Mistaken Identity Pt. 05

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David heard the sound of a throat being cleared and jerked upright, banging his knee against the underside of his desk hard enough to send his bin of paper clips skittering off the side and onto the floor. When he spotted Ryan leaned up against the open doorway, grinning his ass off, David groaned and scrubbed a hand down his face, trying to make the red mark he knew was there fade. “How long have you been standing there?”

Ryan stepped further into the room, his smile never fading as he took a seat across from David and kicked his muddy boots up onto the desk. “You mean, how long have I been watching you bang your head against the desk like a man possessed?” He asked in a slow, Southern drawl. “Long enough.”

Well, this is just great. Ryan was like a dog with a bone whenever anything caught his interest. It made him a fantastic private investigator, despite the fact he usually looked fresh out of a barn with his cowboy hats, ripped up jeans and never ending supply of white tees. But he could be a real pain in the ass when you had something to hide from him. And David was carrying one hell of a secret.

“So…” Ryan leaned back, lacing his fingers behind his head, huge arms flexing. “You gonna tell me why you’re training to break boards with your damn forehead?”

David sniffed and shot an annoyed look at the boots dirtying up a stack of papers that Ryan conveniently managed to ignore. “Why are you even here? I thought you were going out of town on a case?”

“Got back in this morning. You’d know that if you checked your phone and saw where I text you about going out and celebratin’.”

“Wait. Celebrating what?”

Ryan raised a brow, his gaze suddenly looking a little too sharp for David’s taste. “A job well done of course. You thought I flew down to Atlanta and came back empty handed?”

David wasn’t thinking much of anything at the moment. Whatever his best friend had told him about what he was working on was completely lost in the chaos. Guilt was eating away at the lining of his stomach like acid and yet his traitorous brain was playing the events of the night before on a permanent loop.

Despite taking the longest shower of his life this morning and brushing his teeth until his gums hurt, he could still smell Caetlyn on his skin. Taste her sweat on his tongue. He was banging his head on the desk because making his brain rattle was the only thing that kept the sounds of her moans at bay. They were so sweet. So free. Such a welcome contrast to the innocence she always displayed. Already, blood was rushing to his cock causing it to swell.

He was in trouble. He knew it bone deep. How was he supposed to pretend like a whole new side of him didn’t wake up last night? Despite his anxiety this morning, seeing Melissa’s ass swish around the house had made him want to bend her over the counter and fuck her until she couldn’t stand. And the second Caetlyn showed up and opened that sweet little mouth a nearly overpowering urge had surged up inside him, demanding that he grasp that red hair tight in his fist and fuck her throat.

“Jesus, D.” Ryan’s low chuckle brought him back to the real world. “Did Mel swing from the chandelier last night or what? Whatever you were just thinking about got you lookin’ like a damn tomato.”

David croaked out a noise that was almost a laugh as his mind raced to find a way out of this. Ryan would smell a lie like a bloodhound but the truth was out of the question. What would the truth even sound like?

Nah, man. You remember Caetlyn? My wife’s twin? Get this. Last night, I was supposed to be sneaking into the house and forcing myself onto my girl. Imagine my surprise when I flipped her over after fucking her for everything she was worth and finding the wrong sister staring back at me. Oh, I also didn’t use protection and I pumped her full of more cum than I’ve let out in a year. What a night, huh?

It would almost, almost, be worth it to see Ryan’s jaw drop in slack-jawed surprise because nothing ever surprised the guy. Except he also had a profound hatred of cheating husbands, arms the size of a linebacker’s and fists that looked closer to shovels. David had no interest in finding himself on the wrong side of those giant things so he settled for a muttered, “Something like that.”

“Come on. I don’t get details? What kind of friend are you?”

“The kind that isn’t sure why we’re still in my office instead of at whatever bar you have picked out.”

Ryan’s feet dropped from the table with a loud thump and he stared in surprise. “I can’t believe you ain’t putting up more of a fight about drinking at three in the afternoon. Sure you’re feeling alright?”

“I’m good.” David eyeballed the work sitting uncompleted on his desk with disgust. “Besides, I could really use a fucking drink.” He pressed the intercom button on his desk as they both stood. “Keith?”

