Merna’s Story Pt. 02

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Part 2 of Merna’s story. Chronicles the second day at the races. Really need to read Part 1 to understand it.



I awoke the next morning with a smile on my face. Jerome was lying next to me just watching me. I felt something in my butt. I reached around and pulled out an anal plug. I had seen them before but never had one in my butt.

“What is that doing there, Mister Jerome?” I asked.

“You need to have your ass hole stretched,” Jerome said. “You can’t take me without some preparation.”

“I will never be able to take that monster in my tight asshole,” I cried.

“That is what you said before last night about your twat,” Jerome laughed. “You just need to be prepared correctly. How about a shower?”

“Oh yea, I really need a shower,” I exclaimed. “Let me get dressed.” The showers were communal showers about 200 yards from the campsite, so I naturally thought I needed clothes.

“You have enough clothes here,” Jerome said.

“All I have is these torn panties which won’t even cover my pussy,” I cried.

“First what happened to Mister Jerome? Second, you wear what I tell you to wear. Now get dressed,” he said as he handed me my torn panties with a giant smile on his face. “You need to wear shoes.”

I took the panties with an exasperated look. “Thank you Mister Jerome,” I whined with much sarcasm. “You are so generous.” He laughed.

I took the panties and tied them around my swollen pussy as best I could. The cloth barely covered the lips and tying them made the cloth disappear into my butt cheeks. I did not want to look in a mirror.

So we started across the parking lot to the showers. Luckily this was a late crowd and we only met a few people. I could not look anyone in the eye. I knew that there were catcalls and vulgar remarks being made about my anatomy. I did hear some saying “Great tits. Those are definitely 10’s.” Jerome was right behind me wearing swim trunks. At least with Jerome around I knew I would be safe. I glanced back to see Jerome smiling as he watched my ass move as I walked.

As we got close to the shower a young police officer stopped us. He was hardly 21 but very good-looking.

“Miss, you cannot be here dressed or undressed like that,” he said. “We do not allow people to be nude in the public lot. You really need to have your nipples covered and certainly your pussy has to be completely covered.”

“Officer, I am sorry, but my boss wanted me to take her to the showers,” Jerome pleaded. “We knew she needed to have her pussy covered but thought it was OK to have her tits showing.” I realized Jerome was playing this role because he was afraid the police would be less lenient with a black man and white women.

“We don’t worry so much about nipples but she is completely nude!” the officer was adamant.

“The slut had one outfit, the jeans and top are washed and drying out but she is wearing the panties she had on last night,” Jerome explained. “Look closely, she is wearing panties. Feel free to examine but I have seen other girls coming to the shower in just panties. I would hate to tell the boss his slut is in jail.”

I looked down and realized the panties not only had slipped in the crack of my ass but also had slipped inside my pussy lips as I walked. “Look officer, I do have on panties,” I said as I slipped my fingers into my slit to release the material.”

“Please feel free to inspect officer,” Jerome said.

The officer reached down, putting his fingers where I had moved the material to be seen. As he did he hit my clit that was still sensitive from the night before, and I squirted for the first time in my life! I was totally embarrassed. I could not understand what was happening to me. This was the most humiliating circumstance in my life but my body seemed to like it. I could see the spot on the officers perfectly pressed dark blue slacks.

“Did you see that?” the officer said dumbfounded. “I have never seen that before!”

“Nor I!” Jerome said as I closed my eyes while both men stared at my wet thighs and the spot on his slacks. “But officer she is wearing panties as you can see.”

Jerome looked at me; smiled and winked, “Look at the mess you made on this nice young man’s trousers. You need to do something to clean up for your mess.”

“Officer I am so sorry,” I struggled to get out. “What can I do to make up for my slutty ways?” I could not believe I just said that. Who was I?

“Well, I guess you could not help it,” the officer acknowledged. “I will have a story to tell the guys about the spots on my uniform. But she needs to be more covered. I am going to wait here until y’all shower then inspect her to make sure she can make the trip back.”

“Thank you Officer Malone. My name is Jerome and my boss will appreciate this.”

So we got into the shower with a couple other guys. They were really enjoying the scene. Jerome soaped me all over, paying a lot of attention to my private parts. He soaped and rubbed my tits until I again was aroused. bursa escort In spite of myself, I was enjoying these men watching me with their dicks getting hard.

