Mistletoe and Mom

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My parents divorced last year after 35 years of marriage when my father ran off with his young secretary; cliché, yes, but it does happen. I’ve been trying to help my mom as much as I can with all the changes so when she needed some one to go with her to her company Holiday party, I accepted without even thinking.

My mother is a typical suburban housewife of 58 – she is not unattractive, but not young, firm or hot. She works as a customer service representative for a manufacturing company; not a glamorous job, but it keeps her busy. My sister lives out of state, so when my parents broke up, I was the one to help her find a job, keep her house and get on track with being single again. I’m thirty-one, living in a big city, and trying to have a life of my own.

Since I live in the city and she in the suburbs, the plan was for me to stay at her house after the Christmas party and then help her with a tree the next day. So much for my weekend, but this was the first Christmas my mom was to spend without my father.

I dressed in a nice suit and when I got to the house, and my mom was still getting ready. She was wearing a short silky robe that she must have put on just after a shower. I sat on her bed and made small talk with her while she put on her makeup. She was in her bathroom at the sink and I could see her from where I sat.

As she leaned toward the mirror, the short robe pulled up and revealed her thick thighs. At 58, she had some extra weight, but still looked better than most women her age. We were busy talking about my sister, but I kept getting tempted by the robe to look at her. I could barely see her red satin panties as the robe fluttered around her ass. I was a little shocked, since I was staring at my mom after all, and put the thoughts out of my mind.

She was done with her makeup and walked into her closet to put her dress on. She was out of sight, but we kept talking.

“Scott,” she said, “I’m hoping you will have a little fun tonight. I know what a drag this must be for you, but I really appreciate you going with me.”

“Mom, don’t worry about it. I’ll have a good time.” I said trying to sound sincere.

“Well, try not to call me ‘Mom’ all night. I don’t want to feel too old. Plus,” she continued, “I just told my coworkers I was bringing a friend.”

She came out of the closet and my jaw dropped open. She was wearing a red satin dress that hugged her hips and overlapped at the legs like a robe. The neckline showcased her very ample bosom.

She blushed when she saw my expression. “Wow,” I said. “That’s a nice dress, Mom.”

“Is it too much?” She asked as she turned around. On her back, above her ass, the dress had a red satin bow. “No, no. You said it was formal.” I tried to calm her. “I think you’re fine. I mean, you look great.”

“Thanks,” she said as she sat down on the bed with her hose in her hand. She started with one leg and slipped on matching red hose, pulling them up her thigh. For as long as I can remember, my mom wore pantyhose, but not like these. These were individual hose and stayed in place with a tight elastic band.

I watched as she pulled them high up her thigh and covered them with her dress. I tried to keep the conversation going, but I’m sure bahis firmaları it stalled out as I took all of this in.

When she was done we both stood up to go, but she paused in front of the mirror. I stood next to her and she wrapped her arm around my back. “Quite a pair,” she said. I agreed not sure if she was talking about us or her well displayed breasts.

As we walked in to the party, there was a small group of people and a cameraman standing facing us. With laughter, the group pointed out that we were under mistletoe and wanted us to kiss. I blushed, but my mom just flowed with it. She turned to me for what I thought would be a peck on the check, but she hit me square on the lips and pulled my face to hers. I could tell the photographer was taking pictures as my mom’s coworkers howled.

After our kiss, my mom turned to the group and said, “That’s one way to break the ice.”

We walked away hand in hand to find our table, and my mom said, “Scott, sorry about that. I didn’t know they were going to do that, and I just got a little carried away.” She paused. “I guess I’m still a little nervous about being in these social settings without your dad and wanted to show off a little. I guess I wanted people to think that I have a young, hot date.”

My cock was waking up at the thought of being her date. I had never had any thoughts like this before, but now I was all for it. “Mom – I mean – Janice, tonight you do have a young, hot date. Just relax and let’s have fun.”

My mom mingled with her coworkers and introduced me as her friend. I could tell she was catching the eye of some of the men and women she worked with. She was more spirited than I had seen her in years and I was happy for her. I played it up being her date by holding her hand or keeping a hand on her back.

After flirting through dinner, my mom and I danced to a few 80’s pop songs. Eventually a slow song came on, and I thought we would go refresh our drinks. My mom, pulled me close and said, “It’s about time. I can’t keep up a fast pace like I used to.”

I held her hand close to us and had my other hand on her back. Unfortunately, with the bow on her dress, my hand stayed pretty high and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had her arm on my lower back and as I caressed her back, she did the same, sometimes rubbing very low to my ass.

“Scott, I know this is a lot of work for you…” She started.

“Work?!” I interrupted. “I’m having a great time. I’m at a fun, fancy party, with a beautiful woman who happens to look great in her red dress.”

She blushed at this, “Thanks. I needed that.” She put her head in my chest as we danced.

I felt a tapping on my shoulder and I turned to see what it was. It was Karen, one of my mom’s coworkers, and she smiled at us pointing up. Hanging over the dance floor was more mistletoe and we were under it. My mom and I laughed and we looked at each other. I put a hand on her cheek and pulled her lips to mine. We kissed for a long time, just on the lips, and continued to dance. My cock was reacting to the kiss and the feel of her body. I’m sure she could tell I was getting hard, but she stayed close.

We broke the kiss and each took a breath. “Thanks, Scott. Tonight means a lot to me kaçak iddaa and you’re great.” she whispered. I wanted more. I danced her back to the mistletoe before the song ended and pointed up. She laughed, “You’re such a man.”

