Massage Reward

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(c) 2009 by Stephwriter

Inspired by and written for MsTexas, who also kindly acted as editor.

As recompense for her services as an unofficial tour guide I’d invited Charleen around to my holiday apartment for a meal. She knew I enjoyed cooking and was looking forward to one of my meals but I had something else planned. I had been taking massage lessons at evening classes in the UK and decided to try my newly learned skills on my Texan friend. I had hired a massage table for the evening and had bought various oils that I was looking forward to applying to Charleen’s soft skin. I knew from our conversations whilst touring around the state that Charleen enjoyed giving and receiving massages and I hoped I would ease her aching muscles.

As usual she arrived exactly on time, the doorbell ringing at the time we had arranged. I opened the door to find her in a red dress that showed a hint of cleavage and confirmed that her curves were all in the right places. Her legs were bare and she was wearing red high-heel shoes that matched the dress. My eyes lingered over her and when I finally made my way back to her face she was smirking and there was a sparkle in her eyes. Her dark hair was loose and hung just beyond her shoulders. A light application of makeup and lipstick completed the delectable picture.

“Can I come in or are you going to keep me standing on the doorstep all night?”

“Oh, sorry” I stammered, “you look gorgeous.”

“Thank you. A girl likes to make an effort. And likes to know it has been appreciated.”

I took her hand and ‘helped’ her across the threshold then closed and bolted the door. Still holding her hand in one of mine I turned and placed my other hand on the back of her neck and gently kneaded her neck muscles. Her head tilted back as she appreciated my ministrations. I released her hand, moved in front of her and pressed my lips to hers. Her lipstick had a slightly fruity taste and we held the chaste kiss for some seconds before we parted.

“Wow that was a nice welcome.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help whilst I’ve been here.”

“Feel free to thank me some more.”

“I’m hoping I can do better than that.” I said as I led her to the living room.

She took in the low light and the aroma from the scented candles and turned to me with a smile on her face. “It’s lovely.” she said, and then noticed the table at the far end of the room and I heard an “Oh!” escape her lips.

“You’ve worked hard keeping me entertained but you seem to be a little tense so I thought I’d help you relax.” I began. It sounded reasonable to me but I suddenly had second thoughts and began to worry that I’d been a bit presumptuous.

“You mean you’d like to give me a massage?” Charleen asked with an intrigued note in her voice. Then I realised that for a moment, given our previous conversations, she had thought that I might have been hoping for one of her special rubdowns. If I was to be truthful then I would have to say that I was keen to experience one but tonight was intended to be mainly for her pleasure.

“I have had some lessons,” I said, “so, yes, I’d like to give you one.”

Her eyes widened briefly and I realised the possible double meaning of what I’d said and started apologising. She reached out and touched my chest and said “Okay, I’m game for that but I’m still looking forward to some dinner afterwards.”

“Wonderful, if you’re okay with that, I’ve put a towel in the bedroom. If you would remove your dress and wrap yourself in that, that would be great.”

“Could you unzip me?” she asked.

I reached towards her, loosened the catch and started to lower the zip on her dress. As the back of her bra came into view she stepped away from me with a “Thank you. See you shortly.” then made her way to the bedroom.

I was surprised when she didn’t close the door. Through the gap I saw her sit on the bed eryaman escort and lean forward to remove her shoes. As she did, her dress fell away from her chest and I caught a glimpse of her bra-encased breasts. I wondered how Charleen would feel in a few minutes when she was lying on the massage table with her lingerie hidden by a towel while I worked on her body. I also wondered how I would feel about it. Charleen had admitted that in the past many of her massages had ended sexually. I hadn’t wanted to get my hopes up when I was planning the evening but seeing the way she had dressed led me to think that there was some attraction. “Wait and see Stephan.” I thought to myself.

It occurred to me that her delicate perfume could interfere with the massage oils but I thought suggesting a shower might be a bit presumptuous. It was a bit of a surprise when I looked into the bedroom and couldn’t see Charleen. Then the shower started – the sign of an experience masseuse.

I turned on some classical music, made a check of the oils and candles, and waited for Charleen’s return. A few minutes after the shower stopped Charleen emerged from the bedroom wrapped in the bath sheet, which seemed to cover more of her than her dress. I helped her onto the table. Charleen released the towel and lay down on her front. The towel draped over her back but she reached around and just pulled it off.