The sound of bubblegum popping came through the speaker before his assistant said, “Yeah, boss? What’s up?”

Ryan smirked escort bostancı at him and David squeezed his eyes closed to keep them from rolling out of his skull. Keith was the best assistant a person could ask for and kept things rolling smoothly like a well-oiled machine, but he had his quirks. An unhealthy obsession with watermelon flavored gum that he insisted on constantly blowing bubbles with was one of them. And although the list was long, that was the main thing that threatened to drive David up the wall most days.

He took a deep, calming breath. “I’m calling it in early today. Ryan and I are heading to…” Ryan mouthed the name of the bar and David fought back another grimace. “Camilla’s. You coming?”

“Hell yes. Let’s do this!” There was some commotion on the other end and David was grateful that he didn’t have glass walls. He was sure Keith was on the other side doing one of his odd dances. Then he heard, “Uh oh,” followed by a loud crash.

David sighed and shook his head. At least the compliment on the other man’s efficiency hadn’t been said out loud. “What did you break this time? If I have to buy one more stapler I swear I’m going to turn your balls into a-”

“Now, that’s certainly no way to talk your employees,” a woman’s voice said and David’s blood turned to ice. He knew that voice like the back of his hand. “What if they file a complaint?”

He was distinctly aware that the collar of his shirt had gotten too tight and that he started pulling at it the moment she poke. There was also the not so comfortable fact that Ryan was looking his way with a little too much interest in his sudden restlessness.

Pull it together. So your wife is here. At your office. Which she never comes to. The night after you slept with her sister. No big deal, right?

David maneuvered around the desk and out into the hall, hoping the smile on his face wasn’t as brittle as it felt like. Keith was on the floor picking up what looked to be scattered paper clips and Melissa was sitting on a desk in the lobby, one leg curled underneath her while the other swung loosely, watching him approach with a casual smirk. He carefully searched jewel green eyes that he was intimately familiar with for any hint of anger or mistrust but he found nothing but the same warm love that he’d known for years. And didn’t that just manage to make him feel like a complete piece of shit and the luckiest man in the world all at the same time. Thankfully, the worried part of his brain was picked up and thrown into the backseat as he got close enough to get a good look at her.

Gray leggings hugged her to perfection and his eyes danced over her curves as they worked their way up. The black, cut off sweatshirt she wore left her flat stomach exposed along with one shoulder, and as she stood to wrap him in a hug, he gave into the urge that was begging him to kiss that bit of skin that was calling to him. The soft sigh she released into his chest shot straight to his dick and he intentionally gave the other two men in the room his back as he let his palms glide over the globes of her ass before sharply squeezing each cheek. She looked up at him as he did, eyes fluttering and his head dipped, ready to devour her in a kiss when they were interrupted.

“Come on now,” Ryan chided behind them. “Y’all are about to hump each other right here on the floor and I can’t even get some love first?”

David cursed underneath his breath and Melissa patted him on the chest as she let go, stepping around him towards Ryan. He had to put his objections on hold though as he watched the jiggle those few, short steps provided. God bless leggings.

Ryan wrapped her up in a hug that was, admittedly, nothing but friendly and yet David still found his fingers clenching as they rocked from side to side. He forced them to relax when they let go and mentally found another desk to smack his head into. Was this how cheaters felt? Constantly second guessing every little action because of their own guilt? Because he didn’t like it in the least and this was only day one.

“So how was Atlanta?” Melissa asked and David winced. Of course she would remember when it had completely slipped his mind. Another nail in the coffin so to speak.

“Same shit different day, yeah?” Ryan waved it off. “I’m taking Mr. Uptight and Dancing Queen out for some day drinking, you in?”

“Dancing King, at least,” Keith muttered, grabbing a quick hug from Melissa as well before she returned to David’s side and his hand immediately sought her hip.

Ryan raised a bushy brow. “I can always go back to calling you Flashdance. What’ll it be?”

Keith shook his head but he was smiling. “I never want to hear the name Flashdance come out of your mouth again. At least not until I decide I’m ready for my stripper career to finally take off.”

