Meeting then Lunch

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You’re suffering though an epic meeting in the conference room of your office. They’re yammering on about some new product the company is going to roll out to increase the profit margins blah bah raise the bottom line yadda yadda yadda. The door opens. When they introduce the new product representative, your cock sits erect as your eyes roam along a familiar set of curves.

Me in a micro mini skirt high heeled pumps, well fitting suit jacket that sets off my waist and chest just so. I smile and set up my materials. You remember me from that trip to Vegas a few years back. My back is turned so you can tell that under my tiny skirt, I’m wearing nothing. You work hard to maintain your composure. I turn around, smile, introduce myself and lock a sly gaze on you for just a second longer than comfortable.

I take off my jacket. My blouse is low cut and sheer. You can see though it and the sexy sheer push up bra I have on underneath. The whole conference room can see my erect nipples and areolas. It’s as if I standing before you all topless. I lean forward over the table to pass out materials. You, along with all of your colleagues, get a good look at my full round breasts. Everyone squirms a little. The women are jealous and the men are embarrassed by their enjoyment. You smirk to your self, subtly putting your hand on your crotch under the table and giving yourself a squeeze.

I give my product presentation with poise and panache, every so often giving you a teasing glance. You’re thinking of nothing but getting me into your office. Luckily, the director assigns you to my account – how exciting – we’ll get to have lots of exploratory meetings and power lunches… Everyone but you leaves the conference room while I pack my things. You watch me. You always did like watching me. I bend over to put some things in a box. You see my everything. My ass round and smooth. My clean, shaved pussy exposed and slightly open for you.

Your hard on has been aching the whole meeting. Now you can touch it in safety. You stand up and close the blinds so that the rest of the office wont see what we’re about to do.

You yank up my little skirt, stoking my firm ass cheeks slowly before you slip a finger into my slippy, tight pussy. “JJ,” you whisper as you feel me inside and slip another finger round to diddle my clit. You feel me moisten as you move your hand. I spread my legs and rock a little. You’ve gotten me so wet, J.

Slowly you pull your juicy hand out me and sit down on the floor. You have both hands under my ass as I lower myself down to your face and you slowly lick my soft wet pussy. Fucking me with your tongue. It feels soo good! I reach down between my cebeci escort legs and unzip your pants. Your big, eager, delicious cock unfurls, ready at attention.

I tease it a little with my fingers. You stop licking me. I turn around and drop to my knees, putting my head in your lap, getting your whole business in my mouth. Sliding my tongue around your shaft bobbing my head up and down. You run your pussy-sticky hand through my hair. I’ve got you in my throat. You feel my gag reflex tight around the head of your cock. You like it, but gently you guide me off.

I’m kneeling in front of you. You’re sitting cross legged on the floor. We hold each other’s gaze as you reach out and tease my nipples though my blouse. This turns me on so much! OH, J! I like that Sooo Much! I gasp and throw my head back, popping one of my delicate buttons. You pop open the rest of the blouse and slide my heavy breasts out of the delicate bra. You hold my big, heavy tits in your hands, pinching the nipples harder. You take one in your mouth. Sucking and teasing the nipple. You suck so hard. Harder. HARDER! – Oh My! I’m getting so wet. You can see it. My pussy’s all shiny between my spreading legs. You like watching the little skirt rising exposing that slick pussy of mine. My growing aching clit looking back at you.

Your cock is so hard, too hard for too long, it hurts you some.It’s so very close to me. Eagerly, you stand up and guide me to my feet. Pushing me on my back onto the conference table with my legs hanging off the edge. You look at my pussy, my pulsing clit. You take your dick and plunge it inside me, grabbing my legs and putting them around your neck – oh god! It’s hard for me to stay quite. I have to concentrate. My pussy gets tighter and tighter around your dick – Jesus you feel so good! I’m breathing harder to avoid a scream and I reach beneath you and play with your balls. My other hand I touches your dick so I can fee you as you go in and out of me. AH-AH- AH- AH!

But you want to see me touch myself while you fuck me. You take my hand from you cock and press my fingers to my clit – Holy shit! You feel how much wetter that made me. You pound me harder – I’m in pure ecstasy as I vigorously rub my clit and touch your balls – It’s so hard not to scream! Oh, J! My pussy is grabbing at your dick head sending you for a loop, making you high.

My tits are flopping around and you suck on my nipples making me buck in bliss – oh god! I can’t be quite much longer so I start huffing your name “J, J, J!” We let go of each other. You flip me over so that my chest slaps table and my ass is in the air. You’re fucking me from behind so you can watch yourself cebeci escort bayan go in and out of me. Oh Shit! You are Sooo deep! You feel So Good Oh! J! Oh! J! j j j j j j j J!! I’m gasping. Gnashing my teeth. You feel incredible pounding me so hard.

