Meet Me Outside

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I’m hanging out with friends getting drunk when my cleavage begins to vibrate with a text message. I drop into a chair and flip the phone open to read ‘blowjob’. Grinning, I respond with ‘When?’ his reply is immediate ‘now, say you need air, almost there’.

I grab a bottle of water and mumble something about going outside for a few, waving off as someone offers to go with me “Just going to walk around a bit, I’ll have my phone.” they try to press the issue but I glare at them “I want to be alone, okay?” That was probably unnecessary, but he’d have followed otherwise.

So I get outside, looking around the unfamiliar apartment complex for a second before walking out into the lot and heading toward the front. A pair of headlights flash on and off, and I head in that direction hoping its him. It is “Get in.” he doesn’t even look at me as I walk around and climb into the passenger seat. He says nothing as he drives out of the lot, and I don’t ask.

Apparently that’s the right thing to do because he smiles and glances over at me for a second as he turns into the lot of some huge building. He gets out and walks around, opening my door and grabbing hold of my hand as we walk around to the back of the car. Still he doesn’t say a word, just glancing at me like he’s considering something, and that’s all the warning I have before I’m pushed back against the car and he’s kissing me and that… so hot…

He makes a sound and its almost a growl and that makes my knees weak, which makes him laugh as he pulls away and gives me that speculative look again as his hand moves over my hair. I know what’s coming, or hope I do, so I let my hands slide down until they catch on his belt. It comes undone easily, as do the pants.

His skin is warm as I let my hand slide in, brushing fingertips and he’s already hard. My hand closes around him and his hand tightens on my hair. I let my palm slide as I watch him and for a couple of minutes that’s sincan escort all it is. His eyes are wanting to close and his breath is starting to catch and he smiles at me.

His hand tightens in my hair again and I’d known it was coming as he’d teased me about fantasizing about this. He’d been right, and I resist just enough that he does have to follow through on forcing me to my knees. Then he’s leaning back against the car after slight rearrangement.

I take him into my mouth, tongue swirling soft across the head as my hand resumes its motion. His hands tighten on my hair but he doesn’t force it, knowing that’s all the encouragement I really need. No teasing this time, no games, just motion and suction. I’ve got one hand braced against his hip as I kneel between his feet, holding nothing back as I seek to drive him to orgasm as quickly as possible.

His hips are moving just a little and now his hands in my hair do press a little, but not too much and its just encouragement to go faster. He makes soft sounds and shudders lightly as I feel the tension building. His knees lock and his feet plant themselves more firmly and I whimper in the back of my throat as I look up at him. His head is back, eyes closed, and it is a beautiful sight.

Faster, harder, more, and my eyes are closed now too as I’m shutting out everything in reality but the need to draw that tension out of him and claim it for myself. I can feel the building and finally he gasps, pulling at my hair as I refuse to stop now that the prize is so close and he doesn’t try again to pull me away. There’s a pulsing like a rapid heartbeat in the vein that my tongue traces. Another sound from him and there’s rushing pressure, then heat, and I take all that he can offer, not stopping until he does.

I swallow and lick my lips as I sit back on my heels to look up at him. His eyes are still closed for a moment as he catches his breath, and sincan escort bayan then pulls his pants back into place and looks down at me. He smiles and offers a hand, leading me back to the passenger seat. He leans against the door and I offer him my water bottle. He drains half of it and hands it back, grinning as I finish the rest. “Thirsty work.” I finally break the silence, laughing as he shakes his head at my strangeness.

I like the taste, but the truth is most boys aren’t keen on kissing afterward, so the water washes it away. I like kisses better, he knows that and once I’ve put the empty bottle down he leans in to kiss me. Once, lingering as he turns me so that he can stand between my skirted thighs. The fabric slides up as his palms move over my skin. A sudden breeze makes me shiver and he grins “You came prepared” as his fingers discover the lack of panties.

“I never wear them when I know I’m going to see you.” I shift against his hand, then gasp and bite my lip as his fingers begin to explore “Or hope to.”

“Hope to what?” he is expert, each movement designed to draw a response, and thought is already becoming difficult.

“To… to see you.” The skirt is pushed all the way up so that he can see what he’s doing, thumb moving quickly as two fingers slowly sink in and I can’t help but arch toward him.

He’s watching me with that smile again and I turn away but a sharp command draws me back, I’m having to focus to keep my eyes open so I can watch him watch me and altogether its very nearly too much as his mouth covers mine again and he captures the whimpers and soft moans that escape.

The moment is fast approaching and I’m clinging, hips rocking, restraining the impulse to tell him I wish instead of using his fingers he was fucking me… Then my cleavage begins to vibrate and he leans back “Answer it.”

I nod dumbly and pull out the cell phone, trying to hold a coherent escort sincan conversation as the person on the other end is asking if everything is okay and whether they need to send a search party “No I…” I have to dig my nails into my own thigh to keep control as his fingers move faster and the look he gives me is devilish as he nods toward the phone.

“I’m going to wander to that store… on the corner… maybe get something.” He takes hold of the hand that’s on my thigh and places it lower so I can feel the movement of his hand. The person on the phone seems concerned that I sound out of breath and I blush “Oh you know..ex..exercise.” I can feel that tension again, only within me, and near the breaking point “I’m gon…Igottagobye.” I hang up and drop the phone “Bastard.”

He grins and leans close to growl in my ear “You love it, now come for me.” And I do, with my face buried against his throat as I press his hand tight against me so he can’t stop. Afterward, he kisses me lightly and strokes my hair with his other hand and smiles as he watches me catch my breath again. “Was that what you wanted?”

“Its a start” I laugh, then add “Sweetheart, the things I want would take… at least the rest of tonight.”

He chuckles “I’ll remember that.”

“Is that a rain check?” I don’t bother hiding the hopeful note in my voice.

“We’ll see.” he steps away, closing my door as he goes around to the driver’s side. I lean across and push the door open for him and he gets in. The drive back is silent, and he stops in front of the building next to the one I need.

I pull the skirt back in place and run my hands through my hair before pulling it into a loose braid and lean over to kiss him on the cheek “Thank you, Sir.”


I smile, picking up my cell phone and the empty water bottle. “Being you.”

I can hear him laughing as I hop out of the car and push the door shut. I want to watch him drive away, but he points toward the apartment. He doesn’t drive away until I’ve walked out of sight. I return to the party and mix another drink before dropping onto the couch.

“Didn’t get anything at the store?” someone asks

“No.” I giggle “Forgot I didn’t have any money on me.”

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