Mistaken Identity

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This is a true story

I am a very lucky man. My beautiful wife and I have been married almost 20 years. She gave me two wonderful children. My oldest is a boy, almost 11. My youngest is a girl, just shy of 8. They are fantastic, well adjusted children. We are lucky enough to be able to afford a cabin in Central Minnesota. It is nestled in the trees on a fantastic sandy beach on a lake. It is a three season cabin, open from Memorial Day to early October. Our cabin is the place where our entire family can come together and have fun swimming, riding the SeaDoo, fishing off the dock, and generally enjoy each other’s company. My nieces (through marriage to my wife) are frequent cabin visitors, and have a standing invitation to come up whenever they please.

My nieces are 24, 22, 17 year old. I am the father figure in their lives since their dad left the marriage over 15 years ago and moved in a younger woman. Given the circumstances, these girls have grown up to be well adjusted, normal very beautiful young women. I have taken on the responsibility to guide them and on more than one occasion, crack the whip when they get out of line.

The 4th of July weekend always tests the cabin’s ability to house everyone when it comes time to go to sleep. Tents are set up down by the lake for this eventuality. There is no set arrangement on who will be sleeping in the cabin and who will sleep out in the tents. It generally works out that those who sleep in the tents, are those who just happened to get to bed last that evening.

There is typically a 4th of July parade in town every year. Town is about a 10 minute drive from the cabin. I invited all my nieces to come with, but the youngest two wanted to stay at the lake and work on their tans. The 24 year old niece Jenny wanted to come with me, my wife and two small children.

We arrived on Main Street very early so my wife would make sure that we had a front row seat on the curb. That way the kids could easily run out and collect the candy that was inevitably thrown from the various floats in the parade. We set up portable chairs and blankets and sat there waiting for the parade to begin.

With 45 minutes until the parade, I looked over and noticed that we were seated directly in front of a bar. Heck it was almost noon, so I decided to go get a nice stiff cocktail. I came back and Jenny asked “What are you drinking and where did you get that?”

It was a very hot day and she was looking to quench her thirst as well.

“Look right behind you” I said as she looked up and saw the old rusted “Bar” sign.

Jenny came back out with a Whiskey Coke and sat down to enjoy it. We both had several cocktails during the parade, and all the while, I was thinking I would rather be back at the cabin near the lake, where it was 20 degrees cooler.

Soon enough the parade ended and we went back to the cabin.

Upon arriving back to the cabin we both changed into our bathing suits and I brought a cooler down to the lake, and proceeded to set up my chair next to Jenny’s. We were having great conversation, and as we were talking my eyes could not help but look my gorgeous niece up and down. She is an absolutely beautiful young woman. Straight black hair, long legs, big beautiful firm breasts, and a fantastic waist line. She easily could have been employed as a model if she wanted.

By 5pm or so, both Jenny and I were getting pretty drunk. She suggested that we take the four wheeler through the woods to a bar about a half mile away. She jumped on behind me and was unsure of where to put her hands to hold on. “Jen, just put them around my chest” I said.

We made it to the bar, and we continued drinking as more and more people started to arrive. There was going to be a band on this night, so not long after we arrived the place began to fill up.

Jenny was enjoying the band as we sat and talked about her boyfriend troubles. I gave her some advice on how to handle her situation with the boyfriend, which she thanked me for by ordering another round of drinks. Time seemed to go very quickly that evening.

“Last call!!” the bartender yelled.

“We had better get going back to the cabin” I said, slurring my words a little.

“Yea, I suppose” Jenny replied.

As we left the bar, Jenny climbed on the back of the four wheeler as before, but this time she held her hands much lower on my chest. As we rode through the bumpy trail back to the cabin, her hands kept getting lower until her clasped hands were just above my cock. I wondered if she was intentionally doing that or not. I wrote it off as being drunk.

Upon arriving back at the cabin, we walked to the front door and saw a note “Looks like you two are out of luck. You need to sleep in the red tent tonight”. I was none too pleased, this is my cabin, and I was pissed I had to sleep in a tent.

As we walked down to the tent, I noticed that there was a smoldering camp fire barely going in the fire ring down by the lake. “Jen do you want to have one more illegal bahis cocktail by the fire?”

