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A while back after I had gotten divorced money got a bit tight because of child support, legal bills and other things. I decided that I needed a roommate. I was renting an apartment in Boston’s Back Bay which is rather pricey. Even then, over ten years ago, my monthly rent was $2400 and that didn’t include a damn thing. So I went to a roommate broker and advertised. I thought if I got a female roommate I had a chance at keeping a clean apartment. I do like things picked up and I don’t care for doing my own dishes let alone anyone else’s. But then it occurred to me that if I had a female roommate and was dating my dates might get suspicious or even jealous so I decided to advertise for a gay woman and that, hopefully would solve all the problems.

In a college town like Boston apartment space is always at a premium and before I knew it I had over a dozen inquires through an apartment broker. He assured me that all the women claimed to be gay and understood they’d have a male roommate. So one-by-one I interviewed them until I came to Maura. Maura was a very average looking woman, certainly not a head turner. What she lacked in looks she more than made up for in personality. I remember thinking at the interview that she hardly filled my idea of what a gay woman was. But when she asked me if it was all right to have her girlfriend over for all night stays I felt she was probably telling the truth.

So Maura and I became roommates and in a very short time close friends as well. We liked so many of the same things and it was not unusual for Maura, her girlfriend Gail and I to go out for dinner together or to the free concerts on the Charles River. Today I realize that Maura was the “fem” of the two and Gail the butch. When we stayed in they’d fawn over each other and the running joke was my telling them to “get a room”.

It was New Year’s eve and I didn’t have a date so I was staying in. I never was one to celebrate the New Year, just another day, so staying in and away from the lunatic drunks was not unusual even when I did have someone in my life. This particular year I’d stayed up, watched the Times Square thing and then had gone to bed. I was reading one of the murder mystery books I love when I heard the apartment door slam and then Maura’s room door slam. Although it was muffled I could hear Maura crying. I wasn’t sure what I should do but after a couple of minutes I got up and knocked on the door.

“Maura?” I said at her door. No answer to I said a little louder, “Maura are you all right?” Now I consider that particular question one of the dumber ones you can ask because it was obvious she wasn’t.

“No!” Maura said between sobs and then said, “Go away!”

The terseness of her remark surprised me as it was totally unlike her to act that way. In thinking that I decide not to respect her wish and said, “Come on Maura, we’re friends and remember we agreed that we could talk about anything.” I thought for a second and then said, “Come on, you’ll feel better.” Still no response so I walked out into the living room and flopped down on the sofa and turned on the light next to it. Just as I did I heard Maura’s door open. I turned my head around and saw Maura slowly walk into the living room, tears still on her cheeks and she was sobbing. Like a child who’d had a bad dream she flopped onto the couch next to me, put her face into my chest and started crying aloud again. She was crying hard. I wanted to say something but thought it would be better to just let her cry for a while.

When her crying started to lessen I asked, “What happened.”

Maura lifted her head up and looked up at me with her red eyes and shook her head no. But then through her sobs she said, “Gail, she . . .” She was unable to get any more words out as she broke down crying again.

“Go head honey, just let it all out and we can talk when you’re ready.”

Maura cried for about another 30 seconds when she again said through her sobs, “I caught Gail with . . . with . . . she was . . . was,” each time she tried to get a word out she struggled between crying and talking. Maura blew her nose into a fist of tissues she was holding, took in a really deep breath and said, “Gail was kissing another woman.”

“But it’s New Year’s, Maura, everyone kisses everyone else at parties. You know that.” I was trying to be the voice of reason and hopefully help Maura see she was being rash. I really like Gail and didn’t want to see them broken up.

“You don’t understand,” Maura countered, “they were kissing before midnight.”

I gulped and could only say, “Oh.” Maura had her head on my chest again and I stroked her hair trying to calm her and figure out what to say next. Maura seemed like one of my daughters and age wise she wasn’t much different. She was actually a year younger than my middle daughter who was 20 at the time. I looked upon her like one of my daughters and felt a bit protective of her that was as well. I then gave her a very fatherly kiss on top of her head.

Maura looked up and smiled and said, “Thank bostancı escort bayan you.”

