Master and Maid

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The Master has called me to his study again. He always does this when the Mistress is out – right in the middle of my chores and to make matters worse my Mistress always scolds me for not finishing my duties. I make sure I’m not late. I don’t want to anger him the spanking can sting a little.

I have worked here a few short months, so I’m still fresh meat to him. The other maids say it will not last forever and I must grin and bear it. They tell me that this is just part of my job and that I am lucky to have a roof over my head and a Master as kind as he is. It is okay for them, they’re all older and not nearly as pretty. I have big breasts and a narrow waist and my Master seems to like it. My Master is not an unattractive man and under different circumstances I may take to him. He’s in his forties, tall, dark and slim; he has the kind of physique gained through ordering others to do all the hard work.

I knock at the door and he keeps me standing there a few minutes before he bids me to enter. He’s sitting at the back of the room, behind his huge oak desk. I have to walk the entire length of the floor to get to him – my shoes clicking on the solid wood. The lighting is low and bright sunshine beams in through the windows, catching the dust in the air which swirls slowly around the old stuffy room.

I don’t look him in the eyes as I approach the desk, but I know that he’s watching me. He’s scrutinizing my every movement, every bob of my full, round boobs and swagger of my hips excite him even more. I already know the state he’s in under the desk, so I walk a little slower to prolong his agony. My Master forbids me to wear panties and I know what he is thinking about as I walk towards him.

As I near him he pulls his chair back and tells me to sit on the desk in front of him. He licks his lips and bites his nails with excitement and anticipation. He looks forward to our meetings. His eyes are always on my tits. He nods and I begin to unbutton my top. My tits spring out right before of his face. His hands are all over them instantly, squeezing and kneading my soft white flesh. He flicks my nipples then takes them into his mouth, moving quickly from one to the other.

“You have the best titties in the North,” he stammers, between sucks, “the best and the biggest.”

I throw my head back and my long blonde hair tickles my back. I close my eyes for a second and gasp. My excitement always takes me by surprise, I shouldn’t like this, but I do.

When I open my eyes I notice Thomas the Game Keeper looking at me through the window behind the Master’s eryaman escort head. He doesn’t look away when our eyes meet and instead he glares at me, showing he has a full understanding of the situation. I know he wants me all for himself and he tells me every time his big, dirty hands are all over my body, and every time his huge, glorious cock is inside my tight pussy. But he knows I can’t be his alone, I have a Master to serve and I must serve him daily. Thomas has never asked me about what I do when I’m summoned and I have never tried to tell him, but now I want to him to witness the real me. I want him to know how different I can be with another man. He needs to see how wrong he has got me, with his gentle touch, tender words and love making.

The Master is still at my tits and I lower my lids again. I am going to enjoy the show I’m putting on. Pushing his chair back my Master stands.

“Now, bend over the desk. The Mistress has told me all about you,” my Master growls.

I shamble to the edge of the desk, jump down, turn around and bend over it. I flinch as my alert, erect nipples make contact with the cold wooden table.

“Now lift up your skirts, you naughty girl,” the Master orders.

I grab the fabric of my skirts in my hands and pull them up over my back. I know my Master is looking at me, I can feel the burn of his gaze on my already flushed buttocks.

“Open your legs,” he charges.

I shuffle my feet and my legs part. I can hear him behind me; his breathing is so heavy I can locate him in the room. He is beside his chair. He steps towards me and now he stands on my right. I can tell he is looking at my buttocks, I can hear how excited he is at the prospect of punishing my pretty little bottom.

I don’t feel the first slap, but I hear it. There is a sudden sharp snap and I recoil – more from the shock of the sound than the pain of impact. It is a second before I feel the burn and I moan into the table.

My Master’s hand now strokes my arse. Tracing the curve of my right buttock my Master’s fingers reach my cunny and he thrusts them in. I am always embarrassed at how wet he finds me. He pulls them out and trails his fingertips along my snatch, dipping them into my juices and spreading my honey all over my sex. I quiver and he sighs and takes his hand away.

At the second slap I cry out. My buttocks are burning and all the nerve endings are on alert. The pain of contact jolts my body forward and my nipples drag across the wooden table. The pleasure pain balance is exquisite. He explores escort eryaman my wetness again and from the corner of my eye I can see his cock swollen in his pants.

“One more,” he says, his voice is now raspy, betraying his arousal.