“Sure, that sounds great” Jenny said.

We sat near the fire and proceeded to significantly add to our blood alcohol levels.

“Jen, I got to go to bed. You coming?”

“Yea, I better get some sleep it is real late”

Unzipping the screen on the tent, I discovered that there were two sleeping bags on top of air mattresses. I guess this would not be so bad after all. At least I am not sleeping on the hard floor of the tent. The tent was a six person size, plenty big for just two of us. The two air mattresses were on either side of the tent.

Jenny layed down put her head back and passed out. I lay there in 80+ degree heat of the night on a sleeping bag designed for -30f. I was hot as hell so I decided to strip down to my boxer shorts and bare chest. I soon passed out lying on my back on top of the sleeping bag.

Sometime later in the fog of a drunken stupor, I was awakened by my half naked wife lying with her head on my chest. She began to stroke my chest hair, and slowly her hand began to find its way under the band of my underwear to my stiffening cock. The soft moonlight was penetrating the walls of the tent and I could just barely see the outlines of her lips as she began to devour my cock. I could feel her tongue working my cock as she pumped the shaft with her hand.

“Honey, if you keep doing that, you are going to get a mouthful of cum”

There was no response other than her continuing to suck my rock hard 9″ cock.

“Hey?, let daddy have some fun too” as I rolled her onto her back and began kissing her deeply.

I sucked her nice firm breasts for several minutes with her moaning with pleasure. I began to work my hand down to her wet soaked underwear, and pulled them off. I moved back up to her tits and then began to tease her stomach with my tongue. I licked my way down to her pussy and licked and sucked furiously. She bucked her hips, and moaned in delight.

It was right then when the drunken fog began to lift. It didn’t make any sense. Why was my wife in this tent with me and my niece? My wife is adventurous, but she would never risk my niece waking up and seeing us!

Just as these thoughts were running through my head, another one came to mind with such clarity it made me reel backwards in the tent: My wife does not shave her pussy bald!!!

That is when it hit me, the gravity of the situation. I was having sex with my niece Jenny!!

In my head I was saying “My life will never be the same, my niece will hate me forever! Dirty old man twice her age, fucking an innocent niece. Oh my God! This is so wrong! What have I done?”

Regaining composure I called out quietly “Jenny?”

There was no answer.


She had passed out. But did she pass out knowing what happened or would she wake up not remembering anything?

I quickly put her underwear back on, and gently rolled her back into her sleeping bag. She stirred but never woke up again that night.

Thinking of the ramifications of what just happened, I did not get another minute of sleep. Very early in the morning, as the sun began to rise, I walked down the dock with my fishing pole and started nervously casting my line into the calm water. It must have been three hours of fishing, and wondering what would happen when she finally came out of the tent. I had no idea of what would happen as I continued to cast my fishing line repeatedly into the water from the end of the dock.

Jenny did not wake up for morning breakfast, despite the repeated attempts of my son yelling into the tent. I figured she was really hung over, so I told my son to knock it off and let her be.

After breakfast I decided to get my butt back down to the dock and away from the rest of my family in the cabin. I figured if she woke up all pissed off, I could take the brunt of her rage down at the dock instead of her and I having a blow out inside the cabin in front of the entire family.

Then it finally happened. I saw Jenny in the tent trying to get the screen door unzipped. After wrestling with a stuck zipper, she emerged, stretched her legs. She saw me fishing off the dock and started making her way onto the dock.

“Here we go” I said to myself under my breath. As she walked down the 150′ dock, I was looking at her to attempt to discern her mood. I was anxiously watching her approach, thinking at any moment the argument would begin.

“Good morning Jen” I said sheepishly. “Rough night last night wasn’t it”

“Yea, but I had a great time” Jenny said shielding her face from the bright sun. It seemed she was wincing from the pounding headache that was building.

What? No arguing, no verbal assault? What a relief, maybe I just dodged a bullet on this one.

“You were a bad boy last nigh…………” Jenny commented, just before I interrupted her.

“Yea, I want to apologize for what happened”

“You should apologize, you illegal bahis siteleri know you should have had me “cut-off” from all those whiskey cokes I had. Holy shit, I got plastered last night”

“Yea, I know I should have. I just thought you were having such a great time, and I figured that since you are now of drinking age, you knew how to handle your liquor.”

