me so hot. Don’t stop.”

“I got you off in the food court. Your turn to take care of me now.” he said hoarsely as he sought to control his desire.

“Suck my cock you slut cunt. Then I am going to skull fuck you.” he demanded as he pushed her back and down so she was squatting against the wall with her face at his crotch. The frat boy stepped back to undo his pants and then struggled to pull aside his underwear. Wishing he had worn something looser, the whitey-tighties made getting his steel like rod out difficult.

Watching him struggle, Brian’s mother could not help. Her arms were still pinned to her sides and it was all she could do to get her hands up to his legs to steady herself. She watched anxiously as he fought to get this cock out.

“Oh, yes. I remember this cock” she thought as it was finally released from its tight constraints and came into view. Offering itself to her, it was rock hard, rigid and so enticing.

It took only seconds for the frat boy to step back between her legs. He felt her naked breasts press into his legs as he pushed this crotch toward her face. Leaning in, with both hands on the wall, he trapped her head in his crotch and dry humped her face. She offered her lips to him as he rubbed this straining cock across her mouth. He then raised himself on his toes so she could lick his tightening balls. He held himself there as her lips and tongue serviced him and she continued to do so as he lowered himself back down. He began to run his cock up and down while she nipped and slurped trying to catch the head in her mouth. He was so erect and hard, she could not snare the large purple red glans. She felt him back away and watched him use one hand to force his rampant cock downward to line it up with her mouth. He held her head and drove it home. Then with both hands behind her head, he pulled her mouth further onto his straining cock.

Brian watched the thrusting action as his mother was now being face fucked by the university student. The student’s cock was so hard, he could see his mother was having difficulty taking it deep and appeared to be gagging. He knew what that was like. He loved it when he sucked a cock that was that hard but he knew the challenges. He knew it rose up against the roof of the mouth instead of going down the throat. If you kept your tongue working the underside tandoğan escort bayan generally the pre-cum eased the difficulty of sliding it in and out your mouth while continuing to breathe. It was a struggle but generally a very exciting struggle. He imagined his mother sucking his cock and felt his cock surge and twitch.

He saw his mother force the boy back as she gasped for air. Shifting her weight she also moved from a squat to a kneeling position. Trying to gain some kind of control, over the boy’s rough actions, she struggled to ease the battering her mouth was taking. True, she loved a dominant partner, but the aggressiveness of the youth straddling her face needed to be tempered.

He heard a muffled groan from the back room and the monitor showed a hard thrust of the frat boy’s cock into a saliva dripping mouth. Leaning against the wall with one hand, while gripping the back of the head of the woman on her knees, the youth unleashed ropes of pent up cum into her throat. Brian watched as his mother’s cheeks indicated she was sucking, accepting and swallowing the heavy load. He saw short quick thrusts of the boy’s hips and he imagined the final hot jets of thick sperm emptying into the mouth of the cum-slut on the floor. His own cock ached from the sensual sight in the dark arcade corridor and imagined his own semen spewing out.

Brian’s mother was riding high from the lusty encounter. Nothing tentative, just straight sex. She loved the fact that the young boy had taken charge and, with no pretense other than getting off, had used her. She loved young cock. Never a worry about it not being hard enough. No doubts that it would stay hard. She relished the thought of another round to come. Her mouth was alive with his hot slippery creamy cum as he held her head firmly on his cock. She managed to keep her tongue flat on the underside as she urged the last drops of sperm to release from his balls and flood into her. She would have loved to squeeze his ball sack to further excite him, but her arms were bound by the open blouse and it was all she could do to keep her balance. His thrusts were violent, indifferent to her needs. When she finally had a chance to swallow, the viscous rich gift slid down her throat exciting her even more. She held his twitching cock in her mouth as long as she could, until it became too sensitive to him and he pulled out away from the over stimulation. His legs continued to tremble as he leaned against the wall to recover, his saliva and cum covered cock pressed into her face. Its size caused an imprint on her cheek, left a trail across her nose deposited a gob of his sweet seed on her forehead. Panting and gasping for breath she inhaled the musky odor of sex from his scrotum sack pressed just under her nose.

She knew how to keep him hard.

When the young boy had finally regained his composure, he felt embarrassed that he had acted so assertively toward the old woman on her knees in front of him. He stepped back, looked down and was about to offer an apology when he saw her finally shrug her shoulders to allow her blouse to cover her shoulders and free her arms. He reached out to help pull the blouse up and as he did, her hands reached up to grasp his belt and begin to undo it. She managed to quickly open in and unbutton his jeans. Quickly grasping the top of his briefs she pulled them down under the flagging cock. With him now fully exposed she began to lightly lick rubbing her face all over his resurgent cock. As her saliva evaporated in the hot room, the sensation of being cleaned was wonderful and he began to get hard again. She continued to nurse him and sat back on her heels so that her tongue could continue down his sex until she could take one of his balls in her mouth. She gently sucked on one, then her tongue swirled over the other one as she reached around to grab his ass and pull him closer. With him standing over her, she worshipped his magnificent member as it continued to harden. She looked up at him as she knelt before him. He watched as she reached up and began to stroke his hard cock all the while continuing to work his nut sack.

