Missing Knickers

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Everything suddenly clicked into place for Claire on that afternoon at home, over a period of several months she had been sure that some of her knickers had gone missing only to show up again later on, at first she thought that she was just getting forgetful or that they had fallen behind a drawer or somewhere but now here she could clearly see the truth.

Her 19yr son John was sat in his room playing on the playstation, clearly unaware that his mother was looking into his room from the doorway and from where she was able to see the pink lace of her knickers creeping up from the back of his jeans.

Claire was not entirely innocent and had seen plenty of pictures on the net of guys who liked to wear female attire, however she immediately had a nagging through as to whether her son was gay or not. She went back downstairs and sat on the sofa wondering to herself how to handle it.

A few days later the pink knickers that she had seen him wearing re-appeared in the washing basket but that a red pair she had purposely left on the top of the pile had now gone missing.

When John came down that morning she waited until her husband had gone away on a business trip for a few days and then decided to investigate further by asking her son to do her a favour.

“John could you take a look under the sofa for me please as I think I have lost an earring somewhere.”

John got onto the floor, pulling down his t-shirt as he did but it was too late given that his mother knew what she was looking for and she was clearly able to catch a glimpse of the silky shine of her knickers.

“Nice underwear you have on there.”

John froze and his face became as red as the knickers he was wearing. He slowly moved back to a sitting position on the floor.

“I think we need to have a chat, don’t you son?”

“I guess so.”

“Are you gay?” she asked.

“No way mum, no way at all, you know I have plenty of girlfriends” he replied.

“Then I am a little confused as to why you are wearing my knickers around.”

“I just like the feel of them I guess, they feel sexier than boxers and stuff.”

“How long have you been doing this for?” she wanted to know.

“Years really, I used to try things on when you where out and the underwear became a bit of a habit I guess.”

“What other stuff of mine have you tried on?”

“Skirts, Dresses, Tops, Tights and stuff.”

Claire sat back hard on the sofa trying to digest what she had just learnt but oddly found herself more interested than disgusted. Her mind drifted back to some articles that she had read the night before about guys cross dressing in private but leading otherwise normal lives and also some of the pictures where even she would have struggled to say whether it was a guy underneath.

“So you definitely like women?” she asked.

“Yes of course mum.”

“Come with me” she old told as she got up from the sofa and started up the stairs.

By the time John caught up with her she was rummaging in her wardrobe.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a worried tone.

“Trying to find you a nice outfit to wear, something sexy and stylish.”

“I thought you would be angry?”

“Look, I have had a suspicion for a little while, a woman tends to notice when her knickers illegal bahis go missing but I am not angry. If anything you have me curious about how convincing we can make you look.”

Claire went back to rummaging and after a few minutes she had found a black dress that was quite stylish and short without being over the top, luckily being a size 14 herself she thought that he would be able to get into it as he was fairly slim and about the same height.

“Take your jeans off John.”

“But mum…….”

“No buts,” she cut off him quickly before he could change her mind as she had some ideas forming in her head that she wanted to experiment with.

Paul stood up before her and very reluctantly undid his jeans and pulled them down revealing a hard cock poking out of the knickers he had on, he stepped out of them. .Claire could not resist reaching out and stroking his erection and causing him to gasp at her touch.

Her son reached out to feel her but she stopped him.

“I have a few ideas for you first before you get too horny,” she coyly replied.

“Like what?”

“Well I think we should make you into a proper girl to start with, you need a smooth body and a full outfit to wear.”

Luckily Claire knew just the person to ask…..an old school friend of her who lived locally did waxing professionally and was broadminded enough that she would not get worried by what Claire was about to ask her to do.

She called her friend and explained what had gone on and her friend told her it was fine and that loads of blokes came to her to be fully waxed and some of them freely admitted it was for the same reason.

Claire felt better already knowing that she had shared her secret burden with someone that she could trust.

“OK son put your jeans back on we are going out, leave you knickers on though.”

“Where are we going?” he asked having not heard his mother’s phone call.

“To see a friend who is going to fully wax you and yes I have told her our secret,” she saw the look of fear in his face that men get at the thought of being waxed and smiled to herself, she knew it would hurt while it was being done but reasoned it would be worth it.

Paul was introduced to Kirsty and led into the Salon where she told him to fully undress, and then smiled as he pulled off his jeans and was erect again in his mother’s knickers.

“Yum that looks a nice toy Claire,” she said winking at her friend.

“You get more than your fair share Kirsty, it’s my turn for a little fun,” Claire replied.

“Kinky fun at that.”

John had now fully undressed and was instructed to lie down on the bed.

“Now this is going to cause you some pain I am afraid John, you are not massively hairy tough which is in your favour but there will probably be a bit of bleeding.”

“Let’s just get this over with,”. he replied slightly sullenly.

A long while later John was completely smooth and a little on the sore side as he sat up and pulled on his clothes after Kirsty had much to his enjoyment run her hands all over him to check that he was fully smooth.

“You mum said she will meet you outside as she has been out to do some shopping.”

“Thanks Kirsty, this feels very odd but quite good.”

“Well I hope to see you again illegal bahis siteleri and maybe your mum will lend you to me one day,” she said giving him a wink, as he walked out the door.

