Melanie Ch. 02

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When I woke up in the morning, a narrow shaft of sunlight was peeking under the shades in the living room. I was on the pullout couch. The lights were off, but I could hear movement in the kitchen. After a minute, Sarah peeked around the doorway and saw that I was awake.

“Do you want coffee?” she asked quietly.

“Absolutely!” I whispered back.

I made sure that I was decent as she clanked around in the cupboard, and when I entered the kitchen, she handed me a mug of steaming black coffee.

“Bless you,” I said. “It was kind of a late night!”

“How long did you guys stay out?” she asked.

“I think we got home at 2:00 o’clock…I don’t think I’ve fallen asleep that quickly before!”

“Yeah-she’s hard to keep up with, even if you’re in drinking shape!”

“You’re telling me!” I said with a snort.

To keep the questions from proceeding any further, though, I changed the subject.

“What are you doing up so early?” I asked Sarah.

“I’ve got to go to work for a while. We have a presentation on Monday, and I’m not quite ready for it. Do you want to meet later for lunch?”

“That would be great…where were you thinking?”

“How about you guys come down and meet me at Charlie’s?”

My mind reeled with visions of a hot roast beef sandwich with gravy.

“Perfect!” I said happily. After a sip of coffee, I asked her what time.

“Let’s make it one o’clock,” she replied. “That way I can be done for the day.”

“We’ll be there.”

Sarah passed me going into the hallway. She grabbed her leather jacket and purse from the chair by the front door, then looked back with a smile. “See ya later, then!” she said quietly.

“See ya” I said.

I think the same memories of other goodbyes clouded both of our thoughts right then. There was no kiss this time, just a lingering weirdness as we mentally adjusted to the new status quo.

To break the tension of that moment, I said “Get out of here-I’ll wake Melanie up at noon so we can make it on time!”

Sarah laughed, her smile returning. “Good luck with that! Maybe start around 10:30!”

With that, she was gone, closing the door quietly behind her.

The apartment was quiet again, and I sat back down on the pullout couch in the faint illumination of the sun as it slipped past the window shade. My mind was filled with “might-have-beens” with Sarah, and I sipped coffee and reflected on our time together. At some point, I fell back asleep on top of the covers.

When I woke up again, my coffee was cold. With a start, I checked my watch and saw that three hours had slipped by. I got up carefully and went to the kitchen, topping up my cup from the carafe. Then, somewhat hesitantly, I wandered down the hall. First, I stopped in the bathroom and relieved myself. After that, I found myself drawn to Sarah’s room. I felt like a stalker, but couldn’t help myself. The door opened silently, and as I stood in the doorway, her familiar scent washed over me. The bed was made. There were clothes on the back of the chair, but not on the floor. The closet, I’m sure was a mess, but the doors were closed. All familiar patterns. With a sigh, I closed the door and turned down the hall.

Melanie’s door was closed as well, but I felt a lot less hesitation opening this one. For one thing, she could sleep through an air-raid siren. Also, having just spent hours on their balcony last night snuggled under a blanket and fucking like deranged minks, I didn’t think there were a lot of boundaries left for us to cross!

Oh, what a sight greeted me! The apartment was warm despite the cold Boston morning, and Melanie was nude, wrapped only partially in a purple cotton sheet. Her hair was a dark cloud that obscured her face and the pillow, but her back was to me and I could see her beautiful ass gleaming in the faint light, the curve on her arm clutching a pillow, and the pale side of one breast. Her breathing was deep and even, and she looked incredibly sexy and peaceful.

My cock stirred within my shorts as I stood there. Stepping to her bedside, I took one last slug of coffee and set the cup down next to her phone. Then I stripped off my T-shirt and shorts. Grinning to myself, I eased my weight down on the bed beside her. No reaction. I pivoted slowly and stretched out next to her without touching her body. No reaction. With a happy sigh, I laid my head on her pillow, draped one cebeci escort arm across her waist, and moved just close enough to feel the heat radiating from her nude form. My eyes closed with contentment.

I guess I dozed off for a few minutes, because my eyes popped open when Melanie shifted on the bed beside me. I glanced quickly at her face, but she was still asleep. She lay on her back now, one arm trapped between us and the other thrown up over her head. Her breast stood up proudly in this position, and I admired the taut pale flesh and the caramel color of her nipple.

Looking further down her body, I saw that her knee was bent on the side opposite me. This left her smooth mound fully exposed, and I didn’t hesitate. My hand reach down and cupped her gently, my fingers curling down to lie along the delicate skin of her pussy. My cock was rock-hard at that point, and a smile crossed my lips as I thought of a way to arrange things.

Leaving her pussy for a moment, I rolled back and turned her hand palm down between us. Since I was liberally leaking precum, I rubbed the slick head of my cock all around her fingers and across her palm, then wrapped her around my shaft, thumb underneath. When I rolled back toward her, the grip tightened, and when I thrust my hips experimentally, I felt Melanie’s hand traveling up and down just as if she was jerking me off. That was enough for now!

