Mistaken Identity

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YOU: So, where did you say you’d meet this guy?

IRIS: At the school he teaches at. It’s after hours so no one should be there.

IRIS: Thanks for doing this btw

YOU: It’s no problem, I wouldn’t want you getting hurt.

Irving slid his phone into the pocket of his sweater, scowling at the school building as it drew closer. He hadn’t wanted to set foot in another school after graduating but it had only taken a year to come back, just his luck.

As he climbed the steps, searching for the room number his sister had given him he contemplated just leaving and letting the creep wait it out wherever he was until he realized he’d been had. He laughed at the thought of him twiddling his thumbs, waiting for some beautiful girl to meet up with him.

For as long as Irving could remember he and his sister had turned heads. They had an androgynous beauty about them, timeless and sophisticated in its nature. It was matched only by their propensity for cruelty.

Ever since high school the two of them had gleefully conducted many a scam, the latest of which was catfishing lonely men who could afford to finance their lifestyle. However one of the newest guys, Bill, had recently become a problem. He kept asking Iris to meet in person and going into rages when she made an excuse not to, only to apologize the next day and beg her to talk to him. He always alternated between adoration and vitriol, sending her a mix of donations and threats until she finally responded.

“It’s not like it’s too much of a bother since he’s paying me but it’s kind of annoying.” She’d told Irving that morning, sighing as she stretched beside him on the couch. “Can you go meet with him instead of me? We’re twins and I don’t really show my face so it should be enough to fool him and get him to calm down.”

He’d gone but now that he was here…he looked around the darkened halls of the school and couldn’t help but think of ghost stories. Shivering, he found the room number he’d been given and stepped inside.

The man inside looked exceedingly ordinary. Balding with a patchy beard. His shirt was too tight for him, riding up along his beltline. His body looked like it had once been muscular but had softened after years of drinking. Irving almost rolled his eyes, yeah, it was no wonder his sister had choose him.

Bill lit up at the sight of him and rushed to greet Irving as he closed the door behind him. “W-Wow it’s so nice to finally meet you!” Irving thought about how Iris would respond to this man. He’d read a lot of their chat history and she seemed to put on an innocent, girly air. It had almost sickened him to read, he couldn’t believe people actually bought that crap.

“Aww, it doesn’t even feel like we’re meeting for the first time!” He chirped, trying to soften any masculine edge to his voice. “Like, it feels like we’ve known each other forever doesn’t it?”

Bill nodded eagerly and gestured for Irving to sit with him at one of the desks he’d pulled out from where they were stacked in rows to the side of the room. He offered him tea and cake and Irving ate them without thinking, hungry since he’d spent the day researching and preparing. After half an hour he began to wonder when Bill was going to excuse himself, he was getting tired.

“I might have to go soon,” He yawned, trying to stand but finding his body too heavy. “Huh? What, I can’t…” He turned to look at Bill who was staring at him with his cracked lips stretched in a grin.

“You’re so cute, Iris…” That was the last thing Irving heard before he tumbled to the floor, his vision going black.

When Irving came to he did so with a violent start, feeling as if he was choking. Something was keeping him from breathing. “Shh, shh…” Someone cooed, petting his hair as Irving wildly tried to remember what was going on. He was tied to something- the desk. His hands were tied to one of its legs and Bill was fucking into his face, had been for God knows how long.

Irving’s jaw clicked softly as his mouth adjusted to surround the girth’s of Bill’s cock. His face wrinkled in disgust at the larger man as he panted otele gelen escort down at him, eyes wild behind his thick glasses.

“Finally awake?” He asked. Irving shuddered as he roughly shoved a finger in his mouth, hooking a thumb to stretch his lips.

“I can’t believe it…you’re here.” Bill let out a pathetic wheeze of laughter, rocking his hips slowly deeper into Irving’s mouth.

Irving groaned in discomfort, a dull headache beginning to form as the back of his head was knocked against a desk again and again. How long had it been…?

“You came, you really came…I knew you loved me Iris. I knew it!” Irving groaned again as he felt himself beginning to harden, his body having already worked himself into half mast while he was unconscious. His cock strained against the front of his panties and he adjusted his hips to try and relieve the pressure. The man above him moaned.

“You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed of this, you’re even more perfect than I could have imagined…but what else could I expect from my Iris?” Bill’s grip on Irving’s hair became harsher, fingers curling into a fist as he shoved his cock further down Irving’s throat. As the younger man choked Bill sighed with pleasure, bobbing Irving’s head back and forth with no effort at all.

Irving’s vision began to blur as the minutes wore on, wet choking noises being forced from him at the lack of air. Bill was still babbling on about how pretty Irving was, how perfect he looked swallowing him down. Irving tried in vain to loosen his hands but Bill only cooed at him to hush.

