Mom in the Jacuzzi

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I am Deepak. It was not until I read my first erotic story about mothers and sons that my Mom Ashwariya as became my object of desire. I cannot describe my Mother as a sex goddess. She is the typical forty-something, with brown hair and eyes, about five foot and two inches tall, and weights 130 lbs. Mom just oozes motherhood. Her one enduring physical quality is her big breast. They’re not large. They’re just really nice.

So now every son’s dilemma, how do you seduce your mother? I kept a small collection of magazines about family encounters to fuel my imagination and to help plan the ultimate seduction. I fantasized about many scenarios with my Mom, but one of my biggest fears was that my Mom or Dad would find the magazines. Fortunately, as an only child, I was spoiled with a large bedroom and bath in the full-basement of my parent’s ranch style home. I had plenty of privacy, which is important to a college student living at home. The only draw back was that the laundry room was located between my room and the bath, and about three times a week, I had to endure my Mom doing laundry, while I tried to sleep. And I started stealing mom’s underwear and smelling and wearing and masturbating every day.

After four years of fantasizing, opportunity knocked. I was standing in the middle of our living room, massaging Mom’s shoulders, while talking with both my parents. Nothing erotic about the massage, it was just a chance for me to touch my Mother. I mentioned that Mom should get in the Jacuzzi. I said that I had not been in the tub for months, and I asked Dad if the water was ready. He replied that the tub was clean and ready for use. My Mom then said that she got into the tub every day. I responded by questioning when, and stated that I haven’t seen any bathing suits hanging up to dry. She replied, every morning when your Dad leaves for work, and that she doesn’t wear a bathing suite. My mind started racing with images of my Mom skinny dipping in the hot tub, and me sleeping through the whole thing. As luck would have it, the next two days were Saturday and Sunday, and my dad was home.

Monday morning I was standing at my bedroom door listening to my Dad drive off to work. A few minutes later, I heard my Mom walk out side heading for the Jacuzzi. I waited a few minutes, enough time for Mom to get into the tub, and then I snuck outside to spy on her. From my location, all I could see was the back of her head. After, about 15 minutes, I was rewarded with a full frontal view of my Mom drying off and putting on her robe. I immediately ran back to my bedroom to jerk-off. After cumming, I lay down and napped until classes started.

The next morning I waited and watched. I got two more glimpses of Mom’s breast as she moved about the hot tub. Her tits are not large, but her aureoles are. At that time Mom’s nipples were not erect, but I just knew that once her nipples got hard, they would be huge. I also admired how little sag her breast had. I then got the same full frontal view of Mom drying off, and I immediately ran back to my room to jerk-off again.

This morning, I went to the bathroom to jerk-off, because I wanted to cum into the toilet. Before I started to jack-off, I grabbed two magazines from my collection to read. Halfway through one of the stories, I heard my mom walking down the basement stairs. Still fearful of her reaction, I jumped off the toilet, ran through the laundry room, and got into bed. I lay in bed and watched through slitted eyes as my Mom entered illegal bahis the laundry through the bathroom. She naturally looked at me, and thought I was sleeping. She still had her robe on, and my mind raced with naked images of her. Mom loaded the washing machine and headed back upstairs. Then she stopped in my bathroom and picked-up one of my family magazines. I was horrified. In my hurry to get out of the bathroom, I left one of the two magazines I was just reading on the sink. I lay very still waiting for her reaction. Would she come storming into my room and demand an explanation? Would she pass it off as adolescent behavior? Would she actually look at the magazine and realize that it was full of stories’ about incest, even ones about mothers and sons?

She looked at me, and then she started reading. First, there was the look of mischief. Then there was the look of surprise. Then there was the look of excitement. About the time Mom turned the fifth or the sixth page, I saw my Mom reach inside her robe and rub her pussy. I could not see the actual contact between her hand and clit, but I know what she was doing. After a few minutes, she must have started reading a story about mothers and sons, cause every few seconds she would stop reading and look at me. I so desperately wanted to roll over onto my back and show mom my raging hard-on, but I lay still, watching. Mom continued to read. After a while, Mom gave me a long look while shuddering through a small silent orgasm. Immediately after Mom stopped cumming, she replaced the magazine on the sink and hurried upstairs.

