Mary Beth’s Idea Ch. 2

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I approached Nancy about the prospect of Mary Beth and I having a threesome with her about a week later. Her eyes got very wide, and said yes without even thinking. Mary Beth was at a family function that evening, so I thought this would be a nice surprise for her.

I took Nancy back to my apartment that night and told her to go into the bedroom, get undressed and get in the closet. I added that we will come in the bedroom in a little while and that she can enter the fray at any time. While she was undressing, I peeked at her. She has a great body and I knew tonight was gonna be great.

Mary Beth got to my place about a half hour later. She was a little upset; there was a family squabble and she got stuck in the middle. Needless to say, she came to her favorite friend to talk about it. So we talked about it, and after her story was through I gave her a neck rub. I like giving her these, as they are a great way to get some hot sex underway.

I had only rubbed her shoulders for a few seconds when she tucked her chin into her upper chest and started to relax a bit. She rolled her neck back and gave me a little kiss, which turned into a bigger kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth. She then turned around and straddled me, pushing her tits into my face. I reached down and pulled her shirt off and I came face to face with my favorite bra — one with the clasp in front. I unsnapped the clasp, pushed her bra off and nuzzled her tits with my face.

Cupping her titties I stuck my tongue out and tasted her skin before licking up to her already stiff nipples. I took the left one into my mouth and ran my tongue around it, flicking my tongue over her hard nub. While I was doing that, my other hand was fondling her other boob, running my thumb on her other nipple. I took my thumb and my index finger and pinched it lightly, making that nipple very erect. I then licked that nipple, doing the same tongue action to her right tit.

By then, she was grinding her hips and her crotch against my now hard cock. She got up and hit her knees, where she went to work on my pants. She unbuttoned the button before unzipping my fly with her teeth, then working her hand into my boxers, releasing my hard on. She bathed my cock with her spit, licking it up and down the length of my 7″ shaft. antalya escort She then started sucking my cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down repeatedly. She brought me very close to the brink of cumming, but she stopped suddenly, started to stroke my cock slowly and led me to the bedroom — right into my plan.

We quickly took off the rest of our clothes — she eased her jeans off and bent her ass into my face. I playfully slapped at it.

We jumped into bed and I immediately started to kiss her body everywhere, starting with her neck, down her chest to her already well-sucked titties, before starting toward her pussy. I licked at her navel, kissed her middle then started licking at her tasty pussy. I licked her slit before taking two fingers and spreading the lips. She was already soaking wet. With my tongue, I lapped at her clit before sliding two fingers deep into her pussy.

This drives her wild, and it only takes a few minutes for her to cum when I do this. By the time her orgasm hit, my tongue was deep inside her, replacing my fingers, which were covered in pussy juice. My fingers were in her mouth, and she was sucking them like two little cocks. Her eyes were closed, and she didn’t notice that Nancy had walked into the room.

“Well what do we have here?” Nancy said. “Two littles hotties all nakie like this. Hmmmmm, I think I’m gonna join in.”

Nancy positioned herself over Mary Beth’s face, and my friend that I have known for several years stuck her tongue out invitingly. Nancy squatted down and impaled her shaved cunt right on Mary Beth’s tongue.

I saw her tongue race across her pussy, licking her juices that were dripping out of it. Obviously Nancy had fucked herself with her fingers while standing in the closet and the juice was the by-product of those actions. Nancy then bent over across Mary Beth and began to lick her wet pussy. I knew that Nancy had been a bi-sexual babe for a while, but she was giving my first time bi friend a great licking. Both women were writhing under each others’ tongues. I was just sitting back, stroking my cock, enjoying the show.

Mary Beth took her mouth off of Nancy’s pussy and said, “Sean, come over here and fuck this chick’s tight ass while I fuck her cunt with my vibrator. I’ll think alanya escort she’ll like Big Blue.”

I went over and kneeled behind Nancy’s ass and I watched Mary Beth bring Nancy’s pussy juice up to her asshole, and started to slide it on. Mary Beth then flicked her tongue at my balls as I rubbed the head of my cock up against Nancy’s tight back door. It slid in and was a tight fit, but after a minute, I was able to fuck her ass easily.