Just as he was about to pass out Bill finally pulled out of his mouth and Irving gasped for air, filling his lungs. When his breathing had returned to normal he glared up at the man above him whose mouth was open in undisguised lust. If he were a cartoon character he’d be drooling.

“You said I was disgusting didn’t you? I knew that couldn’t be true, you wouldn’t say that would you Iris?” Irving stayed silent, turning away to glare at the wall instead. She’d called him disgusting? Why had his sister instigated this man? He couldn’t see her angle. More importantly, he thought. If she knew that then why would she send me here? He tested his restraints again and to his surprise found that they were looser than before, his desperate thrashing must have done something.

Before he could do anything else Bill turned his head painfully back to face him. “Open your mouth.” Irving grit his teeth. Bill frowned, voice dipping dangerously low. “I don’t want to get mad at you, Iris.” Irving hesitated, shuddering as he opened his mouth obediently. He had to be smart about this.

“That’s it, stick out your tongue…keep it open okay? Good girl.” He cupped one of Irving’s cheeks with his hand and kissed him, swirling their tongues together. It took everything he had to keep his tongue extended but eventually the kiss ended. To his horror a thin strand of saliva connected them for a moment before it broke.

“Fuck, Iris I’m gonna…” Irving’s attention refocused as he saw Bill stroking himself inches in front of his face. In his surprise he closed his mouth again, receiving a slap from the larger man for his disobedience. Irving’s eyes widened in shock, he’d never been hit before. It hurt more than he’d expected.

“Open your fucking mouth.” Bill growled and Irving hurriedly obeyed, sticking out his tongue with a wince as pain bloomed across his cheek. I’m going to bleed him dry, he thought ruefully. I’m going to take everything this fucker has. The thought comforted him as Bill groaned and bucked his hips, coming in thick ribbons over Irving’s face, coating his tongue. It was a new sensation and Irving felt his face getting red with embarrassment. It was degrading, dressed as a girl with his tongue out, begging for some old man’s cum.

“Swallow it.” Bill insisted hurriedly, glasses askew as he knelt in front of Irving. “Swallow it or I do it again.” Irving whimpered despite himself, swallowing Bill’s load. For a moment everything was still. Then Bill ran a thumb down Irving’s cheek, breath rus escort bayan picking up again.

“Sorry Iris but I can’t take it anymore…You’ll hate me after this, right? You won’t come see me again so I have to make the most of it…” To Irving’s horror the man stood again, stroking his hardening cock. “Just once, just let me fuck you once…” Bill began to mumble, reaching for Irving’s skirt.

The younger man’s blood ran cold. If this psycho finds out I’m not Iris, he’ll kill me. He thought, wracking his brain wildly for a plan. In the nick of time he managed to free his hands which had been desperately fighting against his bonds and skitter away from the larger man to the safety of under the desks.

Bill’s eyes were wide with surprise but quickly filled with rage, reaching for him underneath the rows of desks. “Iris, come out! You’re running away from me? After I loved you, after all that money I spent on you? How fucking d-”

“I’m not running away, am I?” Irving asked in a quiet voice, hugging his knees to his chest. Bill’s gaze went right to his panties and Irving felt another shudder creep up his spine. He wanted to beat the man unconscious but he knew he couldn’t win a fight against him. Irving’s only fighting experience had been hassling nobodies for their money when he was in school. He had to play along for now.

“You just scared that’s all Billy, I-I’m a virgin you know? And you were yelling at me.” He twirled a lock of long hair around his finger and tried his best to look convincingly shy. Bill paused, drawing his hand back.

“S-Sorry…” Irving got on his knees and slowly began to crawl closer to the man. His heart hammered in his chest.

“It’s alright, I can’t let you fuck my pussy but maybe…” His cock was so hard between his legs it hurt. He was glad he’d taped it down or else the other man would have surely noticed his erection. The danger of the situation was going to his head but instead of being frightened he felt…exhilarated. Like how it felt scamming people out of money, holding blackmail over their pathetic heads as they begged that they’d do anything to stop them from leaking it. He was going to do it, he was going to give this pitiful man his virginity. It made his stomach roil in revulsion but his cock…

“If you’re not opposed you can use my ass, okay?” He offered, coming out from the safety of the desks and lying on his stomach, hips up in the air. He let the fabric of his skirt and shirt slide down his hips, revealing his panties to the man. Irving shivered in the cold night air, reaching back to lower the lacy fabric enough to present his waiting hole.

There was a low groan like an animal in pain before he felt large hands gripping his slender waist, pulling him backwards onto Bill’s awaiting cock.

It felt even bigger inside his ass than it had his mouth and he could still feel his own spit lubing it up. His knees grew weak as Bill fucked him mercilessly, bouncing him on his cock like a doll as Irving nearly screamed in pleasure and shock. He was endlessly glad that the building was abandoned, sure that his noises were echoing through the halls.