Mom had read my erotic magazines about incest, and she became aroused. It was now time for me to fuel the fire. Instead of returning the two magazines to their hiding spot, I placed them in the magazine rack next to the toilet. I marked their location with a hair from my brush, and headed to class. When I returned home, I was thrilled to find the hair gone and the magazines in reverse order. Mom had defiantly been reading my dirty incestuous magazines. All afternoon Mom had this glow about her. She must have had some masturbation marathon while the house was empty. Then that evening when I said good night to my parents, my Mom kissed me on the lips. This was the first time she ever kissed me on the lips. It was not a sexy kiss. It was just a little peck on the lips, instead of my check. I was so horny that I masturbated twice that night.

The next morning, Wednesday, I waited until my dad left for work and Mom was in the Jacuzzi, I headed for the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, I poured myself a glass of orange juice, and walked over to the picture window were I waived to Mom in the Jacuzzi. The swirling, bubbling water prevented me from seeing her body. I opened the backdoor and asked Mom if she wanted a glass of orange juice. She declined the juice and asked what I was doing up so early. I lied, and told her that I had a test to study for. The whole time, Mom was staring at the obvious erection in my silk boxers.

I then left heading back to my room, out the basement door, and to my hiding space by the Jacuzzi. When I got in position to spy on my mom, my jaw fell open. Mom was positioned in the hot tub so that her breasts were fully exposed above the water, and one of the jets was massaging her pussy. I stared in wonder as Mom played with her nipples, squeezing and rubbing them to full erection. Her nipples were big and long. As the excitement built in Mom’s body, her head bent down, and she licked at her illegal bahis siteleri nipples. A few minutes later, the throws of orgasm began. Mom gripped the side of the tub with one hand while touching her pussy with the other. I want to thank God that she was pulling her pussy lips open so that the water jet hit directly on her clit. Then Mom’s eyes rolled back into her head, her eyes closed, her body shuddered, and a silent gasp formed at her mouth. Mom then lay back into the Jacuzzi to relax after her latest rush of ecstasy. I returned to my room, to take care of the excitement building in my body.

When I left for class that morning, I did not make my bed on purpose, and I left a new magazine under my pillow. When I got home that afternoon, my bed was made, and the magazine was nicely placed under my pillow. Several times during the evening, Mom would huge me and compliment me on “growing up into a find looking man.” She even kissed me twice before I went to bed, not long sexy French kisses, but simple little kisses. My Mom never kissed me on the lips until now, always on the cheek.

Thursday morning did not come fast enough. I was awake half the night playing with my dick. When Dad finally went to work and Mom was in the hot tub, I went to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. This time I stopped at the picture window and waved to Mom before getting the juice. Again the bubbles covered her body, so that all that was visible was her shoulders and head. I was determined to take this encounter a little further this time. I walked out to the Jacuzzi and set down on the edge of the tub. I was hoping to get an up close peek at Mom’s tits. What I got was shocked. As I sat on the edge of the tub, Mom reached over and turned off the pump that works the jets and makes the bubbles. Fifteen seconds later, the water in the tub became crystal clear, and I could see her naked body perfectly, causing me to have the biggest erection of my life. She asked me to join her in the tub. I commented about just having my boxers on. She replied by telling me to take them off, and that she didn’t have a bathing suit on. I quickly agreed, but told her not to look. She turned her head, and watched my reflection in the picture window.

