Mommy and Me

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This takes place in the early 1950’s and parts are true and parts are fictitious. This is NOT a continuation of any story I previously have had published.

Perhaps I need to mark it as Mommy & Me Part 2.


I opened the front door of our home and stepped into the dining room just as my stepmother was coming out of the kitchen and into the dining room.

That in and of itself wouldn’t have been anything unusual except in this case, she had a martini in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

She was also wearing only a black eight strap garter belt and lovely copper colored nylons that came about three quarters up her thigh. She was not wearing a bra, but really didn’t need to wear one. She was also “commando” and her auburn pubic hair was showing nicely on her belly and cunt lips.

She saw me and said “Oh excuse me. I didn’t expect you home quite yet. Come into my bedroom and let me pull down your shorts and boxers. I want to suck your prick.”

I followed her into her bedroom where she set down her martini, took a drag off her cigarette and put it in the ashtray, then faced me. I could tell this wasn’t her first drink of the day and probably not her last one either.

She turned and faced me then sat on the edge of the bed.She took both hands and pulled not only my shorts down, but also my boxers at the same time

“Oh my.” she said. “I was expecting a large cock, but not quite this large. Do you wash your foreskin every morning darling? Do you pull your foreskin back over the head of your cock and wash it with soap and water?”

“Yes I do. I wash it several times a day and always use soap and water.” I replied.

She pulled my cock up and slipped it in her mouth and began sucking on it, but not bothering to pull the foreskin back. As she sucked my cock, I grabbed her fat nipples on her small teats and began pulling on them.

She released my cock from her mouth and reached to the ashtray to get her cigarette. She took a drag and inhaled, then blew the smoke out her nose.

“I’m very sorry you came home and caught me like this. I thought you’d be a little later and I could masturbate myself to a climax before you got here. So let me enjoy your fat prick and fuck it for awhile. Would you enjoy fucking your stepmother darling?” Velma asked me.

“I think I would, especially if I could play with your hairy cunt and masturbate your clit before I fucked you.” I said.

“Then let me go piss in the chamber pot and then I’ll spread my legs and cunt lips wide open for you so I can get this massive cock in me. Would you like to help me piss? You can play with my cunt while I go and make my cunt hair all wet for your cock.” she said.

She got off the bed, walked a few steps to the stairway where the potty was located, sat down with her stocking clad legs wide apart and began pissing. I slipped my hand between her legs and played with her hairy cunt while she pissed, getting a large quantity of it all over her cunt hair and thighs.

“You big prick.” she said. “You’ve got my cunt all wet and I think perhaps my stocking tops too.”

“I’ll unhook your stockings and you can slip them off your legs. Then I’m going to suck your huge clit which I see peeking out of your hairy cunt lips.” I said. So i began unfastening her eight garters and when i was done Velma slipped her wet stockings down her legs and off her feet. She tossed them on the floor then got off the potty and walked to the bed and laid down. She spread her legs apart and said “Suck my fucking clit honey. I want you to make me have some good climaxes and get my vagina all wet so your massive cock slides in easily when I fuck you.”

I got my mouth between her legs and pulled her cunt lips open. Her clit was staring me in the face and looked like a small erect cock. I put my mouth over it and began sucking on it. Velma went ballistic as soon as I sucked it. She screamed “You cunt licker. Suck that clit. Make me orgasm all over the place. I want to come and come and come some more. Now suck that fucking thing.”

So I kept sucking it and she kept squealing and humping up and down on the bed as she climaxed.

Finally she said “Now get your fat prick in my cunt and fuck me good with it. I want to feel that fat prick filling up my cunt. You also need to nurse on a nipples while your fucking me.”

I moved up until my prick was at her wide open vaginal lips and thrust my prick in her vagina. She was so wet from all her climaxes it slid clear up to her cervix on the first thrust.