“Iris, say you love it.” Irving moaned, eyes rolled back into his head. Bill slapped his ass hard enough to leave a bright red mark in the middle of his pale flesh. “Say you love my cock.”

“I love your co-” Another spanking interrupted Irving’s plea, this one so hard it caused the younger man to see stars. After a few seconds he begged for him to stop, voice lilting up in pleasure that made the sentiment sound teasing and girlish.

“Pleaase…” He begged, burying his head in his hands. Tears stung his eyes and his own cock drooled precum. No one had ever treated him so roughly and the pain and embarrassment pooled in his chest, feeling like pleasure. He’s driving me crazy, Irving thought, biting his lip. His dick is driving me insane…

Bill finally stopped his onslaught after a minute, admiring his handiwork before continuing to fuck into the younger man. “Naughty girl…call me mister Lane, okay? You sound so cute when you sıhhiye escort bayan call me that…” Irving’s legs shook as he came all over his stomach. He could feel it dripping down onto his shirt. His face burned with shame as he opened his mouth to speak.

“I looove it when you fuck me with your giant cock mister Lane,” He moaned, breathless and high like a girl without trying. His mind was a haze of lust as he looked back at Bill with a pleading look, a tear running down his cheek.

“I’m reeally sorry about being so mean to you, please fill me up with cum to your heart’s content as an apology.” Bill nodded eagerly, thrusting into him faster. His hands were leaving bruise marks on his hips and he was babbling under his breath as he continued to fuck the younger man into the floor.

“That’s right, take it all for me…I knew you were a good girl Iris, I knew you loved me. Gonna fuck you until the sun comes up, until you can’t stand the thought of life without my cock.” Irving’s arms gave out as Bill continued, chest lying flat against the ground with arms splayed out at his sides. He looked like a ragdoll next to the man mounting him, his stockings had been torn in an effort to get to his ass and his mouth was open in a never ending litany of moans.

“I’m gonna come baby, so be sure to take it all with a smile okay?” Irving didn’t reply with anything more than a whimper as Bill came inside him, filling up his virgin ass with semen. Irving blinked, trying to orient himself again. He weakly attempted to sit up only to find himself forced to his stomach again by a large hand pressed against his back. He looked blearily up at Bill who was gazing at him with an apologetic smile on his face.

“Sorry Iris, just one more okay?” He asked, voice trembling with want as he slowly began fucking Irving once again, shoving his cum deeper into him and torturing his already sensitive hole as Irving cried out, grasping out at the air in front of him. “Just one more time, I promise…”

By the time Bill was done Irving was a mess. His stockings were in tatters and he was covered in cum. It leaked from his exposed pink hole and from between his slightly swollen lips, shiny with saliva that ran down his chin. He’d been coming dry for hours before Bill was even close to done, the front of his chest splattered with semen. The last few rounds he’d been out of his mind with pleasure, mewling for the other man’s cock like a slut. He hadn’t been able to think about anything but being fucked, about anything but how good Bill’s cock made him feel.

“Phew!” Bill finally sighed, zipping himself back up as he stood over Irving’s twitching form. “That was fun, wasn’t it Iris?” When he didn’t respond Bill only chuckled softly and kissed the top of his head, draping a coat over his body.

“I’ll message you later, okay? If you want, let’s meet up like this again soon.” And with that he left, gently closing the classroom door behind him.

Irving woke up an hour later, feeling sore and sticky and embarrassed as he hurried home with the coat pulled tightly around his body, paranoid that someone would notice him. When he arrived at his apartment he found his sister sitting in the living room, typing at her computer. She glanced at him before turning back to her work.

“So, how did it go?”

“You knew didn’t you?” He growled, throwing the coat and wig to the floor and making as if to lunge at her. “You knew that fucker was a perverted ps-” She held up a finger, rolling her eyes.

“Calm down. I didn’t know he’d go…that far but what’s the alternative, me?” Irving sighed and shook his head. Despite it all he loved his sister, and she wasn’t as good with people as he was. He dreaded to think what might have happened if she’d pissed Bill off.

“Exactly. Besides, it wasn’t all in vain. Look.”

She turned her laptop to face him and he squinted at what was in front of him. It was a video of Bill fucking his face. His blood ran cold for a moment before he noticed that it was being sent to Bill himself. Iris smiled, cold and sharp and Irving felt it spark something in him despite the night he’d had. Revenge.

“Was this your plan all along?” He asked. Iris nodded, eyes alight with joy.

“How much money do you think he’ll pay for us not to release this?” She asked, chuckling darkly. Irving began to grin, joining in on her delight. “We’re gonna be rich Irving, you’ll see.”

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