Mom, Aunts , Gran are Strippers Ch. 05

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After having forbidden sex with his mother, Val has incestuous sex with his aunt Victoria, his aunt Isabella, and his grandmother, Mary.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as told to me by Valentino that he wanted me to write and share about his identical triplet mother, Elizabeth, his aunts, Victoria and Isabella, and his grandmother, Mary.

# # #

Continued from Chapter 04:

Val kissed his mother again. This time, passionately kissing her, he kissed her as if he hadn’t kissed her before. He kissed her as if she was his girlfriend, his significant other, his wife, and/or his lover instead of his mother.

Then, surprising him, when she returned his passionate kiss with her passionate kiss, they made out with one another. He made out with his mother and she made out with her son. He couldn’t believe he was making out with his mother while having incestuous sex with her. Having kissed lots of women, never had he felt such sexual excitement when kissing his mother.

If it wasn’t enough that he was naked with his naked mother, he couldn’t believe he was French kissing her. He couldn’t believe he was touching her, feeling her, and fondling her beautiful, naked body everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his mother while French kissing her. Always difficult to have a conversation with her before, instead of talking with her now, he had his lips and his hands do all of his talking.

With him able to break it off at any time, he couldn’t believe that he continued to make out with his mother. With her able to break it off at any time, he couldn’t believe that she continued to make out with her son. She returned his passionate kisses with her passionate kisses. Even if he never saw his mother without her clothes again, and even if they never had illicit sex again, he’d remember making out with his mother while having sex with her for as long as he lived.

All that he’d never forget, he’d remember her stripping naked in front of him. He’d remember him stripping naked in front of her. He’d remember her stroking his cock before sucking his cock. He’d remember fingering, licking, and fucking his mother’s pussy. Now that he knew what she looked like naked and the sexual animal that she was in bed, he’d never look at his mother the same ever again. Even though she was still a bitch, as if she was a wild horse that he broke and tamed, after riding her hard and fast, she was his bitch now.

Yet, surprisingly, in all the times he masturbated over imagining seeing her in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked he never imagined French kissing her. In all the times he masturbated over the imagined thoughts of having forbidden sex with her, strangely enough, he never masturbated over making out with her. Yet, now that he had made out with her, never had he been as sexually excited as he was now to be with her in her bed. She was the best kisser he ever kissed. It took his mother to show him all that he was sexually missing.

Now that he had kissed her, French kissed her, with his mother a great kisser, kissing her was so hot. Blanking his mind with her kisses, she made his cock even harder. With her red, full, soft lips, was it any wonder why she’s such a great kisser? With her red, full, soft lips, was it any wonder why his whore of a stripper, exhibitionist mother gave such incredible blowjobs? Usually dreaming of having sex with her, tonight he’d dreaming of kissing her and making out with her while touching and feeling her naked body everywhere before fucking her again.

# # #

“I love you, Mom. I really, do,” he said. “I’m in love with you,” he said as if he was the bachelor and she was the bachelorette.

She kissed him and held him tight while whispering in his ear what he hoped she’d say.

“I love you, too, Val,” she said pausing to look at him before continuing to make out with him.

The first time she ever said she loved him, he looked at her shocked. He was so happy. He was on cloud nine. He loves his mother and his mother loves him. After seeing his mother naked and having sex with her naked body, his life couldn’t be any more complete.

“Oh, Mom,” he said pulling her to him and parting her lips with his tongue to give her another, deep, wet kiss. “If only I could marry you, I would. I’d love to sleep with you in the same bed every night and be together with you every day. I’d love to live with you as man and wife.”

He looked at her with love. He looked at her with lustful, sexual passion. He looked at her as if he was dreaming. Ignoring him saying that he’d marry her, she looked at him as if he was insane. Something that comes with maturity derived from all of her sexual experiences with so very many men, she was more of a realist than a dreamer. She had sex with him not because she wanted to have sex with her son but because he had blackmailed her and threatened to ruin her.

“Now that I stripped myself naked and allowed you to have sex with my naked body, done with ankara escort incestuous sex, I hope that we can finally put this all behind us. I hope we can move forward as mother and son instead of as incestuous lovers.” Making sure he understood, she lifted her head up from the pillow. “Never will you see me naked ever again. Never will you have sex with me ever again. Never shall we speak of this ever again. Do you hear me, Val? Do you understand,” she asked while poking his forehead with her manicured fingertip?