Melissa snorted and David poked her in the side, trying to keep the smile off his own face. He knew better than to encourage Keith because the last time this had ümraniye escort come up, his assistant had taken it upon himself to attempt an improvised routine on the spot. The vision of a lanky ass twisting in ways no man should was still burned into his retinas.

“On that note,” he butted in before the conversation devolved further, or even worse, Keith decided to perform again. “Camilla’s. Music. Alcohol. In that order.”

“I’ll drive,” Ryan offered.

David was a second from calling shotgun, because Ryan’s Mustang was a thing of beauty, when Melissa leaned into him and patted his chest. “We’ll catch up,” she said, voice breathy, looking up at him from beneath her lashes. He swallowed thickly as his body reacted, cock jerking as it thickened in his pants. David still remembered the first time she had looked at him that way, back in the hallways of their high school. It had ended with her legs around his waist, uniform skirt bunched up around her hips while he pinned her to the lockers and dry humped her with reckless enthusiasm. That single look always demolished his control and it hadn’t become any less effective over the years.

David was dimly aware of Ryan’s shit eating grin and of his own answering middle finger going up in the air as his best friend and assistant disappeared down the hall. But truth be told, he was having a bit of trouble focusing.

Melissa’s hands were roaming greedily across his chest, warm fingers dipping underneath his shirt to the smooth skin there. She ran her palms up and down his sides before biting her lip and roughly raking her nails down his abs, making him suck in a harsh breath. Her head tilted at his reaction and a knowing smirk curled her pouty, pink lips. “Take it off,” she ordered, sliding her hands back up his chest and rolling his nipples beneath them.

He was almost to the last button, the majority of his chest already exposed to her teasing, wet kisses against his flesh when he realized what he was doing. His fingers stilled on that last one as he tried to organize his thoughts, articulate the many reasons that they shouldn’t be doing this. It was the middle of the work day for one, which meant the front door was open and anybody could walk in at any time. There was also the not so small problem of what he’d done the night before, even though every touch and kiss pushed that guilt further into the background. So when he opened his mouth, the only thing that came out was, “Here?”

“Damn right we’re doing this here.” She pushed him backwards with one hand and he let her. The backs of his knees connected with a desk and he grunted as he fell backwards into a seated position and she immediately stepped between his legs. His hands settled on her slim waist. “Do you have any idea how many times I teased myself yesterday?” She leaned down and nipped at his jaw, sucked at his neck, took his earlobe between his teeth. “How many times I imagined you inside me?”

David groaned low in his throat, letting his own hands wander. He gripped the firm globes of her ass through her leggings. Squeezing, kneading, loving the way her breathing roughened in his ear. He dipped his head to the side and caught her lips with his, swallowing the gasp of pleasure that escaped from one of them. He wasn’t even sure who at that point. Their tongues rolled languidly together as they shared their breaths until he was half drunk on the smell of her all around him, the taste of her in his mouth. His hand founds its way to her front, possessively cupping between her legs and he hissed in a breath at what he found there.

“Fuck,” he cursed, rubbing her through the already damp fabric. “You’re like an oven already.” She was all but burning his hand.

Melissa laughed low in her throat, jewel green eyes sparkling with desire. “I’ve been like this all day.” She held his gaze as she dipped her fingers beneath her waistband, rubbing herself. He was watching with rapt attention when her fingers came back up, glistening with wetness in the light. She extended the digits in his direction and it didn’t even take a conscious thought for him to open his mouth and suck greedily at the offered juices.

David’s eyes rolled back in his head as the musky smell of her hit his nose and the taste of her honey drove him wild. He pulled roughly at his shirt as he stood, forcing her back as the last, stubborn button popped off and went rolling across the floor. By the time he had yanked it from his shoulders and tossed it away, Melissa was raising her sweater above her head, baring perky, pink tipped breasts to his ravenous gaze. The second she dropped the garment, he latched onto her hips and pulled her against him, the drag of her hard nipples against his skin making his balls ache and his cock pulse with a life all its own.

He needed to be inside of her.

“Hold onto me,” he ordered as he spun them around and she jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. David reached behind her and swept the desk clear kartal escort bayan in one brutal shove, sending the monitor, keyboard, pens and everything else falling to the ground with a loud crash.