I feel you getting a little stiffer. You balls shrink up. A couple more big thrusts and you empty yourself entirely inside my so hot and pulsing cooch. You shoot your load and hold yourself there while you shrink…mmmmmmmm. We disengage; wipe ourselves up with napkins from the breakfast spread. Put ourselves back together, and leave the conference room.

I make an appointment with you assistant for lunch the next day

We could have a power lunch, J.

Maybe on your desk after everyone else has gone out for there’s?

I’ll be sitting on your desk.

Maybe we’ve ordered in

Something nibbley, like fries and chicken strips

My ass is on your desk the way you like it

My feet in high heeled sandals on either side of you on your chair

My top is off

I dip a strip into the sauce to feed it to you but sauce drips onto my leg as I bring it to your mouth.

You lick the sauce from my leg

But while it was waiting there, uneaten, the saucy chicken strip has dripped sauce onto my breasts. So you lick that off and while you’re there, you give my nipple a good sucking mmmm, J…you take hold of the other breast and kneed it. mmm, J…my breathing is heavy. More sauce drips across my chest. You have to keep kicking it off. I moan at each lick and suck you give me.

You touch my creamy center to see how well you’re doing. Sure enough, I’m all slippery. You take the uneaten chicken piece out of my hand and wipe it across my cooch, saucing me up, painting me. Oooh! mmm! Wow! Wasn’t expecting that! You’re adventurous today!

You tease my clit with it and watch my thighs tighten. Then, you eat the chicken. It tastes like pussy BBQ…You kiss me and feed me a strip then kiss me again before you dive down and chow on my saucy puss. I scooch forward and raise my hips for you – oh J! yes! oh yes J mmm! you come up for air, sauce on your nose and mouth. You put a finger inside me and I cum on your hand, shaking and wailing. Not caring who’s around. You feel me close in around your hand as the girl juice and BBQ drips all over you. I lean over, lick the rest of the sauce from your face and kiss you hard.

You take another piece of chicken and hold it in your teeth for me to eat form your mouth. I do. while you mash my breasts around with your hands.

I fish your pole form your pants. The end is all excited and damp. I know escort cebeci you want to blow. I bend over and kiss the pulsing purple tip. Then, I scooch forward so you can enter me slowly. I hold you as you slip deeper. deeper. deeper. In me, deep as you can get. We rest. We’re breathless, unable to eat. I clamp down around you. I’ve got you super tight, my cervix grabbing at your cock head. You cant handle it you grab me around the waist, pulling me closer. I reach under you for your balls. You pound yourself into me. Driven harder by my wailing orgasm, you thrust and you thrust and you thrust. Without disengaging, you spin me round to get me from behind.

You think about all of the work you’re not getting done and spank me as you go. My bum reddens and heats up under your hand. You tell me how bad I am for distracting you. You love the way the quivering flesh feels under your hand. You tell me how bad it is that I showed everybody my big titties in the conference room. You tell me how bad I am for dripping sauce all over myself. You keep spanking and fucking. Hard. You yank at my nipples with your other hand. You’ve never been this rough with me before. I yelp and squeal and scream, gushing cum onto your dick. You jab and twist and grind inside me OH! OH OOOOOOH! OH J! Hh my god J! J! YES! don’t stop please, please don’t stop oh oh oh my god yes! oh oohhhhhhhh ooooooo eeeeeeeeeee! ahahahahahhahah!oh my god JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ! JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ!! ooooooooooooooo mmmmmmm yes, more, more I want all of you more!

Your balls are slapping against my ass as I wiggle backward to feel more of you, I put my fingers around your cock to feel you go in and out of me. You’re holding my tits. I have one hand on the desk. My pussy is just flowing juice down my legs and all I want is more. I can feel you getting thicker OH GOD YES! Give Me that fat cock, you crazy fucking Scotsman! FUCK! Give it to me! Harder HARDER! unh! I want it baby I need it OH oH OH! unh unh unh YEAH! J! AH! YEAY! oooooooooooo UNH!

Fuck! You’re so thick now. You’re maxed out. You have to blow, so bad. You want to see it this time. Watch your white cum land on my brown body. So, you turn me around again. Fuck me front wards watching my wobbly titties wobble, smacking them some. Kissing me so hard I cum again, shaking all over, grabbing at you clothes, ripping your shirt, moaning under your lips. You lean me back on the desk, take a couple of steps backward. You grab your urgent dick, and jack yourself just a little then shoot an immense geyser of cum that lands square across my chest, drips down to my belly. You keep Cumming all over my boobs like a fire hose painting on a canvas, splashing and spurting and sliding all over me.

Finally, you expire and flop into your chair. Our eyes are glowing and we take the lunch napkins to clean me and the desk up. I put myself back together and you slide me into your lap in the chair and hold me. mmmmmmmmmmm.

What’s for dinner, baby?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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