# # #

Angered now, as if she headbutted him instead of poked him, he swiped her finger away from his forehead. He laughed and looked at her as if she was the one who was insane. Now, that he had her, with him in control of her, he’d never let her go. Now, that he had sex with his mother, he’d be having sex with her again. He’d have as much sex with his MILF of a whore mother for as long as he wanted. With him threatening to ruin her life, she was now his sexual slave.

“Never say never mother. Never is such a very, long time,” he said with a dirty laugh. “Now that we’ve had forbidden sex, I hope to have illicit sex with you again and again, as many times as I want to have incestuous sex with you,” he said feeling and squeezing her naked breasts while pulling, turning, twisting, and fingering her erect nipples.

As if she was a running back trying to avoid a tackle, she gave him a straight arm to his chest before slapping his hand away from her naked breasts.

“Val no. We mustn’t. This was all a tragic mistake. Incestuous sex between a mother and her son is wrong. It’s not normal for a son to have sex with his mother. It’s not normal for you to want to marry me,” she said. “We can’t continue like this. This must stop now.”

He laughed.

“We can stop and put this all behind us after I’ve had sex with my aunts, your sisters. We can put this all behind us after I’ve had sex with my grandmother, your mother, too,” he said. “I need you to arrange for me to have a sexual rendezvous first with Aunt Victoria, then with Aunt Isabella, and finally with Grandma Mary” he said.

She looked at him stunned. Yet, helpless to fight him and deny him what he sexually wanted, with him holding all the trump cards and now taking control of her life, reluctantly, she obediently obeyed him. After all that he discovered about them, the naked photos, their stripper costumes, and their diaries, what else could she do?

He threatened to blackmail her if she didn’t strip herself naked and have sex with him. He threatened to blackmail her sisters and her mother if they refused to have incestuous sex with him. He threatened to ruin all of their lives in the eyes of their socialite friends. He threatened to pull the plug on everything they all worked so hard to get. With the morality clause her ex-husband had placed in her divorce settlement, she could lose her house.

Surely, after she explained to her sisters and to her mother that Val intended to blackmail all of them in the way that he was blackmailing her now, she hoped they’d capitulate and have forbidden sex with him, too. In the way that she had incestuous sex with him, she hoped her sisters would have incestuous sex with their nephew. In the way she had forbidden sex with her son, she hoped her mother would have forbidden sex with her grandson.

# # #

Chapter 05:

Elizabeth had a real dilemma on her hands. It was bad enough that her son had found her trunk, saw her naked pictures, and read her diary but he blackmailed her into not only stripping herself naked but also into giving him incestuous sex. Now, threatening to blackmail her sisters and her mother, he threatened to ruin their lives, too. Unless, they gave him what he sexually wanted, they’d lose their way of life. They’d lose all of their friends. They’d lose their luxurious lifestyles.

At first thought, it made her skin crawl to even think about having sex with her son. It made her sick to her stomach to imagine sucking and fucking her son’s prick. Yet, on second thought, she had done much worse as a stripper, as a whore, and as a hooker. Men she wouldn’t look at twice if she saw them on the street, she had taken their erect pricks in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy for money.

After doing horrible, sexual things that she thought she’d never do for money, even having incestuous sex with her sisters for a man willing to pay, why not have sex with her son? Seemingly, after having sex with everyone else, why would she resist having sex with Val, now? Besides, with him giving her multiple orgasms with his fingers, his tongue, and his cock, the best sex she has had in a very, long time, he was a passionate and generous lover.

Yet, now, ready to expose her and her family for the whores that they all are, he expected to have incestuous sex not only with her but also with her sisters Victoria and Isabella, and even with her mother, Mary, too. She wasn’t worried about approaching her mother to ask escort ankara her if she’d have sex with her grandson. The biggest whore of the bunch, after having had sex with practically anyone and everyone, she’d definitely have sex with her grandson. With him always her favorite, soliciting her mother to have sex with Val was the least of her worries.

