Married Life 01

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We met Sally her long blonde hair was flowing freely down her back as she swam the length of the pool.

Peter her husband had been reading & had just received a fresh beer when he noticed my bride & I sitting a few lounges down from him, he introduced himself & suggested that if we wanted to order a drink we would need to grab the attention of the waiter sitting at the pool bar. Jan suggested that she would like a white wine, so I wandered over to the bar and ordered the wine and a beer for myself, I looked back to see Jan and Peter in conversation and Jan laughing quite loudly. When Sally got out of the pool Peter introduced us and we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming drinking and chatting about all sorts of things including honeymoon sex and sexual first’s, we agreed that we may catch up at the pool again tomorrow, before going our separate ways for dinner.

The second day was spent doing much the same, until we met Sally & Peter and decided to have a game of pool Volleyball, which became a real touchy feely event with Peter falling all over Jan whom in her good nature took it all in her stride. Again afternoon conversation centred on the topic of sex and Sally asked Jan if she had any dreams or fantasies that she would like to act out, to which Jan replied that no she was quite happy being married to me and that our sex life was just starting and that it was quite sufficient for her at the moment.

We arranged to meet for dinner that evening and the girls decided that they wanted to try the local seafood restaurant; Peter said that other guests had told him the food was to die for, most caught locally and very fresh. As it was still quite warm out Jan and I put on some casual three quarter length shorts with short sleeve shirts, although Jan had three buttons undone and you could see the top of her breasts and Bra when she leaned forward. Peter wore similar clothing and when I saw Sally coming down the stairs, my eyes lit up as it was quite obvious that she was not wearing any panties or a bra under her flimsy cotton mini dress. Sally, Peter and I ordered Chilli Prawns for an entree and Jan ordered Oysters natural which got the others teasing about Aphrodisiac powers, we all ordered fish for mains. We washed the meal down with a couple of bottles of white wine all though Jan said she was not impressed with her Oysters we just thought that she had probably changed her mind after seeing the size of our fantastic chilli prawns. We went on to a club afterwards and danced the night away until the wee hours, swapping dance partners several times, it was on one of these occasions when Jan had gone off to the toilet and Peter had moved to the bar to refresh our drinks that Sally started dirty dancing rubbing herself up against my leg. Jan caught us and the look of disapproval was obvious, so when Peter arrived back with the drinks she grabbed him, pulled him onto the dance floor and started her own dirty dance routine. It soon seemed like these girls were having a competition and us boys were the benefactor, I am not sure about Peter but I was having a hard time trying to disguise the hard on I was supporting and was certain Sally could feel it. When it was time to go home we all said good night with a kiss and Sally quickly slipped her tongue in taking me by surprise.

It seemed like we had no sooner gone to sleep when I was woken by the noise of Jan in the toilet throwing up, it seems the Oysters were not as fresh as claimed. It was very early in the morning when we called down to reception and asked for a Doctor to visit, Jan sent me off to have breakfast while we waited and I ran in to Peter and Sally and explained the situation and that we would not be seeing them by the pool today. Sally asked if there was anything she could do, but seriously without the doctor and medicine what can one do. They both said to give Jan there love and mentioned that it was a real shame as they had a great night.

The Doctor duly came around mid-morning and prescribed some sleeping tablets and medicine to settle her stomach saying that she had mild food poisoning and that she should take it easy for a couple of days. Jan was all apologetic for getting sick and ruining our honeymoon and suggested that I should spend some time down at the pool with Peter and Sally as long as I did not forget that she was here and to come up and check on her occasionally. I made her comfortable, grabbed a book and headed for the pool. I had already read a few pages and consumed a couple of beers before illegal bahis I was drawn away from the book by Sally’s voice saying Hi there handsome how is Jan, has the doctor been, this was closely followed by Peter saying how unfortunate for me, being on my honeymoon and with the bride out of action. Sally quickly chipped in with a “he can all way’s join us for a three some” and a burst of laughter before plunging head first into the pool. Peter received their drinks that he had ordered on the way past the bar and settled down next to me suggesting that Sally had only mentioned the threesome as it was a pet fantasy she had had for quite a while but had never acted upon. I said he need not apologise I had similar fantasies but it was never likely to happen as Jan would not go for it; sadly my life was destined to be that of a one woman man. When Sally returned from her swim she said that she would go up and check on Jan for me which I said was very kind thank you. Peter and I had a few more beers whilst Sally was away and Peter returned to the subject of Sally and her fantasy, he said watching her last night dirty dancing was quite exciting for him and felt that if they were to bring any third person into their bedroom he felt that he would be quite comfortable with that person being me. My response was thanks mate, but doesn’t your wife have a say in this!

Peter laid out his plan, he would ask Sally if she would like to go up to the room for a massage and that would be my cue to ask her if she had ever tried a massage with four hands on her body at the same time, I could then follow this up with volunteering to join them in their room to be Peter’s assistant and that I would do anything that he requested.

