Matrimonial Tryst

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I love my girlfriend. I really do. But I’m still a guy. Which means that I can’t help but harbor certain fantasies about my girlfriend and her twin sister. Or, for that matter, her older sister. But none of those fantasies are the subject of this tale. This little story is about something that actually happened.

I was sitting at the bar during the reception at my the older sister’s wedding. Sitting next to me was Sara, a beautiful blonde who I’d just met that evening. Although we’d just met, Sara wasn’t shy about letting me know that she’d seen me before, in pictures my girlfriend had shown her. Sara’s comments started of innocently enough, telling me what a nice guy I was, and how cute I was. I thanked her, and we kept talking. Soon enough, Sara returned to the compliments, telling me how attractive I was, how sexy I was, and how, if she weren’t married…but then she stopped herself, saying that I was her husband’s friend’s sister’s boyfriend, or something like that. (Sara had downed a drink or two).

We continued to talk and flirt, as I eventually became comfortable enough to return her compliments, telling her how attractive I found her, and how incredible she looked in her dress. Before I knew what was happening, Sara had leaned toward me and we shared a brief kiss. I must say that it was kind of a crazy moment – here I am sitting in a crowded room, full of my girlfriend’s family and friends, kissing a woman who I’d just met.

After the kiss, Sara and I just kind of smiled at one another. She did this thing with her eyes that drove me crazy – illegal bahis she would stare into mine for a moment, then flick hers down to my lap, quickly lick her lips, and then look back up. This happened a few times, but when it occurred immediately following our kiss, I felt myself stiffening as blood began to pulse into the area beneath my belt. Just as I told Sara that she had to “stop looking at me like that,” I felt my girlfriend slide up behind me, putting her arms around me. Whoa. As I tried like hell to maintain a poker face, Sara proceeded to tell my girlfriend what a wonderful man I was. I had mixed feelings about this development – on the one hand, it absolved me of any guilt about our earlier conversation, as nothing was really being withheld from Beth. On the other hand, what if Beth was pissed? Luckily, she wasn’t…

Even as Sara said how sexy I was and ran her hand down my chest and across my stomach, following the line of my necktie. She stopped before reaching my belt, but Beth told her that she could have continued. Beth (jokingly?) said that maybe we’d found someone to take home with us, and Sara responded by exagerratedly pursing her lips, making cooing noises and squeezing my leg, and then Beth’s.

After Beth left to mingle, Sara looked me in the eye and said, “I’m going downstairs for a bit. You should join me.” I pondered these words and their implications as she stood, giving me a great view of her ass, and walked away. Before long, I’d gathered my wits, scanned the room, and made my way toward the stairs (which were out in the lobby illegal bahis siteleri of the country club which was holding the reception). By this time, most people had adjourned to the ballroom, and I don’t think that many – if any – noticed me leaving. I hoped that no one would notice that I followed the same path Sara had followed 2 minutes earlier.

It was dark on the lower level, and I didn’t quite know where to go. Once my eyes had adjusted to the light, however, I saw a cracked door ahead to the right. Opening the door all the way, I found Sara sitting on a desk, one hand between her legs, the other rubbing her breasts. “I knew you’d come,” she said. And we both smiled at her pun. I walked over to Sara, planning to kneel between her legs, but she stopped me, saying, “No, let my husband Dan do that later. After you’ve seasoned it for him.” Wow. Sara unbuckled my belt and had my dick in her mouth before I could say another word. After getting the whole thing wet, she slowly stroked my cock, while sucking only on the head. This was a woman that knew how to give a blow job.

When I was on the verge of cumming, she put a squeeze on me that hurt for about 1/2 a second, but did the trick, keeping me from ejaculating, and more importantly, keeping me hard as a rock.

Not that she needed to worry about me going soft, since the next thing she did was to hike her dress up to her waist, showing me her blonde mound. “I didn’t want to waste any time,” she said, holding up her pantyhose in her left hand as I gulped. “Come on, Baby. Give it to me,” she canlı bahis siteleri said as she turned to lean over the desk, her invitingly plump ass in the air.

I didn’t hesitate.

I put my hands along the sides of her cheeks, feeling the soft down that covered them, and just took a long look at Sara’s ass and the cleft in its center. I could tell that Sara was anxious, so I directed myself inside her, cutting my sight-seeing short. She felt sticky, hot, drenched. I began fucking her in earnest, sliding in and out of her tight pussy. She moaned throughout and would let out a little squeal every time I hit bottom, my balls slapping against her clit. New pussy always feels nice, but it’s especially nice when it’s naughty – when you’re in the basement of a wedding chapel and your girlfriend is upstairs. The sheer wrongness of the situation made it even hotter for me, and it was all I could do to keep pounding Sara, and not lose my load too quickly, especially after that blow job.

Sensing, from my rhythm, that I was on the verge of cumming yet again, Sara flipped the script. Turning around, she told me to lay down on the desk. Once I was on my back, Sara squatted over me, her face toward mine. Squatting further, she guided me back inside her and slowly ground herself against me, making my dick touch every part of her pussy as her clit rubbed my pubic bone. Fucking me like this, she was able to make herself cum. As she did so, the walls of her pussy spasmed. I couldn’t take anymore stimulation and let loose inside her. “Mmmm, that’s a good boy,” she said as I filled her up. She dismounted soon thereafter, and gave my dick a few sucks, cleaning off our juices.

We both went back upstairs, about a minute or two apart, and amazingly, no one suspected a thing. I was almost disappointed. Almost.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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