Mike , Adam–Saturday Night

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(This story continues that momentous Saturday that began innocently enough with Mike and Adam having a cup of coffee in Adam’s kitchen. With concerned prompting from Mike, Adam admits his passion for his best friend. Though stunned, Mike realizes the fulfillment of his own hidden passions with his buddy. They have two round of hot sex at Adam’s house, then head for the golf course, where Adam shares an adventure from his recent past and they have a mutual stroke session during an intense thunderstorm. They have since gone home to pre-arranged video chats with their wives. Mike ends up having cyber sex with his wife, then takes a shower and is taking a short nap in his recliner. As always, these stories are merely the product of my own imagination and have no connection to any real person at all. Furthermore, all my stories are under copyright protection. Last, these stories are as much about friendship and buddy stuff as they are about sex. The connection of soul makes the sexual part that much more engaging and worthwhile.)

I swam to the surface of my nap, slowly becoming aware of a pleasant sound in the background of my consciousness. As I broke the surface and opened my eyes, I realized my doorbell was in action. Shaking my head to clear the webs away, I sat up in my recliner, then stood and stretched. The day’s events began flooding back into my mind. I was contemplating all that had taken place that day as I made my way to the kitchen.

I had installed two different doorbells so everyone would automatically know which door needed to be answered and so I headed for the kitchen. Only family and close friends were ever asked to come around back to the deck and use that entrance. As expected, Adam stood smiling on the other side of the glass when I arrived. I could not help but wonder if Adam’s afternoon family chat had been as exciting as mine had been.

I opened the door and welcomed Adam in, always glad to see my best friend, even more glad on this particular day. We shook hands in our customary strong fashion and gave each other a buddy hug. “Hey pal,” Adam said, “did I wake you? Sorry to disturb your sleep if I did.”

“It was time to get up anyway,” I replied. I had slept for half an hour and that was more than enough to give me the energy to finish out my day. “You ready for something to eat? I am starving. I have some steaks to do on the grill, if that’s okay.”

“Sounds great. I picked up some salad and a bottle of wine on the way. This will give us a good chance to talk. In a way, I need to process what all has happened today. Hey, did you get to talk with your wife? I had a real interesting discussion with Marlene,” Adam said.

“We talked for a while but then Angie needed to lie down and rest. She said she’d had quite a day,” I replied. I did not mind sharing the general idea of my graphic conversation with my wife but I also did not want to appear to be bragging if Adam had not had the intense time I myself had enjoyed. Also, there are just some things a man does not discuss about his wife, no matter how close his bud is.

I waited to hear more from Adam as we worked together to get a bite to eat. I grabbed the steaks from the fridge and we went out to the deck. My house was the farthest one in on a cul-de-sac and sat on a ten acre knoll. The closest neighbors were quite a ways away and none of them could look into my backyard. My family could enjoy our hot tub and pool in complete privacy. This was especially important with teenage girls at home.

Adam and I chatted through the food preparation time, enjoying a glass of wine along with the conversation. He filled in the gaps of my information regarding the surprising, yet welcome changes we both discovered with our wives.

“Well, apparently our wives met some local ladies who opened their eyes to some specific areas that they had been neglecting concerning you and I. Sound familiar?” Adam asked.

“That’s more than what Angie had shared with me,” I responded. “She said she’d tell me the whole story when we got out there. She seemed more interested in me and almost anxious to see me in person, too. She showed me a look I have not seen too much of in the last few years.”

Adam nodded and said, “You, too, huh? Marlene did not get too specific with me about that but I can tell you that she has lost enough weight that I noticed right away. She was somewhat cryptic but said some things were definitely going to change and I was going to be real happy because of it.”

“I guess we’ll find out more when we see them face to face. I’m looking forward to that, I can tell you,” I said. I cleared my throat and continued, “I feel like I need to talk about what’s happened with us and our friendship.”

Adam shrugged and spoke. “What’s to talk about? We enjoy a better home life. We remain the best of friends. We enjoy each other as we have opportunity, using the utmost discretion pendik escort and tact and good sense. We don’t make obvious or unnecessary expenditures that will draw attention to us–please, Mike, no expensive gifts for me…it just wouldn’t be right–And we don’t make the silly, impulsive mistakes that bring any suspicion on us.”