I smiled and looked down into her eyes and replied, “For you, anything.” I leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Maura seemed a bit surprised by it but not entirely. A friendly kiss on the lips was not uncommon between us. I just sat there looking into her eyes. The expression on her face changed for a smile to a quizzical look and back to a smile. We sat there like that for a while and then I asked, “You look like you’re feeling a little better. So what are you thinking?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Maura replied, “I guess I’m just thinking I’m happy I’ve got you as a friend.”

“I really care about you Maura, you know that and I love you too.” Now I had never told her I loved her but I had long thought it rather obvious, a close friendship sort of love.

“And I love you too. You always seem to know what I’m thinking and what I need.”

“I guess that comes from having brought up three girls.” I said referring to my daughters.

“No, I think it’s something else.” Maura said with a bit of a grin on her face. “I think you’re just a lesbian in a man’s suit!”

“Well thank you, I think.” I said to her and then gave her another kiss on her lips.

This time Maura’s expression turned to one of deep thought. It didn’t take long for me to find out what was on her mind. She put her hands on the sides of my face and pulled me down to her and gave me a really big kiss with just a bit of tongue. To say I was shocked would be to understate my feelings.

“Woah! What was that all about?” I asked in total surprise.

“I don’t know but can I try it again?” Maura asked. She didn’t wait for a response. She again pulled my head to hers and again gave me a kiss. This time I responded to her kiss which became even longer than the first. Maura’s expression was a bit difficult to judge although it seemed to be the of the type when you have a serious question you can’t figure the answer to. “Once more.” She said and repeated her actions. Her kisses were actually very sweet and I was now getting into them. As the kiss continued and being the normal horny male I was I put a hand on her breast. This brought an extremely quick end to the kiss and my hand was slapped away. “Don’t!” Maura said strongly.

“I’m sorry,” I said very apologetically and then followed by trying to explain myself, “It’s just I guess my natural reaction when I’m kissing someone and getting turned on.”

“Just hold me will you,” Maura said as if she were annoyed. I was just about to apologize for my actions when she continued, “Just hold me and don’t say anything.” I did as she wished and we stayed like that for a long time. I did start caressing her hair and then her face and she didn’t object. Then tenseness I felt in her body right after she slapped my hand away slowly disappeared.

Finally after what I thought was a reasonable amount of time I asked, “Why did you kiss me like that?”

Maura thought for a second and then replied, “I dunno, why did you touch my tit?”

“Because I was getting horny and it’s just sort of a natural response of mine.”

“You were getting horny just from our kiss?” Maura asked a little incredulously.

“Yeah, and I even ummm,” I was going to say something about the hardon I had gotten and then decided against it.

“What?” Maura asked accusingly but didn’t wait for me to respond, “Why, because you got a hardon?”

I was blown away by what she said and the only words I could find were, “Umm yeah.” I felt like a dull witted idiot.

Maura jumped up and said, “I’m gay remember. I do girls not guys.”

She started to leave the room when I said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done it.”

Maura stopped and said sternly, “No you shouldn’t have,” but then suddenly her looked softened immensely and she said, “No, that’s not right.” She paused collecting her thoughts and continued, “You’re a guy and I guess that’s a guy thing to do it’s just I’ve never been with a guy, obviously. I’m sorry too.”

Maura came over, gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed back to her bedroom but before leaving she said, “Thank you for listening to me and putting up with me. I appreciate it more than you know.” I just smiled and Maura departed.

We both slept in the next day and when I got up I could smell Maura cooking bacon. When she heard me stumbling to the bathroom she called out that she was cooking breakfast for us and asked how I wanted my eggs. Pleasantly surprised by this turn of events I told her I wanted a cheese omelet. We had breakfast together and the talk was light with no mention of the night before coming from either of us.

I went over to a friend’s house around noon and we watched football for most of the afternoon. His wife is something of a gourmet cook so we had quite the spread to nibble on all afternoon.