“Ok, now me,” Jerome said. I soaped his back and then his chest. He was certainly muscled all over. His chest was covered with kinky black hair that looked like corkscrews. Then I started on his dick. I soaped and rubbed it until he was completely hard. I continued stroking him until he was about ready to cum. Jerome stopped me and turned me around. He soaped my butt then squeezed his hard dick between my butt cheeks. He did not penetrate the sphincter but did put pressure where the butt plug had been. I almost felt if I could relax enough it might have gone in. He came all over my butt.

“Now we are ready to go,” Jerome said after rinsing the cum off us. The guys in the shower were obviously happy with the show. One of them handed me a towel to dry off, offering to dry my back, which I allowed him to do. I struggled to cover my pussy with the tattered material that were my panties to no avail. Several of the guys volunteered to help with the material but none offered me a towel or anything that would cover my pussy. Even a washcloth would have worked. They enjoyed my struggle. I got my pussy lips covered as best I could. Jerome and I walked out after I gave up. The panties were beyond repair barely covering anything.

“Officer Malone,” Jerome said, “time to inspect this slut before we go back to the boss.”

“Mister Jerome,” Officer Malone said, “I know you are the boss here and I am fine with that. Most of us in Alabama don’t have a problem with a black men and white women together. So drop the pretense while I inspect ‘your’ slut.”

“How did you know?” Jerome said.

“The way she looks at you,” Officer Malone smiled. “Now for the official inspection.”

He got real close and again felt the material and ‘accidentally’ touched my clit the same as before. This time I only twitched a little but did not squirt on the officer again.

“Ok, she can go back but find her just a little more to wear,” the Officer smiled. “But not a lot more. We need more people attending the races for our local economy and something tells me her presence will help get the dogs out.”

“I think you are right,” Jerome said. “You know we need to do something for your kindness and the mess my slut made on your uniform. I know this white slut would like to show you how much she appreciates you not taking her to jail and the mess she made. Don’t you?”

“Yes,” I whimpered. “I would very much like to show my appreciation to this young nice looking officer and make up for my mess.”

“I would like to take you up on the offer, but I am on duty” he said. “I am off duty after the truck race this afternoon.” He quickly added.

“What about 9pm tonight?” Jerome smiled. “In fact bring a couple of friends so they can witness my slut’s appreciation. After all, who would believe this without seeing it.” The two shook hands. As we left Malone patted my butt and watched me all the way to the camp.

“Now wasn’t that fun?” Jerome asked after we got to the camp.

I realized in spite of how humiliating the whole thing was; walking nude in front of strangers, showering with guys, squirting on the officer, and having a big black man cum on my ass, it was a great morning all in all.

“Yes, I enjoyed myself” I smiled.

“Now let’s find you something appropriate to wear for the day,” Jerome said. “Then get some food. We have to make my white slut decent for the day.”

So I laid out the clothes I had brought. He picked up a pair of black shorts, and a thin white blouse. The shorts came down to about mid thigh. He started cutting the shorts with pair of scissors. First he cut out the leg completely. All that was left was the gusset that would barely cover my crotch. Then he cut the back like LaTonia’s jeans shorts so that a good portion of my ass cheeks would hang out.

“Ok let see how this looks,” Jerome said.

So I put on the shorts, which was not too bad. It felt a little strange because the cut of the legs made the material bunch up more on my crotch, and tugged at my pussy, and I was sure that my butt was almost on full display. But I thought, ‘Ok you can do this’.

He handed me the blouse to put on. “What about a bra, Mister Jerome?” I asked.

“No bra,” Jerome smiled. “Why would we cover those scrumptious breasts?”

“Ok, but I need sunscreen and my big hat,” I said. “Mister Jerome, us redhead have to be careful with the sun.”

“Take the blouse off so I can make sure you don’t get burned,” Jerome instructed. He then took the sunscreen, lavished it on my back then covered my front and arms. He took extra care with my breasts. I put the blouse back on.

“Just a little more adjustment” Jerome said. He first tied my blouse just under my tits and unbuttoned it down to the tie. The shorts were loose at the waist so he folded them down to show most of my belly and the start of my butt crack.

He bursa escort bayan then rubbed sunscreen on my legs. He made sure to cover my ass cheeks that were hanging out. For some reason, he decided to message my pussy lips, running his fingers under the gusset of the shorts.