Returning to the lush body in front of me, I licked my middle finger and let it return to the line of her pussy. It slid between her lips effortlessly, and I was unsurprised to feel it sink easily into the tight clasp of her inner walls. Even in her sleep, she was slick and ready for me!

I humped her hand gently for a while, fingering her pussy and spreading her lubrication thoroughly over her clit. Her body began to twitch in response, and when I began to suck on the nipple closest to me, I knew she was waking up. Her free arm wrapped around my head, cradling me against her breast. I added another finger to the first and pumped them slowly in and out of her slick channel, curling inside her to brush against her g-spot. Her knee came up further and fell off to the side, opening her even wider for my attentions.

I stopped working on her nipple and looked up at her face. Her eyes opened halfway and a smile crossed her lips before she caught her lower lip in her teeth and moaned softly.

“Good morning, babe…are you ready for some more payback?”

“Mmmm…yes!” was all she said.

Taking that as a full green light, I focused more intently on her eager pussy. My fingertips were slick with her juices, and I made tight little circles around her clit. Her hips started to rise off the mattress, so I changed pace and plunged my two longest fingers deep inside her for a few strokes before returning to my circling. After several repetitions of this pattern, she was moaning steadily and thrusting against my hand. I decided to let her off the hook, so to speak, and the next time I had my fingers buried in her pussy, I left them there and used the pad of my thumb to exert pressure on her tight little nub instead. As I sawed my fingers in and out of her, the friction came and went in a steady rhythm. Melanie began to match it with her hips, and her ass rose off the bed completely.

The arching of her back told me she was ready to explode, and when I bit down once again on her nipple, Melanie’s orgasm washed over her in waves. Except for a sudden gasp, she was silent, concentrating only on her pleasure. My fingers were clamped again and again as her body spasmed, and I could feel the long muscles of her body trembling with each ripple of pleasure. Slowly, her hips sank back onto the mattress, and a long sigh escaped her lips.

“Oooohhhh, fuck…that’s a nice way to wake up!” she said with her eyes closed.

I didn’t reply, but her face turned toward me and our lips met in a slow, deep kiss.

“Want some coffee?” I asked her with a smile.

“Nope. I want some cock!” she said in a throaty growl.

Since I was stuck on the side of the bed, I lifted myself over Melanie’s glowing body toward the middle of the mattress. I lay on my back and kicked the rumpled sheet out of the way, resting my head comfortably on her pillow. My cock stood rigid against my belly, still dripping precum.

With enough room to manoeuvre, Melanie turned and knelt cebeci escort bayan beside my waist. Her long, dark hair was damp with sweat as it trailed across my stomach. She kissed my belly button, then trailed her hands lower. One hand wrapped itself around the base of my cock, standing it straight up toward the ceiling, and the cool, damp tickle of her hair made me twitch with pleasure. The other hand cupped my testicles gently but firmly, its thumb caressing the very base of my shaft. With slow strokes, Melanie jerked me off while her hot breath hovered half an inch above the very tip of my cock.

When her tongue first swirled around the crown, I groaned with relief.

“Oh, God, Mel…that feels so good!”

I could feel her smile, and then I felt her lips close around the head of my cock. This was not the forceful mouth-fucking of the night before. Instead, she was making love to my organ, using all of her skills to tease me and torture me. Without warning, she sank down fully, taking my 7 inches effortlessly into the back of her throat and holding me there while her tongue snaked along the base of my cock. Her hands caressed me from every angle, following the motion of her bobbing head.

As I got closer to exploding, I could feel my shaft swelling even more. Melanie felt it as well.

“Not this time!” she said with a laugh, stroking me softly. “This time, I’m in charge!”

Melanie moved lower, swinging one leg over me to straddle me facing toward my feet. Her deft hands found my cock again and guided it up and into her waiting pussy once more. With a sigh, she sank down fully. I could feel her internal muscles rippling as she accustomed herself to my girth, and then more purposefully as she squeezed me rhythmically.

Looking back over her shoulder, Melanie smiled sexily and said, “Play with my ass and enjoy the ride!”

Who was I to argue? As her hips swirled and rose and fell in that same hypnotic rhythm I felt the night before, I helped myself to a double handful of her glorious gluteus. In this pose, her waist formed a narrow top and the swell of her hips became the full breadth of a perfectly heart-shaped ass. I stroked the sides, and then moved my hands in close together, my thumbs falling into her crease and moving up and down. With each motion, the tips grazed across her tight little opening. Each time, I could feel her wriggle a bit with pleasure.

Changing my approach, I let my right hand travel further between her thrusting legs. My fingers split to surround my cock and lie along each side of her pussy as it rose and fell. Within seconds, they were slick with our combined juices. When I pulled back, I used one slippery fingertip to tease her rosebud more directly, circling the puckered rim, then pushing gently into her. As she relaxed to this stimulation, I held her cheeks wide apart and let my finger slip in past the first knuckle before twisting and turning it around. Then I started to glide in and out of her ass, feeling her opening up to accept the intrusion. I timed my motions to match her up-and-down, forgetting for a while how amazing her pussy felt as it ravished my throbbing cock.