“Oh your fucking cock feels so good. It is so fat and is making me climax some more honey. You’re a good fucker just like your daddy is, but your cock is fatter than his. You don’t have to be concerned about pollinating me because he has already done that. I’m about two months pregnant right now and am having interesting ankara escort feelings about it. You know I was a virgin when I began going with your father, but he was in my pussy in a very short time. Then I couldn’t get enough of his cock.” Velma told me. “I even had a craving to suck his cock one night and thought I would give him about a five minute blow job. I didn’t realize he was randy as hell and he blew his nuts off in my mouth about twenty seconds after I began sucking his peter. I got a huge mouthful of warm creamy semen which I swallowed completely. It didn’t have much taste to it at all and after the first time I was able to drink it after swishing it around in my mouth. he loves it when I suck his peter especially with his foreskin covering the head of it, but I still enjoy having his fat peter in my cunt and drowning me with his pollen.”

“I didn’t know you were a virgin.” I said. “I thought you had been with a few guys before daddy began dating you.”

“He taught me a lot of things about sex like how to suck a cock and how to wear split crotch panties so I wouldn’t need to take them down to pee or fuck. Now fill my wet cunt with your cream and I’ll slip into a pair of Directoire Knickers and let your pollen run down into them. Then we’ll get dressed and go to dinner then come home and fuck some more before we go to bed. You can sleep with me tonight sweetie because he is on a road trip and took his red headed girl friend with him so he can fuck her too. But I want you to wear your lingerie to dinner. No one will know you so it won’t make any difference if you’re dressed as a woman.”

“How do you know about my lingerie darling mother?” I asked.

“Honey. Mother’s know everything. I knew your father wore lingerie before I began going out with him, but it wasn’t until about the third time we slept together that he asked me if I had any objection to him wearing it. I told him I didn’t as long as he would wear heels when he wore lingerie. He was good with that. He doesn’t wear high heels, but an inch and a half heel so he won’t fall.”

“I’ll be damned. I guess I should have known you would find my lingerie but I really don’t care. So he also has you knocked up eh?” I asked.

“I thought I was too old to get pregnant, but I guess I must have had an egg someplace that his sperm found and pollinated it. So, you’re likely to have a half sister or brother in a few months. Now I need to pee again, so let me get up and get to the potty.”

Velma got up and walked to the stairs and sat down on the chamber pot again. Her pee was hitting the pee that was already in it almost before she got her DK’s down and sat down. She wasn’t kidding when she told me she really had to go. I looked at her fur covered belly and marveled at how big she was going to get now that daddy had her pregnant. She wasn’t very tall so if she got a really big belly, she was going to look like a butterball.

She finished and stood up, pulled up her DK’s and said. “I need to put some clean stockings on, then a slip and dress. You need to get dressed then we’ll go eat and come back and fuck some more.”

I felt her wet crotch and said “I think between your peeing and my filling your cunt with some slippery semen, you’re all wet. Do want me to wash your cunt and put on another pair of knickers?”

“No. These will be fine. If I leak too much, the slip will cover it up.” she replied. “Just get me a pair of dark stockings out of my hosiery box in the top drawer and I’ll slip them on.”

I selected a pair of dark brown stockings with a Manhattan heel pattern. I considered it to be one of the sexiest patterns made. I took them over to Velma and she said “I knew you would pick this pair. I had a helluva a time explaining to your father where they came from. You know he buys all my lingerie and stockings and he didn’t buy this pair. I told him I had seen them and just had to have them, so I bought them. I couldn’t let him know you gave them to me.”

“I gave them to you because I think of them as “Fuck me” stockings and when I see a woman wearing them I think she wants some cock in her. I hope you like them and hope they fit.” I told her.

Velma folded one down and slipped it over her toes and began pulling it up her leg. It went three quarters of the way up her thigh where she fastened the two front and side garters. She did that with the other one, then said “Now you fasten the other two garters for me then go get dressed. I’ll have a slip and a wig for you when you come back down.”

I got dressed, opting for a pair of very sheer lavender briefs, and went back downstairs so Velma could put a slip on me, then a dress. She followed that with a nice short wig. I slipped my one inch heels on and we were ready to go.

“If I didn’t know you were a man with a big prick, I’d think you were a cunt.” she told me. “You look escort ankara just like a woman. You simply have to be careful how you walk because that will give you away in a hurry. Take smaller steps and keep your feet close together.”

