Mom and Me

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Mom and I were sharing a motel room a hundred miles away from home. We had fled an approaching hurricane and so had apparently many other people since we ended up having share a bed.

I was twenty one by then and Mom was thirty nine. I was her only child born out of wedlock but my already married father had provided us with a nice living. Mom owned the house we lived in. He had also financed her college degree and was financing mine. I was going to be a senior in the fall. Mom was an elementary teacher.

She was short, maybe five-two and a blonde energizer bunny. Her tits were nearly too big for her and on her slim build looked even bigger. She had dated at times and I assumed she got laid at times but I knew most of her fucks over the years had been with Dad.

Those had diminished, Dad was now fifty three and running a big company. I had never met him.

I could hear Mom masturbating often.

Apparently I looked like Dad, tall and slim. I had several fuck buddies at school since my senior year in high school the longest lasting of which was the mother of my first girlfriend. She was tall and slim with small tits but she liked to fuck and she really liked to fuck me.

Even though she was Mom’s age fucking Mom had never crossed my mind, until our first night in the motel.

Mom and I normally slept nude. We had caught glimpses of each other at time but we had not made much note of it.

That first night I went to bed with boxer shorts and Mom wore a t-shirt. We were in a standard bed and did not need to touch but never tried to stay away from each other. We spooned from the beginning.

I actually did doze off but awoke when I heard the toilet flush. As soon as Mom got back in bed I cuddled to her again.

She was nude.

I got an erection.

I got up and went to the bathroom and masturbated.

I was still a bit addled when I went back to bed and did so still nude.

The following morning I awoke as Mom was pressing her ass against my erection, she was masturbating.

I kissed her shoulder and caressed her hip and after a short pause she resumed masturbating. Soon she was enjoying a full body orgasm.

I hugged her to me and my hand ended up covering a tit. Mom sighed but did not move my hand. She moved a knee up allowing my cock to slide between her thighs then she clamped down on it. She wanted me to masturbate on her.

I illegal bahis began to do just that and was quickly spreading cum to the bed in front of her. She changed the angle a bit then moaned as I emptied my self.

I caressed her as I kissed her until she said,” We need a shower.”

When we got up I saw some of my cum had landed on her pubic mound and some on her pussy lips.

We brushed our teeth and showered together but made no sexual overtures on each other. We talked about breakfast and decided on DQ since we would not need to drive.

We became used to seeing the other naked. We were already used to kissing on the lips but those kisses became softer and longer.

Breakfast was good even though it was unlikely it was good for us.

Mom decided she wanted to find a flea market that was somewhere nearby and I found it without too much trouble. We spent all morning there and ate lunch at the same location. We were hot and sweaty when we got back to the motel so we took another shower. Before that on was over I had an erection.

Mom smiled and went to our bed, I followed.

I got on my back and Mom said, “We need to masturbate before we have a chance to take a nap,”

and straddled my body. She lay over me with my cock along her pussy lips. She began masturbating herself with my cock as her pussy lips masturbated me.

My cock accidentally slid into her pussy once but she immediately put us back as we were. My cum came first and was quickly followed by hers. As we slowed and caught our breath we kissed. It was definitely not the kiss of Mom and Son but there was nothing passionate about the kiss.

My cock slid back into her as she began to get up and she paused for a moment before she came from the bathroom with our wet towels. She cleaned herself up then cleaned me. She held my cock in her hand as she cleaned my groin.

After we were mostly clean Mom got in bed and I spooned behind her. My hand was over a tit before we dozed off. When we awoke Mom ordered pizza and I put on shorts and a t-shirt and got us beer from the convenience store opposite the DQ.

I paid for the pizza as my naked Mom hid in the bathroom and we settled down to watch the news and eat and drink in bed. I was nude by then, Mom had taken my shorts an t-shirt off.

We watched TV through the news. We had finished off he pizza and were on our third beer.