I nodded thoughtfully. This was about the same thing that I had come up with myself but I also had another idea. I turned the steaks one last time and sat back down. “You are right on all points. I love my wife and girls but I am not willing to let go of what we just began. We have the best of all possible worlds right now. My love for you as a friend has found a new and deeper dimension and I want that to continue as much as anything. As far as the gifts go, I am not really looking forward to seeing you in expensive lingerie,” I laughed.

Adam laughed in return, saying, “Guys are all eyes anyhow. Buck naked is plenty fine for both of us.” Adam then turned to me, as serious as I’d ever seen him. “At the risk of overusing a stupid cultural sentiment, I want to tell you something Mike. I love you, man! Now, don’t freak out on me here. You are the best friend I ever had and this new dimension, as you call, has only deepened my affection for you. More than anything, I want things to continue on well from this point forward. We can enjoy each other’s company, intellect and bodies, in balance.”

I reached over and squeezed Adam’s thigh. “Let’s eat and then we’ll review some of the preliminary information for this next job, watch some baseball and maybe go for a swim. Sound good?”

“It does. But just so you know, steak and salad will probably not satisfy all my hunger. Nor do I suspect that it will be enough for you either,” Adam laughed and squeezed even further up my thigh.

We sat on the deck and enjoyed our dinner. We cleaned up, then went to my office to review some of the specs and time tables that had been sent. We worked for two hours at that and made good progress. But it was Saturday night and it was time to relax and play.

We went to the family room and watched some of a Yankees game at Boston on my new HDTV. Here was one common bond that helped to cement our friendship: we are both intense fans of baseball and great fans of the Yankees and never tired of watching games together when time allowed.

All during the game, we kept reaching over and fondling one another. Being that we both had already enjoyed several orgasms already that day, we more playful than hurried. This new level of friendship was just plain fun. We would learn to control ourselves when our wives and kids were around but that was for another time and another place. Finally Adam stood and pulled me to my feet. Adam began grinding his fat bulge against me, causing a happy reaction from Mr. Johnson. I pulled Adam’s head forward and planted an intense manly kiss on him. Adam responded by plunging his tongue into my mouth. This tongue duel and hip grind lasted a good long while. It felt physically good to enjoy even something as innocuous as a hard and manly kiss and full body contact.

Finally I pulled away from Adam and said, “How about a swim? I notice you intentionally did not bring any shorts with you. And since I don’t want you to feel all alone, we can just go skinny dipping.”

“Well, of course I brought swim trunks, buddy. I just left them in the car. But if you really want to swim naked, that’s fine with me,” Adam said smiling. “What are we waiting for?”

We headed out to the deck, by now blanketed in darkness. I turned the dial for the pool lights and stopped when they first came on with a faint glow, just enough light to see by and not enough to be seen. The pool and hot tub area were off to the side and surrounded by privacy fencing so privacy was virtually guaranteed anyhow.

I pulled a couple of large towels out of the poolside storage area and pulled the privacy gate closed behind us. We stripped down and stood there buck naked admiring one another. Adam was a little more muscular than me but we both were trim with noticeable abs. I just stared at Adam. My buddy was hung! Sure, I had taken Adam all the way down my throat but to stand there and see Adam in all his manly glory was a new thrill to me. Adam must have been seven inches soft. I smiled to myself as I realized that Adam was as long soft as I would be hard. I didn’t care. It was never the size of the dog in the fight anyhow. It always boiled down to the size of the fight in the dog. Adam and I had both proven that we had plenty of tenacity both inside and out.

I dove into the pool and the cool water shocked my growing manhood back down to size. Adam followed and we swam some laps together, stopping for idle chat now and again. When I had my fill of exercise I stopped and made my way to the edge where I had head clearance above water. Adam swam maltepe escort up next to me, laid his head back against the edge and let his body float to the surface. I did the same and there we floated, eyes closed, just enjoying the sensation of the water on our bodies and the physical closeness of overlapping arms. I smiled as a jet soared overhead. I wondered if anyone in the plane could see us down here, floating in our natural glory.

