Mom and I Have Our Secrets

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When I was 23 I was still living at home with my mother for basic convenience and financial reasons.

My parents had divorced when I was 16 but I was close to both my parents, but obviously closer to mom.

I worked for my fathers’ construction company, and my mother was super cool for her age, and always let my buddies and I party in the house.

My mom Kate, was a very attractive, curvy woman in her late 40’s at the time with shoulder length dark hair, deep blue eyes and an amazing smile. Her body could be described as curvy, full figured or voluptuous as she had large breasts, wide curvy hips and a wide ass that wasn’t not overly huge, but round enough to be very sexy and perfectly accentuate her hips.

For some reasons that were never discussed, or maybe as a young man my thought process was consumed with loud music and partying and I probably never asked why, but mom never dated or had another man since the divorce from my dad. Dad on the other hand almost too immediately found a girlfriend and they eventually lived together for many years.

Mom, I always felt longed to be young and adventurous as she would interact with my friends when they were at our house hanging out, which back then of course included drinking and occasionally smoking pot. She liked to ask them if they thought if she acted her age as she tried to mingle through our wild 80’s parties.

The other revealing sign of mom that I also knew was that when she and dad were married they had a pretty hot sex life. This was still in the days when a woman gave her husband sex as part of her wifely duties and her willingness to participate was irrelevant. My bedroom was next to theirs, so I could hear them fucking loud and roughly, sometimes for what seemed like endless hours. This drove my young hormones crazy and always challenged my stamina of jerking off to last as long as they did.

Some sneaking around on my part also led me to find adult magazines in their nightstand, and most of them were swingers’ hookup books. This was before internet, so it seemed that people placed ads to hook up with other like-minded singles or couples to indulge in various erotic acts.

Occasionally on a Saturday or Sunday they would spend the whole day in their room or bed, and mom would come out only to check on me in just a thin silk bathrobe that failed to hide her breasts and nipples, and then went right back leaving me to only imagine what was happening to moms’ sexy body behind the locked doors for all those continuous hours.

While snooping around during times of being home alone I discovered that Moms’ dresser proved to be a treasure chest of erotica filled with various styled vibrators and big rubber cocks. But my favorite discovery about mom was that she had g strings, an array of small sexy panties and bras, including crotchless panties.

As I mentioned, Mom and I were very close and would have private conversations with no subject being off limits and what she called our “secrets”.

Mom was working at a clerical position for a local doctor and I was a single guy working in construction making good money for a young guy, so I helped her financially and she did everything for me. I always had a nice hot dinner of my favorites waiting for me whenever I decided to get home, and I often bought mom and I dinner out which we would have delivered, or mom would go pick up while I showered from a dirty day of construction work which she called “you buy, I’ll fly”. Occasionally I would also take her out to her favorite local Italian restaurant, we always enjoyed going out together and we sometimes joked about when our next date would be.

We were very close and extremely happy. I even put her as my “wife” for a credit card account so we each had a card if needed and we paid the bills together. It was very loving, and I was happy to have someone there to take care of me, do my laundry and organize our bills together.

It was also a perfect relationship with someone that I loved, and she loved me in return and took care of me. And as a young man that loved to party with his friends and meet hot girls my age, she let me do my thing and was encouraging and occasionally even tried to match me with some of her friend’s daughters. She was also very friendly and welcoming if I brought a girlfriend to our house, and to the surprise of my girlfriends she never said anything when we disappeared to my room for quick sex.

I remember coming home from late Friday or Saturday nights at the local bar that my buddies and I hung out at on weekends only to be greeted by mom, if I was home right after last call she would joke,

“I guess you didn’t get lucky tonight?” or if I got home long after sunrise she was inquisitive.

“You met someone?” Mom asked curiously, “You spent the night with her?” she added before I could even answer the first question.

“Well knowing your taste in women, I’m sure she’s sexy,” Mom said assuredly.

Admittedly there were times where my buddies and I just went out for breakfast after the bar closed and illegal bahis we did not get “lucky” as she called it, but mom seemed to live vicariously through my adventures and always amazed me with her commitment to us being happy, which may have been more than just in motherly ways.