I got back to the apartment around 7 and as I entered I heard Maura talking very loudly, almost yelling. As I ümraniye escort passed her bedroom I saw her walking quickly back and forth across the floor with the phone in her hand. She was not a happy camper to say the least. It was difficult to figure that she was having it out with Gail and from the gist of what was being said I could tell Gail wanted to make up but Maura was having none of it. I heard Maura recount several occasions when she suspected infidelity on Gail’s part and I could tell Maura was getting angrier as she talked. There was no where in the apartment I could go and not hear her talking so I went into the living room and turned on the TV. figuring I’d catch the late football game and hopefully drown out most of what Maura was saying. For the most part it worked too.

The next thing I knew Maura had come into the living room crying and again threw herself onto the sofa and into my arms. I turned off the TV and allowed her to cry herself out.

After a little while Maura said angrily, “She’s such a fucking bitch!” She put a lot of emphasis on the word fucking. “What does she think I am, stupid?” It was one of those rhetorical questions that lead into a tirade. Her angry tirade then turned into all the good things they’d had and were now gone and then Maura was crying again.

Like the night before after a while I gave Maura a kiss on the top of her head and like the night before Maura kissed me on the lips and quickly probed my lips with her tongue. This time, however, when she broke the kiss the stood up in front of me and asked, “Do I have a nice body?” She didn’t wait for an answer before saying, “Am I fat?”

Well, having been married I quickly realized this is one of the trap questions women ask. If they are and you say yes, well, you’re screwed of course and if you say no they say, “But you think I’m fat don’t you?” Maura was a regular at a local gym and her body was in great shape although she did in fact carry a few extra pounds. When I gulped Maura laughed and said, “That’s okay, I know I’m not but why would Gail say I am.” She paused only briefly enough to belt out the words, “The bitch!” Then she said, “You like my tits don’t you?”

This question coming from a straight woman would thrill me but from Maura it confused me, not what I would expect her to say. I gulped again and said, “Well yeah, of course. I like tits.”

Maura smiled and said, “Yeah, they are pretty good aren’t they?” I figured her to be about a 36C. Then she did something unexpected. She put her hands under both her breasts and lifted up on them slightly and said, “I’m glad you like the twins, they like you too.”

Maura sat back down on the sofa next to me again and said, “Too bad you’re a guy because they need some attention.” Maura and I had a history of making sexually suggestive remarks back and forth. We both knew it was nothing serious and had a lot of fun doing it.

I put my hand on my crotch, clutched at my penis and said, “Yeah, he’s sorry too!”

“You are such a guy!” Maura said sarcastically. Then an evil grin came over her face and she said, “Go ahead, touch them, after all, you want to don’t you?”

“What?” I said shocked.

“Get your rocks off, have a feel.” I probably looked like I wasn’t going to do anything so Maura grabbed one of my hands and placed it on her boob. It was immediately apparent she wasn’t wearing a bra. I let my hand lay there and did nothing. “Well,” Maura said challengingly, “aren’t you going to do anything?” It had been agreed between us a long time ago that neither would ever challenge the other to anything we didn’t fully expect the other to try. So I started squeezing a caressing her breasts.

After a little while I asked, “Does this turn you on?”

“No, but it does feel good. Not bad,” Maura paused and then continued, “for a man!” I put my other hand on her other breast and fondled it at the same time. I was really enjoying myself, it felt naughty, forbidden, carnal. It wasn’t suppose to happen, I thought, and yet here it was happening.

“Humph!” I said, “How about that?”

I didn’t expand on what I said and it forced Maura to ask, “What do you mean?”

“I mean for someone who is getting turned on you sure do have hard nipples.”

“I’m not turned on,” Maura said a bit defensively, “it’s just a little chilly in here.”

“I don’t think so!” I challenged.

“It’s true and besides, you can’t prove it anyway.”

“Sure I can.” I replied quickly. Maura only needed a second to consider what I’d meant.

“Yeah, well, forget it. You’ll just have to take my word for it.”


“Whatever.” Maura said sounding a little annoyed. I didn’t want things to end just yet so I dropped the challenge.

As I continued to caress her breasts Maura closed her eyes. When she did I decided to give her a kiss. I gently kissed her lips, just a brief one and then another and another and another, all brief. Maura didn’t open her eyes and I took that as acceptance of what I was doing. I escort kartal decided to kiss her more like a lover. I kissed lips, her cheek, then her ear lobe and then her neck, single kisses but gentle and each time exhaling a breath of air on her skin. Even if it wasn’t doing much for her it was turning me on incredibly. I had a raging hardon by this time. I told myself that I should stop because I’d only end up frustrating myself and then having to call upon Rosy Palm to finish the job.

