Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 04

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The sunlight was peaking around the curtains, waking me. My head hurt a bit. Then I began to remember last night’s events. Realizing I was still in the motel I sat up quickly, almost falling back down when I went a bit light headed. After a couple of seconds I recovered. Randy, breathing heavy, was still sleeping next to me. The clock said 7:18. Panic set in. I had to be at work by 8 oclock. And I was a mess. My clothes still on me, if you can call it that. My skirt was pushed way up my belly. My pussy was sticky, covered in dry cum, his and mine. My blouse was hanging from one arm, my bra still clasped, riding up into my arm pits, way over my breasts now.

“Fuck, Randy wake up!” I pushed him, then pulling my bra down, quickly adjusting it.

“Come on Randy wake up!” I pushed him harder.

“Whaaa.” Randy rolled over, his eyes barely open.

“Get up we have to go now.” Jumping out of bed I quickly pulled my skirt down before pulling my blouse back on. “I have to get work, let’s go.”

Randy came to his senses, sat up and pulled on his jeans, then his sneakers. I found my shoes and quickly slipped then on. Picking up his shirt I threw it at him.

“We gotta go now.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him up, leading him out the door. Immediately we ran into two guys. I hadn’t buttoned my blouse, it flew open. Their mouths dropped. I didn’t give a shit as we quickly made our way to Randy’s truck.

“Just take me back to my car, alright.”

When I climbed into the truck I realized I was missing my thong. I fixed my blouse as best I could, but it had a slept in look to it. What did I expect, I had slept in it. We rode in silence back towards the bar, where my car was. He pulled into the parking lot, right next to my car.

“Randy, I had a good time last night. Thanks. And thanks for saving me from those two guys.” Leaning over, I kissed him on the cheek.

“No need to thank me again, you did last night.” I jumped out of the truck, and into my car. Quickly I sped home.

Once home I ran in the front door, and right into mom.

“Melissa, where have you been? We’ve been worried about you all night.”

“I’m fine mom, I was with some friends.”

“Who? It wasn’t Stacy, she called looking for you.”

“No it was some other friends you don’t know. I have to get ready for work now.” I started towards the stairs.

“Melissa, you look like a mess. Is that a stain on your skirt?”

Looking down I saw a big whitish stain on my black skirt, dead center over my pussy. Dried cum. It must have leaked from my pussy after we fell asleep. I looked at my mom, she had this disgusted look on her face. She knew I got fucked last night. I could feel my cheeks turn red.

‘I gotta get ready for work.” I ran upstairs. I must have set a record that day for shortest time to shower and get ready for work. I arrived at work just on time.

That day dragged. My head ached from all the alcohol, my pussy was sore from the first class pounding it took the night before. I couldn’t stop thinking about Randy, and how good he felt in me. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about Stacy, and what I had done to her. Hoping she would never know I decided never to sleep with Randy again, and to never mention it to anyone.

Finally the workday was over and I made way home. Dinner was an uneasy experience, as my parents quizzed me on the previous evening. My answers were vague to say the least. Mom and dad finally stopped grilling me, and dinner finished in an uneasy silence. Excusing myself I went to my room. Stacy wasn’t home when I called her. Billy was still working 2nd shift. I went to bed early that night.


Mom was already home making dinner when I got home from work. I ran upstairs to change into shorts and a T-shirt, my normal attire for hanging around. My bra was bothering me so I removed it, going braless. Dinner was still a bit awkward at first, but finally we started carrying on our normal conversation. Just as we were finishing up the phone rang. It was Stacy. She sounded upset.

“Can you come over? I need to talk to someone.” It sounded like she had been crying.

“Whats wrong Stacy?”

“I don’t know, I just wanna talk, come over please?”

“Alright I’ll be right there.”

I ran over to Stacy’s house, knocked on the door. Her dad answered.

“Hi Mr. Ferguson, is Stacy here?”

“Yes Melissa, she upstairs in her room. She doesn’t seem to be her normal self today, maybe you can cheer her up.”

“I’ll try.” In her room I found Stacy curled up on her bed, next to a box of tissues. There were several crumpled tissues on the floor. She was wearing a nightshirt.

‘Whats wrong Stacy?’ I sat on the bed next to her.

“Nothing.” She sniffed. I reached out and started to rub her shoulder.

“Come on I know something is bothering you. You can tell me”

“Its Randy.” She replied. My heart sank, I stopped rubbing her. Did she know about Randy and me?