“It’s nice and warm in here and we’re two grown-ups, so I don’t think I need that.”

I took in the view presented to me. Charleen was wearing a red bra, thong style panties. The bra had thin straps over her shoulders and fastened in the middle at the back. The panties were a thin piece of material that went from her hips to between her bum cheeks but left her bum completely exposed. I took a deep breath and squeaked an “Okay, are you ready.”

“Fire away, I’m looking forward to this.”

“Is there any part of ‘madam’s body that is in need of particular attention? If not, we’ll start with the shoulders.”

I dripped massage oil into my palms and rubbed them together to warm the oil. I placed my hands on Charleen’s shoulders and gently kneaded the flesh. As my fingers made contact I felt a tremor pass through Charleen and thought I heard a little moan.

“Oh dear, these bra straps will get stained. Can I loosen or move them?”

Charleen reached back and unhooked her bra and removed it. As she lifted off the table to allow the bra to drop off her arms, her breasts swung free. I was appreciating my first look at her wonderful globes when my trance was broken by Charleen saying “Problem solved.”

I couldn’t agree more. Getting back to the matter at hand I said “I’m going to begin by massaging your shoulders and spine. Then I’ll work my way along your upper limbs. When they’re feeling nice and relaxed, I’ll work on your hands. Finally I’ll do your legs and then your feet. Then I’ll go back and hit any spots that might still feel tight. If I do or touch anything you aren’t comfortable with, please let me know. OK?”

“Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. And don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of feedback.” was Charleen’s reply.

For the next twenty minutes or so, things went very much as I had described. I asked Charleen to turn over onto her back so that I could massage the front of her neck. I couldn’t help but stare at her wondrous breasts that were revealed. They had large brown areolas with small nipples in their centres. I was aching to reach out and touch them. I could feel my cock growing and it was becoming uncomfortable but I didn’t want to be too overt about my situation so I decided to put up with the slight discomfort – for a little while.

I moved back to the table. Having refreshed the oil on my hands I started at Charleen’s collarbone then gently rubbed the oil into her neck. I let my hands drift down her body. As I reached her breasts escort eryaman I moved them outward along the underside of her globes. When I reached their outer edges I caressed them with my fingertips. Charleen did not respond, seeming oblivious to my touch.

I moved my hands back up to her neck then ran my hands down the outer edges of Charleen’s chest past the outside of her breasts. I then ran my hands directly over her breasts and paused ever so briefly to cup each breast in my hands. Again there was no objection, if anything I heard a slight moan, which I took as a sign of approval. The evening classes had been worthwhile. I massaged Charleen’s breasts gently before taking each nipple between my fingers and rolling it, then squeezing it gently. I did not intend to cause any pain.

Charleen raised her hand, and I took that as a signal to stop. I lifted my hands from her breasts and moved down to stand at the foot of the table.

“Can you move a little down on the table so that I can reach your legs and work them?” I asked.

Charleen quickly edged down the table until I told her to stop. I took her feet in my hands and moved them apart a few inches. There was no resistance to this small adjustment. I looked up her legs to her crotch. I could see the red strip of her panties emerging from between her legs then splitting so that each thin strip passed over the tops of her legs to her hips. The material just covered a small part of her pubic area and, from what I could see; her hair was trimmed to a very small strip.

I began working on her legs by massaging her thighs. I purposely stopped my touch a few inches from the tops of Charleen’s legs. However, as I pressed my fingers into her legs they edged further apart. I worked for at least five minutes on Charleen’s thighs and calves and then moved my attentions down to her feet. I deftly manipulated each of her toes and noticed that Charleen was breathing quite deeply, her eyes closed and a slight moan escaping her lips every once in a while.

“Time to turn over again,” I said and stepped back from the table. When she was comfortable again I returned my attentions to her thighs. This time I allowed my hands to work their way higher up her thighs. I could just feel the edge of her panties at my fingertips and had manoeuvred her legs so that they were spread to the edges of the table. I could see the material of Charleen’s panties as they disappeared between her lips of her pussy.

On the next manipulation I allowed my fingertips to pass across her lips and pressed the material into her ever so slightly.

With a tremor in my voice I said “Your panties could get stained by the oils. Are you happy to remove them?”