Velma finished her drink, put h makeup on, and we were ready to go. when she got into the car, she gave me a big flash of her stocking covered legs which included a nice pair of sheer black Directoire knickers.

“How many people are you going to let see your knickers tonight?” I asked.

“Oh. I don’t know. Perhaps a few. Perhaps a dozen or so.” she replied. Some men get a real hard on when I flash them. Your father thinks I shouldn’t do it because he thinks I might give some of them heart failure, but I enjoy doing it. I’ve had a couple of them tell me later they really enjoy seeing me show them my Directoires. That it gives them a thrill.”

“Well, you can flash me anytime you want to.” I said. “Just don’t let daddy know you’re letting me see you knickers or bare pussy if you’re not wearing any.”

“Oh. I wouldn’t let him know I was giving you a show.” she replied. “Besides, you’ve seen my cunt plenty of times just today. Now we’re here and be careful how you walk. Small steps like I do.”

She rang a bell and a peephole opened. She must have told the person a secret word as the door opened quickly then closed again as soon as we were inside. We went inside and the doorman greeted Velma by name. asking who her guest as. Velma told him it was her niece who was visiting for a few days.

He opened an inner door and a rather small dining room with perhaps ten tables sitting four persons each was set for dinner. Several were already occupied while others had only two people sitting a them. Velma picked an empty table and told me she was expecting another couple to join us for dinner. There was a small stage set in the center of the room and when I asked her what it was for she told me it was used for a floor show when dinner was over.

Several women had spoken to Velma on the way to our table and as we sat down I noticed two of them headed toward the rest room. She told me to go to the ladies room and go into a stall and sit and listen to what their conversation was all about.

So I went in, found an open stall, went inside, closed the door and sat down. The conversation was priceless.

“I wonder who that little cunt is that came with Velma?” one said to the other.

“I don’t know her, but it probably means that Mac is out of town tonight so Velma can eat some pussy.” her friend said.

“Are you peeing yet? If you are I want to put my hand between your legs and catch some of your pee and drink it.” her friend replied.

“Well, put your hand down there and catch some. Drink it if you like.” the first one said. “I’ve got a full bladder and really need to piss. I think I’ll leave my pussy all wet. I feel horny this evening, but I’d still like to know who the little cunt is with her.”

With that she told her friend she was finished peeing and if her friend needed to pee, now would be a good time to go,

The friend said she didn’t have to pee, so they left the restroom. I stood up, pulled my skirt down and went back to the table with Velma. She immediately wanted to know what was said, so I told her they wanted to know who I was and that Velma would probably eat pussy tonight because Mac must be out of town.

Velma just laughed and said she’d be eating cock instead. A few minutes later a lady stopped by our table and wanted to know who I was. Velma told her I was her niece and that I was spending a day or two with her. She wanted to know if Velma would escort her to the restroom so they talk a little more. Velma excused herself and left me at the table by myself. In a couple of minutes another couple came to our table and introduced themselves as Margie and Peter. I already knew who they were because they played bridge with daddy and Velma. They wanted to know where Velma was and i told them she was in the ladies room with a friend.

Margie then said she and Peter were sitting with us tonight for dinner. I just presumed that was the case and ans asked them to please sit down. The cocktail waitress came and took out drink orders. I ordered a Bombay ultra dry gin martini for Velma and a VO Manhattan for myself. Peter took care of ordering for he and Margie,

A couple of minutes later Velma reappeared and Peter helped her sit down. Margie immediately wanted to know if she had needed to piss. Velma replied that she did and probably would need to go again later.

“What drink did you order for me Jean?” Velma asked..

“A Bombay martini ultra dry.” I replied in my most feminine voice.

“Excellent. I shall really enjoy it.” She said.

“Jean. I need to go pee pee. Would you come with me?” Margie asked.

I looked at ankara escort bayan Velma and she nodded in the affirmative. Margie picked up her purse and I took my clutch bad and we headed off to the ladies room.

“The ladies room is this way Margie.” I told her.