Melissa giggled, the sound light and free, even as she rhythmically rolled her hips against his hard length. “I think you broke something.”

“Don’t. Care,” he bit out. David dropped her onto the now empty desk, stepping out of the perfect cradle of her thighs just long enough to shuck his pants, leaving his throbbing cock bobbing in the air. A filthy smirk curved his lips as her whole body flushed a deeper shade of pink, chest heaving as she ran her tongue around her lips and took him in. He grabbed the base of his shaft, giving it a long, slow stroke. “You want this, don’t you?” In a daze, she nodded, one hand squeezing her breasts while the other crept back between her legs.

David stepped back between her thighs and easily caught the hand moving towards her waistband. “Tell me,” he demanded, slapping his thick cock against her mound and making me squirm. “Tell me how you want me to fuck you right here where anyone can come back and see us.”

“Oh, shit,” she whispered. “David.”

He shook his head and positioned his dick at her entrance, thrusting against the soft, wet fabric into the very heat of her. “Not good enough. Come on baby, I know you want me to stretch out this little pussy.”

Her eyes flashed with something devilish and she met his eyes head on. “Don’t make me beg,” she said softly. “Not when I’m wet and aching for you. Not when I know how capable you are of taking what you want.”

David’s whole being paused, the breath in his lungs frozen. In that moment, his awareness focused and became crystal clear on one thing. She knew about last night. Knew that not even twenty four hours ago, her sister had been impaled on his cock. And against all odds, now that the guilt for keeping it a secret wasn’t riding him, he found it hot as fuck that she knew. That maybe she had even seen them together.

His mouth opened and he wasn’t sure what was going to come out. An excuse? An apology? It didn’t matter because she didn’t give him a chance to say anything at all.

Melissa sat up on her elbows, her tongue leaving a hot trail on his neck that made him shiver. “I didn’t tell you to stop.”

He looked deep into her green eyes, searching for anger, betrayal, confusion, but the only thing shining back at him was full blown lust. “But what about-”

“Fucking get inside me before I explode.”

David blinked a few times, then let his eyes slowly drink her in again. He knew things couldn’t possibly be swept under the rug this easily but his cock was still hard and straining and it didn’t care at all about what was going on up top. “You amaze me,” he said reverently, stepping back to roll her leggings down. The sight of damp, red curls coming into view was enough to push everything else to the back of his mind and he kept his eyes locked on the glistening, pink folds of her pussy even as he pulled the last bit of fabric from her ankles.

She was bared to him completely when she spread her legs as wide as they would go and used two fingers to open her body to him. A bead of precum leaked from his cock as the wet, waiting hole of her pussy called to him with its siren song. This time, when David returned to his place between her legs, he leaned his body over hers, covering her completely. One hand went around her neck, wrapping around her throat, the other beside her head so that he could balance. Only using his hips, he slid his cock around her slick folds until the tip dipped into her entrance and held there. And with one long, sure stroke, he seated himself deep inside her, watching the lips of her pussy cling and give against his invasion.

“Yesss,” Melissa moaned, as she wiggled beneath him, taking him even deeper by increments and he was content to let her walls pull at him until she was completely stuffed by his cock.

Sweat broke out on his forehead and he closed his eyes at the effort it took to keep from thrusting inside her like a wild man but even after all these years, her body was incredibly tight and he knew she needed time to accommodate his size. And it was time he would give her, even as he groaned low in his throat at the pure perfection of her lush softness beneath him. Wrapped around him.

“So good,” he panted, circling his hips. “Always so fucking good.”

Her nails scratched down his ribs and his eyes flew open while his body trembled at the quick bite of pain. “Take what you want,” she said carefully and all at once it clicked. He knew what she was refusing to ask for.

David cast off the last bits of his self restraint and let pure, carnal need fill his skin. He needed to mark her. Own her. Fill her with his cock and seed until nothing existed but her womb overflowing with his cum.

His eyes flashed dangerously as his grip on her throat tightened. He stared down at her savagely, daring her to look away as he pulled all but the head of his dick from her tight sheath. He loved that even that much was a struggle. Her greedy flesh wasn’t prone to letting him go. Satisfied that her eyes were wide and watching he cocked a brow, the message clear.

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