“At least you are thorough,” I said with a lot of sarcasm, smiling.

“Ok, we are ready to go,” Jerome smiled taking my hand. I put on my hat as we left the tent.

Just as we were leaving LaTonia, Jake, and Jeff all came out completely nude.

“We are going to take a shower,” Jake said.

“Not like that,” I exclaimed. “There is a policeman down there checking to make sure your nipples and pussy are covered.”

“We know,” Jake said haughtily. “We will catch up with you at the food court.”

As we walked across the park to the food court, I was getting looks and comments. All seemed to appreciate how I was dressed. Of course showing T&A always works, but in spite of the embarrassment, it felt good to have these people appreciate a 37-year-old body. I would not wear this apparel on my own but I had to obey Jerome the whole weekend. I felt appreciated and desired due to effort Jerome put into what I wore. This had not happened to me in the years. Someone cared about how I looked and what I wore and I liked this feeling. I gently squeezed his hand to show my appreciation and smiled. Jerome squeezed back and smiled.

At the food court, we both had hamburger and fries. We ate hardily as a result of energy expended fucking the night before. As we were finishing LaTonia, Jake and Jeff arrived with their lunch. LaTonia was hot, hot, and hot. Words failed me. She was a picture of absolute beauty. She was wearing a pair of black shorts mostly cut out like mine with her ass shown to entice. The top was a stretched white halter that barely covered the bottom of her tits. You could see the crease that started at the bottom of her massive mummeries if you were staring straight ahead but looking up from where I was sitting I could see almost to her nipples. Of course, the white material could not hide the outline of her dark areola. It seemed that the top was tailored to show maximum cleavage. The cut stopped just as the dark areola started. I thought she was incredibly sexy. I wondered if Jake had picked out her outfit.

“Can we join you?” LaTonia smiled as she sat down. LaTonia hugged me after she was seated. It always felt good to get a LaTonia hug.

“So good to see you this morning,” I said. Jeff and Jake talked to each other while LaTonia, Jerome and I had our conversation.

At about 1pm Jerome said, “Ok, girls we need to go clothes shopping for tomorrow’s outfits, then I am going to join Jeff and Jake to watch the truck race. You girls can join us or sit in the shade and enjoy the day.”

I looked at Jake; but he would not meet my gaze.

So Jerome, LaTonia and I went to find outfits for tomorrow. Of course the pickings were slim. Jerome bought us both a Bubba Wallace tee shirt. Bubba Wallace is a black driver in the Xfinity Series. It was hard to find so we went to many stands. It was not high quality material but I was relieved that Officer Malone would fully appreciate this selection.

LaTonia and I both seemed to pick things up from low shelves. We had somewhat of a following to see our ass cheeks and tits as we bent over. Of course next to LaTonia I thought I must look small.

We found a vendor selling swimsuits. This made sense as lots of girls wore bikinis to the races. We looked at several suits, and tried on a few. This too drew quite a crowd, as there was no dressing room. We changed where all could see and I liked it. After three tries I said to Jerome, “I have a bikini that looks as good as any of these, also these are expensive.”

“You are right,” Jerome said. “I think I saw something that will be good.”

He picked up a florescent green swimsuit bottom cover about 6 inches wide with an elastic waistband. We both had on bikinis so we each stepped into one.

“Now that works,” Jerome exclaimed before purchasing them for both LaTonia and myself.

“We are going to stay around here,” LaTonia informed Jerome. “We want to watch the people go by as you watch the truck race with Jeff and Jake.”

So LaTonia and I just spent the afternoon in the shade talking. I really liked her. I found out a lot about her and Jerome. They were high school sweet hearts, married while still in college when both were seniors and were 40 now, which surprised me. I would have guessed them younger. Jerome had been a football player and played for a short time in the pros. They were owners of a distribution business for sporting equipment located in Bessemer.

They had been doing events like this several times a year for the last 5 years. She thought doing these events together only made them closer as they shared everything. She also told me the story of how they started these adventures. Maybe a story I will tell in a later writing.

In LaTonia’s words, “I guess we are escort bursa occasional swingers.”

LaTonia was very interested in how I was coping with this.