John found his mother sat in reception with a small pile of bags and he helped her gather them all up.

“What’s in all these?” he asked.

“Just a few bits and pieces for tonight,” she replied. “Just as well we have a couple of free nights with your dad away.”

Thirty minutes later they were again in the bedroom.

“Right John strip off again.”

John did as he as asked and she admired his smooth body, stepping up to it and running her hands over his legs and cupping his balls in hand and again brushing his hands away as he tried to touch her.

“Sit at my makeup table,” she told him.

“OK time to make you into a proper girl.”

Claire took a wig from a bag and started to fit it over his existing hair, it was shoulder length and fair in colour to match his existing hair should any strands escape. After about 5 minutes of fitting she stood back to admire her handiwork with both of them a little surprised at how much difference it made.

She searched in a drawer and came out with her digital camera, taking a few shots.

“Mum I am not sure photos are such a good idea somehow, what if someone sees them?”

“Its ok they will only go on my laptop and no one but me uses it.”

She put the camera down to make him feel a bit more comfortable.

“Right lets do your makeup.”

Claire expertly applied makeup to her soon to try and make him a bit more lady like and after a while was quite happy with her efforts.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“A little weird but sexy I think, seems odd still being here with you and doing this.”

“Well let’s enjoy it while we can now let’s get you dressed.”

She went to another of her bags and pulled out some lace top stockings and a set matching bra and panties.

“Put these on, it will save you stealing mine,” she giggled. “We will have to get you some false breasts to wear under the bra but I could not find any today.”

John put the underwear on, his mother had bought french knickers so that his cock fitted into them much better.

“Now the stockings but be careful not to ladder them,” she sat next to him and ran her hand up over the stockings as her put them on, noticing that he had clearly had plenty of practice.

“Stand up and lets get you into this dress.” she stood helped him get into the dress and then stood back grabbing the camera again “Pose for me John,” and she took some more photos as her posed for her.

He looked at the photos afterwards and was fairly convinced that fully dressed no one would actually know it was him anyway.

“You look stunning,” his mother told him.

“I do feel really sexy like this, thanks mum.”

“Well we are not done yet come here and lie down with me.”

John led on the bed next her “Now you can feel me if you want,” she told him.

Claire immediately felt his hands on her and she pulled him in to kiss her, savouring it as his tongue pushed against her own.

Her hands slipped around him feeling his stockings legs and up under his dress as he did the same finding her stockings under her canlı bahis siteleri own skirt.

It did not take him long to find her sodden knickers and he moved his way down the bed pushing her skirt up and kissing his way across the top of her stockings and down towards her knees before working his way slowly upwards again and onto the soft sensitive skin above her stockings, she almost cried out the first time his tongue flicked across the outside of her small thong and did cry out as he pulled them aside and tasted her for the first time.

Her son pushed his tongue deep into her, fingering her at the same time and reaching all the right places as she held onto his head pulling him deeper.

“Turn over mum.”

Claire did as he asked without even thinking about it and he pulled her knickers off and skirt off as she did. She soon felt something that she had never felt before, a tongue probing at her asshole and her son’s hands spreading her wide to allow him full access as his tongue pushed into her ass spurring her body to rack with its first orgasm. He alternated between her ass and pussy for what seems like ages before he allowed her to turn around again.

“My turn now,” she murmured as she pulled his dress up over his head and he helped her off with her blouse and bra leaving her in just her stockings. Claire took his bra off too and then kissed his cock through his knickers, feeling him come to maximum hardness.

John led back on the bed as his mother pulled his knickers slowly down his legs and off leaving them both there in stockings as she took him into her mouth, teasing her tongue around the head before allowing his cock to sink to the back of her throat causing him to moan deeply.

After a few minutes of teasing she could feel him beginning to spasm in her mouth and she started to swallow as the warm semen flooded into her, as soon as he stopped cumming she moved back up the bed and kissed him with her mouth full of semen allowing him to taste himself.

As she kissed him she brought his semi hard cock back to life with her hand and then settled on top of him, guiding it into her smooth pussy moaning as the head pushed between her lips. They slowly fucked each other for a while before she began pushing down harder and harder with each stroke, pounding herself onto his cock and willing him to come again which he still managed to do despite having not long ago cum.

John moaned into her breast that he had in his mouth, teasing a nipple hard with his teeth as he came.

They both collapsed beside each other on the bed.

“I think you can sleep with me the next few nights my little girl,” she told him. “We will have to come up with a female name for you as well, and whenever your father is not around I want you to dress for me.”

“I think I can cope with that and as for a name, I would like to be called Rachel if that’s ok?”

“Rachel it is then, and maybe one day we can also find a nice man for Rachel to play with also.”

Paul led quietly contemplating what his mother had just suggested, he had never been with another guy but the temptation had certainly been there.

Claire still had more things she wanted to try and especially getting him outdoors while dressed but she thought that could wait for another day and she would also get him to fuck her ass as her hubby had never done it and she was an anal virgin. Her sons earlier tonguing had lit a fire in her now though and got her curious, maybe even tonight she thought as his cock stirred beside her.

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