Me and Mindy Ch. 01

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How could I have thought anything else? By now my suit was sticking to me and I was getting tired, barely able to concentrate on anything else around me, lazy eyes drawing away all my attention, a faint scent of vodka drifting towards me…

But this guy really was a loser. He took up most of the space on the train, strumming that banged up guitar as the horrible discordant noise hit my ears even through the earphones. I tried to hide my smirk, and I noticed a few other people doing the same. The train then banged to a halt, and, almost as quickly as he had come; he was gone. The iPods battery finally cut out, and the muffled noises of the underground were all I could hear, ideal for the weariness I felt. I heard a faint sigh of relief to my left, even with the earphones on and I looked up. Id been too tired to notice the girl next to me but as soon as I saw her, I was impressed. The train started up again and a lash of her blonde hair tumbled off the fur collar of her jacket, gently brushing against my neck. Her slender figure was facing forwards, a delicate hand resting on one knee, scratching the rip in her jeans, but most of her figure hidden from me. Her hair rested against me a little too long until she suddenly turned to me, facing me now with green eyes, a little hint of a smile demanding my whole attention.

“Cola bottle” she said, offering me a bag.

“Huh?” I said, not quite catching up.

She must have thought I didn’t here her or something, because she flicked her wrist to pull out my earphone, laughing then repeated what she said

“Oh…no… it ran out of battery” I laughed, “I CAN hear you” I said, still a little surprised, the weariness of the day long set in.

“Good” she said, “then you can keep me company for a while,”

“Ah well you’ll have to do without I’m afraid, getting off at the next stop” I replied smiling

“Aw, you going to leave me here all by myself”…she said, playing the puppy dog eyes a little, looking down and pretending to be upset, but I caught the smile quickly enough”

Relenting a little, and partly taken in by here little act, I asked “Why where are you going..?”

“Its only 3 more stops….” she said

Well actually no, she didn’t say it; she whispered it, coming closer towards me, letting me practically feel her hot lips up against my ear…

“…..and I’m sure you won’t mind tooooo much” Her voice was deliberately silky and husky and made me shiver a little as the hint of passion drifted over to me like the soft smell of cherry from her perfume

“Come on…”I protested, still trying to piece things together after a long day’s hard work. She instantly reverted to being happy and bubbly again: “Come on, we’ll go get a drink or something…” She let her arm slide down the armrest next to me, brushing me gently, almost as though she was teasing me. But it worked…I stayed, and we got talking.

Now don’t get me wrong. Normally I’m the tease; in fact it somehow got me a reputation. No thanks to a few friends of mine who were keen to promote my “image”. Id never really slept around, nor had quite so many girlfriends or encounters as they liked to believe, but that didn’t mean I was no virgin either. A few relationships that had lasted a few months, and the odd encounter, nothing too special really.

But somehow this girl was getting to me. Maybe I was tired, and just drawn towards her because she was different. She was wearing a cool beret type woollen hat, skinny jeans and a jacket with a fur collar. After we got talking I realised she was pretty cool. She was into some quite heavy music, apparently went out a fair bit and certainly not afraid to say what she thought. She’d left school at 16 and done the odd job, nothing too exciting.

So we reached her stop and she picked up her bag, a black leather handbag with shiny metal studs glimmering from the dim lights in the train. She got up confidently, pulling me up by my hand.

“So why did I come all this way again?” I asked cheekily.

“Because you want me”, she replied, a smile darting through the air, before turning and stepping off the train; nearly shoving people out the way as she wondered off down the platform. kurtköy escort I got the feeling that had anybody bumped into her they’d come off the worse for wear. Her eyes flashed back at me as she turned around, confidence practically seeping out of her, not like that shy girl she pretended to be earlier.

Reaching the crowds on the escalator, she turned to face me, and her jacket was now open. Her breasts weren’t perfect, but rounded and plump, held up nicely by her bra, padding out against her white T-shirt and hinting the nipples through it. Her legs were long and slender, her nice firm ass pressing through the jeans at the back and sending all sorts of ideas through my mind…

She opened her handbag and swigged from a tiny flask in there, before offering me some

“Vodka” she smiled. “And don’t even pretend you’re an angel”

“Cool…” I thought. What else could I do?

She grabbed my hand and pressed the flask into it

“Oh, and I’m Mindy by the way” she smiled. “George” I replied

We reached the top of the escalator and it was already dark outside despite being summer. Id got out of work late and hadn’t left till 7, and I got the feeling now I was gonna be very late getting back home. Not that it mattered while my dad and his girlfriend were still out in the country. I didn’t know the area too well despite having been here at Notting Hill a few times before. Mindy grabbed my hand and led me away from the station to a little bar, and we sat down in the corner. Ordering a few drinks, we started talking, about the holidays and sharing the odd story. We left sometime after, wandering down the street and weaved around grey unfamiliar roads, faint drops of rain were squeezing their way out of the drab, dark sky.