Satisfied that she had sufficiently excited him, she released him, looked up and said “Help me up.”

Through the haze of recently fulfilled sexual gratification, the frat boy now realized what was likely to happen. He would help her up and then fuck her.

She regained her feet all the while never letting go of his cock. It was standing proud at attention with her hand wrapped around it while he pushed her gently back against the wall. She looked in his eyes as he devoured the fact that her blouse was wide open and her breasts naked on display. The red light of the corridor cast deep shadows that accentuated their fullness and featured her erect nipples and large bumpy areolas.

On the monitor the woman’s son watched as the young boy palmed each of his mother’s tits then grabbed the nipples and pulled on them. The image tunalı escort bayan on the screen captured his mother giving into the mauling, letting herself be used and abused, all the while never letting go of the rigid cock in front of her. She seemed to be leaning back and thrusting her hips forward urging him to move his hands lower, and put his fingers into her. The boy picked up the cue and moved closer and slid his hands down her naked torso to her hips. His cock, beginning to drip pre-cum, was only inches away from some of the best pussy he would ever have.

The mother, now more in control, leaned forward and appeared to whisper in his ear, while raising both her hands to his shoulders to begin pushing him down. There was moment it appeared the frat boy did not understand, but when she said “Get me wet, then you can fuck me.” he understood what the plan was. It was now his turn to kneel and worship at the altar of feminine sexuality. She pushed her sex into his face forcing him to nuzzle the damp pink valley and inhale the musky odor of the female sex organ. She raised one leg and put it over his shoulder then with a Star Trek Vulcan -Vee she spread her outer lips. The exposed pink interior was covered in pussy juice which also coated the erect clit. The creamy glaze on the clit, looked a rich red under the dark corridor light was slippery and viscous when he licked it. Its taste was like his girlfriend’s cunt but earthier. His tongue flicked over the sensitive folds as he then nibbled the inner lips before driving his tongue into her hole, looking for her g-spot. He felt her urging him deeper and he twisted his neck to probe as his nose mashed into her meaty flooding vaginal canal. The index finger on his right hand sought the space between the cheeks of her ass to use a guide to her waiting sphincter. He had never fucked anyone in the ass and he thought that maybe if he got lucky today would be the day. Then, just as he began to feel her juices coating his face, she gave a little shudder, took her leg down and backed away.

In the main part of the store, Brian watched as his mother turned around, put her hands on the wall, spread her legs and thrust her ass out. The kneeling youth, pressed his face into the offering, drew his hands up her taut legs, over the bare ass, over the skirt that now resembled a belt, grabbed her hips and raised himself to standing. He was mesmerized as he saw the student, with his pants around his ankles, press his rampant cock against his mother’s — his slut mother — waiting orifice. The erect cock seemed to fit perfectly in the crevice and the boy’s thighs were tight to those of his mother. Brian could not see it, but the pre-cum dripping from the cock, left a slimy deposit that enabled it to easily slide up and down. The head of the cock grazed the sphincter sending jolts through both participants. The boy pulled pack, used his left hand to aim his cock at the waiting target. It appeared that he aimed poorly because the woman was reaching back between her legs, taking hold of the rigid soon to be intruder, and guided it away from her ass into her now throbbing waiting vagina.

The boy let out a loud uninhibited guttural groan as he felt his slick cock touch the outer lips, slip past the inner lips and gain entrance to the tight tunnel. The boyish need for another urgent release was overwhelming. He immediately pushed in as far as he could and began rapid piston like movements. Brian could see the kid’s rabbit like actions and sensed that while his mother was maybe creaming herself, that the boy was not interested in his partner’s experience, only his own release. Within only a few minutes, he witnessed the male predator stiffen, force himself deep to deposit his seed. He held her there, she was fully impaled on his ram rod stiff cock so when he thrust his hips forward and she was lifted off her feet — fully supported on his manhood. He held the position as she was suspended above the ground the head of cock pressing into her womb. Every inch of his cock was on fire as the hot cum erupted like a volcano. Fully sated, he let her toes touch the ground while his continuing short thrusts meant that the diminishing ropes of cum were joining the main load, deep inside her.

The loud groan drew the attention of other males in the arcade. Leading the way out of the locked rooms was the fat gentleman who with his cock encased in his hand where it had been for the last half hour. Brian could see on the security monitor that he was moving in the direction of sloppy seconds. He could not let that happen. He quickly put the closed sign on the door and ran to the back.

“You can’t do that here!”

Everybody froze.

A face framed in a dark doorway, porno video blasting noisy orgasms in the background, the fattie with a cock pointing at his mother, his mother with her breasts exposed and silver trails of cum on her thighs, and the frat boy with this wilting cock only recently pulled out of his mother’s cunt.

“Sorry, I am going to have to ask you to leave.” the clerk said in a firm tone.

The customers from the booth’s groaned and left not wanting to cause a scene, have the police called and their perversions announced to the world. The frat boy lingered looking at Brian and the cock sucker who he had just fucked.

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