Well our plan was set and we eagerly awaited the return of Sally so as to allow Peter to put the idea forward, it was not long and as Sally approached I quickly jumped in the pool and swam to the other end to allow Peter some private time to discuss his proposition. It seemed Peter was a master persuader, as I alighted the pool Sally invited me up to their room for lunch saying that she had told Jan that she would take good care of me whilst she was laid up in bed. By the time we had consumed a light salad and wine, we were all pretty relaxed and Peter suggested that he and I should give Sally a massage as a reward for the enjoyable meal; I said she surely deserves one, but wouldn’t she prefer that you did that alone. Sally chirped in and said it sounds like fun, but don’t get the wrong idea, if there is going to be any sex it will be after you go home Jim, fine with me I replied. With that Sally began to refresh our glasses of wine whilst Peter brought the sun lounge in from the balcony and set it up in the middle of the room, he then suggested to Sally that she may like to slip into something more casual, but she snapped that her bikini was quite comfortable, especially considering that we guys were dressed in our bathers. Peter suggested that she put her eye mask on and listen to some music on her I-pod to help her relax, whilst we guys could chat and she won’t know whose hands are doing what, heightening the experience. Sally did as suggested and in no time at all she was lying on her back, yellow bikini eye mask and listening to some relaxing music on the I-pod.

Peter suggested that I should start at Sally’s head and that he would start at her toes, simply drawing on her with our fingers, so standing at Sally’s head I began gently rubbing her temple, moving to the sides of her head and behind the ears, whilst Peter grabbed her toes and massaged up towards her heels, drawing on her soles brought immediate giggles from Sally. Peter said I should draw down to the navel area and that he would do the same from the bottom up, so I gently used my fingers down the side of her neck across the chest passing down through the centre between her breasts down to circle her navel just slightly ahead of Peters fingers, proceeding back upwards via the sides of her chest to the armpits and down the arms. Peter in the meantime had drawn over the bikini either side of her pussy, bringing a sigh from Sally, around and around we did this for ten minutes before Peter said to me that I should draw over the breasts and nipples otherwise Sally will know that it was me at the head. Not to ruin the play for Sally I promptly changed my drawing pattern and allowed my fingers to spread right across each breast, occasionally allowing the fingers to tweak her nipples until they were as stiff as nails. It did not take long illegal bahis siteleri to notice that Sally’s bikini bottoms were becoming noticeably damp in the centre. Peter suggested we change positions and move to the side so that we could both reach a breast and her legs re-enforcing that I would need to draw over her pussy to keep the sensation of not knowing who was doing what. With that I moved to the right and began drawing over Sally’s upper leg and the side of her face again, moving down from the top and up from the bottom took some coordination but we soon got into a rhythm and each time one of us ran our fingers over her pussy she became wetter and I could hear slight moans coming from her sweet mouth, meantime I was supporting a massive hard on which I was struggling to keep from Peters sight.

Peter suggested that I should feed Sally some wine whilst he went and warmed some massage oil, so I took one of her ear pieces out and asked her to sit up so she could have a small drink leaving the blind fold on. I asked her if she was comfortable and she replied that it had been very relaxing and could not tell whom was doing what, but assumed Peter had been touching her pussy and boobs, I said maybe, maybe not, what did she think of that, well it’s very nice whoever is touching me and with that laid back down, so I slowly bent over her pussy and gently breathed hot air on it, her reaction was a soft moan so I quickly rubbed my nose on her clit before Peter walked back in.

We turned Sally over and as Peter started to trickle warm oil on her back Sally protested and said don’t get that on my new bikini, with this Peter untied the ties on her top and pulled the straps to her side, then he continued with the oil across the shoulders and down the middle of her back stopping well ahead of the bikini bottoms, we started to rub her shoulders and back, before Peter suggest I should put oil on my hands and work from the feet up. Fifteen minutes later we were both at either end of the bikini and almost instantly we both bent over and grabbed the tiny ribbons in our mouths slowly pulling the bikini undone, this was the first time that we had looked directly into each other’s eyes and I felt a real warmness toward Peter, it felt very strange but nice. We continued the massage and at one time Peter slipped his finger into Sally’s pussy bringing her to an almost instant orgasm, not to be out done I cheekily slipped a finger into her butt crack and to my surprise Sally moaned and Peter congratulated me for being so bold suggesting that Sally must be really relaxed to let us get away with that move.

We had soon completely covered Sally’s back legs and arms with the massage oil and proceeded to roll her over once again onto her back, we resumed our positions at the head and bottom of the lounge where I proceeded to rub massage oil into the soles of her feet, ever so slowly moving up the length of her legs towards her glistening pussy, meanwhile I noticed Peter gave her boobs a tremendous work out with his fingers and her breathing had become more frantic as Peter suggested I stick a finger into her and make her come. I was a little hesitant so immediately he took on this task and in no time at all Sally was thrashing on the lounge. After her orgasm had subsided Peter took leave to get some more oil warmed up and asked me to continue alone with her, so I waited until he left the room and then proceeded to lick her pussy and use my tongue on her clit, this got her going again and I could not be so mean as to stop before she got some relief, however Peter walked back in and caught me, for a brief moment I thought all hell will break loose now.

