Mixed Up Family Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 — Keeping Busy

Michael Aimes had never been as happy as he was since moving in with Cindee. He hadn’t expected to ever be in a permanent relationship or living with anyone , but Cindee had been fucking him since they were both 18. She was too wild and uninhibited to let any other man have her. Cindee was tall, leggy and blonde, she dressed like a sex-kitten and everyone liked her. Their new neighbors often commented on the “nice young couple” that had moved into their area, some commenting “they even looked like the perfect couple. Who was he to argue? The 35 year-old man settled happily — in a fashion — into domestic bliss.

One of the factors contributing to their happiness was Cindee LOVED to hear about his adventures, she actively encouraged him to fuck other women. In his career as a Software Salesman, he had many opportunities, pretty customers and flight attendants and the like. Cindee didn’t mind and she hinted from time to time he should bring one home so both could play. Cindee loved sex with women, it was her way of keeping faithful to the one and only man for her. Her twin brother.

Michael and Cindee had been best friends since birth and no one had ever come between them. When both started dating, they became jealous of the other’s dates. So one night, talking in Cindee’s room, they went for it. Cindee stripped and then undressed her still-shy brother and took his cock deep into her mouth. He nearly came, there and then, but he held on long enough to give Cindee her first fuck and end both their virginity. They’d been very lucky, no one heard them that night, not their parents, not their siblings.

The attraction and the passion only heated up from there, so Cindee proposed they move in together and live as a couple, out in the open. As his lusty blonde sibling was letting him fuck her ass after a four hour sexathon, he didn’t have the strength to argue. Smartest decision he’d ever made in their nearly-18 year history.

So, here it was … their first anniversary living together … and he’d been perplexed as to what he could get for her, something that would put a light in her blue-green eyes. It had been a recent trip to Tokyo that had given him the idea. His sister-wife loved clothes, she spent a goodly portion of her earnings as a swimwear model on clothes and lingerie and sexy footwear. As it was all for his benefit, Michael didn’t put up too much of a fight.

He’d seen a few of the women in Tokyo wearing a cheongsam, a lovely silk dress that was snug, form-fitting and had a long slit up one side. Some of the girls had golden, long sexy legs and they were just — mrowrrrr – so he thought that Cindee, who had legs that went on for days, would look drop-dead sexy in one of those. He went on the Internet, did a search and found a local store that had a nice selection. It was hard to sneak away from his playmate that morning, who was in an exceptionally horny mood that morning, but she had her `Girl Club’ meeting later on in the day, so that was okay.

Michael entered the shop to the tinkling of chimes and he found the dresses he’d been looking for almost immediately, a variety of styles and colors, a few that were very even scandalously short. He decided against the short ones, preferring to let Cindee have a burst of tease. He was about to make his selection when a melodic voice chimed in from behind him.

“Is there something I can help you with, sir?”

Michael turned and found himself facing a lovely Asian woman who stood about 5’6″ tall, slender, with delicate features, almond eyes and jet-black hair that went down nearly to her waist. Her legs were smooth and shapely, encased in sheer hosiery and black heels. She was clad in a short skirt and pale yellow blouse. If this was the caliber of employee this store employed, he was surprised it wasn’t jam-packed with customers.

“Yes, thank you. I’m looking to buy a cheongsam for my wife, but not quite sure which one I’d like to purchase, Miss ….?”

She held out her hand. “I’m Lana and this is my shop. I love these dresses myself and own several, this is one of my favorites.” She reached towards a blue silk number that Michael indeed thought lovely, but he wasn’t quite sure. He tried to picture Cindee wearing it — then stripping out of it — and he found the image sexy, but still, he wanted her gift to be something she’d cherish. Knowing his naughty little twin, she had something provocative in mind.

Lana sensed his hesitation and took his hand, leading him towards the back of the store. “I have a few here that I put on to show how they look. May I model one for you?” Michael nodded, the thought of seeing this Asian stunner dressed in such a fashion was very lust-provoking. She went into the back changing room and emerged a few minutes later, the cheongsam clinging to her tightly, the slit nearly thigh-high. It showed off a vast expanse of golden legs, still in the sheer hosiery and heels. Lana had a raw magnetism it illegal bahis was difficult to resist. He knew Cindee would agree with him, knowing his twin’s sexual lusts nearly as well as he knew his own. If she had been the one to enter this store, it was very likely Cindee would be the one lusting after Lana’s body.