“Well it is pretty clear that I don’t know my limit, so next time we go out, stop me a little earlier”

“Will do”

We sat at the end of the dock. Jenny had her feet dangling in the cool water, swishing her toes back and forth as I stood, casting into the calm waters of the lake. After the events of the previous night, I now looked at my niece in a totally different light. I looked at her more sexually now. I gazed down at her loose fitting tank top and her wonderful breasts. I made sure that I stood closely behind her to get a long look at those wonderful tits of hers. My eyes drifted to her long, toned, firm legs.

After a long talk, I was pretty sure she had not remembered the last part of the evening, although she did say a few things that prevented 100% confidence in that belief. I was relieved however, that there was no blow out on the dock, and my niece who I love as much as my own children, didn’t hate me.

After our talk Jenny asked me if there was anything for breakfast. I told her that her aunt had made some home-made sweet rolls and coffee. “Sounds good” Jenny said as she strolled back up to the cabin.

A short time later I heard the screen door of the cabin close with a loud Bang!

My jaw dropped as Jenny approached the end of the dock. She had on a very skimpy bikini. It was the kind of swim suit where any father, upon seeing his daughter in something like that, would turn her around and march her back to change into a different, less revealing option.

Without looking at me she gathered some speed in her step and dove into the water. She let out a yell as her body reacted to the coolish water. As she climbed up the dock ladder I looked at her perfect tits and my cock began to stiffen. She caught my eyes staring at her wonderful pussy that was barely hidden behind a small patch of cloth. A small, almost undetectable grin emerged from the corners of her mouth.

“Can you reach me the shampoo behind you? Jenny said, referring to the shampoo bottle resting on the dock bench.

“Got it” I said and handed her the bottle.

I walked over to the other side of the dock and casted my line into the water to give her a bit of privacy, which frankly, she was not seeking. She lathered up her long brown hair, and worked the soap suds onto her arms and legs. I was reeling in my fishing lure and looked over at her to get a better glimpse of that unbelievable body. As I looked over, our eyes met, and she took her soapy hands and briefly rubbed her pussy under her bikini bottom. She gave me a smile and jumped in the water to rinse off.

It was right then that I knew that she had not experienced any memory loss from the night before in that tent. Once again she climbed the ladder slowly, letting me get another great look at her perfect body. I handed her a towel and she dried off.

“Well if you wore something with a bit more fabric, you wouldn’t be standing here shivering your ass off now would you?”

“My lack of clothing didn’t seem to bother you too much last night though”

“Jen, I am so sorry about last night…………….. I was completely hammered, and I wake up in a drunken stupor, not knowing where I am, with who I thought was your aunt laying on my chest. It didn’t become clear to me until I reached your pussy with my tongue, that I was having sex with someone other than my wife”

“Hey I don’t hold you responsible. I think must have thought that I was lying on Todd’s chest. Frankly the whole thing was a bit foggy. I think it was a case of mistaken identity. Although, I have had a crush on you since I was 16”

“Crush? On me?”

“Yea, you are one hot guy”

“But I am twice your age”

“Yea, so”

“So I have known you since you were four years old! Since your dad took off on your mom, you and your sisters have practically been raised as my own daughters! Don’t you remember the times when I had to go pull you out of high school parties at 2am? Don’t you remember all those weekends of me teaching you how to drive? Don’t you remember all those times we talked about boys and how evil they are?”

“Of course I do. That is what I find so sexy about you. You are a great dad, you treat Aunt Julie great, and you are a good family man. All of that, and how you interact with your own kids; I find that incredibly sexy.”

“Apparently I don’t treat Aunt Julie that well. I cheated on her with her sisters’ oldest child!”

“But you did not knowingly cheat on her” Jenny protested.

“I suppose you are right. Please don’t say anything to your sisters, Aunt Julie, or anyone for that matter,,,,,,,,,,, ok?”

“I canlı bahis siteleri won’t say a thing. I am ok with what happened last night, and you should be too” Jenny giggled.

“Stop it” I said, trying to end the conversation.