“Oh dear. We are going to a private ladies room that only two or three of us have a key for. It’s much more private that way. Everybody and their aunt doesn’t come in while you’re taking care of things.” she replied.

We got to the room and she took a key and unlocked the door. To say it was a room was an understatement. It was a huge well lighted room that had only one toilet that was not enclosed in a stall. It was just like ones toilet at home. Quite open, so anyone watching someone sitting on the stool was surely going to see everything.

Margie placed her purse on a small table, turned to me and said. “Now dear. I’m going to lift my skirt up to my waist and I want you to take your thumbs and hook them in the waistband of my Directoires and pull them down to my ankles. Then I’m going to sit down, spread my legs apart, and I want you to put your hand under my hairy pussy and play with me while I piss. I must warn you I haven’t pissed since around eleven o’clock this morning so my bladder is extremely full.”

She raised her skirt and I was fascinated when I saw all the coal black hair she had on her belly and cunt plus a very hairy treasure trail going clear to her navel. Her DK’s were so sheer, she may was well have not had anything on at all. I deftly slipped her DK’s down and she stepped out of them and sat on the toilet seat.

Her cunt lips hung down well past the hair on her cunt lips and the tip of her clit was quite visible. She spread her cunt lips open, and as the inevitable hissing sound began, I could also hear her pee begin dribbling into the toilet bowl. Then it changed into a torrent of piss and I thought it would never stop. She must have pissed for about a minute and it suddenly stopped. My hand was soaking wet and as I pulled it away from her wet cunt, I licked the palm of it clean of her pee. It had a slight salty taste to it.

“Oh dear.” Margie said. “I really thought I would have to piss longer than that, but now you can lick my very wet pussy and suck my clit.”

Margie edged forward on the toilet seat and spread her fat cunt lips wide open. I could see her glistening love button and I edged forward to get it into my mouth and suck on it. It was rather prominent and as I fastened my mouth over it I began sucking it gently.

“Oh you fucking little whore. I knew you would know how to make me feel good. Now keep sucking my clit so I can climax two or three times, then I’ll play with your clit.” Margie said.

She shuddered two or three times then said. “Now it’s my turn to do yours.”

She reached up into my skirt and when she reached my cock, she exclaimed. “Oh my God. You’ve got a fucking prick for me to play with and suck. How the hell did she do that for you? Just to get you into the club tonight? Now let me see your fucking peter so I can suck it.”

I held my skirt and slip up so she could play with my peter. When she reached it and saw it, she said. “Oh my fucking God. Your parents didn’t have you whacked when you were a baby. You’ve

got a nice long foreskin that covers your entire prick and I’m going to suck that peter until I get it nice and hard for you.” She sat on the toilet seat and had me stand in front of her, pulled my lavender briefs down, and plopped my peter in her mouth and began sucking on it.

She sat there, fondled my nuts, and sucked my peter for about two minutes. She must have sensed I was going to erupt for the stopped momentarily and said “Blast off in my mouth honey. I want your pollen in my tummy tonight.”

With that she proceeded to begin sucking me again and I just blasted off in her mouth. She took all my pollen, swallowed it, cleaned my peter off, and told me we needed to get back to the table.

“I need to put my briefs back on.” I told her. Margie leaned over, pulled my briefs up and made them tight against my nuts.

“OK lover. Let’s go join the crowd. I’m leaving my knickers off so anyone who wants to see my hairy pussy will get a show.” she said. She put them in her purse and away we went.

When we got back to our table Velma raised her eyebrows with a lot of inquisitiveness, as if to wonder if she missed something.

“Did you get to pee alright Margie?” she asked. “Was my niece able to help you?”

“Oh yes. He was able to help me and I gave him a good blow job too.” she replied. “He erupted inside my mouth and i swallowed a huge load of pollen from his cock.

That was a pretty sneaky way of getting him in here tonight. Now I may want to fuck him tonight or is that what you plan on doing”?

“Well, I had thought about that, but we can discuss plans later. Maybe I’ll decide to fuck Peter tonight. Then you could fuck my niece instead.” Velma replied.

“I think I would enjoy that since I get to fuck Peter quite often” Margie said.

to be continued.

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