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G was scared to look at his vibrating phone as he knew it was about that time. He desperately wanted it to be a text from her, but he was half terrified at the same time that it was from her. He knew he couldn’t disobey her; he would do her bidding no matter the consequences! He didn’t know what to do about getting out of going to his house though, that’s what made him scared to look at his phone.

He peeked at the new text. MINE was what he saw. His cock immediately hardened and started dripping as his whole body began tingling! It was from her, Mistress Kimmie! Mine was their code for, You need to get to your mistress, she wants you to pleasure her NOW!

He immediately made excuses to his boss, claimed intestinal upset, which was true now because he had only 30 minutes to get to his mistress, prepare himself, and greet her as she came home. He also had to make the dreaded call, to his wife, and he didn’t know what believable excuse he could use this time.

He had no idea how long his mistress would keep him. Sometimes it was hours, other times it ran into days! The time he spent with his mistress was something he was not willing to give up. He needed her so much, he craved the time he spent with her. However, he loved his wife and was willing to try and keep both happy. It was getting harder and harder though to keep up this lifestyle.

Oh enough time spent pondering, got to get going. G picked up his cell phone as he drove to Mistress Kimmie’s house, dialing his wife. Luckily she didn’t answer, so he left a voice message saying he had to go out of town on an emergency business meeting, had to soothe some ruffled feathers, and that he would call her later with more details, but don’t expect him home for supper tonight.

As he drove, G thought of the last time he attended to his mistress. He had gotten the same message on his cell and had left work, drove to her house, let him in and followed her instructions to a T. He stripped, showered, shaved all his pubic hair, and then cleaned his pipes with the special wand she kept especially for him for that purpose. Mistress did not tolerate un-cleanliness at all! He had finished all of that, fixed her a drink, and was on his knees, bare-ass naked, at her front door as she came home.

When Mistress Kimmie came in the door, (he had his eyes averted until given the permission to gaze at her), G was shocked to hear her talking to someone else. Mistress Kimmie didn’t even acknowledge him, as they just walked right by him, pendik escort her leg grazing his!

He felt disappointment as she moved around, not daring to look up, he stayed where he was, as that was what mistress always had him do, but Mistress Kimmie had never ignored him like this. He trusted her implicitly, but what the heck? Why did Mistress Kimmie text him if she was going to have company, was going to ignore him? He was half pouting and pondering his situation when he realized Mistress Kimmie was calling him.

Before he had a chance to answer her, he heard Mistress Kimmie tell someone that her Cock-sucking panty boy slut, Candy-pants, seemed to be having a problem today and needed a lesson in proper slut slave behavior.

He heard her giggle and then he heard a masculine voice agreeing. “Candy COME HERE NOW” bellowed Mistress Kimmie. G (Candy) crawled to her on his knees quickly not wanting to disappoint her again. She told him “You have made me look bad, not answering me when I called you. How dare you behave in this manner? You will have to be punished!”

He replied “Yes Mistress” as he knew she was right. Mistress Kimmie told him to crawl into the playroom and prepare it for his punishment. She didn’t tell him what to lie out. Oh but he knew what Mistress Kimmie wanted. He pulled the ottoman out to the center of the room, positioned the hand and ankle tie-downs properly, and laid out her crop and her leather paddle. Candy also put on his “punishment clothes,” a silky red dress and red polka-dot panties, black seamed sheer stockings, padded wire bra, tight hour-glass corset, and pencil-thin 6″ spiked heels. He thought a minute, and then went ahead and laid out a small pussy plug, hoping that Mistress Kimmie might want to use that too. After he was completely dressed and had it all lain out, he rang a small bell, to let his mistress know that his preparations were complete.

Candy quickly and submissively draped himself over the ottoman, his ass in the air, with the dress covering him. He heard Mistress Kimmie enter, she didn’t say a word, just came towards his face, then placed a blindfold over his eyes, tying it tightly as she also placed his wrists and ankles in restraints.

He knew what would come next, and he was not disappointed! She flipped a switch and the ottoman started moving in half, stretching him wide open, exposing him as never before. She talked to her friend as she made the preparations.

“Tell Candy how you treat misbehaving sluts” Mistress tuzla escort Kimmie said.

