Meeting A Dear Friend Ch. 02

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Waking from our nap, I turn you to face me and kiss you deeply. You can still taste yourself on my lips. The feeling of your breasts rubbing against my chest causes things to stir between us, and you giggle. “Looks like someone wants to play,” you say, reaching down to stroke my hardness. Alas, there is no time for playing, as we are due to your friends at the club in 30 minutes. So instead, we settle for a quick grope session in the shower, our hands running all over each other’s bodies as we gently wash away the glow of our earlier passion.

With our bodies now clean, although dirty thoughts continue to rule our minds, we dress and head out the door, a night of fun and frolic awaiting us. Rendezvousing with your posse at the local watering hole, we grab a quick dinner and a couple of drinks to prime us for a night of, as you have promised, dancing and romancing. So far, I have enjoyed meeting all of your friends, but one lady in the bar has caught my eye. She’s about 5’8″ tall, has long curly brown hair, so dark it’s almost black, hanging nearly to her waist. With the tight black dress she’s wearing it is easy to see that she has one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen; nice firm breasts, a slim waist and legs that go all the way up. But the most striking feature is her eyes; they are deep blue, almost purple, and flash when she smiles. You catch me as I repeatedly glance her way. “See something you like over there?”

“Yeah, do you know that lady standing at the end of the bar, all by herself? She’s fuckin’ amazing!!”

“No, but I could in an instant. If you want me to, that is. Or you could grow a set and go talk to her yourself,” you reply, nudging me with your elbow. “C’mon, you’re in a totally foreign country. Who’s gonna know if you strike out. For once in your life, go for it. ‘Cause if you don’t, I will.”

Knowing you’re right, and that you will, I take a long sip of my Beam-N-Coke and walk down the bar. Sliding in next to this vision of beauty, I ask if she is with anyone and when she says no, offer to buy her a drink. We begin chatting and when she hears I am visiting from America, she asks who was so special that I flew across the ocean to see. I begin to explain things and turn to point you out. As we look your way, you flash a great big ‘thumbs-up’ at me, grinning from ear to ear. I turn back to my new friend, blushing. “Awwwwww, you’re blushing, that’s so cute. What was with the thumbs-up she just gave you?” I explain about how you basically had to threaten me to get me to talk to her, as I am a totally shy, pathetic loser around women, and she says, “Well I think you’re doing just fine, why don’t we go join your friends.”

“You’re sure you don’t mind? I hate to think I travel 3000 miles to get the nerve to talk to someone and then spend the entire night forcing her hang out with a bunch of strangers. And by the way, my names Carl.”

“I’m Sarah, nice to meet you Carl. And from what you’ve told me, I won’t be the only one spending the entire night how’d you put it, ‘hanging out with a bunch of strangers’. As a matter of fact, I will most likely have more to talk about with them than you do.” We share a laugh as I lead her back down to the group and introduce her all around. She was right, and fits in perfectly, as if she’s known these people all her life, while I am left listening in and talking mostly with you.

The time has come for us to head out and get our groove on, so I ask if she would like to join us at the club. Much to my delight, she slips her arm through mine and says she’d love to. So, we all settle up our tabs, grab our coats and walk down the street, laughing and talking and running and skipping, generally carrying on like crazy folk. We get to the club and we all hit the sincan escort dance floor. I spend all my time dancing with you and Sarah. Sometimes just you, sometimes just Sarah, but usually the three of us together. As the alcohol hits us, we get a little freer in our dancing, our bodies rubbing against each other. My mind flies back to that afternoon, and the combination of the two of you so close, and the mental images I am conjuring up, is too much for me. I pull you both close and kiss you, first you and then Sarah. She doesn’t pull back, but rather leans in tighter and kisses back, her hands rubbing my back. I take a little rest, and you and Sarah dance together. Sitting at the bar, sipping a drink, I watch as the two of you bob and sway to the beat of the music, two beautiful women, having a good time.

Before we know it, it’s last call, time to call it a night. Surprisingly, I’m not at all tired. Guess that little nap did me a world of good. You suggest that we all head back to your place, as your man is working the overnight shift, and Hope is staying with your mum. Well, I know I’m going that way, and much to my pleasure, Sarah is game for ‘hanging out’ some more. We all have a laugh at her attempt at my Pittsburgh accent, and the three of us stumble our way back to your place.