“You illegal bahis siteleri know, you have a bigger cock than your father. His is nice but has become unreliable. I wish he had not accepted the last promotion, the job has made him very tense. I miss those long weekends.”

She was caressing my cock as she said that. I decided she likely needed it so I put my beer on the nightstand then kissed my way to her tits. She put her beer down and began to run her fingers through my hair.

I kissed my way to her pussy and pulled her down until my arms were under her thighs. I found a nicely prominent clit and began to write the lyrics to a song on it with the tip of my tongue. By the time I got to the third chorus she was on her fifth orgasm. She pushed my head away as she panted for breath.

I kissed her thighs and her pussy while she recovered and began to kiss my way back to her tits. I rubbed my face on them and gave her nipple love nips. I slid up to her tits as I lay my cock over her pussy lips. She groaned.

I began to masturbate us as we had before but her next orgasm made my cock slide into her. I stopped and waited on her. I had not cum yet. She wound her legs over my ass and pushed my cook deep into her.

I began to fuck Mom.

It was a passionate fuck and a nearly primeval fuck that ended on huge orgasms for each of us. I rolled Mom over me and we waited to catch our breath and be able to kiss. Our first kiss reflected the passion of our fuck. The next two were “I love you” kisses.

We fell asleep during the third.

Her body was still over mine and my cock was still in her pussy when we awoke maybe an hour later, the TV was still on showing re-runs of Miami vice. Mom and I needed to piss so we went into the bathroom and she peed first then held my cock for me as I did.

She held on to it until we were back in bed and as soon as we were spooning she trapped it between her thighs. That was enough to resuscitate my cock. She allowed a soft moan to escape then pushed me onto my back and sank her pussy over my cock.

That was long, slow, gentle fuck. The only orgasm she had was when my cock exploded into her. Our kiss was an “I adore you,” kiss. She fell asleep as we were for the second time. I fell asleep before my cock withdrew from her pussy.

The next morning we fucked, ate breakfast, I ate her pussy, drove to a canlı bahis siteleri large plant nursery, got back, showered and fucked. We decided to find a nice place for dinner then we went dancing nearby. We were in bed before midnight and I repeated the previous evening escapade including the genital masturbation before our jungle fuck.

That night we slept through to the next morning. We were making love when we saw in the morning news that the hurricane had done minimal damage and all homes now had electrical power.

Mom said, “This is our last fuck. We will go home before lunch and return to Mom and Son mode. Fuck me to Helsinki.”

I did, she was speaking in a strange tongue when she was in mid-orgasm. We cuddled, we kissed then took our shower together. We packed, I checked us out and we were home for lunch. We checked for damage and were happy to see we had not lost power, everything in the freezer was still frozen. Our electric clocks were operating normally.

It had apparently flooded half way up our driveway but no higher. I had some tree limbs to collect but none were big enough to have caused damage except for one that had knocked out a window screen. Our home was back to normal before dinner time.

We took showers separately then went out for dinner. I took her dancing then home before midnight.

I walked into her bedroom nude and she watched me as I slipped into bed with her. I cuddled behind her and she turned the light off.

I caressed the tit in my hand as I kissed her neck. She allowed my erection between her thighs. I changed the angle a bit and my cock was parting her pussy lips. She changed her angle and my cock slipped into her pussy. We fucked slowly, gently. She had an orgasm.

She pushed me onto my back and slammed her pussy over my cock and immediately tried to fuck me Riga.

Our orgasms were gigantic and we again fell asleep as we were.

I moved into Mom’s bedroom for the rest of the summer. When I went back to school she said we were going back to mother and son mode.

Five minutes after I returned for Thanksgiving we were fucking each other to Tranquility Base.

We continued our affair for twenty years. We moved from our town to the city and pretended we were married, we had the same last name. No one ever seemed to notice our difference in age until she was sixty. She claimed I had been ill but was better now.

I already had gray hair and apparently looked older than she.

Teaching junior high kids does that to you.

We still fuck on a regular basis. We still adore each other. But we now only think of the other as husband and wife.

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