We also could talk about everything including things that mothers and sons didn’t usually discuss, and I was always eager to brag to her about any of the women that I met at the bars and how smooth I was as I was trying to pick them up with varying degrees of success.

We joked about sex and mom even appreciated an occasional dirty joke, but as we grew closer I realized that this perfect woman would always love me and let me be young, do whatever I wanted to do and was undoubtedly devoted to me and me only, and always asked me how much fun I had when I staggered in the house completely drunk as the sun was coming up and always wanted to hear details of the wild times that I had.

Another past memory of moms’ kinky side before her and dad divorced came one summer at our pool. I was floating and lounging around in the pool on a hot summer day when mom came out of the house in her bathing suit, which was nothing skimpy, sexy or exotic but actually a typical older lady suit consisting of one piece with a little skirt attached to cover the bottom half.

I tried to convince her to get in the water with me to swim, play volleyball or something, but she insisted that she wasn’t getting in and also informed me that dad was coming home for lunch soon, so she waited for him. I noticed that as she walked around waiting for dad it seemed like she was putting a lot of extra effort into holding the skirt section of her bathing suit down tightly. When dad got home she quickly went and greeted him and they talked very quietly a few feet from where I was sitting on the pool steps, so I could not distinguish any part of the conversation.

Through their whispers I sensed that Mom seemed reluctant about something, but then without knowing I was facing her direction she subtly turned up the front of her skirt and revealed that the bottom panty part of her bathing suit was missing, and I could clearly see her pussy and full bush.

She quickly put it down, and they turned and walked to the house. I was speechless, shocked, and completely aroused by what I had just seen, but then as they were walking away from me and towards the house dad reached around to put his hand on the back of her bathing suit and lifted the skirt so now I could see her round, plump bare ass giving me masturbation memories for years to come.

That same night as I lay in bed rubbing my dick at the thought of seeing moms’ thick, round ass and hairy pussy I knew that I would have some great masturbation material for a long time. My thoughts were then interrupted by a commotion coming from moms’ bedroom.

“I don’t want to do that,” I swore I heard.

Further muffled talk made me wish for some type of futuristic listening device that had not yet been invented, but the muffled sounds of resistance and persuasion continued for a short time and kept me perplexed at what was happening in there as these were not the usual sounds of raw animal sex accompanied by the rhythm of a squeaking bed that I was used to over hearing.

After about 20 minutes the mood seemed to change and then the usual sounds of hot love making began and continued for 30- 40 minutes and I was able to hear some phrases like

“Oh, it does feel different,” Mom moaned in a sexy tone.

“It might feel better,” she added, which led to the standard, “Oh… oh… oh, that’s so good,” she purred which was what I was used to and was my favorite. I liked to fantasize about the look on her face as she was saying these words while I feverishly jerked my cock.

The next day I was outside around the driveway and front lawn with my baseball and glove when to my surprise mom came out onto the front porch wearing her “modified” bathing suit again and relaxed in a lawn chair.

“I just want to get some sun on my legs,” Mom said, when I questioned what she was doing.

Remembering the incredible sight from the previous day I inched my way closer to the porch, when as if on cue dad pulled in the driveway. As he walked up to where she was sitting I threw my ball up in the air closer to them and purposely missed so I could get even closer.

“I thought you’re a better ball player than that,” Dad joked.

“It got away from me,” I lied as I got to my ball and pretended to be looking at the ball as I was establishing my position.

Just when I had the perfect angle in front of mom and behind dad, mom looked up at him with her mesmerizing, deep blue eyes. Then just as she had done the day before she turned up the front of her bathing suit skirt and again her amazing pussy was revealed, but I almost fell to the ground when I realized that her full bush was completely gone, and her pussy was shaved totally smooth and bald!

My deductive reasoning or more likely fantasy quickly surmised that illegal bahis siteleri the commotion the previous night was dad forcing mom to let him shave her pussy completely bald, so it was smooth, hairless and looked like a little girls’ slit.