I have no idea what to expect once we get there, but know that my mind is reeling with the possibilities. I have one arm around you and the other around Sarah as we walk down the street. She rests her head on my shoulder and snuggles in against the chill in the air. Being a gentleman, I slip my jacket off and drape it over her shoulders. You gently pinch me and smile. When I look your way, you whisper in my ear, “Nice touch, you’re better at this than you thought.”

Arriving at your house, I take drink orders and head to the kitchen. You and Sarah excuse yourselves to ‘freshen up’. Returning to the living room, with a bottle of wine and some glasses, I find the two of you on the sofa, talking like old friends. I pour the wine and move to sit on the neighboring chair, but you slide over and pat the cushion between you, insisting that there is room for three. We sit and talk, and drink our wine, getting to know each other a little better. Sarah keeps asking questions about how we met, and when we tell her we met through an Internet chat room, and actually just met in person that afternoon, she is amazed. She can’t believe that two people can know each other as well as we seem to after only really spending one day together. We both do our best to explain that the chats, and the IM after that, are almost like the real thing, like talking on the phone. She becomes a little hesitant, but I can see she is still curious about something, so I ask her what’s on her mind.

“Well, I’ve heard about these chat rooms, and I guess I’m just curious if you two ever, you know . . .”

We both look at each other and begin to laugh. “You mean did we ever have ‘cybersex’?”

“Odd as it may seem, no we didn’t. It was more like a mentor relationship when we met. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, and Susan was a great friend and confidant, when I really needed one. It seemed so much easier to talk about the breakup with someone who could be anyone, than with my crew at home, and from there we just started talking about this and that and the other, until it felt like I had known her my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, after the first couple of months, I really wanted to get intimate with her, but it just never felt right, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah I guess I do, but I just thought from how close you two are and the kissing and everything that you two had been intimate.”

We laugh again, and you say, “Well, I sincan escort bayan guess I can answer that one. Let’s just say it didn’t take us long on this honeymoon to consummate the relationship.”

“I thought so, and was it everything you both thought it would be?”

In unison, we reply, “Better!!,” and all three of us fall together, laughing. “Well sweetie,” you say looking me in the eye, “I guess you’re not quite as good at this as I thought earlier, so it seems to be up to me to get things started.” With that you lean in and kiss me passionately, one hand caressing my face, the other gently guiding Sarah in. Breaking our kiss, you turn my face to Sarah, and I kiss her with the same passion. A little confused, I look into your eyes and see mischief. You lean over me and, pulling Sarah’s face to yours’, kiss her gently. When she responds by running her hand up your arm, I know that something magical is going to happen.

“Sarah,” you say, “would you like to spend the night with us?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she replies, turning to kiss me once again. Kissing her back, I let my hands run up her back and, finding the zipper to her dress, slowly unzip it. I can feel your hands unbuttoning my shirt, and then my pants. You stand up and move behind Sarah, your hands running down her sides to the hem of her dress. Slowly you pull it up and over her head, gently lying across the back of the sofa. Her hands have taken the place of yours, as she moves to straddle my lap, stroking me through my boxers. We both look up at you, standing there in the middle of the room. You begin to slowly sway with the music playing, your hands now roaming over your own body.

Sensing the show you are about to put on for us, I gently slide Sarah beside me and slip out of my pants and shirt. We are both caressing each other through our underclothes, as we watch you perform a slow sensual strip-tease. First you slowly undo each last button on your blouse, holding it closed with your hands as you go. Turning your back to us, you drop the blouse first off one shoulder, then the other. We can clearly see that you are not wearing a bra, and after you finally drop the blouse completely and turn around, Sarah gets her first look at your breasts. You sensually shimmy up you us, first rubbing your breasts in my face, then sliding over to give her the same treatment. As I reach out to caress them, you slap my hand away, shaking your finger at me, telling me to wait.

