Mike , Andrea Ch. 05

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“So where do we go from here?”

“Literally, like whose place do we go to or figuratively as in what do we do now.” Eric teased.

Andrea found Eric’s quick mind a pleasant little extra surprise. As she sat there appreciating his wit she heard Mike say,

“Perhaps before we answer that a light lunch might give us time to become more closely acquainted”

“Yum that does sound delicious.”

“Well, then let’s order, take our time and see what happens.” Added Andrea.

Eyes darted from face to face and the three of them found themselves in agreement as they opened the menus. A task a touch more difficult for Mike and Eric as they worked the menu one handed since neither of them pulled their other hand from Andrea’s thigh.

As for Andrea she quite enjoyed the boys warm hands and presumptive touch to her bare skin. Sitting there running over the items on the menu she found Eric’s bold fingers kneading her soft flesh and working their way around to the inside of her leg. Something she aided him in doing by shifting it toward him, a slight tell tale motion. Her insides tilted and swirled finding an arousing enjoyment in the fact that she had only done this for Eric’s hand. Mike’s was exactly where he had first placed it and other than an idle stoke of his little finger he hadn’t emboldened at all. She continued reading while watching Mike out of the corner of her eye wondering when he’d catch on to what Eric was doing and of course what his reaction would be.

In this sea of new firsts watching his response to another guy touching her was becoming one of her greatest pleasures. Unquestionably, she would enjoy Eric immensely but toying with Mike’s dirty mind and letting him see his most erotic fantasy bloom right in front of his eyes really set her blood boiling. As it turned out, his kink also dovetailed nicely into her exhibitionist side.

Things were working out very well between Eric, Mike and her she felt herself flush hot thinking about how the waitress has eyed them. Rolling that thought around she caught the motion of the hostess as she passed by leading two other guests to the booth across from them. Each of these booths had been designed to offer the greatest privacy for their guests. They had high backs and their entries were shifted so no two looked directly into another. However as Andrea watched she realized the couple being seated would have a sidelong view into their booth. They were seated with the guy slipping in first and the gal following. Which meant the gal would have the clearest view.

Andrea and the other gal shared a knowing look which left Andrea wondering if the table would hid any of what they did. Just the thought that gal might be able to see her splayed legs sent jolts of arousal coursing through her tummy and breast. Wickedly she upped the ante by lifting her leg over Eric’s knee. Hell the motion alone would telegraph what she did so she knew the gal across the way had to know something was happening. With Andrea’s concentration focused solely on the gal across from her she had forgotten about Mike.

Mike had not missed a second of what just happened, neither the leg draped over Eric’s knee nor Andrea’s sight path. While Mike couldn’t see the other booth he was well aware there was a presence there and knowing Andrea he also knew what that would do to her insides. Pushing his knee into Andrea’s leg he nudged her other leg over his. Andrea now sat there with her legs spread wide as they rested on top of the boy’s knees.

Eric too knew something was up glancing at Andrea he leaned in aligning his head with Andrea’s sight path. What he saw made his grin widen. The gal in the other booth smiled back and almost instantly her date pressed close to her matching his date’s line of vision. The couple ran their eyes over Eric and Andrea. Well, at least the bits they could see and sent them a friendly wave. Andrea and Eric returned the wave almost automatically.

Slipping her hands all up in Eric’s hair she pulled him into a seductive, moist kiss all the while tracking their neighbors out of the antalya escort corner of her eyes. She caught both of them staring as she broke the kiss. Tilting her head and stretching her neck Andrea offered her exposed nape to her soon to be lover. Gently guiding Eric with her fingers still mussing his hair she pressed her body into his.

Eric’s lips willingly met her neck where he kissed and flicked his tongue along its line from her ear to the edge of her shirt. Knowing Andrea had a huge exhibitionist side he caught the band of her tee in his teeth and tugged it towards him. That tee was so soft and thin it slid over her like a sultry warm caress willingly allowing it to be nudged over her shoulder. A very beautiful shoulder indeed with a curious bend of his head he looked at the soft roundness of her bare, well, almost bare shoulder and to himself he marveled… “A bra strap? I’d have guessed otherwise considering how that shirt lay over her body. I’d never have guessed… Hummm, I wonder if it’s silky and sheer?” That train of thought was interrupted when Andrea gasped.

Andrea felt herself inhale a sharp spike of air and actually let out a little whimper knowing if Eric tugged to hard the couple across the way would see her sexy under things. She was reminded of Mike’s presence as he had just run the back of his fingernails along her inner thigh. The traveled from her knee to where her shorts began. Her whimper changed into a full moan sensing his need.