Melanie was moving faster and faster, getting a little erratic in her ride. Her hands, once braced on my knees, moved toward her crotch, and I knew she was rubbing herself. I felt her frantic fingers brushing against me as she drove herself toward another orgasm, and I breathed deeply to avoid coming to that same point myself. With a sudden lurch, she froze. I was fully inside her and I once again felt the squeezing of her walls around me as her orgasm pulsed through her body. Her ass clamped my finger spasmodically, and her back was rigid, holding her straight up as the long, trembling sensations gripped her.

When her shoulders slumped forward, her hands went back to my thighs. I figured she had had enough of being in charge, so I slipped my finger from her ass and discreetly wiped it off on the side of the bed away from us. Then with a firm nudge, I pushed her off to the side. She collapsed willingly in that direction, face down on the other pillow.

Taking her satisfied posture as another green light, I moved on top of her. My hands caressed the sides of her breasts as they lay trapped beneath her heaving chest. I knelt just below her ass, allowing my slick, stiff shaft to fall in the crease between her buttocks escort cebeci and then leaned down to kiss her neck. Her hair was even sweatier now, and I nudged it out of the way so I could get to her soft skin.

“Melanie…are you ready for some more?” I whispered.

“Mmmm…yes please!” she said, somewhat dreamily.

“Good, because there’s a lot of things I’ve wanted to do for a long time still, and this is one of them!”

With a quick shift, I aimed my erection downward and slid into her pussy once more. I straightened my legs fully on either side of hers, using her ass as a fulcrum to pivot on as I began thrusting into her with long, deep strokes.

“Remember when we went to the lake near school?”

She nodded and said, “Uh huh?” in a questioning fashion.

“You were wearing a blue-and-white striped bikini. You were lying on your stomach just like this, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to climb right on top of you and fuck you just like I am now!”

“Why didn’t you?” she asked, turning her head enough to see me peripherally.

“I was with Sarah…you were with some other guy. I just remember thinking how amazing your ass is and how much I wanted to fuck you right there.”

“So here we are…” she said with a sigh.

“Here…we…are!” I echoed, plunging fully into her with each word.

For a few silent minutes, I savored the feeling of her body beneath me and the tight friction of her pussy surrounding my cock. I am always turned on by a woman’s back, and Melanie’s was no exception-the long muscles, the curving waist, the hint of breasts peeking out, and the firm line of shoulders merging into her neck-all were beautiful and enticing and open to my hands and lips. I made the most of every inch available to me, and Melanie mewed happily every once in a while.

“Steve…” she interrupted me.

“Yeah?” I asked, somewhat breathlessly.

“Was it just my pussy you wanted to fuck when I was lying there at the lake?”

I remained speechless, taking in the implications of her question.

“Because it would feel really great if you moved your cock up a little bit…” she said softly.

No more invitation was needed. Her ass was already lubricated and relaxed from before, and I knelt up tall, using one hand to guide myself to this new destination. My cock was super slick, and the tip paused only a moment at the entrance to her ass before I felt her opening up more fully, pushing up to welcome me in. With slow movements, I let myself sink another inch deeper, then pulled back. After a half-dozen strokes, I was buried in her tight ass completely, my stomach crushed against her firm, delightful buttocks once more. Although she took me in readily, it was amazing tight, and I felt like a velvet ring was squeezing my shaft. When I pulled back and thrust again, I could feel the ring traveling up and down my length.

“Fuck, Melanie…I’ve never felt something so perfect! I love your ass…I always have!”

“I love it…too…and it feels…so hot!” she gasped in time to my increasing tempo.

“I’m gonna cum, Mel…I’m gonna cum in your ass!”

“Do it…fuck me…fuck my ass…cum inside…cum inside!” she chanted.

With a back-breaking arch, I jammed myself as deep as I could go. The velvet ring of her anus clamped down hard on the very base of my cock, and I could feel every pulse as it exploded into the deep, silky heat of her bowels. My arms locked and I stopped breathing, simply grunting as each wave of orgasm passed through me, throbbed in my balls, and then exited through my shaft into her depths.

Finally, with a shuddering sigh, I resumed breathing and collapsed onto her back. I was as sweaty as she was, and we slid together as I wrapped my arms around her from above. Once again, I kissed her neck, feeling my cock soften and slip out to lie nestled between her cheeks.

“I love your ass even more right now!” I breathed contentedly against her ear.

“I think my ass loves you back!” she said with a smile, looking over her shoulder at me.

When my heartbeat returned to normal, I found the energy to move a little. With a final kiss on her cheek, I rolled off her and used my discarded T-shirt to wipe myself clean, then folded it to do the same for her. Then I lay full length again beside her and moved her so we could spoon. My arm wrapped happily around her to cup her breast, and her ass was warm against my groin as we snuggled happily and then started to doze off.

A sudden thought struck me: “Hey…we have to meet Sarah at 1 o’clock for lunch at Charlie’s” I told her.

She wiggled her ass against me and said, “Good. That gives us lots of time!”

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