Memories of: Box Sex

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CharleyH started a thread about it being hot and having sex in the heat. Then, when I returned to the Motel last night there was a big furniture box sitting out by the dumpster. My mind flashed back through the years.


Kitty and I had been married a few years and we had been living in the first house we were buying for only a few months, when her mom sent her some things. They arrived one Friday afternoon by transport truck and it took the three of us to get the six-foot by four-foot by four-foot box off the hydraulic lift gate. It was made out of heavy cardboard and mounted on a wooden frame.

Inside was a large TV, a small TV, a VCR, a small stereo with speakers, an unassembled entertainment center, a number of blankets and pillows, and a smaller box filled with stuff from Kitty’s childhood. Stuffed in among all this, were stuffed animals of all sizes, from the size of your fist to a teddy bear as big as my wife.

We unloaded everything but the blankets, pillows, and stuff animals and hauled it all into the house. It took me a couple of hours to get the entertainment center up and running and another hour to get the small TV hooked up in our bedroom.

Kitty helped some but spent most of her time sitting on the couch going through the box of goodies from her old room at her parents house.

It was late July or early August and quite hot. The bedroom was the only air-conditioned room in our little house and we only ataşehir escort ran that at night to sleep; an attic fan cooled the rest. So by the time I had everything done, I was hot and sweaty and had discarded clothes until I wore just an old pair of cutoff blue jean shorts.

The two of us went out to move the big box under the carport and then decided that it was in the way and moved it around to the covered patio behind the house. This is where the fun began.


Kitty liked me all sweaty; she always said she found it sexy. She wrapped her arms around me from behind and caressed my slick slippery chest and belly as she kissed and licked my back. Her hands felt good but her tongue sensuously tickled my back. It wasn’t long before her hand dipped into the top of my shorts and brushed over my hardening manhood.

This seemed to excite her even more. Kitty had always liked sex outdoors, especially if there was the chance of an audience. Our house was on eight acres but the neighboring houses are closer to the street except for one house on another street. It sits at an angle down at the far back corner of the back pasture.

It was close to dark but still light enough to see well as Kitty unbuttoned and then unzipped my shorts. She got a two handed grip on my shaft as she rubbed up against my now bare butt. My shorts were around my ankles. She moaned softly and then moved back from me.

I turned around to kadıköy escort find her stripping off her shirt, which was followed closely by her shorts. Now naked, she grabbed me by my dick and climbed into the box.

“Come on! Get in and close the lid.” She told me as she lay down among the stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets.

I didn’t need a second invitation and was soon in the box on top of her. Talk about your tight places, we were crammed in there like sardines in a can. Even lying on our sides we just barely fit. You could only move so much and then your partner had to move or you ran out of room at the end of the box and couldn’t go any farther.

It was hot and dark and we were both sweating and slippery. Everything had to be done by the Braille system, either with your hands or your lips and tongue. It was maddening, sexy, confusing, and sensuous as we wrestled around in that box. The slip and slide of our sweaty bodies against each other felt so damned good.

Kitty whimpered and moaned as I licked and kissed her small sensitive breasts and then it was my turn as she explored mine for the first time. I didn’t know mine were so sensitive. The whole time, our hands were busy teasing each other, bringing our mutual intensity higher and higher.

By a silent mutual pact neither of us opened the lid of the box. At one point, Kitty tried to turn around but only got far enough to lick and suck my dick. My two fingers bostancı escort bayan in her pussy were trapped there between the cardboard and her butt. All I could do was wiggle them as her hips flexed back and forth.

Suddenly Kitty uncoiled, crawled up my body, and with fumbling fingers, impaled herself on my manhood. None of this little bit at a time stuff, she wanted it all and she wanted it right then. We were both pretty much out of control. She was working her hips up and down and back and forth in a frenzy as she rubbed her breasts on my sweaty chest. We were both moaning and groaning loudly.

It wasn’t long before we were both coming long and hard. My usually quiet wife was making a soft howling moaning sound as her inner muscles tried to crush me. Calm cool collected me on the other hand, had a double hand full of her ass and was trying to shove my dick in deeper as I saw stars behind my closed eyelids. I came so hard that my spine felt like it shot out with everything else.

Kitty collapsed on me and we lay there panting for breath in that dark hot cardboard box. Neither of us had the energy to move much less open the lid.

As our breathing calmed, Kitty got the giggles and then whispered, “Now, that was intense.”

I chuckled and asked, “Who said it was over? As soon as I get the energy, I’m going to roll us over and we’re going to do it again.”

Kitty giggled again and whispered, “Okay.”


We got a lot of “Use” out of that old box for a couple of years. A big gust of wind during a storm blew it out into the rain, which was the end of the box and our fun. For the next twenty something years, the sight of a large cardboard box made both of us horny.

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