“So where are we going…” I asked

She stopped and turned around suddenly. A devilish grin darted across her face. She was startlingly pretty and her confidence only added to highlight her well in the pointless streets and faceless people

“I’m just getting something, from my sisters, the house is round the corner” she said. She then opened her handbag and chucked me the flask, and I downed a couple more gulps. Id already had a few drinks after work, a couple of pints with some colleagues of mine, and now I could feel my head starting to swim, a thousand thoughts and feelings flooding me in a warm burst of fire. I chucked the flask back and she emptied the contents. She pulled something chunky out of her bag and slipped it into her jacket but I didn’t notice, too busy watching her sway gently, teasing me, knowing what I would think, with her back to me again.

I didn’t have time to reply as I was quickly dragged off again, swimming around a little, the drink taking control. We got there soon enough and she opened the door, leading me inside. Pushing me against the wall her lips seized me quickly before I even knew what was going on. Wet and hot they gripped mine tightly and her tongue darted into my mouth rapidly. I realised then she’d had a little more to drink than I thought. Right? Or had she planned this all along? Her hands slid round to my back as she dropped the bag on the floor and gently kicked the door shut. As quickly as it started she’d pulled away, her eyes erratic and powerful. Her lips were open faintly as she gasped a little, her breathing slow and heavy; hair slightly messy in a way no guy could resist.

But damn was I trying. I remembered I had a girlfriend, for nearly a week now. Short with short brown hair, she was kinda cute and bubbly, though she wasn’t the sexiest girl in the world. She sometimes wore glasses though didn’t like to. We’d been friends for a while and then started seeing each other soon after, it’d been an on/off thing really. Id met her at a concert in south London, and her pretty face caught my eye. I didn’t know what I had been thinking coming here really, Mindy wasn’t exactly subtle and I had followed her here, but I guess I was too tired to think.

“I…can’t…I can’t babe I sorry” I said quietly. My cock pressed tightly against my suit and had ideas of its own, and sorry though I was to pass up the opportunity, I walked back towards the door”

“Why not?” she malatya escort said, perhaps fiercer than usual. Oh man was I regretting this already…The forceful thing was getting to me quickly as it was, never mind the fact that a stunningly beautiful girl was a few feet away, kicking off her shoes and flicking the hair from her eyes, untouched by the flowing motions of the room around us, swaying gently.

“I’m seeing somebody”

“Not yet your not” she smirked suggestively, stepping closer as her breasts bounced almost tentatively as she jumped up towards me

“I mean I have a girlfriend babe” I said, trying to hide the regret and gently pushing her away

“I don’t care about her”, she said “She’s a loser. And besides, your mine now”

Despite being evening it was stifling hot in here and I felt a bead of sweat trickle down my chest and her hand slid up to there, her nails pressing through my shirt and into my skin. She pulled herself closer and something solid pressed between us, confusing me. I knew it wasn’t the flask, id seen her put that in her handbag. But before I could think she’d pulled me towards her by my lapels and I felt her warm figure soothing already, the only thing on my mind, her hips rubbing close against me. Her light hands slid under my arms and round to my collar, tracing gently across the back of my neck, and her head lolled gently onto my chest, letting me feel her breathe softly, delicate, but ever so firm as she asserted her control. I couldn’t protest now, and I tried to look around me to take my mind off her. There were some paintings on the walls and a big mirror where I caught our reflection, perfectly framed against the doorway. She released me and stepped slowly away, leading my hands ever so gently, but forcefully none the less. I barely remembered walking upstairs or anything, but next thing I felt was a soft bedspread against my back, my hands over my head as she clambered half on top of me, laughing as she seized me again. Her jacket landed heavily on the floor, and I strained to see but I was in no state to move. She ground her hips against me, making my cock strain against her…

“Aw my poor baby, does somebody want me badly…” she whispered in that dangerously soppy voice in my ear. Undoing my shirt, her lips tugged away at my chest, harder and firmer each time; the more she had the more she wanted.

“Your mine now”…she said, almost snarling with an aroused fury that only got to me even more. Before I realised, I was just in my boxers and she slid off that t shirt, guiding my head towards her pert breasts, seizing her nipples in my lips and hearing her moan gently above me, letting her hair dangle down onto my face to tease me.

“I want you inside me baby” she whispered, pressing down on me and pulling off her jeans, letting that tender flesh on her thighs slide against me, clambering up my body and gripping me tightly. Her heart was pounding as small gasps escaped her lips, then her tongue opened my lips and slid to my mouth again, almost melting in the heat, her back arched above me for leverage as her hot gleaming body slid up on top of me.