You dance back to the middle of the room, and spinning around, begin to slide your skirt down over your hips. Slowly, ever so slowly, you slide it down your long sexy legs, revealing the garter belt and stockings you have worn for the night on the town, the matching black lace panties. You bend deeply forward, accentuating the sweet curve of your ass, glancing back between your legs and smiling at us. You stand and turn back around, drop to a crouch, and crawl across the floor to us, catlike. As if your hands were claws, you climb our legs, one hand on mine, the other on Sarah’s, until you are kneeling between us.

I pull you to me and kiss you, my hands reaching up to caress your breasts, only to find Sarah’s there before me. Again, you break our kiss and lean over to Sarah, guiding her lips first to yours, then to your breast. Your hands reach behind her and unfasten her bra, freeing her breasts. They are every bit as nice as I imagined when I first saw her earlier that night. The site of your long red nails, scraping across her milky flesh, is too much for me.

Rising from the sofa, I guide you to my seat. Not wanting to leave your breast, Sarah rolls off the couch and kneels between your spread thighs. You reach down and begin to gently escort sincan pinch and knead her breasts as she licks nips and suckles on yours. You drop your head back on the sofa and softly moan.

Coming up behind Sarah, I begin caressing her back. Starting at her neck, I slowly work my way down to massaging my way to her ass, my lips following the path of my hands. I slide my hands under the silky fabric of her panties, one finger tracing the cleft of her ass, reaching under to feel how wet she is, how excited she is. I lie down beneath her and pull her panties to the side, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy.

Drops of her nectar have collected on her lips, and my fingers gently spread these around, sliding up and down her slit. I reach out my tongue and slide the tip slowly up and down her lips, now sliding between them. My hands caress and squeeze the cheeks of her ass. Pulling one hand back to her pussy, I spread her lips, exposing her little bud. I flick my tongue over it, eliciting a low moan from her lips.

Knowing what caused her moan, you smile and tell her she should lie back on the couch and enjoy this. You pull her to her feet, help her out of her panties and push her back onto the couch. I kiss my way up her legs, spreading them as I go. Resuming my place between her thighs, I continue to lick and suck on her sensitive clit, while running my fingers up and down her lips. She moans louder and reaches out, pulling my mouth tighter to her.

As I slide the first finger into her moist pussy, I feel your hands run down my back, pulling off my boxers. You kneel behind me and knead my ass with one hand, as the other slides around and begins to stroke my cock. “MMMMMMMM, this feels even bigger than this afternoon. I can’t wait to get my mouth on it.” So saying, you take the position I so recently filled, and I feel you tongue lick from my balls to the head, then your lips slide all the ways back down. I groan into Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah is now nearing the point of no return. She begins to pinch and squeeze her own nipples, pulling them to her mouth to flick her tongue over them. I work a second finger into her tight hole and begin to slowly increase speed. Faster and faster my fingers move in her pussy. Deeper and deeper. She now is grinding against my tongue and hand, her hips thrusting off the couch and a soft whimper escaping her lips. As she builds towards her orgasm the whimper becomes first a moan and then finally a long wailing cry as wave after wave of pleasure course through her body. Both her hands hold my mouth tight over her pussy, her juices flooding my mouth.

Coming back down, she slides down and joins you on the floor. The two of you push me up onto the couch, saying that after all the pleasure I’ve given both of you today, it’s time for me to have some release. I’ve never had two women working on my cock before, and tell you, “as good as this feels, it won’t be long now.” You take turns, one sucking and licking up and down my shaft, the other licking my balls. With Sarah’s mouth on my balls, and my stiff cock deep in your mouth, I let out a loud yell and let you both know that this is it. You just continue to suck on my head, your tongue flying around and around, one hand stroking faster and faster, until finally I can take no more and unleash my cum into your waiting mouth. Sarah releases my balls and helps you pump my cock, until you have milked me dry. I lie back exhausted, one hand reaching out to caress each of your faces, as you kiss, sharing my seed.

I pull you both onto the couch with me, one on each side and we caress and cuddle each other until we regain our strength. Slowly, we realize what a mess we have made of each other and we all begin to laugh. You suggest a group shower, so we all get up and walk off to the bathroom. Running the water good and hot, we all crowd in. The closeness of the space and the sensation of the water and hands running all over the three of us, replenishes the passion we feel . . .

But that’s a story for another day.

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