They quickly went into the house as mom said to me, “Keep practicing throwing and catching while I make dads lunch, and then I’ll make you a sandwich.”

I remember standing there frozen, speechless, and in complete awe and full of lust for that gorgeous pussy when the pain of my dick straining against my pants made me realize that I was standing there with an erection.

I probably stood frozen in the same spot for many minutes while fantasizing that moms’ freshly shaved pussy was being fucked right at that moment. That night and for many nights after I jerked off using the image of mom with her pussy completely shaved.

My best buddy Ken and I always had good reasons to party, but during one party weekend celebrating Kens’ birthday we drained our favorite local bar of plenty of alcohol and they entertained us with our favorite bar band playing all weekend.

During one of the nights of the birthday party weekend we enjoyed the music, atmosphere and women probably a little too much and may been a little more over served than usual, so after last call I staggered along the 8 or 9 blocks to our house. I had been and still am a rum drinker which I now know how the effects can creep up so as I walked home (or probably staggered more than usual) the effects of the last few shots were just hitting me.

When I reached the porch and fished my keys out of my pocket, I recall the keyhole being harder to navigate than most nights, but I did overcome the tiny slot and managed to get myself inside safely.

As I was closing the door behind me I heard mom ask from her bedroom, which unfortunately was not far from the driveway door that I always entered.

“Are you home?” Mom yelled from her bedroom.

“No, I’m not home yet,” I joked with my standard answer to this irreverent question, which in my youthful wise ass ways I thought was a very clever comeback.

On most occasions moms’ response would be “Okay, good night” and she’d be back to sleep, and I would proceed to my basement bachelor pad that I had built thanks to the skills that I had acquired from working for my dads’ construction company. My cool place was complete with a bar, waterbed, sitting area with a big screen TV. Mom was as gracious and supportive as ever when encouraging me to build this large party room despite the fact that it took up three quarters of her basement and only left her a small corner area for a washer and dryer.

This occasion for some reason had her out of bed very quickly and in the hallway when I was still closing and locking the door, during which the task of remaining standing quickly proved to be a challenge for me in my overly inebriated state.

All the loving and caring ways that I have described became instantly magnified and an amazing mixture of caring mother and loving wife kicked in. While standing in her small, almost translucent baby doll night gown which I’d never seen, she quickly hung on to her drunken son to protect him from being hurt as she spoke,

“I’m so happy that you had fun tonight celebrating Kenny’s’ birthday, did he have fun too?” Mom said lovingly.

“We had an amazing time, the bar was packed, our favorite band played all night and the girls were hot,” I probably slurred incoherently.

“That’s great,” mom replied, “you guys have both been working hard and this is Kenny’s’ 25th birthday so it’s worth celebrating.”

“Why won’t you ever come to the bar with us for at least one drink, mom?” I asked for the hundredth time although I knew she would resist. “Kenny and I would make sure you had fun, and you know that you love to dance,” I added hoping this would entice the offer.

As mom and I, with mostly her guidance reached our upcoming momentous challenge of navigating the basement stairs to my cool bachelor pad mom got slightly serious, “I just don’t think it’d be my thing.”

“Besides you’ve told me that your father and his pretty young girlfriend stop in and have a drink with you guys once in a while and I don’t think that’s really for me,” She continued unconvincingly.

Somehow, we managed to conquer the basement stairs without injury to either one of us, admittedly my drunken memory was very clouded as to where my hands started and finished during the descent of each step, but I do know clearly that during the climb we spoke affectionately.

“Hang on honey I have you and I’ll take care of you, you are my man and my world,” Mom said.

“I know that mom and I love you and the amazing relationship that we have,” “Of all the women I’ve met no one can take care of me and let me be me like you do,” I added.

“Oh honey, since your father left I knew that you were the man that I needed to devote my life to and I’ll always take care of you and be there for you. Just like I was there after you lived canlı bahis siteleri with Patty for a few months before that relationship went bad, and honey I’m sorry to say it, but honestly, I was ecstatic to have you back,” Mom said reminding me of one past relationship that not only went sour but went down in flames.

