Mauritanian Women Need Anal Too

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Anal Fisting

Meet Rahim Jaffa, a big and tall, ruggedly handsome biracial Muslim man living in the City of Gatineau, Quebec. He was born in la belle province, to an African Muslim immigrant father, Sheikh Jaffa, and a white Canadian mother, Elisabeth Sweet. Rahim studied at Dawson College and the University of Montreal, and presently works for the Public Works Department at Portage, deep within Gatineau, Quebec.

The Canadian business world is slowly getting used to intelligent, educated and successful men of color. When Rahim comes to work, well-dressed and driving a nice car, a lot of white Canadian men feel threatened, while a lot of white Canadian women feel quite stimulated. Rahim Jaffa ignores them all, because he is simply not into them. A strong brother like Rahim likes to go for a real challenge, and he found such a challenge in the person of Wahida Ali.

Wahida Ali is a tall, curvaceous African Muslim woman living in the environs of Kanata, Ontario. A native of metropolitan Walatah, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Wahida Ali came to Canada to fulfill her dreams and has allowed nothing to stop her. She drives to Gatineau, Quebec, five days a week to work at her Portage office. Wahida studied business management at the University of Ottawa, and has been working with the Department of Public Works for two decades.

Wahida is newly divorced, having gotten fed up with her former husband Mustafa’s constant abuse and infidelity. The couple’s daughter Fatima is studying at the University of British Columbia, so Wahida is experiencing empty nest syndrome.

Wahida Ali played the role of dutiful wife and mother for her former husband Mustafa and their daughter Fatima for bursa escort decades. With her divorce finalized and her daughter out of town, Wahida has a lot of time on her hands. What’s a strong black woman to do under those circumstances? Wahida threw herself into her work with a vengeance. There aren’t a lot of high-ranking African Muslim ladies working for the Canadian government, and Wahida Ali intends to make her mark.

Wahida Ali is facing a lot of challenges nowadays, and one of them is the handsome and flirtatious Rahim Jaffa. The biracial brother is used to having women throw themselves at him, and Wahida can tell that he is a lot of trouble. Every time Rahim sees Wahida, he wants to grab the feisty African Muslim mama and fuck her in the ass. Wahida is tough and assertive at work, and this turns Rahim on immensely. What’s a brother to do under those circumstances?

Rahim Jaffa set out to seduce Wahida Ali, and talked the office coordinator, a lovely young French Canadian woman named Sophie Charon, into pairing them together on a project. As Rahim and Wahida started working together, she relaxed around him, and he moved in for the kill. After a long day of work, Rahim invited Wahida out for drinks, and that’s how they ended up at his place…

“You look wonderful,” Rahim told Wahida as he laid her on his king-sized bed, and admired her. Wahida lay on the bed, spread-eagled, a busty, curvy, wide-hipped, thick-legged and big-bottomed beauty with gorgeous charcoal skin. Like a lot of light-skinned brothers, Rahim has a thing for black women with midnight skin tones. Growing up, Rahim had crushes on dark-skinned female celebrities like Serena Williams, Grace Jones bursa escort bayan and Tatiana Ali. He definitely wanted some of that…

“Well, here I am,” Wahida murmured, and she grinned as Rahim buried his face between her thick legs, and began eating her pussy. Wahida sighed happily as Rahim ate her out. She hadn’t been with a man since she split from Mustafa, and really needed to make up for lost time. As Rahim licked Wahida’s pussy, she rubbed her erect nipples and closed her eyes. Strong black women need love too, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

“What an ass,” Rahim exclaimed, marveling as Wahida got on all fours and shook her big beautiful black ass for him. Wahida laughed as Rahim kissed her ass, and then spread her thick ass cheeks. Rahim slid his tongue into Wahida’s asshole and licked her backdoor while fingering her wet, hairy pussy. Wahida moaned in sheer delight as Rahim ate her booty. Anal sex is a guilty pleasure for a lot of Muslim women, and Wahida is definitely a member of that secret club. Rahim had her right where he wanted her. After polishing Wahida’s asshole with his tongue, Rahim showed her what he was working with…

“Rahim, you’re a pain in the ass,” Wahida Ali groaned, and the curvaceous, mature African Muslim woman winced as her younger lover worked his huge dark dick into her asshole. Rahim Jaffa smiled, loving the way Wahida’s big ass bounced under the force of his thrusts. Loud-mouthed mamas like Wahida had amazing butts tailor-made for anal sex, and Rahim is more than ready to take care of business…

“Hmm, twerk that ass for me,” Rahim said, and he playfully smacked Wahida’s big ass. Wahida exhaled sharply escort bursa and began shaking that big ass of hers, much to Rahim’s delight. Rahim remembered being astonished as to how much Wahida resembled the African American porn star Sexfeene, whose work he admired. Rahim smiled, thanking his lucky stars as he fucked Wahida’s ass in earnest, savoring every moment of that wondrous experience.

“Oh fuck, Rahim, I’ve got to fart,” Wahida whined, and she tried to stop herself but simply couldn’t. Wahida is a strong black Muslim woman with a big beautiful black ass who loves anal sex. Still, even a seasoned sex freak like Wahida would be hard-pressed to stop herself from farting, especially with Rahim’s huge dark dick in her backdoor. Wahida’s ass hole squeezed Rahim’s dick, and then she let out the fart that she’d been holding. It was a beautiful thing.

“Go for it,” Rahim said, and he playfully smacked Wahida’s ass as the big-bottomed Mauritanian Muslim mama farted, right on his damned dick. A lot of men would be turned off by such a thing but not Rahim Jaffa. The biracial brother fucks women of all races in their backdoor and fully understands that farts are part of the package when it comes to bum sex. To really shine Wahida on, Rahim came, flooding her asshole with his manly spunk. Wahida’s passionate screams mingled with Rahim’s manly grunts, and they fucked each other silly…

“Hmm, I needed that,” Wahida said, sighing happily as she lay in bed next to Rahim. Nodding, Rahim took a sip of his Alexander Keith’s Beer, and then handed the can to a smiling Wahida, who chugged it all down. After that, Rahim and Wahida happily resumed fucking. What? Are you surprised? Wahida Ali and Rahim Jaffa are black, Muslim, and freaky. More importantly, they are human beings, experimenting with their sexuality, and the world isn’t going to end if they fuck and drink to their hearts content. Life is good.

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