Mike was beyond lost in all that was happening. It was coming at him too fast to place in any coherent order. Struggling to master and arrange all the stimuli he realized he was over thinking the moment. Quickly he gave up trying to consciously absorb each second and decided to let his lust and fantasy run it’s natural course. He relaxed letting his lustful side guide his desire. If it felt right, it was and now trying to slip his fingers under the hem of Andrea’s shorts was exactly the right thing to do. Desire and ability often seem to oppose one another and this was one of those times. Those damn shorts of Andrea’s were just too fucking tight to allow Mike’s fingers any travel. Frustrated and annoyed he jumped as he thought of a way to loosen them.

Andrea too was being overwhelmed. With Eric tugging at her top, Mike trying to get into her pants and the impromptu audience her carnal hunger was off the charts. She felt Mike try and fail to get into her shorts and that too added to her heat. Just thinking about him being denied left her with a knowing smirk, which lasted barely a second because he changed tactics. Once he gave up on the idea of going under the hem of her shorts he changed tactics in one smooth direct motion. Leaning towards her both of his hands went to the little belt she wore and unbuckled it. She loved how Mike could so easily surprise her with his sudden boldness and that to added its own little spice to this wanton theater.

The couple watched rapt and intrigued by the crazy overt display across from them. Caught in the moment their hands caressed each other. It was possible to see Andrea and Eric but they knew there was another guy in that booth and from Andrea’s response they knew he was involved with her too.

Just when things were getting out of control footsteps could be heard coming their way. Eric, Andrea and Mike had just enough time to straighten up before Melissa reappeared drinks in hand. Three very guilty faces greeted her, the two boys each of them half turned to face Andrea while she sat there flushed and pleased. Damn she thought to herself she should have been more stealthy in her approach imagining what she might have caught them doing. Leaning over the table as she handed out the drinks she flashed all of them a bit of her cleavage. Very pleased with herself she saw both of the guy’s eyes shift and stare down her top. As she set Andrea’s iced tea down they made eye contact. Andrea had watched the whole thing; both Melissa’s display and the innate instant reaction by both of the men. Oh the things women could do to men… Andrea smiled at Melissa’s kemer escort tease.

“Have you decided?”

“Yes,” they answered almost in one voice and over the next seconds Andrea and Mike called out their orders.

Eric however, sat silent and it wasn’t until Melissa added.

“What about you sir?”

That he looked up at her with his liquid blue eyes and flirting asked.

“Ah, it’s Eric not sir, and what’s the tastiest thing here?”

Melissa didn’t miss a beat.

“Well sir that’s not on the menu but the cobb salad is light and perfect for a man with an active afternoon ahead of him.”

She did play the game well and with all three of them tittering Eric ordered the salad.

As Melissa turned she noticed the other couple looking into the booth realizing they had seen what she had missed. Wandering towards the other table she had to stop herself from looking back to see what Eric and his friends had started doing the second she had turned her back.

The instant Melissa turned about Eric and Andrea renewed their kissing as Mike’s hand flew back to Andrea’s shorts. He had left her with an undone belt and now his hands continued their mission. He undid the button holding her denim shorts closed. His passion blistering hot as he lowered the zipper all the while watching his gal and Eric kiss.

Mike could only imagine how it must feel for Andrea her ardor completely given to Eric in that hot-blooded kiss as he pawed at her clothes. He drank up every nuisance of their passion trying to decide how far he was going to go with Andrea’s shorts. He quaked inside as he expanded that thought to her panties. Could he really leave her bare bottomed right here in the middle of the restaurant?

Andrea was lost in her kiss. The last few seconds of being watched by the other couple and caught by Melissa ignited the scalding arousal that was now flying through her system. Her close companion, her lover was doing exactly what her mind and body screamed for. Her small too tight shorts barely hid anything anyway and here he was unbuckling and unzipping them. Her mind already on overload crackled and tingled as she visualized how exposed and sensual she would look sitting here only in lace panties. Her body quivered on its own accord almost causing her to break the kiss with Eric as she took the thought from sitting there in panties to sitting there stripped naked. Shamelessly, she shifted her weight off her hips.

Mike felt her backside lift and knew why she had done it. Clasping the hem of her shorts he wiggled them off her hipbone then down and around the cheeks of her ass. Her panties tried to follow but Mike wanting to prolong this as long as possible rescued those from being removed along with her shorts. Taking a second to reposition and smooth them out over her shapely ass.

Andrea felt such a warm rush for her lover. His intentionally leaving her panties on keyed right into the mental image she that had just flashed through her mind. She thanked the stars for giving her someone like Mike, as they were very much in tune with each other’s kinks and twists.