Finally, at the bottom of the stairs we entered the door to my cool bachelor pad (and yes, now years later I do realize that a bachelor pad built in my mothers’ basement when I was 23 years old completely negated most, if not all the cool aspects of the architecture and craftsmanship that I expended on the room)

Inside the door mom propped me up against the wall besides my waterbed. This feature was intended as a major seduction focal point when she admitted, “I haven’t seen you this drunk since the breakup with Patty but don’t worry I got you, I love seeing you have a good time and I’ll always be there for you and take care of you.” Mom said in a sexy voice that I wasn’t sure if she had ever used with me before.

Once she had me propped against the wall she knelt down and started untying my shoes, she removed them and methodically put them by the door on the mat that she had bought for me in her amazing attempt to help me create this bachelors paradise while remaining within her home, so I would never have the need to look further for a loving woman who lived solely to give her man a comfortable place to continue to take care of his woman. Next she removed my socks as I struggled to maintain balance against the wooden wall that I designed to accentuate the allure of a waterbed in all its late 80’s glory.

Then she stood upright, and as my blurred vision tried to focus on her curvy, voluptuous figure that was unsuccessfully hidden beneath the white, lace trimmed baby doll style night wear which wasn’t doing very well at restraining her large breasts and ass, and as she bent over the thin material was riding high up her thighs. She patiently unbuttoned my black silk shirt that I always referred to as my “magic” shirt only because I once met a hot woman and had an erotic one-night stand while wearing this same shirt to the local pub.

My rum induced state of mind recalls her lingering on my chest hair as she removed my magic shirt. But her quick advancement to my belt buckle countered those previous thoughts, she skillfully navigated the belt buckle, pants button and zipper, so by the time that my alcohol slowed reflexes could comprehend what was being done to me she had my pants to the floor like an expert.

The next statement that came from her sexy pursed lips made me look into her deep, piercing blue eyes and to this day I can’t find the words to describe the life altering connection that I saw in those blue eyes which to me was like reading a novel in that sole glance.

As I stood there now only in my briefs, my inebriated memory recalls her bringing her face closer to mine, so we were eye to eye as she appeared to now be speaking in a lower, sexier, sultry tone when she slowly said. “Do you want me to take your underwear off too?” I know that sometimes you like to sleep naked?” she said knowingly, “Like all of our other secrets this will be just be between us,” she added.

So, as I stood there pondering this question for what seemed like an eternity, in reality, it may have amounted to only 3-5 seconds, but my current state of intoxication became irrelevant and I spoke as clear as I have ever spoken.

“Yes, that would be good,” I spoke as I amazed myself with a show of confidence and assurance.

Mom did not pause or hesitate for a millisecond after the green light that I gave to her uncharacteristically bold move. Her index fingers moved into the waist band of my briefs at each side of my hips as her eyes locked into mine, and I was lost into the amazing shade of blue that spoke volumes to my soul without uttering a syllable.

My underwear was soon on the floor and the combination of her aggressiveness, and amazing curves that could not be hidden by the small night wear and hypnotic eyes (and very possibly the grim creeper of spiced rum) turned my drunken state into an instant erection fueled by the eroticism of being stripped naked by the only woman that has always loved me, been completely devoted to me, and making me happy as we ventured into uncharted territory. This was also the woman that gave birth to me, the woman whose vagina I was conceived in and birthed. But in what my convoluted, drunken mind interpreted as a few seconds to decide to either deny her advancements, which could seriously impact our amazing relationship, or put the pedal to the metal and capitalize on this once in a lifetime bold move on her part.

I knew that denying her and turning her down could deny myself any possibility of this chance ever again coming to fruition, when the fact was clear that I not only wanted to act on this and respond to her amazing boldness, but I had fantasized about an erotic encounter exactly like this with her since I first started the long arduous process of puberty, constant arousal, and the ability to become erect at the implication of anything erotic. The thought interpretations of having my beautiful, loving, devoted, curvy mom strip me naked was more than I was ever expecting or prepared for.

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