“Jerome is a great guy,” I said. “While he has made me do things I did not think I wanted to do, I have to say I have enjoyed it. What’s more he is interested in how I look, what I wear, and making me move outside my comfort zone. I think I have changed. Jake has not given me any attention for a long time, possibly never the way Jerome has. LaTonia, I know he is yours but thank you for sharing.”

“Oh it is good,” LaTonia said with her toothy smile. “Jerome and I have a terrific relationship, I know he always leaves with me. We just like to have fun and this is really fun usually. We are both very glad you came this year.”

“I don’t understand why Jake spent the time dressing you in that sexy outfit but has no energy to care at all about what I look like,” I queried in frustration.

“He didn’t,” LaTonia answered. “I chose this because I knew Jerome would like it. He really likes to show me off. No offense Merna but I don’t understand what you see in Jake. It was really nothing exceptional last night.”

I could not say anything.

It was about 5 o’clock as we suddenly experienced one of Alabama’s quick hard showers. LaTonia and I were drenched to the core. Jerome joined us.

“Well you girls look like you have enjoyed the day,” Jerome laughed. “But those outfits may not pass muster with Officer Malone.”

I looked down and my thin white blouse was completely see through and so was LaTonia’s. Her big brown areolas were now completely visible through the wet material. Our hair was stuck to our heads.

“Let’s go back to the camp so we can get ready for tonight’s show,” Jerome commanded.

LaTonia and I looked at each smiling. We each took an arm from Jerome, heading to the camp with our tits and ass showing proudly, looking forward to entertaining tonight.

Another shower show

As we got to the showers, Jerome suggested we shower before going back to the camp. That sounded good to both LaTonia and I. There were 3 young guys already in the showers. LaTonia and I lathered soap all over each other. We soaped up our tits and rubbed against each other for some time. The guys watched us with great interest. I could see that all the dicks were getting hard from our impromptu show. Then LaTonia said, “Bend over I need to clean your ass really well and then you can do mine.”

I bent over; my tits were hanging just right for maximum volume, while LaTonia worked soap lather in my ass hole. Her fingers were making me crazy. It felt great. I was getting so turned on as she rubbed across my swollen clit occasionally.

“Ok, my turn,” LaTonia said.

She leaned against the wall bending forward to give me access. I started to lather up her big butt as Jerome touched me on the shoulder.

“Let me do this,” Jerome said. His enormous hard dick easily slipped it into LaTonia’s gaping pussy. I could not believe how easily it slipped in. He was all the way to the hilt in one push.

I needed help to relieve the sexual tension that had built up in me, so I picked the best looking of the three young guys curling my finger at him. He came over eagerly as the other two came with him. I fell to my knees and took his dick in my mouth sucking it eagerly. As I worked on him I also worked on my swollen clit with my fingers. One of the other guys decided to massage my tits. The other one decided to give Jerome help.

“Can I help you out pal?” the guy asked. “She looks like a lot of women.”

“Rub my tits,” LaTonia moaned. So he massaged LaTonia’s massive udders that were hanging almost to her knees as she was bent over taking Jerome in her soaked pussy.

The guy I was sucking came all over my face and tits. The second guy took his place. This tasted so good.

“Work on my pussy,” I mumbled to my first conquest as I took the second dick in my mouth. Somehow my first guy understood my mumble, and placed his finger in my vagina fucking me with his hand as I finished his friend. Without much warning the second guy came. The timing was good, as I had finished my own tremoring climax.

The three of us stood and saw quite a sight. Jerome fucking his wife’s pussy, rubbing her big butt as he was doing this and a white boy masturbating while rubbing the biggest tits he had probably ever seen. We have come a long way I thought. Jerome could not hold out any longer. When the white boy saw that Jerome was finishing he made one big jerk to ejaculate a stream of goop that hit LaTonia on her back as he made one last squeeze of her right breast. LaTonia just moaned with pleasure.

“That was great,” LaTonia said standing, hugging her husband. “Thank you so much for the attention to my breasts young man.” She also gave him a big hug. It dawned on me, the three shower boys were probably still in college.

“Lovely lady, I think I should be thanking you and this gentleman,” he said. Jerome just smiled.

We all rinsed off quickly and started drying off. As we had no towels, our new friends shared theirs, drying both LaTonia and I personally. When we were dried off LaTonia and I looked at our wet dirty clothes with trepidation.

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