My balls started to smack her cunt, which was stimulated by Mary Beth’s tongue and fingers. Then she switched on Big Blue and placed it on Nancy’s clit. The vibrations made Nancy moan into Mary Beth’s pussy and made her ass muscles tighten around my hard dick. I started to pound into her harder and between that and Mary Beth’s agile fingers and tongue, Nancy just became putty as she came very hard on Mary Beth’s tongue. She just lapped it all up and swallowed it all. Nancy had survived Big Blue; I knew the feeling, because Mary Beth has used it on my cock before.

I pulled my cock out of Nancy’s ass and Mary Beth pounced on it, licking Nancy’s juices off of it. Nancy was in recovery stage and just laid back and watched my cock being licked and sucked. Before long, Nancy felt left out and stuck her fingers in Mary Beth’s twat, fucking it hard. Mary Beth was taken by surprise and released her mouth from my cock, beginning to moan. I yelled, “Oh yeah, Nancy, make her your bitch baby. She likes fingers in her pussy.” I couldn’t tell how many were stuffed into my friend, but she was humping Nancy’s hand like it was the biggest cock in the world.

Mary Beth announced “I’m cumming,” which only made Nancy’s fingers go faster. Her muscles tightened around Nancy’s digits, and with a flash she came all over her hand, and after falling onto her chest, she grabbed Nancy’s hand and started to lick the taste of her pussy off of our friend. I enjoyed watching the scene, but I have to admit it — I needed to come too.

The two women shared a long kiss, Mary Beth’s first with a woman, and she whispered into Nancy’s ear “thank you, that was excellent.” Nancy said, “So what about lover boy?? Are we gonna leave him with blue balls??”

Mary Beth turned her head my way and gave me a sly grin. “Nope. He’s alanya rus escort gonna drop his load right now. Come on, let’s help him.”

The girls threw me on my back and both went after my shaft, using their tongues up and down my cock. Nancy was rubbing my balls while Mary Beth used the old stand by and fingered my ass. Nancy noticed that and said, “He likes a finger is his ass?? Why not try a dildo or something??? That will get him cumming in no time.” Mary Beth looked up at me, gave another one of her looks and was like, “Yeah. Boy, get on your knees. Nancy isn’t getting that dildo — YOU are.”

I was stunned. What was my friend gonna do to me??? I saw that strap on — it was huge!!!! She wouldn’t seriously fuck me with it?? or would she???

Obviously she was serious about it because when I looked up, Nancy was helping Mary Beth put it on, getting little licks at her pussy at the same time. Nancy then put lube on the entire 8″ before rubbing my asshole with it. She even stuck two fingers in my ass, fucked me with them for two minutes before pronouncing me ready to be reamed.

Mary Beth got behind me and I looked back at her, pleading with her to change her mind with my eyes. She didn’t respond, only whispering “I love you” before rubbing the head of the dildo against my opening. She was able to slide it in a little bit before she grabbed my shoulders and slid it in some more. My ass had never taken anything like this before, and Mary Beth was enjoying it, slapping my ass as she fucked it. Nancy got under me and started to suck my dick.

By this time, I had no idea what was going on, but I was moaning with the thrusts by my friend, who was grabbing my hips and fucking me, and the sucking off by my other pal, who was rubbing her pussy while gnawing on my cock. I couldn’t hold out much longer, I wanted to make the feeling last. But alas, I felt my cum rising through my shaft and I told both girls that I was about to come.

Nancy took my cock out of her mouth and aimed it right at her titties. With a lurch, Mary Beth started leaking pussy juice, as the hilt of the dildo was rubbing her clit, and with a groan, slammed the dildo all the way in my ass. That was it — I came extremely hard, all over Nancy’s boobs. Mary Beth pulled out the dildo from my ass, took it off, and began sucking my cum from Nancy’s chest.

“Wow guys, that was incredible,” Mary Beth said to us. Nancy, in her cum bathed splendor, concurred. I was speechless. We all came, we all saw, we all fell asleep in a heap of titties, arms, pussies, legs and a cock.

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