Meeting My Lover in Travel

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Double Anal

Your travels brought you to a city close enough for a rendezvous but far enough away to have an air of primal lust. The idea of meeting during your business trip was naughty and sexy and too exciting to pass up. You met me at the airport wearing a button down shirt worn untucked over your khakis. The top button was undone and I could imagine undoing the rest.

We exchanged hellos, flirtatious smiles, and restrained kisses with hunger at the heart of them. You took my one bag and we wasted no time getting to the nearest hotel, already secured.

Once in the room we skipped the customary small talk about the space and you pushed your body against me, instead. Your lips on my neck, you pushed me to the bed with your hips pressed to mine. I yielded with slight resistance and pulled your face to meet mine. Tasting your tongue, lips, mouth and heat was all I thought about for 48 hours and I was not going to miss a second of it. I bit your lip gently as you began to unbutton my shirt, revealing my red bra. As you kissed the exposed skin your body grew hungrier…more powerful. I could feel you growing hard against me and I rocked my hips into you harder. I unbuttoned your shirt as your hands climbed up my thigh, under my skirt, feeling the top of my thigh-high stockings, etimesgut escort then up to my red thong panties. I pulled your shirt off and pushed you with both palms, encouraging you to lie on your back so I could undress for you.

I stood and slowly pulled off my already open shirt, then shimmied out of my skirt. My stockings, bra, thong and high heels stayed on for now. I told you to take off your pants and boxers. You complied.

I walked around to the side of bed and beckoned you to the edge. As you came to sit upright on the edge, I knelt down to level with your now rock hard cock. I teased the tip with my tongue, looked to make sure you were watching while I tasted you. I slide all of you in my wet, hot mouth and sucked gently….making small circles round the tip with my tongue. You leaned back a bit and sighed, groaned, asked for more. I slid you in and out of my mouth, concentrating on each inch of skin. My fingers lazily teased the skin around your ass and your hips rocked forth in eagerness for more. Once your body started tensing up I knew I needed to stop to make this last.

I stood and you pulled me to the bed on top of you…aggressive but hungry for more. I straddled you as you lie back against the headboard and let etimesgut escort bayan me taste your nipples. I tugged at them a bit with my mouth, let my hands wander around your thighs and stroke your dick gently and slowly. I pulled back from you and you kissed me hard and eager as you unhooked my bra and let it fall from my shoulders. You immediately came in to suck my nipples, taste the skin on my tits. My back arched and I moaned. The heat was too intense between us…the sexual tension too strong and furious. My pussy ached to be filled, my nipples beamed for attention, your dick was hard and strong and throbbing under me. I rocked against you and begged for more. You pulled my hips down into you with your hands as you kissed and bit my neck, shoulders, tits.

You moved me swiftly from on top of you to lying on my back, you straddling over me. Your eyes were glowing with excitement…you told me as much. You pulled my panties off and threw them to the floor. I begged you to make me cum with your tongue. You knelt between my legs and flicked your tongue against my pussy as I threw my head back to beg for more. You tasted me, parted me with your mouth and sucked my clit gently into your mouth. My clit was swollen and juicy and desperate escort etimesgut for your hot mouth. My body rocked and twitched and I could not help moaning and begging and holding your head with my hands while you teased and tasted my clit into the point of no return. Your fingers slid into my ass and fucked me gently while I came hard and furious and cried out as I held your head tight against my pussy. The orgasm was so intense I screamed and fucked your face in pleasure.

Then I had to return the favor. You told me to get on my knees on the bed. I did, and I felt your cock…hard and pulsing…rub against my ass. Your hands full on my hips, you pulled me to you and slid your cock in my very wet, very hungry pussy. I tightened my muscles tight against you and you cried out and moaned as you fought to slide all the way in. You slid in and out in perfect rhythm, harder and faster and deeper and more assertively…you told me I was your naughty slut and made me beg for your cum. As you fucked me your body got more and more tense, your rhythm faster and faster. I could feel your cock tighten like it was going to explode. Just as another orgasm washed over my body you pulled your cock out and I flipped over fast so you let go all over my tits and chest. It was hot and sweet and the sweat on our bodies was glowing as you cried out and your body spasmed against the orgasm. I laughed at the intensity of such a short meeting and all we went through to make it happen.

As we were cleaning up and showering, we discussed getting lunch so we could re-fuel our bodies for Round Two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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