He then heard “Any cum-sucking panty boy of mine that doesn’t know their place is subject to whatever I dish out and you my little sissy boy slut are going to take it too!” Candy tried not to cringe as he heard those spoken words, knew he had to be on his best behavior for his mistress now. He didn’t want to disappoint her again.

Candy felt the swish of air move before he felt the first swat on his sweet pink cheeks, his cock stretched in his silk panties. He bit his lip to keep from moaning, crying out! It was hard, as he was in his element now, it felt so good.

Mistress Kimmie told her guest to do as he pleased. The man continued with several playful, light swats, and then he felt the sting on his balls as the next swat hit. Ahhh.

Candy then heard another male voice asking the mistress for permission to participate; she laughed and said “Of course, do as you wish to her, she deserves it.” He could sense lights flashing and knew his mistress was taking pictures! Oh how that turned him on even more.

All of a sudden Candy found a cock shoved into his mouth and a man telling him to suck it hard and take it all in. He greedily began sucking and tonguing the hard cock, while the swats on his ass had stopped.

Then Candy felt pressure on his ass pussy as it was suddenly invaded, really raped, not with the small plug he had laid out, but with something much bigger and thicker. Every time he sucked the cock in his mouth, the one in his ass pussy rammed him again and again, his whole body arching up off the ottoman with each thrust. “Suck harder you fucking cum-sucking slut. Take this you sissy panty boy slave” Candy heard over and over as his body was invaded from both ends.

Candy felt like he was being split in two as each thrust went deeper and deeper into his ass pussy. His mistress then came over and whispered into his ear, “Take it my sweet Candy, prove your worth to me and I might let you eat my pussy tonight, all night long.” Ah how he wanted to do that! To please his mistress again was what he wanted to do.

He sucked harder, arched higher, squeezing his sphincter tighter and tighter as he was invaded balls to the wall with each thrust. His mistress then told the man “Be sure and pull out and shoot your load all over his face, she needs to know who is boss and who the cum-sucker here is!”

The cock in Candy’s mouth started quivering, and he knew that kartal escort the man was fixing to spurt his load soon. He sucked harder as the man grabbed his face and forced his cock down the back of his throat, he thought he was going to choke to death, but he continued to suck, even harder now. The hot sweet cum started pouring down his throat, there was so much that it was spilling out of his mouth.

Ah the sweet taste so delightful. He didn’t want to lose a drop so he greedily gulped it all! Just as he was gulping the last bit down, the cock in his ass pussy started thrusting harder and deeper and tightened up. The man let loose and the hot, sticky, sweet tasting cum spurted into his pussy, dripping out all over the place, leaking all over Candy’s legs and cock.

Now Candy, the cock-sucking panty slut, had cum from mouth to pussy. Candy then felt another cock thrust into his mouth and it was wet with cum, “Lick it clean slut” he was told, as he cleaned it from the ball sacks to the head! Not missing an inch of cock anywhere.

Ah – then Candy heard the men leave as mistress told them goodbye and thanks for helping her out with her slut. They promised to return if she wanted any more help. She said she would keep that possibility open.

When she returned, Mistress Kimmie took off G’s blindfold, and told him to look at her. She was dressed in a leather corset, had on black stockings, and 4″ high heels and was holding a leather paddle. She told him he wasn’t finished paying for his mistake earlier.

Mistress Kimmie went behind him, and Candy prepared for the spanking, it didn’t happen, and that’s when G felt pressure on his puckering ass pussy rosebud! Mistress Kimmie was forcing a LARGE plug into him. Ah the pressure, ah the pain, ah the pleasure. G tried to relax as Mistress Kimmie’s fingers massaged his cheeks as she pushed it in to the hilt.

He felt so stuffed, so complete. Then he felt the sting of the paddle as it lovingly, but very sternly, slapped his already reddened cheeks. Each swat pushed on the plug, forcing it in deeper and deeper. Candy felt so much pressure.

After about 20 swats, Mistress Kimmie stopped and released his bonds, telling G to stand up and stretch. He did so, having a little trouble standing and walking with the large plug in him.

Mistress Kimmie beckoned to him as she lay down with outstretched arms and legs. AHHHH he was home, right where he wanted to be. In her arms and between her legs!

That time Mistress Kimmie kept him for 3 days. He paid like hell at home when he finally got there, but it was so worth it.

As he once again arrived at Mistress Kimmie’s house, G smiled and thought “I wonder how bad I can be this time?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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