Lana sensed she nearly had a sale, but knew just what to do to push him over the edge. “I can give you a nice deal on this, but if you need further convincing … ” Lana moved closer to Michael and pressed her lips to his. He protested “My wife … ” but Lana stopped him by putting one finger to his lips.

“I get the idea that you have an open relationship with your wife, am I right?” Michael nodded, so Lana said “Come with me ….?”


“… Michael. Let’s go in the back and I’ll take an early lunch.”

Michael followed the gently swaying buttocks to a surprisingly-large back room that smelled sweetly of Jasmine. He was directed to sit down in a large armchair and watched with delight as the spicy Asian began undressing, unbuttoning the slinky dress one button at a time, shimmying a bit as she did. Michael had commanded her attention the moment he walked into the store, his dark hair and piercing green eyes, his broad shoulders and confidence radiating from every pore — she vowed if he was single, she’d fuck him. Finding out he was married only temporarily deterred her from that goal, because he seemed very at ease around her. Lana just knew that he was into a swinging lifestyle.

Michael watched Lana’s sexy performance and just imagined Cindee putting on a like performance — or even the two women, side by side. Yow! , wouldn’t that be hot! Inch by inch, Lana’s sexy form came into view and he felt his cock stirring — well of course, it had been 12 whole hours since he and Cindee had last fucked.

Considering herself a very experienced seductress, Lana turned her attentions to Michael, whirling her long black hair about as a tease, she moved towards him and straddled him, wearing only stockings and heels — panties were an inconvenience. She grinned sweetly as she removed his tie, his jacket, shirt and then tugged his pants off. She smelled of sex and honey and Michael was aching to fuck her. He bet she was one of the wildest little fuckstresses he’d ever know.

“You’re a little vixen!” he groaned as she ran a manicured fingernail along his bared thigh, then removed his boxers. His dick sprung free and Lana stared — this sexy bastard was hung ! Sale or not, this was going to be an incredible fucking!

“I do my best!” she teased and practically inhaled his cock, right down to the base. Oh Christ, those almond eyes looking at him as she blew him, she had great lips and her golden tits with those dark nipples — she was a fucking Penthouse Forum letter come true.

Lana loved this big dick — her last boyfriend had been lacking in the cock size department — and she planned to take full advantage of this hot stud’s hard cock. There were lots of advantages in being one’s own boss and as Lana slurped and bobbed her head up and down, she enjoyed one of the nicer perks.

“Christ Lana, suck that dick baby. Fuck, if you’re so fucking good, I may buy out the entire fucking store!” Michael hissed as he ran his hands through her silken locks. She was made to be a fucktoy and he wanted to return the favor. He prided himself on being a considerate lover and it was his turn to please Lana.

“Let’s switch, babe!” he instructed. Lana loved being eaten, so she had no intention of complaining. Michael was highly focused, his entire being was devoted to pleasing her now, he ate her cunt with a precise skill, he used skilled hands to play all over her slim body, strumming her clit and patting her pussy from time to time, then gently massaging her quivering flesh. Lana felt as if she was going to faint from pleasure.

“Your dick — gimme your cock lover, I need to be fucked, I want you to screw me deep, c’mon, don’t keep me waiting!” the stocking-clad Lana moaned, wanting to feel his studliness buried deep inside her cunt. He wasn’t going to keep Lana waiting, pulling her from the chair onto the floor, he moved in behind her, grabbing her slender hips.

“I’m not some delicate toy Michael, I can take whatever you dish out.” Lana growled. “FUCK ME and make me feel it!” Cindee snarled. He brought out an animalistic urge in her, but she enjoyed that part of herself, it was rarely seen.

He never could refuse a lady — even one who was such an unabashed whore – so Michael rammed to the hilt with one smooth stroke, hitting bottom and knowing he’d made the right move from her loud wails. He began driving in and out of Lana’s sparsely-covered cunt and marveled at how well the petite beauty fucked him back, her body’s strength surprising for one so tiny. She had a furious way of fucking that he found very arousing, her body twisted and writhed in a wonderful syncopation with his own. His cock was illegal bahis siteleri held snugly within her tight pussy, this’d be a great story to tell Cindee when he presented her with her gift. He was sure as hell that he and Cindee would fuck the hell out of each other once he’d finished telling the tale.

“Goddammit, this is the best cock I’ve had in ages!” Lana growled as she took full measure of the man. She wondered how she could lure him back to the store again, she didn’t want this to be just a one-time thing.