I continued to kiss Maura and caress her breasts. There was no resistance still but there was nothing from her suggesting she was falling to my advances either. Finally I got a little braver and slipped one hand up under the blouse she was wearing. As soon as I touched her breasts Maura said, “Don’t.” She had opened her eyes and was looking directly into mine. I took mind hand away and kissed her again. I expected her to stop me from kissing her as well but she didn’t.

After a little while once again I pushed my hand beneath her blouse and touched her breasts. It took her a little longer but once again she pushed me away. Then next time I was letting my hand drift down her arm and was about to go under her blouse again when I changed my mind. I took her hand and placed it right over my cock. As soon as her hand touched my cock she snatched it away as if she had touched an open flame.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Maura screeched at me.

“I thought you were getting into it,” I replied defensively. Maura shook her head but didn’t reply. Then she started biting her lip which was always a signal she was struggling with something. Finally I said, “Come, sit down and I promise to behave.” I patted the couch next to me and Maura very tentatively sat down. She looked a little shaken so I apologized, “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to do anything to hurt or offend you. I really didn’t.” I said this as sincerely as I could.

“You didn’t offend me.” Maura finally said. She paused thoughtfully and opened her mouth as if to say something but nothing came out. Finally, after several minutes of painful silence she said, “I need to go to bed. I need to think about this. I can’t think right now.” That said she literally jumped up and rush off to her bedroom.

I was more than just a little bit disappointed but I wasn’t entirely surprised either. What I feared was that I had actually offended her and she was grappling with that. My desire was to go to her and talk it out but I realized that I might just make things worse by doing so. So I too trundled off to bed.

I got into bed and rubbed my cock a bit thinking of the evening’s erotic events. It was more than enough to get me hard but then my mind ultimately went to Maura’s discomfort and that had the exact opposite effect. Strangely, or maybe not, I felt that masturbating to the erotic parts of the evening would somehow be disrespectful to Maura and so I rolled over with the idea of going to sleep. I knew sleep wouldn’t come easily because my mind was still quite active.

I lay there like that for probably half an hour when suddenly I felt somebody crawl into bed with. It was of course Maura and surprised me. I rolled over to her and she wrapped herself around me. I could see she was buck naked. Then she very softly and with a bit of a shake to her voice said, “Don’t say a thing.”

I couldn’t seem to help myself and the word “But” came out of my mouth. She seemed to have anticipated this and before another word could escape my lips she had place a finger over my lips and shook her head no. Then she said, “Don’t argue or say anything, just kiss me.” So I did and again and again. Even as I was kissing her the first time she reached down between us and grabbed my cock. It wasn’t yet erect but this time she didn’t pull back. She squeezed it and then pulled on it. Then she said, “I want you to fuck me but please don’t say a word, just do it, okay?”

I nodded in agreement and again I wanted to say something and again she saw that coming and with a smile shook her head no. So I started to kiss her and at the same time eased my hand down between her legs. She gave no resistance however in touching her pussy I found that she was moist but not truly wet. So without saying a word but through facial gestures I indicated that I wanted to go down on her.

“No, don’t,” she said and then continued, “That’s special or for someone,” she paused, “I mean just for another woman you know what I mean?” I actually did and nodded yes. I was disappointed because eating pussy is one of my favorite things to do but I was also a little afraid. I was scared that if I didn’t do it I would be able to get her excited enough for good sex.

I turned my attentions to her breasts. I gently squeezed first one and then the other before sucking upon her nipples. She reacted a little to this but I noticed her nipples weren’t getting hard as I had hoped. Now I was getting truly concerned. I kissed her very passionately on her lips and after a few minutes of that turned my attention first to her ear and then to her neck. When I sucked up the nape of her neck she shuddered. I had found her special spot and so I focused my attentions there. She giggled one time and said I was tickling her but warned me to not stop. I had no intention of stopping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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