Yet, respectable women now with high social status and moral standings, she feared her sisters would resist having sex with their nephew. Even if she could arrange for her son to have sex with his Aunt Victoria, how could she arrange for him to have sex with his Aunt Isabella and his Grandmother Mary without Vicky telling them? As it happened, lucky for her, she needn’t worry about telling her sister, Isabella, and/or her mother, Mary, about Val wanting to have sex with them. As if sex between them all was meant to be, it all happened serendipitously.

# # #

Elizabeth invited her sister, Victoria, over for a surprise celebration. As soon as her sister arrived, she greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the lips. She escorted her in the living room where there were bottles of chilled champagne, shrimp, crab cakes, and an assortment of cookies, cakes, and pastries.

“What’s all this,” asked Victoria looking over at her sister? “Are you having a party?”

Liz smiled at her sister while pouring her a glass of champagne.

“I’m celebrating,” she said. “Crab cake,” asked Liz holding out the tray to her sister?

Victoria made a face while waving her hand.

“No thanks. I’m dieting again. I need to fit in my dress that I bought for the upcoming charity event,” she said. “With him always staring at my cleavage and at my ass, the last thing I need is for my tits to fall out of my dress in front of the governor.”

Liz laughed.

“No doubt, he’d like that. With the rumors of women arriving at his mansion late and leaving early the next morning, I’m sure he’s seen lots of naked breasts,” said Liz laughing with her sister.

Identical triplets, difficult to tell one sister from the other sister, unless facing them head on, they all looked so much alike, especially when seeing them from the back. Hard to tell them apart on the phone, they all had identical voices, too. With their mother, Grandma Mary, still a beautiful woman and still having a sexy and shapely body, it was easy to discern where they all got their good looks and their great figures from, too.

“What’s the celebration,” asked Victoria sitting on the couch? “And what’s with the towel on the couch? Did you have an accident,” she said with a laugh?

Not answering her, Liz sat next to her sister and moved closer to her. She brushed a long strand of her lush, blonde hair that had fallen in Vicky’s eyes. Then, with two fingers on her sister’s chin, she turned her head to her and stared into her blue eyes. As if she was a man sexually seducing her, Liz kissed her sister.

When she parted her sister’s lips and French kissed her, Vicky didn’t resist. Instead of pulling away, she returned her sister’s wet kiss with her wet kiss. While Liz continued kissing Victoria, she felt her abundant breasts through her pink, silk blouse while fingering the impressions of her emerging nipples through her pink, low-cut bra. In the way that Liz had made out with her son, she was making out with her sister.

# # #

Watching them from the second-floor landing as if he was watching and waiting for Santa Claus when he was a child, something he never expected to see, Val couldn’t believe his eyes. His mother was kissing and feeling up his aunt. Spellbound, he watched his mother making out with his aunt while feeling her big breasts.

Something he yearned to do with his aunt in the way that he had yearned to do with his mother, was what his mother was doing with her sister. He’d love to make out with his Aunt Victoria. He’d love to feel her big breasts through her blouse and finger her erect nipples through her bra while French kissing her.

Not stopping there, suspecting that Val was there on the second-floor landing watching, giving him a sexy, incestuous show to see, Liz lifted the hem of her sister’s, short skirt to expose her matching, pink, silk panties to her son. As if she was a horny man with three hands sexually seducing a woman, she slowly slid her hand beneath her sister’s skirt and along her shapely thighs. Reaching higher and moving her hand in between her sister’s thighs, she rubbed Victoria’s pussy through her panties while continuing to French kiss her.

‘I don’t believe this. I can’t believe I’m seeing my aunt’s, pink panties,’ thought Val. ‘I can’t believe my Mom is making out with my aunt. I can’t believe she’s fingering Aunt Vicky’s pussy though her panties. I can’t believe my MILF of a mother is about to have sex with her MILF of a sister.’

Something he had never seen before was something he thought he’d never see. He couldn’t believe he was seeing his aunt’s pink, bikini panties. With ankara escort bayan her panties custom made and form fitting, he stared at her panties as if she wasn’t wearing panties. Easily able to discern it all, he saw her camel toe, her pussy mound, and her pussy slit.

Obviously, determined to have her wicked, sexual way with her sister’s cunt in the way that Val had his wicked, sexual way with his mother’s cunt, Liz reached her hand all the way up her sister’s skirt. Slowly sliding them down, she removed Victoria’s silk, bikini panties. Now, with her skirt bunched around the top of her thighs, her naked, glistening pussy was clearly visible for Val to see.