“I think he’s cheating on me.” cebeci escort She continued.

“Why do you think that?” I asked after several moments of silence.

“He never made it home the other night. I called and called and he never answered. And then someone said they saw his truck at the fuck motel down the road.” Oh my God she knows I thought.

“Are you sure it was his truck at the motel? Have you talked to Randy about this?”

“Well they said it sure looked like his truck. And he’s working double shifts so I haven’t been able to ask him.”

Leaning back onto her pillows and headboard, I kicked off my shoes then pulled my legs onto the bed so they were straight out in front of me.

“It sounds like you need a hug. Come here.” Reaching over I gently pulled on her arm as she scootched her way over to me. She leaned on me, her head resting on my right shoulder, her right arm lay across my body, just beneath my breasts. I wrapped my right arm around her, laying my other arm on hers.

“I’m sure Randy wouldn’t cheat on you. And how many big black pickup trucks are out there these days? It was probably another truck, and whoever saw it just mistook it for Randy’s.” She was crying lightly, and her tears were falling on my shirt. I rubber her back slowly.

“I mean you’re a very sexy girl, he doesn’t have a reason to cheat. You tell me how he can’t keep his hands off of you, right? You guys aren’t having any problems are you?”

‘No every thing has been great, so I don’t understand why he would cheat.” She sniffled. “We get along great, we talk, we have fun, and great sex. He doesn’t even look at other girls.”

“See he loves you. Maybe he was working the other night too. Don’t assume the worst just cause he wasn’t home one night.”

“Yeah maybe you’re right.” Her tears were soaking through my shirt, I could feel the wetness on my skin.

“See everything is fine. Its just a little mistaken identity and lack of communication for a day or two.”

“Yeah.” She replied. I kissed her lightly on the top of her head.

“Everything will be fine.” I said. We lay there in silence for a while. Stacy stopped crying, and I could feel her breathing.

After 15 minutes or so she moved her right arm up a little. I dropped mine off of hers. Her hand moved up some more, this time coming in contact with the bottom of my left breast. There it stopped, but didn’t move away. I remained totally still, not knowing if she meant to touch me there or not. She moved again, this time her fingers moving up my breast a little, then they stopped. She did mean to touch me.

“Remember the other day?” she broke the stillness.

“Which day was that?”

“When you shaved me? And then you went down on me?”


“Well I never got a chance to thank you.”

“You don’t have to. It was all my pleasure.” I said as my nipples began to harden.

“I’ve been thinking, and I want to thank you properly, I want to make you cum like you did to me.”

Her hand moved again, this time her fingers lightly moving over my nipple.

“I want to taste my first woman, and I want that woman to be you.” She looked up at me, then slid her hand under my shirt, finding my nipple. She caressed it lightly.

“I want to feel your smooth pussy.” My nipple was tingling, my juices were beginning to stir.

“Oh Stacy, you don’t have too.” I said, but not wanting her to stop.

“But I want too.” She said as she lifted up my shirt, revealing my tits. Leaning down she kissed my right nipple, while caressing the other one. Pushing myself up just enough, I pulled my T-shirt off and threw it to the ground. Then I lean back again and close my eyes, enjoying the sensation of my nipples being licked and fondled. She sucks my nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue over it. Her right hand left my nipple, and slowly traveled down my body to my shorts. I suck in my belly a little, and her hand slide into my shorts, then into my panties. She moves it back and forth a few times.

“My you are very smooth tonight.” She said.

“I shaved it again this morning. I like how it feels.”

“So do I.” She pushes her hand in a little deeper into my panties. As her fingers probe my slit, I spread my legs, inviting her in deeper. She strikes my clit, sending shivers throughout out my body. Suddenly she pulls hand out of my pants.

“We have to get these off.” She sits up, and undoes my shorts. Getting up, she straddles over my legs, pulling my shorts down. I pull my legs up so she can fully remove my shorts, then she tosses them aside. She pulls my legs flat again, then rubs her hand over my belly, my thighs, my panties.

“I’ve never really noticed how beautiful you are. You are truly sexy.” She leans down and kisses my panties. Sitting back up, she hooks her thumbs under my panties waistband and pulls them down. Again I bring my knees up so she can remove my panties. After she gets them off, I’m completely naked. She pushes my knees apart, cebeci escort bayan so she can look straight down onto my pussy. Her hands are rubbing up and down my thighs. Her hands wander over my pussy, causing all sorts of tingling sensations. Her fingers find their way into my slit.