She nodded her head. I wiped my hands on the towel and then took hold of the panties at Charleen’s hips. At a signal from me she lifted her hips and I eased her panties down her legs. They seemed to be wedged into her pussy and I teased them out gently. I lifted each of her feet and then dropped the panties alongside the bra discarded earlier. When I turned back I was surprised to see that Charleen had returned her legs to their previous positions, with her feet at the edge of the table.

I now had an amazing view of her pussy. I could see the moisture of her arousal. I placed my hands on her thighs again and repeated the movements up her legs. As I came into contact with her pussy lips, Charleen jumped slightly and gasped “Ooh!”

I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of a negative reaction so I continued to rub the inside of her thighs and my hands touched her pussy lips again and again. After a minute or so of this I gambled and ran my forefinger between her lips from the bottom of her pussy to the top. My finger emerged covered in her juices. I then positioned my hands so that I was constantly pressing against Charleen’s lips and my knuckles were moving over her eryaman escort bayan entrance.

In between moans I heard her say “Oh that feels so nice.” she seemed to be really enjoying it. I decided to go for broke and straightened my forefinger so that the next time it passed through her lips it rested at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly inserted my finger as a loud moan came from Charleen’s lips. I removed the finger and when I started inserting it again accompanied it with my index finger. They slid easily inside her. As I increased the speed of my finger-fucking of Charleen’s pussy her moans grew louder. I kept up the motion of my fingers and a louder moan came from her mouth, then her body suddenly convulsed in the throes of a first orgasm.

As Charleen settled down I removed my fingers. I slid them between my lips and tasted her juices. They were sweet and tasty and I looked forward to tasting them directly from her pussy later. I removed my clothes. It was a blessed relief when I felt my erection freed from the confines of my underwear. My erection was standing out from my body and I reached down and gave myself a couple of strokes.

“Oh, please don’t stop now,” Charleen begged when she noticed that my hands and fingers were gone. I climbed up onto the table with my knees between Charleen’s spread thighs. I reached down under her hips and lifted her up onto her knees. Charleen’s very wet slit was directly in line with my very hard cock. Even though I knew she was slick with her juices I edged forward until my cock was at her entrance then slowly eased myself inside. As Charleen’s lips grounded on my balls she exclaimed “Oh yes!” as she realised it was now my cock inside of her.

She began to rock back against my thrusts. After about five minutes Charleen said “Please, let me turn around. I want to look at you.”

I withdrew my cock from her and she quickly turned onto her back. She beckoned me forward and I crawled over her. I felt her hand take hold of my cock and guide me back into her. I started thrusting again, and I saw Charleen’s hand reach between us and start playing with her clit. She started rubbing herself faster & harder as I continued my thrusts. I was amazed that I had managed to last this long given my arousal during the massage. I wanted to make it last longer. After a few more minutes I felt Charleen’s pussy muscles clamp on my cock as she came again. That did for me. I thrust deeply into her one last time then my body stiffened and held myself there as I came inside her.

All I wanted to do was collapse on top of Charleen but I didn’t think that was a good idea given our position on the massage table. I eased myself from her then climbed off the table. Once I was at the bottom the table I took hold of Charleen’s ankles and encouraged her down the table. She thought I was going to help her off the table but once her cum filled pussy was close to the edge of the table I stopped her.

I stepped in again and used my hands to spread her thighs wide. I dipped my head downwards and started kissing the top of the inside of her left leg. I reached her pussy and could smell the deep musk of our mixed juices. I continued across and placed kisses on the inside of her right thigh. I could about make out soft “Mmm”s coming from Charleen’s mouth.

I moved my mouth back over her pussy. As she lay there breathing deeply I dipped my tongue between her lips and just inside the entrance of her slit.

I heard “Oh my God. No more. I need to rest a little.”

I removed my mouth from Charleen’s pussy then stood up. I reached out and took her hands in mine and helped her sit up. Once she was upright I leaned in and kissed her on her mouth. This kiss was very different from the friendly, chaste, kiss that started the evening. As we kissed I placed her hands behind my neck and positioned her legs around my hips. I put my hands under her bum, lifted her from the table, carried her through to the bedroom, and laid her down on the bed.

As I lay beside her she turned and snuggled against me, resting her head on my chest. After about five minutes we had gotten our breaths back and Charleen asked “So, if that was the starter, what’s the main course?”

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