“Like the way I’m giving it to you, you nasty slut?” Michael growled, feeling the cum boil in his balls.

“Liking it a lot, you big-dicked bastard!” Lana growled. “Fuck me good, oh I love being a slut, keep dicking me, fuck me and make me cummmmm ….!” Lana yowled as she went over the edge and orgasmed hard.

Michael followed suit and Lana took his cock and let it spray all over her face, making a tiny spectacle of cleaning her lips of his cum. Slightly disheveled, they got up and dressed, making their way to the front of the store and turning the sign around.

Wrapping up his purchase, Lana said “Please, if she doesn’t like it or it doesn’t fit, feel free to come back.”

Then, Lana added “Or even if she DOES.”

Michael smiled at her and said “If I know Cindee, she’ll want to thank you personally !” He left no doubt to his meaning and he could see from Lana’s beaming face there was another shopping excursion in his future.

Cindee Aimes was huffing and puffing, but he had to admit that her girfriend / sometimes-lover Melanie was right, she had been out of shape, badly out of shape. Her morning regimen of 500 pushups, 500 situps, followed by a 5-mile run, was getting her back in great shape. Her tummy was once again flat and smooth, she’d also dropped close to 20 pounds.

Sadly, Melanie wasn’t around to see it. Melanie had been courted by her boss at the law firm in which she worked, she and the other woman had run off together, shocking everyone — except for Cindee, who knew of their affair. Cindee accepted her loss, she knew a woman with her looks wouldn’t be without another lady-lover for much longer.

As she rounded the corner, the view improved dramatically. Slightly ahead of Cindee, in tight jogging shorts and a crop top was — what she assumed to be — a stunning, tall black woman. Those legs! This beauty had to be at least 5’10” and she had legs all the way to THERE! Cindee was determined to get closer and see if the front was as scrumptious as the front, but the dark-skinned lovely put on an extra burst of speed and was gone.

Those legs — Cindee hadn’t had too many opportunities since Melanie’s departure and she’d always appreciated a nice set of legs. Melanie was leggy and brunette, she worked religiously to keep her legs long, sleek and shapely — and now some other lucky lady was having those legs wrapped around her back.

Cindee shook the distracting image from her mind and pictured dark chocolate limbs wrapped around her neck as she licked deep into a hot, waiting pussy. Cindee shuddered with delight – manoman , was Michael going to get fucked tonight, she had a lot of horny to burn off. In the meantime, she was getting distracted from her daily regimen, she resumed her run

The next day, at almost the same spot, she saw the woman again. Cindee put on a burst of speed and tried to catch her. She almost caught up with the beauty, who turned, blew Cindee a kiss and took off in a burst of speed.

Cindee was S.O.L. on the 3rd day, but on the 4th, there the “black beauty” was. She pumped her legs as furiously as she could and overtook her. Damn! The front was spectacular, long dark hair, round tits that bounced freely, tiny but shapely and eyes that drew you in. The dark stunner flashed a dazzling smile and slowed down.

“Okay, you caught me!” she grinned and slowed down. “Wow — you’re cuter in person then you were at a distance.” She extended a long, slender hand. “Hi, I’m Clarissa.”

“Cindee Aimes, but just call me Cindee. Wow, you can really move.”

Clarissa smiled and jumped up on a nearby brick fence, crossing those legs that seemed to go on forever. “I’m a model — and I love to eat. So I take my running very seriously, I’ve been doing it for a few years.”

Cindee joined Clarissa on the fence. “You’re a model — I believe it, you’re absolutely gorgeous.” Clarissa giggled, it was quite endearing. “I only started a few months ago, my lover — soon to be ex — kept bitching I was out of shape. I’m nearly there!”

Clarissa looked Cindee up and down, an undisguised smile of approval crossed her face. “I wouldn’t complain.” Cindee was almost certain Clarissa knew she hadn’t been speaking about a male lover. Was Clarissa into women? Oh, how wonderful that’d be.

They talked for a while and walked for a while, holding hands like friends. The pair stopped for coffee and enjoyed a nice hour together. That became part of Cindee’s canlı bahis siteleri regimen over the next few weeks, she increased to a thousand pushups & situps, then she ran, met up with Clarissa and spent an hour with her. Being a commercial artist afforded Cindee a lot of freedom and Clarissa’s schedule was almost equally flexible.