I felt movement next to me and knew that Adam was now standing by me. I felt his hand light upon my chest and I tensed slightly as I felt his fingertips trace the water to my navel and down the fur strip to my bush. Adam’s fingers lightly swirled my wet pubic hair. I felt my cock growing even as my heart began to beat stronger and harder. Adam played his fingertips up and down my now very rigid dick. He pushed the foreskin back and held my cock hard at the base. There it stood, all hard and fat and thick and glorious. I did not always think much about God, but I was sure impressed that He could make something like this and give it me and me alone.

Adam pushed my groin into the water. I stood as I felt the cool water envelop my manhead. I reached for Adam and found his cock just as hard as mine. Adam leaned into me and whispered, “I want to suck your cock again, right out here in the open. What do you think about that?”

I breathed heavily as I looked into his eyes. “Let’s towel off and build a small fire in the pit. We can do blow jobs by the fire. How’s that sound?” I asked.

“Like a plan I can follow,” Adam replied.

We hiked ourselves up onto the decking and began toweling off. The air got warmer as I dried off and my cock kept hard, bouncing as I set about building a small fire. Adam got a couple of deck chairs and put them close by the pit. I turned the deck lights all the way off and sat down next to Adam. His cock, too, had remained hard during the transition time. I was mesmerized once again by the size of his dick.

“I want to do you first, buddy, if you don’t mind,” I said. “It would seem as though I’ve had enough action for one day but your big dick turns me on. How do you want it?” I asked.

“I’d just as soon sit here in this chair. If you don’t mind getting on your knees, I can sit back and relax and watch you blow me. I’d really enjoy that. I wanted to blow you first but I would not mind ending my day on my knees servicing you. That would be cool,” Adam replied.

“That’s fine, Adam. I’ll just get a towel and fold it up for a knee pad. You can use when it’s your turn. Just sit back and relax, buddy,” I said.

I retrieved a fresh towel and folded it while Adam got in a comfortable position, his ass on the edge of the seat and his cock pointing at the stars. I could see a fresh dose of sticky clear stuff pooled on the end of his cock. I tasted his precum and it seemed to be even saltier than before. I held his cock with one hand while I slowly began bobbing up and down on his head. Adam leaned back and moaned. I held his skin down on his shaft to expose his beautifully shaped cock head. I kept a nice slow and steady bobbing action on his manhood. The musky taste of his strong manhood was powerful and in a sense intoxicating to me. Adam whispered words of assurance and commendation to me, making me more and more confident that I’d be able to bring him to explosion once again.

Adam’s moaning increased and I could feel his balls drawing up tight against his root. Adam moaned louder and his breathing got raspy. His hips began to buck ever so slowly as his moaning increased. “Oh, fuck Mike, keep pumping…oh fuck man, oh fuck me, here it comes, oohhh, ooohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm,” Adam grunted as he splashed his hot jizz into my mouth. I can’t believe what a cock slut I had turned into. I have to admit that I loved sucking his dick and honestly liked the tasted of his cum. I kept swallowing as Adam shot several more blasts from his nuts and up through his jizz rod to my hungry mouth.

Adam fell all the way back in the chair as his legs twitched from the stress of orgasm, eyes closed. I straightened up and stretched my back, my own cock still rigid and now very ready for action. Adam pulled his legs in toward the chair and sat forward. I watched as my best friend buried his face in his hands and wept softly, his entire torso swept up in the intensity of what he was going through. Between breaths Adam kept repeating softly, “I can’t believe it…I just can’t believe it. I just can’t believe how lucky I am.”

I don’t always handle somebody else’s emotions very well, especially a guy. I just kind of sat there on my haunches waiting for the emotional tide to flow back out to sea. After a couple of minutes, I could not hold my self back. “Hey Adam,” I said, “all this emotion is cool and everything…but uhhh…fuck the luck man! You made me horny as hell and my boner needs kartal escort you bad. We can get close and all that later, buddy. I’ve got another nice load in my jizz bone for you. What say we switch places?”