I was now living out one of my fantasy scenarios with Mom. To make my move, I needed the jets back on. So I moved over next to Mom, and turned the tub back on. We made small talk about how well the tub made us feel and sat there relaxing a few minutes. Mom made a comment about how good the jet felt on her neck. That was the type of innocent comment I needed to make my move. I started moving into position saying something to the effect of, “Let me show you what really feels good on your neck.” I sweep Mom up into my arms, one arm around her shoulders and the other behind her knees. Mom through her arms around my neck and pressed her right tit into my chest. The new physical contact between our bodies about made me cum then. Mom had this look of wild surprise and lust on her face. I told her to lean her head back, and relax. I guided the water jet onto her neck. She did as I asked, and in the process arched both tits above the water. They were beautiful. They were full and round, with large erect nipples. Mom had her eyes closed, and moaned about how good the water felt on her neck.

We both knew that the water massage on her neck was not great. This was foreplay, and we were testing each other to see how far we would go. Now that I had my Mother floating canlı bahis siteleri on her back, while cradled in my arms, I could move her around effortlessly in the water. After losing myself in the stare of her breast, I remembered my big move. A minute later, my Mom would be getting out of the tub, or on the way to her first orgasm with her son. I told Mom that if she liked the fill of the jet on her neck, the jet would fill even better on her lower back. While saying this, I swung her across the top of the water and placed her pussy directly in line with the water jet on the other side. As the sensation rushed over her outer lips, across her clit, and into her pussy, Mom squeezed me tightly and spread her knees apart. She pressed her nipples into my nipples, and she buried her face into my neck, where she desperately moaned and sucked. Confident that Mom was now too far gone to stop, I placed her feet up on the edge of the tub and removed my arm from under her knees. I continued to support her shoulders with my left arm. . This locked her into a position in front of the jet, without the fear of drowning, and it gave me a free hand to caress her body with.

I started by placing my hand behind her head, and lifting her mouth to mine for our first real kiss. We locked lips and began exploring each others mouth with our tongues. From there, I moved my hand down her neck, across her shoulder, and onto her breast. There I felt, rubbed, pinched, and massaged her breasts. Mom’s nipples were long and rubbery. They were as large as the end of a pencil. I paid a lot of attention to her tits. I gripped each one low, encircling as much of the soft flesh as possible between my thumb and forefinger. I would gently pull and milk the tit up to her nipple. There, I would pinch and pull on her nipple until it got even harder. Then I would start on the other breast. I continued to alternate between breast, milking them until the nipple could not get any harder.

Finally, I stop caressing Mom’s chest, and started a slow trace across her belly to the top of her pubic hair. My mouth followed my hands lead, and ended up sucking my Mother’s right nipple. I comb my hand through Mom’s pubic hair several times. Each time, I would cup Mom’s pussy in the palm of my hand. Finally, I slid my hand over Mom’s outer pussy lips. Catching Mom’s clit between my fore finger and middle finger, I spread my fingers apart exposing Mom’s clit to the direct stimulation of the water jet. That was the final stimulation need to push her over the edge. Mom experienced a wonderful multiple orgasm.

Once the orgasm subsided, we moved around in the tub, so that Mom was cuddled up against my chest. Now a moment of truth, would Mom feel remorse and run into the house, or would she stay to further explore our new intimacy. Within seconds the question was answered. Mom reached down and started caressing my raging erection.

We sat in the Jacuzzi making out. We kissed, fondled, and groped each other mercilessly. Finally, I could not take any more. I spun Mom around, grabbed a double handful of breast and pushed her toward the side of the tub. As soon as Mom’s pussy was above the water level, I started poking and rubbing the head of my cock at her wet pussy doggy style. After my fifth attempt to fuck her, to excited to find the hole, Mom reached between her legs and guided my cock home. I wish I could have prolonged my impending orgasm, so that Mom could have a climax again. But truthfully, we were lucky if our first time together lasted 30 seconds.

With our first sexual encounter over, Mom and I retired to my bedroom, where we spent the rest of the day in bed playing. Needless to say, I missed classes that day, and the next day also, while Dad was at work.

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