Well 2 can play at that game, and I started to tease her back. I started rubbing gently on the outside of her white panties, making her gasp loudly, filling my mouth with a low moan as I tugged at the straps and let my hands slide inside, glazing over her lips all flushed and moist.

“That’s right baby, more…” she heaved, grabbing my cock forcefully and stroking it up and down just enough to get my attention, but teasing as her hands flicked over the head, pressing in with her thumb and causing me to rub harder in time, dipping a finger gently in and out of her to get her going. She rolled over onto her back and then tugged off our remaining clothes, sinking down slowly onto my rock hard shaft.

“Mmmm just thinking of us lying here baby, completely naked, your nice juicy cock deep inside me…” she moaned “Ill be thinking of that all day tomorrow, and who knows how bad I’ll be”

She started sliding up and down my glistening shaft, grinding her body against me and kissing me forcefully on my neck and shoulders while my hands slid round her. She threw kayseri escort back her head, and I slid me all the way inside her, touching all her walls, and she then lay down along my legs, bent over with extraordinary flexibility and the new pressure getting to me quickly. Her breathing got faster and faster as she slid around, thrashing her hair and gripping the bedspread tightly as her come dripped down my shaft.

Turning to lie on top of me again, she bit her lip and smiled cheekily before kissing me again. “Bet you loved fucking me on my sister’s bed without her knowing, giving me almost everything I want…”


Still incredibly horny, and straining against her wet pussy, I could barely control myself, wanting to just give in and give her a good hard seeing to. Gripping her nice firm ass, I pulled her up towards me.

“Aw did you think I was gonna just leave you like that baby, wanting me more…”she giggled, kissing me on the cheeks before returning to my lips. Gripping her ass more tightly now to pull her into me, I moaned “Mmm babe don’t tease me” grinning wildly at all the dirty thoughts I had. She got up and rolled onto her back, lying on top of me and rubbing against my crotch, letting me kiss her shoulders and sliding her smooth legs between mine, rubbing up and down against them. Rolling her hair against my chest, I could feel her heart beating quickly again

“Aw what’s the matter, do you like my nice firm ass rubbing against you baby…” she grinned, pushing further into me and making me practically burst, her teasing really getting to me..

“I do baby, I want you badly…” I said, my head swimming with the drink. I started kissing the top of her head and rubbing her waist, fingers gently brushing against her pussy occasionally

“Mmmm baby” she groaned, “do you want to have my ass, nice and hard…”

The thought of the idea practically made me come then, but I strained to hold on as she rubbed her firm cheeks up against my cock, trying to guide me inside her I pressed the head of my shaft nice and hard against her entrance, feeling her warm and resisting. She slid a hand round behind her and helped to guide me in, her hot muscles gripping the head of my cock. She was writhing at the tight pressure as I slowly slid inside, tighter than you could possibly imagine, the sound of her gasping and biting her lip working me up well.

“Mmm babe that’s so tight, I love the thought of your juicy cock in my backside” she moaned, wriggling her muscles till I was all in, and I started to slide in and out. Her hands slid up to pull me into a passionate kiss and before long I was getting into a steady rhythm

“Does it hurt babe” I asked, as her cheeks rubbed against my thighs, her hot wriggling body stuffed full of me.

“A little” she groaned “But I don’t care… I love it, I love having you take me from behind” she grunted, licking her fingers and sliding them into her pussy, then rubbing my shaft with the hot juices.

She was so tight, I could barely contain myself, watching her shiny smooth body slide back and forth on top of me and groaning right in my ear. Her hair slid around my neck and began to stick to me and I could hear her breathing get faster as my cock pounded away behind her, even feeling the pressures of her fingers from the other side

“I’m gonna come babe” I grunted,

“Yes! Fuck me! I want you to empty that throbbing cock, I want it so bad!” she practically screamed, on the verge of going over the edge herself, fingering herself quickly. Gripping her thighs tightly I pulled her right down on top of me and sent a spray of hot come deep inside her, me sliding around on the sheets and kissing her forcefully. Our tongues gripped each other tightly in a hot flush as she came herself, curling her toes and gripping me tightly with those slim legs, tugging at the sheets with her tightly clenched hands.

We both lay there panting, hot sweaty bodies sticking to the paper thin sheets, and she rolled over to kiss me, resting her head gently on my chest. We were still for a moment, simply worn out at that point, and somewhat more sober now than before. I brushed aside her hair, and we kissed tenderly for a moment, enjoying the moment and nothing else. Her fiery green eyes looked up at me with loving warmth as she slowly kissed me and it wasn’t long until we fell asleep, the glow of the streetlight reflecting softly on the window.

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