For the rest of the day, we hung out down at the water. Jenny played with my two young children in the shallow water near the shore, while my wife Julie read a book in her lawn chair. I took my other nieces tubing behind the SeaDoo. Every once and awhile someone would jump off the dock into the water to cool off from a very hot day.

It was a tradition to take everybody out on the pontoon boat in the early evening. The adults would board the boat with a cooler in hand, and the kids would bring toys to keep themselves busy. These boat rides would normally last an hour or two, but since this was the 4th of July holiday, we would be watching the fireworks after it got dark enough.

As the sun set over the horizon, the fireworks began in earnest. This was not a formal event. There were families all around the lake with varying quality of fireworks shows. We would scan the lake for the “big boomers” and navigate closer for a look.

At about 11pm or so, my wife said that she would like to get the kids to bed, and told me to start heading back to the cabin. We arrived and my two kids and my wife went into the cabin. With the pontoon boat tied to the dock, I turned on the radio and mixed another drink. The youngest two of my nieces walked up to the campfire and began to roast marshmallows in preparation for their favorite summer treat, SMORES!

That left me and Jenny down in the pontoon boat sipping on our cocktails watching the various fireworks popping off in the distance.

“Uncle Jeff? I am getting eaten alive by these fucking mosquitoes. Can we go back out on the lake?” Jenny said, hoping that the speed of the pontoon boat and being offshore would keep the mosquitoes at bay.

“Sure, that sounds good to me. Let me yell up to your sisters and see if they want to come along. GIRLS! Do you want to go back out and watch more fireworks?”

“Noooooo” they yelled back.

Jenny untied the pontoon boat as I started the motor. In a few seconds we were on our way motoring slowly past the various docks displaying fireworks. Jenny sat next to me on the right side of the pontoon boat as we proceeded around the lake in a clockwise direction.

As it got later, you could feel a cool blanket of air descend off the banks of the lake. Jenny had on shorts and a tank top. I wondered how long it would be before she complained about the cold and wanted to go back in. I didn’t want to go in, and I really was enjoying my young beautiful niece sitting next to me. We were having a wonderful time talking about this or that, sipping our cocktails.

The cold finally got the best of her and she said “Uncle Jeff, do you have any blankets on board?”

“Yup, sure do, right under that countertop. Pull it up and there should be one under there somewhere”

She found a blanket and again sat down beside me. She offered me part of the blanket. I accepted her offer and nestled under with her, continuing to steer with one hand, and sip my drink with the other.

“Let’s go out to the middle of the lake” Jenny said. “It looks like the cold air made the mosquitoes run for cover. I want to go out there and just float in the middle of the lake and watch the rest of the fireworks.”

With that, I slowly motored towards the middle of the lake. I put the boat in neutral and shut it off. I tuned the crappy boat radio to a jazz station and was just about to stand up to mix another drink when I felt Jenny’s hand begin to rub my thigh. I sat back down.

There was silence as she now rubbed my upper leg, slowly working her way toward the growing bulge in my pants. I could not speak. She noticed that her efforts were paying off as she stroked my now rock hard cock through my jeans. The entire length was pressing against the material as she slid two fingers on either side of my cock head. My cock wanted out of those jeans!

“Jeff, I want you to finish what was started last night”

“What! There will be no finishing of anything!” I falsely protested to Jenny.

“Looks to me that I got at least someone started” Looking down at my rock hard cock as she slowly ran her fingers across the bulge in my jeans.

“Jen, I am your uncle, this is not going to happen. What happened last night was a mistake, I love you but we shouldn’t be doing this, it is not right.”

“You are correct, this is not right, but at this point I don’t give a fuck. I was just pretending that I was passed out as you were trying to get me back into my sleeping bag. Right when you realized who I actually was, I was really ashamed and embarrassed, so I pretended to pass out.”

“Ashamed and embarrassed, you don’t know the half of it Jen”

“I have been watching that bulge in your pants for years, and I wanted to see what it was all about. I only got to quickly experience that cock of yours last night, and I bet you’re great in bed “.

“How does someone “seem” great in bed?” I answered.

“The way you carry yourself in front of me and my sisters, and how attentive you are to Aunt Julie, that’s how”.

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