Eric was oblivious to Mike’s by play as, closed eyed, he kissed Andrea hopelessly lost in the rising salacious fervor. It wasn’t until he felt a strong hand close on his wrist that he was brought back to this planet. Reaching into Andrea’s hair with his one free he hand held her as he rained small tender pecks to her forehead, cheeks, eyes, ears neck and then over her bared shoulder. With all of his focus on the tiny kisses he was giving to Andrea he unconsciously let Mike guide his hand.

Warm soft skin greeted his touch and Mike guided Eric’s palm over Andrea’s leg controlling its motion and direction. Andrea parted her legs just enough to give Eric’s fingers room to run between them. Distractedly aware of his hands path his cock twitched with desire and he finally awoke to the fact that the material he touched between her legs wasn’t denim. Not only was the feel of the material different he also realized he was touching something konyaaltı escort both hot and moist. Pulling back minutely and shifting his eyes he looked to where his hand connected with Andrea’s body. Her shorts are gone…

“Wow, when, how, did that happen?” Was all Eric could muster.

Of all the turn ons Eric could imagine he had never conceived of this one. Andrea was down to her panties and it was Mike’s hand that had guided him to this discovery. Until this second he hadn’t known the pure sexual, super-charged power created by doing something so far beyond the rules in a public place. Rotating his hand around he cupped Andrea’s lace cover panty with his fingers over the moist spot her wetness had left. Mischievously, he pressed his finger over the spot feeling how pliant her sex was to his touch. Wild as this felt it went nuclear as a hand worked under his…

Mike’s hand hadn’t wasted a second and as Eric cupped Andrea’s pussy on the outside of her panties he snaked his under the elastic and slipped his hand against Andrea’s bare vulva. He curled a finger feeling it pass between her lips. Andrea turned his way and it became his turn to kiss her. With Eric’s hand over his, separated by the thin lace of her panties, Mike sunk that finger deep into his lover lifting and opening her as much as he could as he kissed her moist lips. Mike’s dirty mind added to the intense sensuousness of their kiss as he wondered it he’d be able to taste or sense the presence of another man on Andrea’s lip. After all it was his fantasy to see her with another man. Knowing about the sexy underwear Andrea had on under that thin top Mike decided to ratchet things up a bit more.

Mike’s hand left Andrea’s pussy with dripping fingers and took hold of Eric’s hand coaching it into her panties. With his hand aligned over Eric’s he pressed against Eric’s fingers feeling Andrea’s pussy give way allowing both of them in together. Mike couldn’t believe the wild steaming arousal that seemed to erupt from the surface of his skin as he and Eric finger fucked Andrea together. A heartbeat later Mike found a way to up the ante in this deviant game. Leaving Eric’s hand between the folds of Andrea’s pussy Mike, making sure Eric was watching, squirmed his hand up Andrea’s body lifting her tee shirt as he went.

Eric watched the magic of Mike’s hand under Andrea’s tee. Wanting, waiting, wishing to see more of her body as Mike’s hand kept going higher and taking the top with it. Sparks seemed to be exploding in front of his eyes as his body stretched all of his senses to their limits as Mike pulled up Andrea’s top showing him that ultra sexy demi-half cup bra and exposed nipples. This was so insanely licentious that he thought his cock would tear itself apart as it stretched beyond its limits. He had never met such a provocative, beautiful, exciting out of control woman. The icing on the cake was Mike. He had yet to discover anything about Mike’s sexual side and was looking forward to that part of this adventure.

Opening her eyes between tantalizing sensations she caught the other couples faces twisted into a waxen lustful grimace as they stared her way. Andrea was beside herself between the pair of lovers enjoying her body and the hungry eyes of their admirers. Andrea’s mind ran rampant flashing both real and fantasy images through it. One of the hottest fantasy images was of her with her legs spread incredibly wide, her hand around Eric’s inflamed erect maleness and guiding it into her gaping cunt in full view of the couple. As Eric teased and toyed with Mike’s beautiful, proud, erect cock. More than anything else she could hardly wait till she got to watch the boys play.

All three of them had their own unique naked visions. Each one a personal variation on a similar carnal theme as their desires expanded. The rhythm of approaching footsteps once again brought the play to a sudden stop.

They sat back up with their eyes bright and electric, their faces painted in rosy hues and their sexual organs aflame. They smoothed out their clothes and shot conspiratorial glances at each other. Then just before Melissa showed up Mike on a whim laid out Andrea’s shorts on the seat beside him. All three of them looked at those denim shorts knowing there wasn’t a way that Melissa could miss seeing them.

Catching her reaction was going to be fun…

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