“I’ve never seen another woman like this before, only in pictures.” She said, her fingers slowly rubbing my clit. She stops rubbing me, then using both her hands she spreads my lips open. I spread my legs even wider to help open me up to her.

“Wow, I can see everything. And its so smooth.” She easily slips a finger in me I’m so wet.

“I can see my finger going in you, can you see it.” I look down, her finger sliding in and out of me. She slips another finger in me. This feels so great, and watching her finger fuck me turns me on even more. Reaching up I start to play with my own nipples. Stacy leans down and licks my click, never missing a beat with the finger fucking.

“You taste so good.” She licks my clit again, then proceeds to lick and kiss all over.

“You’re so smooth, I love it.” Her tongue travels from one thigh to the other then back again. Then she licks my clit again, before sucking it between her lips. She had slipped a third finger into me, and was furiously fucking me. Her tongue flicked my clit with ever increasing speed. Then she stops and sucks it between her lips, pulling on it lightly. An orgasm began to swell inside me. She licked and fucked me, my body tensed up, my back arched and I exploded. She kept licking and fucking me, my orgasm seemed to go on forever. Finally when it subsides she stopped licking me, pulled out of me. Crawling up next to me she lays down then kisses me, our tongues interweaving. I could taste myself on her.

“That was great.” I said breaking off the kiss. Laying her head on my shoulder, she brings her hand to my breast, starts to lightly caress my nipples. After we rested like this for a few minutes I sat up.

“Ok lets get serious now.” I said while pulling her up to a sitting position. I pulled her nightshirt up, and she helps me to get it off. Stacy’s naked, as she had no panties on. I push her back on the bed, then straddle her face so I’m looking down at her body. I can feel her breath on my still hot pussy. She spreads her legs, I can see her smooth pussy open up for me.

I lean down so we are now in the 69 position. I wrap my arms around her thighs, then pull her wide open. Finding her clit with my tongue I lick it. My fingers find her hole and slip in easily, as she is dripping wet. Her fingers start to probe me again, as her tongue flicks on my clit. Slipping another finger in her, I start finger fucking her. Sucking on her clit, every now and then stopping to kiss her on her inner thighs. Her hips keep rising up, trying to get my face deeper into her pussy. I see her juices are running down her crack, down to her rosebud. I pull my well-lubricated fingers from her pussy, slide them down to her rosebud, and then circle it. She stops sucking me, she stops fucking me.

“What are you doing?”

“Relax.” I respond, while slowly pushing a finger in. When I got it in to the first knuckle, I stopped. I licked and sucked her clit some more, and this seemed to relax her. I pushed my finger a little farther in, then stopped again. When she relaxes some more I pushed it in some more. My finger was 3 quarters of the way in, I slowly pulled it back. When it was almost all the way out I slowly pushed back in. It was getting easier as Stacy got used to it. Slowly she started to fuck me again, then suck on my clit. I slowly fucked her asshole while sucking on her clit. She was sucking me so good another orgasms was building inside me. My pussy was tingling with excitement. I stopped working her to concentrate on my orgasm. It was coming, I was cumming.

Then I heard a noise. Looking up Stacy’s dad was standing in the doorway watching us. His mouth and eyes opened wide. I looked right into his eyes, there was no stopping my orgasm now.

“Yes Stacy, I’m cumming. Aaahhh.” I closed my eyes, my body tensed up, then it hit. Such an intense orgasm. My whole body shuddered, and I could feel the flood of juices running down my legs. Stacy continued to lick me, extending my orgasm.

When this one subsided I opened my eyes, her dad was still standing there watching us. I smiled at him, then slowly started to finger fuck Stacy’s ass again. Leaning back down I sucked her clit into my mouth, stroked it with my tongue. Looking up he was still there, Stacy was still licking me. With my tongue I licked from her clit over to one thigh, then half way up her thigh, all the while staring at her dad. Then I went back down her thigh, across her pussy and up the other thigh. As I started down her thigh towards her pussy he turned and left, closing the door behind him. I now turned my full attention on Stacy, licking and sucking her, finger fucking her ass with one finger, even slipping my thumb into her pussy. She stopped licking escort cebeci me, her fingers withdrew from me as I continued to work her clit. Her body started to tense up, she was moaning. Her legs started to shake, then she came. I sucked up the flood of juices as she came. I continued to suck her, to fuck her until her orgasm diminished. When she stopped, I moved off her, then crawled up next to her. We held each other in our arms, kissing. We could taste ourselves on the others lips. We lay there for a while, taking turns softly caressing each others breasts.



