Masturbate Fantasy #131

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Journal Entry January 21st

Traveling through southern New Mexico. Mid 60’s. Warm enough. Staying at a campground in a rustic log cabin. No frills. I like that. Decent Mexican food nearby. Community laundry and very sanitary facilities. Long hot shower sounds good. Wishing for a surprise guest. I confess journal, I have thought about him.

Closing eyes. Randy, come visit me. Please?


It’s a short walk to the cinder block building. After punching in the standard security code, I enter the spacious bathroom area. A line of sinks with gleaming fixtures stretch under overhead windows allowing natural sunlight in. An inadvertent drip echoes from a nearby showerhead. The place is spotless, vacant and all mine.

Armed with my trusty black leather shaving kit and toiletries I choose the end cubicle and pulled back the bamboo curtain.

Momentarily shocked, I gasp at the unexpected figure sitting on the alcove’s wide bench seat, “Oh! I’m sorr…Randy?

“I was waiting for you.” He chuckles.

“No. You, ahh, surprised me.” Randy stood, closed the curtain and brushed his lips over mine. We embrace. I kiss back holding his muscular arms. Breaking for air, I strip off my tee shirt and undo the sash of Randy’s blue robe. Wordlessly I kneel on the spongy floor covering and wet my lips sighting Randy’s cock. It’s long even when flaccid.

His hairy balls are musky, mouthing them individually. I lap the underside bostancı escort bayan of his ebony phallus and suck hungrily. Feeling it grow. So much for foreplay, huh? As if we’ve had this dance before, Randy turns and I spread his taut buttocks. My tongue eagerly laps at the crinkled bunghole. Pursed lips surround his tasty anus, slobbering against the sensitive opening.

“Oh yeah, Rim me. Yeah.” I adore the taste and feel of Randy’s earthy aperture. Saliva coated, it glistens like a jewel. The pink digit wriggles back inside. Stiffened, probing like a miniature penis.

Randy sighs, “Mmm, fuck baby. That’s sweet.” My lover suddenly pivots. I ogle his ripped, masculine frame. Brandishing a proud erection. My face is flushed. I lustfully fellate Randy’s prick. He moans like an animal.

“Take off your clothes. Let’s shower.” Begrudgingly I cease sucking the hard prize, stand and remove my trousers. Randy smiles at my pretty, pink panties. I blush timidly.

“Ooo. Are you a sissy boy?” I nod submissively. Large fingers reach under the lace waistband and I quiver while he fondles my hairless sack.

“And shaved! What a good sissy boy. My Andrew loves the smooth look and feel also.”

With the see-through vinyl liner pulled to the side, we step into the cozy, blue tiled stall. Stinging, exhilarating needles of hot water assail our nakedness. I work the lanolin based bar across Randy’s dark skinned back. Lathered ümraniye escort bodies slip and slide. My hardon brushes against Randy’s beautiful, smooth wand.

“Mmm. Two hard cocks.” He whispers. I am lost in the indulgence of a sensual frottage.

“Ready for me sissy boy?” Randy urgently husks.

“Yes Master.” Blushing in anticipation, “With you…anytime.” Hands on knees, I bend over and offer myself. Randy’s large mushroomed head presses against my sphincter and half his cock slides in easily. I exhale adjusting to its thick girth. Oh I’ll be your sissy boy I silently pray. Gods yes. If that’s what you want.

Randy slowly began sawing his soapy hardness in and out. Stretching my asshole. The bloated tip pleasurably tickled my prostate and my dick responded, surging to full attention.

“Tight little bitch.” He rasped. Firm hands pulled my shoulders and we cake-walked from under the spray, mashing my body against the far, slick tiles. Randy thrust forward, burying his manhood deeply. I groaned from the intense fullness.

“God you’re big. Fuck me hard. Deep. Yes!.” He obliged, pumping the immense shaft, fucking my nether cavity angrily. We soon found a lovely rhythm. Randy sexily withdrew and plunged inside again. Fully impaled, my lathered genitals pressed against the tiles. Sharp teeth bit into my shoulder and Randy lewdly grasped my pulsing erection.

“Are you My bitch?” Our flesh slapped noisily.

“Yes escort kartal Master. Fuck your bitch. Hard! Mmph.”

“Want My cum sissy boy?” Hoarsely said into my ear. Randy’s fat penis squished in and out of my opened asshole. Large, soapy fingers teased, stroking my cock. I felt Randy’s body and muscles stiffen.

“Ohh fuck-k! Cumming now! Argh-hh!” His enormous prick seemed to swell. Blood pounding in veins, my orgasm burst, spraying thick gobs of sperm. My ring contracts and tightens around the thick invader.

Randy is humping wildly, warm cream spewing into my backside. He masturbates me perfectly, squeezing gently causing a torrent of cum and emptying my balls. Panting, our breathing is ragged. We are connected physically and spiritually. He presses and embraces through a synchronous, luxurious orgasm.

My cock is stiff as a board and I feel my lover’s penis begin to soften. He retreats and I groan from the void. Desiring only to be filled again and again. Randy rinses quickly and softly kisses my mouth.

“I might have left a passion mark. Sorry.” He smiles. “Love your cute ass sissy.” Randy disappears through the foggy liner.

With wobbly, unsure legs I rinsed and contentedly toweled off in the outer cubicle. Centering the panties on the floor, I squat over them. My asshole purges air and much of Randy’s essence. The satin accepts as I do. A nasty keepsake but lovely.


Inside the cabin, on the pine desk sits a package and note.

“Hope you enjoy these. Perhaps we can get together soon for a “dress” rehearsal.” Drew.

I hold up the smoky pantyhose and admire the cutaway crotch opening. I can’t wait to try them on. And of course with Andrew.

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