Merry Christmas, Mr. Wean!

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Starring The Misguided Humper Family in:

“Merry Christmas, Mr. Wean!”

By Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur

“Guess who’s coming to stay with us for a fucking week at Christmas, Henry,” 39-year-old globular gazonga goddess, Hilda Humper asked her male offspring as she reached lasciviously between his legs with a smirk to touch his private parts. “Down goes the zippy! Wheeeeeee! And out comes Mr. Winky! Now, guess who’s coming to stay with us for the Christmas holidays.”

“I don’t fucking know!” Henry answered with a laugh as his mother undid the front of his pants to get to his underwear, his own attention drawn to the two bumps of boobery that bunched out the front of her Christmas sweater as he mindlessly reached up to place a hand atop each one of her larger than life woman wiggles. “I just want to play with your puppies! That’s all I care about at this moment, Jiggly Jugs! Hee hee hee!”

“I’ll tell you what, sweetums,” Hilda Humper cooed, grinning a wickedly seductive grin that lit up her perfect gorgeous face with playful spite and then she shook her waist until her top-heavy orbs jarred up and down fleshily in his hands. “If you can guess who is coming to visit for Christmas, I’ll suck your wee wee.”

“Holy fucking shit, I would love that shit!” Henry retorted hornily, pulling his mother’s holiday sweater up over the extreme curves of her bodacious bosom, already excited due to the overwhelming size and weight of her two feminine glands. “Are you fucking serious? I mean, you just sucked it twice this morning!”

“Oh, relax, Henry. It’s Christmas after all,” Hilda giggled, shaking her breasts provocatively and catching sight of the pupils in Henry’s eyes expanding visibly as they took in the sight of his maternal parent’s jiggly white boobie flesh wobbling inside her ginormous J- cuppers. “Come on, are you going to take a guess? Doesn’t your big wee wee want a sucky? Doesn’t wee wee want to be inside my throat again for the holidays?”

Henry looked thoughtful for a moment as his hands cupped Hilda’s still bra-clad breasts and he flicked her nipples with the thumbs of each of his hands, feeling the pebbly bumps harden at his touch.

“I know! I know!” Henry suddenly shouted out in excitement, his hands squeezing her triple J juggernauts in a vice-like grip that made her coo with pleasure, beylikdüzü escort his penis turning to its twelve inch apex under her touch. “It’s Granny June and Grandpa Ward, isn’t it? Well, isn’t it?”

“Okay, Henry, you’re right,” Hilda responded with her trademark girlish giggle, her large, fleshy breasts bobbing up and down as she laughed, feeling Henry pinch her nipples between the thumb and forefingers of each of his hands. “Shut the bathroom door, sweetie. Time for the grand prize.”

“Wow, you mean just like that?” Henry inquired, his hands reaching underneath her bra to fondle her bare breasts, eliciting a sigh from her as his hands roamed freely on her soft, warm fleshbags. “That was an easy question to answer in exchange for a blow job. Holy shit!”

“It’ll sure be more fun than taking a pee, tee hee hee,” Hilda laughed, a holiday glint in her eye as she molested his manhood in a way that was as motherly as naughty, cooing as he lavished her titflesh with ticklish caresses. “It’s all good though, Cock King. It all comes from the same place. It all comes from Mr. Wean.”

“How about we get rid of this big fucking bra first?” Henry asked, reaching to pull Hilda’s sweater up over her head and off. “It’s not as much fun if I can’t see your big titties.”

“Oh, Henry, I agree,” she said eagerly, reaching behind her back with one hand to quickly unhook her bra and allow it to slide down her arms and off, landing on the floor at her feet, sashaying her shoulders so that her breasts swung freely against her chest, causing Henry’s penis to create a noticeable tent in his trousers. “You need to see them out and bouncing around. It makes it more fun for Mr. Wean, tee hee. Let’s see how big the noggin is on that big fucker of yours.”

Hilda reached down, insinuating her small, dainty hand inside Henry’s boxers until she found the object of her search, her son’s already fully erect twelve inch pecker, wrapping her hand around it and pulling it free of his clothing.

“Oh, look, Henry. It’s your big, bad, mean Mr. Wean, tee hee,” Hilda said, laughing naughtily, both of her J cuppered cupcakes jarring with her giggles, their nipples rattling atop her tittie tonnage. “He’s got something better in there than pee pee, baby. It’s some sticky wicky gooey ooey shit, büyükçekmece escort Henry.”