When Cindee would come home from her encounters with Clarissa, she was always upbeat, cheerful — and horny as hell. Michael was happy that his lady had found a dear new friend, she hadn’t told him — yet — just how much she wanted to bed Clarissa.

After about a month, while having coffee, Clarissa put her hand on Cindee’s miniskirted thigh and said “Are you ever going to ask me out, beautiful?”

Caught off guard, Cindee stammered, but Clarissa put a finger to her lips and smiled. “Okay hon, I’ll do the asking. Yes, I’m into girls. I really enjoy your company and I want to have dinner with you tonight. We should dress to the 9’s and make a night of it, okay? Pick me up here at 8” Clarissa handed Cindee a piece of paper with her address and number on it and scooted off.

Okay, Cindee thought, stay calm. The most gorgeous, long-legged creature you have ever seen is having dinner with you tonight, that’s all, you’re friends, just go somewhere nice and have a good time.

She pondered for over an hour at home what to wear and then decided to throw it all in the pot, opting for a dress she hadn’t worn in years. Since her weight loss, it fit like a glove again, she took pride in that. It was slinky and form-fitting, a silver lame gown she’d worn on her “honeymoon” with Michael. It hadn’t stayed on very long, she’d let it slip to the floor and revealed the stockings, sheer bra and panties underneath, turning him into a raging fuck-maniac. Wearing exactly the same outfit and silvery stilettos that matched, Cindee got in her car, hands slightly shaking and made her way to Clarissa’s place.

When Clarissa’s door opened the door, Cindee was glad she’d made this choice. Hair curled and hanging like a waterfall, Clarissa wore a black evening gown, showing a lovely expanse of cleavage and her delicate braless breasts. She wore tiny diamond teardrop earrings and the skirt was slit up one side, showing off her best asset, the legs Cindee swore were sculpted by the gods.

“Wow!” was all she could say. It was too little — but there were no words she could think of to describe Clarissa’s loveliness.

“Wow yourself. You clean up nice, Cindee. Shall we?” She took Cindee’s arm and she took Clarissa to her car, remembering her manners, opening doors and making sure she was comfortable At the restaurant, Clarissa and Cindee were seated immediately, the owners recognizing Clarissa from a recent lingerie campaign.

They dined lavishly, Clarissa did indeed love to eat. It was a truly lovely evening. She laughed like bells ringing, was sweet and fun to be with. Nearing the end of the evening, she reached across the table and smiled, saying “You’ve been a very sweet and a perfect lady, Cindee.” Then Clarissa added, winking “You don’t have to be.”

She leaned over and licked Cindee’s ear and stated “I want you to take me home, take our dresses off and sixty-nine with me until we can’t walk straight, okay?”

Cindee paid the bill as soon as she could and let Clarissa lead her to the car as if in a trance. Clarissa stared at Cindee all the way home and squeezed her knee possessively. She tugged Cindee into her apartment and the pair wrapped themselves around each other, legs entwined, holding each other tight, lips fused together, their breath coming in short gasps.

“Clarissa, I … ” she stopped Cindee from speaking. Clarissa strode over to the doorway to the bedroom and began sliding the straps from her dress down chocolate-silk shoulders, baring her breasts. Sweet perfection, dark with rich tiny nipples. Her frame was silky-smooth and her belly was flat, the next thing that was in view was her pussy — shaved smooth and naked, she’d worn no panties. All she wore were sheer stockings and silvery heels that made those beautiful legs look even longer. She was about to slide them off, but Cindee stopped her.

“Keep them on — you have the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen!” Cindee exclaimed. That got a smile.

“Okay, but are you planning to join me any time soon?” she teased. For a moment, Cindee felt rooted to the spot, but she moved towards Clarissa and let herself be led to the bed. Clarissa lit a few candles and spread herself languidly on the bed. Cindee got naked and displayed her body teasingly to Clarissa, who quite obviously liked what she saw.

Legs as sexy as Clarissa’s deserved to be worshiped, Cindee determined. She kissed Clarissa’s legs, she stroked them, she massaged her cocoa-brown thighs and she heard delicate sighs turn into little mewls of pleasure, then moans. Clarissa was soaked when Cindee was done, then a sly smile went to her lips. She moved quickly and flipped Cindee over, they were now in the sixty-nine Clarissa had been yearning for. Cindee knew she could cum if she wasn’t careful, so she distracted himself momentarily by thinking of other things, like balancing her checkbook and grocery shopping.

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