Mom , The Twins Ch. 2

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I had come home to find my sons watching our neighbor lady from their bedroom window. My sons were also masturbating and talking dirty. After watching the boys for some time I found I had become aroused and excited at seeing them naked. They found me watching so there was nothing to do but confront them. However I was too aroused to become mad at them. Carl Jr. pointed out to Roy that I was watching them masturbate and had been for sometime.

When they saw me I let them surround me and drag me into their room. Carl Jr. was the bolder of the two. He pointed out to Roy, his twin brother that I had been watching them play with themselves. So he thought it was only fair that they get to see me naked also. I started to protest; yet I did not stop Carl as he pulled my blouse loose and unsnapped my skirt. The skirt fell to the floor leaving me standing in only panties and bra. Carl told Roy to unhook my bra. Carl wanted Roy to be part of this change of who was in charge. Carl seems to take charge. He become the dominant one and wanted to show me right from the start that he going to be the new master. How one so young could be so strong and masterful was both strange to me and erotic at the same time.

Roy stood behind me and unhooked my bra. Almost before it dropped to the floor Roy’s hands were around me cupping my breasts. Roy’s young fingers were rolling my nipples between his finger and thumb pulling at them at the same time. His hands were very experienced more than I would have guessed. I liked the feel of his hands on my breasts. My nipples were growing hard to the point that they almost hurt. Having my nipples pulled and twisted had never before aroused me to this level. Carl hooked his thumbs in the band of my panties and jerked them down to the floor.

There I was standing naked before my illegal bahis sons. Was I scared, did I feel foolish, did I feel ashamed or even embarrassed. The answer to all was no. I was excited, I was aroused and I could not do a thing in this world to stop them nor did I even try.

Carl stood so close his erection was pressed to my leg. With my right hand I reached behind me taking Roy’s fine thick cock in my hand. With my left hand I reached and took Carl’s hard cock in my hand. Never before in my life had I felt so excited as I did at that moment. Their cocks were throbbing in time with the beat of my heart. I started to fondle each one. Back and forth feeling the foreskin slid with my movement. Carl Jr. Took my chin in his hand and held my mouth up to his. He kissed me on the mouth, hard and I let his tongue dart into my mouth, my own tongue went after his as his tongue with draw. For what seemed like a long time our tongues danced together. This only enhanced my already excited body.

Roy had moved closer behind me, He had guided his hard erection between the cheeks of my ass. That pointed head was poised at the entrance ready to ram its way in. I however, did not want that just now so I held my hand around his throbbing cock. Roy got the idea and seem to relax but still applied some pressure just to make it feel good. We were all very excited and I was so hot my own wetness was running freely down my legs. Carl found my clitoris and felt how wet I was. He managed to tell Roy, “Mom’s cunt is so hot her cunt is dripping, bring her to the bed. Carl was taller then I so when he leaned close I lifted my face to him so he could kiss me again. I had not been kissed this way in a long time and I liked it.

I let him invade my mouth with his tongue. His strong hand was holding my head in place as illegal bahis siteleri he kissed me. Carl’s other hand was now rubbing the thin veil of hair that covered my mound. For a boy so young he was not with out talents. His fingertip slipped easily into the wetness of my cunt. He did not push his finger into me he let it rub gently over my clitoris. Roy said in an almost whisper “ God, Mom, I love the feel of your tits.” He squeezed my nipples and kneaded my whole breast. He was somehow possessed with my tits. Roy was in heaven playing with my tits. Carl now had both hands between us. He had a finger from each hand rubbing my clitoris. It was driving me into a state of euphoria. I was now so wet I felt it running down my legs never in my life had I been this wet. I wanted to say something, to guide them to the pleasures I could give each. But instead I was bound to this spot, I could not move.

I felt both cocks begin to get even harder and longer. I thought each would cum in my hand if I did not slow down. Carl moved me toward the bed. There he had me sit on the edge while both boys stood in front of me. My eyes were fixed on two of the most beautiful cock’s I had ever seen. Taking each in my hands I pulled the foreskin out over the head and back again. The pointed heads were identical. I looked up into the face of my son Roy. His legs were shaking so hard I was sure he was going to fall. Holding his cock with the foreskin pulled back so the long pointed head was just inches from my mouth.

I opened my mouth wide and pulled him foreword. He did not want to move he was glued in place. He rose up on his tiptoes before he took a half step forwarded. I let his cock head disappear into my mouth. That was all it took, his wonderful cock pulsed and there came a spurt of hot thick sperm, and the canlı bahis siteleri jelly of life flowed easily filling my mouth. I held my mouth open so he could see his cum shooting into his mother’s mouth. I let cum dribble out and run down my chin. His balls were hard as rocks pulled up under his throbbing pumping cock. I closed my mouth around his cock sucking cum from him. I swallowed his cum and suck his balls dry. He stopped cumming but his cock never weakened a bit it was just as hard as before it stared to cum.

Carl was watching me suck his brothers cock, and he said, “ Holy shit Roy I can see that was the best fucking blow job you ever had. How was it cumming in your mother fucking mouth? ” My son was talking so dirty, I had never heard his speak like that. At first I thought it was just plain filth, but now after only a few minutes I was feeling aroused my his dirty words.

Carl moved me to the center of the bed and got between my legs. I lifted my knees and spread them wide for him. He took his cock in hand and rubbed it up and down my dripping cunt. I brought my hips up and captured the head of his cock. He lunged forward and drove his cock to the hilt. My cunt was full of hot throbbing cock. My son’s hot cock, I was feeling his cock in me and it felt so hot and big. I was turned on so from the feeling and the fact that I still tasted my son’s cum I screamed and bucked up under my son and started to cum. I wiggled and jerked wildly I had no control over my actions. Even my shoulders were heaving from side to side. My heels were digging into the mattress. I lifted Carl clean off the bed. This only caused his hard fucking cock to go deeper into me. God, what a fucking I was getting and I screamed “ Carl, fuck me, fuck me Oh, God fuck me.” I am cumming.

That was all I remembered till later when I woke up on my own bed. I was still naked; Roy was sitting by the bed watching me. “Hi, Mom, are you Ok? Carl and I were really worried about you.” I held up my arms and my son came into me. We hugged and I cried, Roy cried we were so happy…

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