Mom at the Cottage Ch. 01

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I enjoyed Wooededtree’s stories, illustrated one of them and miss in not being on the site anymore I must acknowledge his inspiration for me to write my first story. Be kind and more chapters will follow. Hope you like the work All individuals are over 18.


I’m outside on the patio Junior, I can’t hear you!” Annie shouted. ‘Can you come out here?’

She had been on the secluded patio less than hour trying kick-start her summer tan. Her aqua colored two piece suit stretched over her large tits barely covering the large coke-can sized areolas. The perspiration caused by the unusually hot spring sun mixed with the coconut and baby oils gave her body a glistening sheen. As she sat up, the sheen gathered in small riverlets as it ran over her large breasts, pooling in the cups of her top, before dripping onto the magazine she was holding.

“OK Mom” Junior called out as he closed off his mobile and stepped thru the patio door.

“The college has a break on Friday and Jake and his dad asked if I could come up to their new cottage and give them a hand with some work this weekend. Can I go?’ Junior’s voice trailed off as he saw his mother stretched out on the chaise lounge. Feeling a surge of blood to his heavy cock, he stared at his sexy 45 year old mother, his nostrils catching the wafting scent of warm oil.

‘Come out here so we can talk more about it without having to yell at each other and bother the neighbors.” said Annie as she put her magazine aside and lay back down resting her feet on the sides of the chaise. Pulling the chaise’s adjustable sun shade over her head and eyes, she could not see Jr’s face but that was the idea, as it allowed her to stare at his swelling crotch as he walked toward her. Her nipples began to harden and lengthen pushing out on the soft fabric of her unpadded swim top. The sun shade also allowed Jr. to let his gaze wander from her painted toenails, up her thighs, along the V of her swim suit which highlighted her camel toe, past her slightly swelling stomach to stare at her nipples expanding like a newly formed twin volcanoes. His cock twitched in his shorts as he unconsciously brushed illegal bahis it downward.

“Pull up a chair, but don’t block the sun.” Annie implored. Jake shrugged off this Tshirt as he dragged a chair across the tiles, set it down next to her out-stretched legs then sat and faced her. “How come you have that old suit on?” he asked.

“Dunno really, I know you and your dad always want me to wear the yellow bikini you had me buy last year, but it’s early in the season and I don’t want certain parts of me to get burnt.”

“Mom, you know Sr. and I like it when you to wear it. I think he likes it maybe more than I do. It makes you look so sexy and I know once you put it on, you love the feelings you get.” Jr. chastised as he sat forward in the chair. Now that he could see her face, he looked in eyes and held her gaze. Reaching out his left hand to touch her arm, “At least, lose the shoulder straps to reduce the tan lines.” As he spoke firmly but gently, he lightly slid his fingers up and pushed his index finger under the closest strap and pulled it off her shoulder. Annie automatically flexed her shoulder forward easing the strap’s fall down to the crux of her elbow.

“Now, you do the other side yourself.” commanded Jr. as he leaned back in the chair and watched as a slight tremble ran through her body as she reached up tentatively and let the other strap fall. “That’s much better, now, peel the tops down a bit to get a bit more sun on your chest.” Jr. told her as he slouched down in the chair.

“Jr. stop pestering, and tell me more about what Jake and his dad want.” Annie, read the confidence in his eyes, then looking down at her chest and with trepidation, rolled down the top of her suit so the nipples were holding up the top, and her upper areolas were exposed to the air and more importantly to Jr.

“Mom, you know Jake’s parent’s bought a cottage by the river and they just took possession of it. They want to do a basic clean up before the holiday weekend in two weeks. They said they would pay me and drive me up and back. I can use the money, I want to go and it will be fun, just the three of us! Jake’s mother illegal bahis siteleri is volunteering this weekend with her church group at the hospital, anyway, I think she is trying to avoid any real work.”

As he was pleading his case, Jr.’s was casually rubbing his hand up and down the slick oil on Annie’s smooth calf that was closest to him. Every time he reached her knee he gently drew circles inside it and pulled out toward his chair, parting her legs more and more. As Annie’s legs took on the look of a figure 4, he could clearly see how each one ran up to the curve of her ass and how the inside her thighs formed two recesses that made her mound so prominent.

Annie was biting her bottom lip and gripping the arms of the lounger, but managed say, ‘I was hoping that the three of us could do something together ourselves this weekend. You know, go for drive, shopping, dinner and movie at the Cineplex in the next town?’ Finally getting the last words out she averted her eyes and tilted her pelvis upward suggestively drawing attention to how her swim suit was being stretched over her swelling lips and digging into her vagina.

Jr. slid his chair closer and slipped down in it even more, opened his legs and let the hem of the shorts fall away so that his cock could expand more freely. His cockhead was searching for the sun light, the fresh air and did not have far to go. He saw his mother’s eyes probing beyond her outstretch hand to find the reddish-purple head of his cock, being presented to her. Staring at the outline of his mother’s cunt being offered to him, Jr’s voice became more adamant as he declared, ‘We can do that anytime, I want to go and besides you’ll have dad here and do those things with him.” Lowering his voice and stroking higher toward to the dampening V of motherhood, he said, ‘Touch it for me!’

His mother looked at him and her eyes were wide, questioning. Did he mean that wonderful cock of his or her throbbing wet pussy? She knew that he loved both…..she loved both. What did he want her to do? The thought of touching the velvet hardness of his cock and stoking it until he cums all over her was the canlı bahis siteleri first thought. Her own pleasure of a exposing herself, fingering herself to orgasm for his pleasure was the second. I NEED BOTH AND I NEED THEM NOW she thought. She was desperate for relief, the slow wind up that Jr. had been tormenting her with, was blissful agony.

Reaching down with her right hand she slid it under the waist band of her swim suit. Simultaneously, with her left hand, she let go of the chaise arm that she had been gripping and stretched her fingers touched his knee and began working her hand toward his magnificent cock…the cock she needed.

BRIIIIIIIIINNNNGGG, BRRIIIINNNNNNG, the portable house phone echoed loudly off the metal table next to them. It scared the dickens out of them, broke the fog of lust they were becoming immersed in. Jerking upright, one of Annie’s large breasts had fallen free and was tormenting Jr. as it quivered in front of him. His cock was still looking for release but the scare had begun to take its toll.

Leaving her full breasts to sway deliciously in front of Jr. she picked up the phone. Annie answered, ‘Oh hi, Sr. this is a surprise. No, I’m on the patio with Jr. getting some sun.’ Listening intently to the voice on the other end of the phone, her face betrayed her emotions as she lost her smile. ‘No, I understand. I’ll see you in a few minutes.’ she sighed as she hung up the phone.

‘That as your father, he’s been called away to trouble shoot an emergency at a plant in Chicago, and may be gone for the weekend. He’ll be home in a few minutes to pack. I’ll make him a sandwich for the plane since he won’t have time for lunch. Well there go my weekend plans. He’s away and you want to go. What am I to do?” she voiced to no one in particular.

Seizing the situation, Jr. piped up, ‘Why don’t I ask Jake and his dad if you can come to? You and I could drive up ourselves, have a picnic on the way. The water is too cold to swim but you can hang around on their deck and work on your tan while we work. I think the cottage has a hot tub. I know that Jake wants to see you again. I’m sure his dad wouldn’t mind. What do you think?

A small smile came to Annie’s face. ‘Let me think about it while I make lunch.’ It seems you can turn lemons into lemonade she thought, as she began to collect her things, leaving Jr. to consider the possibilities.

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