Something he had never seen before was something he was seeing now. If it wasn’t enough that he saw his aunt’s panties, now he was seeing his aunt’s naked pussy. Hoping she would, he’d love to watch his mother fingerfuck her sister while rubbing her clit. Hoping she would, he’d love to see his mother give her sister oral sex.

Then, not taking no for an answer, as if reading his mind, she pushed her sister back on the couch and moved to her knees in front of her. As if she was a man having his forced, sexual way with a woman’s naked pussy, she spread her knees and moved between her sister’s legs. Taking her sweet time, teasing her with her big, blue eyes, she stared at her sister’s blonde, trimmed pussy before looking up at her with sexual arousal and incestuous wickedness.

Liz gave Vicky a sexy smile and a naughty look before fingering her naked pussy. Then, she kissed her cunt while rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. Not stopping there, she licked her sister’s pussy while fingerfucking her cunt. Hard to believe and too much to take in, his mother was giving her sister oral sex.

Shocking and something so very unexpected, Elizabeth was eating her sister. Shocking and something as equally unexpected, Val couldn’t believe his aunt allowed her sister to give her oral sex. As stunned as he was sexually excited watching them having lesbian, incestuous sex, Val couldn’t believe his mother was eating his aunt’s cunt. He’d love nothing more than to trade places with his mother.

# # #

“Oh, Liz,” said Victoria with a sexy laugh. “We haven’t done something like this since that Russian, oligarch billionaire invited the three of us on-board his yacht to have incestuous sex with one another.”

While Liz continued licking her sister’s pussy and rubbing her clit, getting ready for more incestuous, sexual action, Victoria unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her front-snapping bra, and released her big, shapely breasts from her sexy brassiere. She moved her sister’s hand to feel her breasts and finger her nipples. Then, Victoria ran her fingers through Liz’s blonde hair while her sister felt her naked breasts, fingered her erect nipples, and continued licking her pussy.

‘If it wasn’t enough watching my mother making out with my aunt while feeling her through her clothes, I can’t believe they’re having lesbian sex. If it wasn’t enough seeing my aunt’s panties and her naked cunt, now I’m seeing her naked breasts, too,’ thought Val.

“I love eating your pussy,” said Elizabeth. “I love licking my sister’s cunt.”

Victoria put a gentle hand to the back of her sister’s blonde, pretty head and applied a little pressure to move her face more comfortably closer to her pussy. Then, applying a little more pressure to the back of Liz’s head, she mashed her sister’s face in her warm, wet cunt. She moved her head to direct her tongue where she wanted her sister to lick her.

‘This is too much,’ thought Val. ‘I only wished that was me eating my aunt’s pussy and not my mother. Yet, if watching them having lesbian sex is the only way that I’ll have sex with my aunt, I can vicariously live with that.’

He continued watching his mother having lesbian sex with her sister.

‘Still, I’d love to stick my erect dick in my aunt’s mouth. I’d love for her to blow me. I love to cum in her beautiful mouth. I’d love to give her a cum bath and cum all over her pretty face, in her lush, blonde hair, and across her big, naked breasts. I’d love to fuck Aunt Vicky’s pussy. I’d love to cum in her cunt. I’d love to see and hear her cum while screaming my name.’

He unzipped his pants and removed her erect prick from his underwear. He slowly stroked himself while watching his MILF of a mother having lesbian sex with his MILF of an aunt. Unable to wrap his head around all that’s happened in such a short while, he couldn’t believe his mother was having lesbian sex with her sister.

“Liz. Oh, Liz. You’re going to make me cum,” she said putting a heavier hand behind her sister’s head and mashing her face harder in her sopping, wet pussy. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Lick me faster. Rub me harder. I’m almost there, Liz. I’m almost there.”

As if she was being fucked by a man instead of being eaten by her sister, Vicky humped Liz’s mouth. While Vicky humped her sister’s mouth, Liz licked her sister faster while rubbing her clit harder and fingerfucking her deeper. She squeezed her breasts and pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples. Continuing to lick and finger her pussy, it didn’t take her sister very long to cum.

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