To my surprise Peter said I was doing a good job and to continue, saying he wanted to watch her orgasm. With that Peter moved behind me to look over my shoulder, only spilling some of the warm oil on my back, sorry he said all too quickly I will fix it for you, and with that he started to rub the oil into my back which strangely felt nice and relaxing, especially since I was concentrating on Sally’s delicious pussy, I felt Peters hand slip into my bathers and grab hold of my steel hard cock as the precum was dribbling from the end. I stopped for a brief moment licking the pussy, but Peter’s handy work felt so nice I returned to licking without taking my mouth away, before long Peter slipped my bathers down my leg and took my cock in his mouth mumbling that he needed to clean up the precum for me. I was in heaven, licking a sweet pussy whilst receiving canlı bahis siteleri a head job was a dream come true, well almost I never thought it would be a guy sucking on my cock but right at this minute it did not matter. All too soon I shot a great load down Peters throat, my cock stayed stiff as I muffed Sally’s pussy even that much harder so as to cover the noise I made. Peter slipped down on the floor and began to lick her clit and Sally simply went wild, as now she knew that both her men were working intently on her pussy, bringing one hell of an orgasm to her. As soon as the orgasm subsided Sally burst out that she needed a cock, she did not care whose it was as long as it was real hard. Peter positioned himself between her legs and told me to wave my cock at her mouth whilst he slowly penetrated her pussy, the moment my cock touched Sally’s lips she opened her mouth and guided me in until I reached the back of her throat, she bobbed up and down in unison with Peter’s cock sliding in and out of her vagina. Before I had time to shoot another load, Peter had slipped out of her pussy and asked me to take over which I did without hesitation settling into a nice pace I noticed Peter lube-ing up his cock with some of the massage oil, he asked if I thought I was getting some fine pussy and I responded she’s the best. Peter had moved behind me and I felt his cock resting at my hole as he whispered “now it’s time that I get some fine pussy” and with that he pushed his cock straight up into me holding onto my hips as he did so, a jolt of pain shot right through me and I immediately stopped fucking Sally, “don’t stop she cried out” as she moved her hips and contracted her pussy muscles sucking down hard on my cock. Pleasure and pain mixed through my body like nothing else had before, Peter began to slowly move in and out of my hole reassuring me the whole time that it would feel really good if I relaxed and concentrated on Sally. I don’t know if it was the wine over lunch or the realisation that this might be the only time I ever get to experience a threesome but I decided to follow Peter’s advice and settled into fucking Sally as best I could, we soon settled into a rhythm and before I knew it I found myself pushing as hard into Sally as I could and alternately pushing back onto Peter with equal gusto. It was truly amazing the way I was feeling and Peter suggested we take the IPod buds out of Sally’s ears so that she could hear what was going on and we could talk to her, before taking of her blind fold. With that I reached forward and removed her ear buds, whilst letting Peter start the conversation with “Sally how are you feeling darling?”, “amasing”, she responded, “Jim I know it is you who is fucking me at the moment so what is Peter doing?”

Right now Peter is busy fucking me I responded, “that’s right honey”, Peter chipped in, “would you like to see?”, and with that I reached for Sally’s blindfold. “No!, no not right now, I just want to enjoy the feelings I am feeling right now for a little bit longer” she said, I don’t know how much longer I can hold off my orgasm I said as the excitement building within me rose significantly now that Sally was aware her husband was taking my anal cherry. All too soon I was reaching the point of no return and unbeknown to me the same was happening to Peter and it was his explosion into my ass that sent me over the edge and I unloaded the biggest load of jism in my life, right up into the depths of Sally’s pussy and with a scream she exploded before we all collapsed into a sweaty heap upon the banana lounge. Sally pulled her blindfold off as Peter & I lifted ourselves off the lounge, picking up our drinks we adjourned to the comfort of the lounge recliner chairs, Sally snuggled up to Peter and thanked him for allowing her to fulfil her fantasy of a threesome. I thanked both of them and advised that I had better go and check on my sick wife, before leaving Peter suggested that we may like to get together again before our holiday ended, “that would be nice but don’t forget I have Jan to worry about” I said, closing the door to their apartment behind me.

I went straight to my room and found Jan sitting in a lounge chair feeling much better; she had slept most of the morning after the doctor left and now thought she should relax in front of the television for the rest of the afternoon. Jan looked across at me and said “Jim you look really red in the face, is that sunburn or what!” “Oh Peter, Sally and I were exercising in the gym earlier”, I replied. Since Jan recovered, we never did manage to play again but Peter and Sally have invited us to their home during the next long weekend and Jan is keen to stay in touch with them so here is hoping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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