Our kiss was more familiar this time. She parted her lips slightly and our tongues played with each other. My cock jumped and I rubbed against her more. I had just gotten my hand over her bow and onto her ass when the song ended and was followed by another fast number. We went for a drink and didn’t get back on the dance floor again.

The party wound down and we drove home. As we got farther from the party, I could tell the “date” atmosphere was fading. I was disappointed because she had me so turned on. When we got to her house, I decided to continue to play the part of her date. I held her hand as we walked to the door.

“Well, Janice, thank you for taking me to such a lively party. I had a great time with you.” I said as we stood at the door, and I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She was a little surprised by my formality, but played along.

“I had a nice time, too, Scott. You were quite a gentleman. Would you like to come in for a night cap?” She asked with a wink. I quickly agreed.

We went to the living room where there is a small liquor cabinet. My mom took off her shoes and sat on the couch while I made some drinks. I turned around and found her sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and her dress had opened to her mid thighs. Her red stockings were vibrant and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

I handed her a drink and made a toast, “To a wonderful evening with a beautiful woman.” “Scott,” she said, “you really have made me feel special tonight. Thank you.”

She held my hand and rested it on my thigh. “It was my pleasure, Janice.” I said.

We were both quiet for a moment as there was some awkwardness. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. We kissed for some time and I ran my hand over her bosom and hips. Her dress was so silky she felt fabulous. I pulled her close to me and moved my hand over her ass.

She pulled away and said, “Scott, look, this is a little too much. I’m still your mother.”

“That may be true,” I said, “but I’m 31 years old and a pretty well adjusted adult. I find you extremely attractive and, tonight, I am your date.”

“I don’t know.” She paused.

“Well, then let’s think about it tomorrow.” I said as I leaned to kiss her more. She responded by opening her mouth to me and wrapping her arm around my back.

We made out on the couch for about ten minutes, but our fancy clothes were constricting us too much. She whispered in my ear, “I’d like to show you my bedroom.”

I removed my tie and shirt as we walked to her room. I couldn’t take my hands off of her dress. We stood near her bed and embraced. I ran my hands over her ass as we kissed.

“Okay,” she said, “whatever happens tonight is a one-time isolated event that we will put behind us and hopefully we won’t need more therapy.”

“Got it.” I said with my cock prodding her.

She kissed me quick on the lips and unbuckled my pants. She led me to the bed in just my boxers and sat me down. She kneeled down and pulled my cock out. “I can’t believe I’m kaçak bahis doing this.” She sighed as she caressed my cock. “I’ve been thinking about sucking cock for months.”

She took my cock in her mouth and sucked with abandon. Her right hand stroked my hard cock as her mouth moved up and down. I just looked down and caressed her silky back as her head bobbed up and down. The bow on her ass looked like it was my present. I couldn’t hold it in very long and came hard in her mouth. She swallowed my come and kissed my nipples when she was done.

“Wow,” I said. “That was fantastic, mom.” I stood up on my weak legs and said, “Now, let’s get this dress off of you.”

I undid the fastener and it opened up. I laid her on the bed and unwrapped her dress. Her massive breasts spilled out and her nipples were huge. She looked great with her red panties and hose. I started by kissing her nipples while I rubbed my limp cock on her panties. They were so silky and soft against my cock. She moaned while I played with her tits.

“Oh, Scott, that feels sooo gooood,” she said. “Oh, it’s been too long.”

I kept kissing her as I moved down her stomach and kissed her pussy through the panties. I turned around so my knees were near her head and she started stroking my cock and ass.

I pulled her panties down just enough to let me get my head inside and kiss her pussy. Her lips were full and hairy, but I ran my tongue along them front to back. She moaned and squeezed my ass cheek with one hand. Her other hand reached down and caressed my head in her panties. I didn’t need much encouragement as I started lapping away. As I ate her, she licked her forefinger and started teasing my asshole. I was shocked that my mom was so experienced, but it was such a turn-on, I wasn’t about to stop her.

I could hear her moaning more and more. She slipped the tip of her finger in my ass and I moaned as my cock hardened. She almost yelled, “I need you in my now.”

I popped my head out of her panties and pulled them off of her. She was just dressed in her red hose as she lay on top of her silky dress. She popped her finger out of my ass and I turned around. With a smooth, slow motion, I entered her pussy. She moaned, “Oh, yeah. Fuck me now. Fuck your mother.”

I didn’t need to hear it twice. I started pumping faster and faster and she kept up with my pace. Her tits jiggled around on top of her chest as she huffed, “oh, faster, Scott, fuck me hard, oh, your cock is huge, fuck your mother.” Suddenly she became quiet for a moment and a she yelled, “You’re going to make me come.” Her body quivered and her hands scratched all over my back. I came as she squeezed my ass and pulled me into her.

We lay entwined for at least ten minutes before we looked each other in the face. It was a little awkward as we faced the reality of what we had just done. I spoke first with my now limp cock inside her, “Mom, I love you. I love you as a mother and as a woman. I hope we can be happy about what we have just enjoyed together.”

She smiled and said, “Scott, I love you too. You have helped me in ways you will never understand. I am happy about what we just did and I hope you’re getting ready for more because I’m not letting you out of my sight this weekend.”

We cleared the bed and went to sleep together. It was incredible to spoon with my naked mother as we went to sleep. The rest of the weekend was quite eventful as explored each other’s sexuality.

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