“Thanks for coming over tonight and talking to me. You’re right, I don’t think Randy would ever cheat on me.”

“No problem Stacy. And thanks for your hospitality tonight too.” I kissed her softly on her forehead. As we lay in her bed I lightly stroked her hair. Before long she was fast asleep.

Something stirred inside me. Slowly I got off her bed. I found her nightshirt and pulled it over my head. It was pink, with a kitty cat on the front, with the words “Pussy Cat” over the cat. It came half way down my thighs. Quietly I left her room, gently closing the door. Downstairs I found her father on the couch in the living room watching TV. I sat down in a chair opposite him. His eyes never left the TV.

“What are you watching Mr. Ferguson?”

“A ball game.”

“Who’s playing?”

He didn’t answer, just sat there watching the TV. After several uncomfortable minutes he spoke.

“Are you and Stacy, um, well you know, gay? I thought she had a boyfriend and was, um you know, normal..”

“Oh don’t worry Mr. Ferguson, Stacy is normal. She and Randy are a good couple. And I have a boyfriend. Its just we like to share each others bodies every now and then.”

We sat there quietly for another couple of minutes.

“Where’s the rest of the family Mr. Ferguson?”

“Well my wife is visiting her parents, and will be home later. Matt is out with some friends. Don’t know when he’ll be back.” He looked at me. “How is Stacy doing now?”

“She’s sleeping now. I think she’s much happier now.”

“That’s good. You two are such good friends. Hey is that her nightshirt you’ve got on there?”

“Yes it is Mr. Ferguson. I just needed to throw something on quick cause I wanted to make sure you’re alright with what you saw tonight.”

“Well I don’t know, I mean I want her to be normal, to have a husband and kids in the future.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I think that’s in her future for sure. Right now she’s just a little bit curious, that’s all.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Anything Mr. Ferguson.”

“Was she shaved, um, well down there?”

“Yes Mr. Ferguson, she is.”

“I’ve never seen a grown woman shaved there before.”

“Did you like what you saw?” I asked as I slowly got up from the chair.

“It was interesting.”

“Would you like to see another shaved woman?” I slowly moved towards him, my hands on my hips, gradually pulling the nightshirt up. He was staring at my legs. The nightshirt hung just below my pussy.

“Yes I would like that.”

“Well then Mr. Ferguson you’re in luck. Cause I just happened to be shaved down there too.” I was standing directly in front of him now, my bare pussy just out of site, hidden behind the nightshirt. I swung my hips back and forth slightly. He looked up at me, and I pulled the nightshirt up, right up to my belly button, revealing my naked pussy. His eye’s dropped down to my pussy, taking in the delicious sight. For a minute or two he just stared, taking in every detail.

“If you like, you can touch it, to see how smooth it feels.” I stepped closer to him. Slowly he raised his hand, then only inches away he stops. He looked up at me.

“Go ahead and feel how smooth it is.” Still looking up at him he hesitates for a second. Then his eyes go back to my pussy and his hand moves forward. His fingers touch me a couple of inches above my slit. He slides them back and forth a few times, then slowly slid his fingers down. When he reached my slit I took a short breath and tensed up. His touch was sending tingling sensations throughout my pussy. He slid his fingers down a lip on one side of my slit, then ran them up the other lip. His fingers forced their way into my slit, then found my clit. His fingers worked their magic on my clit, then they moved lower. I stepped a little wider, to open myself a little more. A finger pushed its way into me. I leaned my head back, closing my eyes, moaning.

“Its been a long time since I’ve gone down on a woman.” I felt his hot breath on my pussy. Then his tongue was on my clit. Licking and sucking. His finger fucking me. Every so often he would pull his finger out, then shove his tongue up my pussy. Then he would go back to sucking my clit and finger fucking me.

“Oh God this feels great.” I moaned. He alternately licked and sucked my clit. I stepped back, freeing myself of him.

“You’ve got to fuck me now.” I said. I pushed him back onto the couch. Leaning over him I undid his pants, then pushed them down below his knees, along with his boxers. His cock popped free, rock hard and ready to go. Wrapping my hand around it I stroked it a few times. Standing up I pulled the nightshirt over my head and tossed it on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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