Hilda pressed the set of her bare top heavy heaves of hooter into his chest as she leaned in closer to him in a conspiratorial fashion, fondling him with her juggers as she made over the now bare and fully swollen head of his weanie with both hands, caressing what was now at its maximum hardness, using every ounce of her knockery naughtiness to draw the blood away from his brain to his male staff.

“Part of me almost believes this might be wrong,” Henry told Hilda, brushing the backs of his hands swiftly across the smooth flesh of her gargantuan knockers. “But fortunately, that part is my brain and I never listen to it. I love our sexual trysts and I’m sure not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“That’s exactly where you ought to look, sweetheart,” suggested Hilda, lowering herself to her knees as her large, somewhat pendulous breasts swung from side to side, to and fro, slapping noisily against her chest as they finally came to rest while at the same time she parted her full, cherry red and prettily pouting lips in anticipation. “Alright, Henry! Bring wee wee home for the holidays!”

Five minutes later, Hilda’s teenaged daughter, Harriet knocked sharply on the door of the bathroom.

“Mom? Henry?” she said urgently. “What are you two doing in there for so long? I have to pee, dammit!”

“Door’s unlocked!” Henry called out to his older sister, but didn’t look up as she entered the room, his attention still completely focused on the enormous set of bobbling, jiggling, juggling jaybird naked J jugs before him and the sight of his mother’s blonde head rising and falling as her warm mouth took as much of him in as she was able to.

“Holy shit, I thought you two were probably doing some naughty holiday sexual shit, and I was right,” said Harriet, hoisting up her cheerleading skirt and sliding her panties down her thighs as she perched on the commode. “I have to pee pee something awful.”

Harriet let go of the stream of urine, one she had been trying to hold back since the end of cheerleading practice, relief washing over her face as the first tinkling sound of her water hit the water in the bowl of the commode.

“Ahhhhhhhh, that feels so good,” cevizli escort Harriet sighed, grabbing a piece of tissue and wiping herself dry. “But I bet not half as good as you’re feeling, Henry, tee hee. Looks like you’re about to come, brother dear. Geez, she sucks your wee wee all the fucking time, doesn’t she? But I can’t really blame her.”

“Yeah, she does, Harriet. I’ll let you suck it again later, but, shit, it’s probably one of the best ones I’ve ever had,” responded Henry, squeezing his mother’s breasts roughly as though for emphasis, then reaching up and yanking on Hilda’s hair as he cried out. “Ahhhhhhhhh, I think it’s gonna snow! Get ready for the eggnog! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Harriet stood up, juggers a-jouncing as she pulled her panties back up and lowered her skirt over her fleshy ass, patting it neatly back into place.

“Great ass, sis,” said Henry, complimenting his sister, as he unashamedly checked out her impressive caboose. “And you sure do fill out that sweater nicely, hee hee. Those titties of yours look huge in that thing.”

Hilda reached out her hand for Harriet to assist her from her kneeling position as her mouth slid from Henry’s jumbo johnson with an audible popping sound.

“Well, that was fun, tee hee,” giggled Hilda, releasing her oral hold on his huge wee wee. “You really should give it a Christmas suck yourself, Harriet. It was fucking fun, and he shot a lot of cum down my throat.”

“Sure! Why the hell not?” Harriet replied slyly, checking out his sagging pee wee. “Does ‘he’ have another one in him, Henry?”

“‘He’ sure does, Harriet,” Henry said eagerly, smacking one of her boobs with an open palm and cackling as it dribbled up and down beneath her clothing. “But that fucking sweater and bra better come off first.”

Harriet quickly obliged, doffing her sweater and bra as she assumed the position on the floor of the bathroom previously held by her mother as Henry grabbed hold of his sister’s blonde pigtails and jockeyed the head of his pecker into position, aiming it for her wet, warm and willing oral cavity.

“This is some fun shit, tee hee hee,” the busty girl giggled, her heavy honkers flailing. “I love sucking your big ol’ mean Mr. Wean. I am going to suck the shit outta you.”

“Oh, what a happy fucking holiday! What a gift!” Henry yelled hornily, yanking his sister’s head up and down by the pigtails, making her newly freed and gloriously naked globes of gooey girlishness bound up and down upon her chest and shoulders. “It’s Christmas in my pants and you’re invited, you big-tittied bitch! Oh, suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Say ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Wean!’ with your DSLs!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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