“Don’t get too sentimental on me, Mike. I’m not sure I could handle it,” Adam said, regaining his composure quickly. “Yeah, we can cuddle…I need it. In the meantime, I’m tired of your whining man. Come on, let’s switch places…let’s see what you’ve got left in the tank.”

I slapped Adam on the ass as we switched places and positions. This was going to be good. I actually hoped I had some jizz left in my balls. It had been a long time since I had this much sex in one day. Adam flipped the towel over and fluffed it up to give himself some more padding. I got comfortable on the edge of the chair like Adam had done, spread my legs to give him easy access to my equipment and leaned back for the ride.

There’s just something about uncut cock, what with the extra skin, extra sensitivity, extra aroma under the skin. It really can be toxic when you find yourself on the business end of the job. Adam seemed mesmerized by my cock for a moment before he gently and slowly fisted the foreskin back, exposing my sticky meat to the evening air. He squeezed my shaft hard, forcing a pulse of precum out of my cock. Adam leaned forward and swirled his tongue on my cock, licking it clean and leaving his spit where my stuff had been. He put his mouth over my cock all the way down to his hand, which was now embedded in my bush, holding my skin as far back as it would go. Adam kept everything tight and exposed, managing to stay on the fun side of pain. He locked his lips around my shaft and pulled his mouth up in a slow milking action. He stopped at the rim of my cock head and used his lips to caress and massage the tender area all around my head.

‘Oooooohhhh baby,’ I thought to myself. ‘He keeps this up and he’ll get a load out of me all right.’ Out loud I said, “Mmmmm, Adam, that feels so good buddy. Awww…remind me to do that for you sometime…it feels fucking great, man….mmmmm.”

Adam pulled his lips up over the rim and planted them on my cock head, suckling on my piss hole before opening wide and dropping all the way down to his hand again. He put another lip lock on my shaft and pulled up again. This time he teased the frenulum with little flicks of the tip of his tongue. This area is especially sensitive for us uncut dudes. Cut guys have a frenulum of sorts but most of the time the nerve endings are corrupted in circumcision. I’m very glad to have all my skin, I can tell you that.

Adam kept this treatment up, varying his focus of teasing and tongue massaging. It wasn’t long before I was able to tell him to get ready for another blast of cock cream. Adam held his lips under the rim of my cock and massaged the entire area as his tongue swirled and flicked all over my head. I held my arms on the chair as my hips came up bucking, Adam staying with me every step of the way, massaging my cock and milking me with mild suction. With my back arched and Adam supporting me with a strong hand strong under my ass, I bucked and shot and moaned and hollered and twitched. All I could manage for words were guttural moans and cries. At the last buck, Adam lowered my ass back down to the chair. Man, could he ever read me! He knew exactly what to do without me having to say a word. What a terrific lover he is.

Adam sat back on his haunches, murmuring ‘mmmm’ to himself as he was apparently savoring my jizz. He twisted his neck and stretched his jaw some. I had fallen back into the chair panting, my chest heaving and darkness closing in on my vision. I sat forward to keep my balance and out of the blue, I started balling. I’m not one much for deep emotion and I hadn’t balled like that since I was just a kid.

I don’t even know for sure why I was crying, except maybe at the realization of this most intimate connection. I had not intended to open my soul to another man, ever, and yet here I was, not only buck naked but exposed in my soul and wanting this emotional connection with Adam. What was a fella to do? I had loved Adam before this but my attachment had a taken a dive to a depth I did not realize that I could even achieve. I just sat there and cried, my chest heaving as the tears flowed. Adam leaned into me and put his head on my shoulder and we wept together as only dear brothers and friends and lovers can.

After a couple of minutes, Adam said, “Hey pal, let’s go inside where it’s a little warmer. We can cuddle in there. My nuts are shrunk up tight and are starting to hurt. Come on, Mike.”

We wrapped towels around our waists for the trip inside and made our way to the spare bedroom. The queen bed was plenty big enough, the covers just right and we turned on the tv to watch the last few innings of the game. We snuggled together and took turns cuddling up to each other, fondling and being playful with each other. Though the blood flowed some, both of us were sated for the time being and satisfied to share this intimate time together. This had to be one of the best days of my life.


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