The final slap is hard, my buttocks are tight and the pain is intense. A sob escapes me but I do not cry, that would warrant further punishment.

“Now get back up on the table,” he orders. Stepping aside, my Master gives me room to move. My ascent is much slower than my descent, my bottom hurts and stings when I sit.

“Open your legs,” he orders, “I want to see that pretty little cunny of yours up close.”

I do as my Master commands whilst he returns to his chair and looks at me. I can feel the cool air on my hot pussy. I look again at Thomas, I know he can see everything but still I open my legs further to grant him a better view. Anger flashes in the Game Keeper’s eyes, but I also see him lick his lips.

My Master coughs and my attention is drawn back to him. He too, is running his tongue over his lips. He brings his chair closer and sniffs the air between my legs before he grabs my thighs and sinks his head between my thighs. He laps greedily at my cunt, biting and licking with hunger. He runs his tongue skillfully over my clit, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. He moves his head back a little and lifts his right hand off my flesh and brings it to my pussy where he frigs me with it, forcing as many fingers as he can up my cunny. I feel my muscles strain as he moves his fingers in and out of me.

“You’ve got the prettiest little cunt in the house,” he utters, his breath hot and raspy against my soft skin. “The prettiest cunt and the sweetest honey.” He smacks his lips together and brings his mouth back to my pussy. My hips begin to rock on the table as I move in motion against his fingers. His thumbs now expertly massage my clit and move around the outside of my pussy whilst he laps at my juices on the base of his fingers. I begin to feel a tingle and my breath shortens and my muscles spasm and before I have time to open my eyes and look at Thomas I am climaxing all over my Masters fingers and into his greedy mouth.

While I’m still twitching, my Master looks up and smiles at me, then he pulls me to the end of the desk. My feet touch the ground and I now stand before him awaiting my next command.

“Kneel,” he orders. I kneel. He steps in front of me and pulls down his trousers. His cock springs out. It is huge. I want to touch it, so I take it in my hand. eryaman escort bayan He sighs with appreciation and his muscles convulse. It’s my turn to drive him mad, and my Master has shown me what he likes.

I look at Thomas and lick my lips as I bring my Master’s cock close to my mouth. Thomas is watching my every move, and his eyes are no longer angry, they are dark and wide with hunger. I run my tongue along the end of my Master’s shaft, tasting the tip. My Master shudders and I can smell him, hot and salty and I like it. Opening my lips I take my Master’s cock into my mouth. I move my head backwards and forwards as I fuck him with my face. He tastes soapy and clean. He moves his hips rhythmically, increasing the thrust in and out of my mouth; I don’t want him to cum just yet, I know that it is driving Thomas insane and I like the power, so I pull away. I run my tongue teasingly up the whole length of his shiny, wet cock and quickly take him into my mouth again when I reach the top. I bury my tongue in the slit and tickle him. I know he’s near as he can’t stop his hips from moving. I move my eager mouth up and down his cock, sucking gently. I can feel the blood fizzing through his veins as his excitement grows. He grabs the back of my head and thrusts his hips, trying to fuck my face. The head of his dick bangs on the back of my throat. I put my hands on his thighs, pull my mouth off his shaft and push him away.

Taking hold of his cock with my right hand I begin to wank my Master off over my ripe full boobs, he lowers his hands and takes my breasts in them, squeezing and kneading my soft fleshy mounds. His dick is almost in my face and he starts to move his hips again, I can feel the blood pumping and pulsing through his shaft and I know he is near. He crushes my tits painfully in his hands as his body jerks and shudders with pleasure. He cries out at the moment of climax and then is silent and still. I dare not move, my hand still around his now link prick. My Master coughs, it is finished. I stand. He is staring at my naked tits as his spunk covers my flesh and drips off the end of my nipples.

“Suck it off,” he snarls.

Instantly I feel my clit twinge back to attention. I look through the window at Thomas. He is still there and he cannot take his eyes off my breasts.

I lick my bottom lip and hold his gaze as I lift up each of my full, ripe breasts and take the spunk off my nipples with the tip of my tongue.

My Master pulls up his trousers, returns to his chair and dismisses me. My skirts fall back into place as I walk around the other side of the desk. The Master is done with me and he does not look up as I walk the long distance from his desk back to the door, with my nipples hard and my pussy wet.

Thomas is waiting for me in the garden and I know he will be eager to put into practice what he has just learned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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