Marie’s Submission Ch. 02

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This is a story about a descent into darkness and as such it makes more sense if the reader.

Goes first to Chapter 1. That work can be found under Incest/taboo.

I was sitting at the nurse’s station thinking about what had transpired last night, when a voice broke into my reverie.


With a start I returned to my surroundings and looked up to see Helen, one of my older nurses, looking down at me with obvious concern.

“Are you alright?” she said, frowning. “You have been in a funk ever since shift started,

Is there anything I can do?”

“No, no, I am fine. I was just preoccupied with a little problem at home.” And I flashed what I thought would be a reassuring smile.

Helen looked doubtful for a moment but then accepting my denial she laid a patient chart in front of me and began discussing the care plan she had been working on.

After going through it in some detail, I praised her for the quality of the submission

And indicated that our interview was over. As soon as she walked away I rose and walked back to my office where I would have more privacy. I wasn’t normally a brooder

But the dark thoughts I was having didn’t lend themselves to the bustle of a busy nurse’s station.

I was heartsick over what had happened last night and at a loss as to what I should do about it. I had groveled in the sexual abuse I had suffered at the hands of Jake and my daughter Paige. Even now the memory of watching them make love in front of me was kindling a renewed excitement in me. My panties were already sopping wet and it appeared there would be no letup in this persistent and sickening arousal. Shameful though it was that I was reacting in this way, I was concerned more for the effect that it had on Paige. I didn’t want to see her develop into a sadistic pervert, no matter what I had become.

At breakfast this morning Jake had told me that he had to go out of town for two days.

Perhaps with time alone with her, I could reestablish my position as Paige’s mother and regain her respect. In any case I would have to try. I couldn’t let her descend into the morass of evil that Jake had opened up. Tonight I would steel myself to face my child and restore a proper parental relationship. Having made a decision I immersed myself in my work and eventually made it through to the end of shift.

When I reached home I opened the door and walked into the foyer. Back straight and sporting what I hoped was a confident expression on my face I turned to Paige, prepared to speak. She spoke first.

“How is your bum feeling tonight…still hurt?”

My good intentions fled along with my composure. I stamped my foot and launched into a diatribe.


“SMACK”, the slap to my face left me stupefied. We both stood facing each other in silence for what seemed an eternity, I with tears in my eyes, Paige gloating over my obvious subjugation.

“What happened last night is going to happen again anytime I say it is …Isn’t it …Mommy”

Her cruel smirk was devastating, even more than her words. I felt sick. All of my erstwhile planning vanished, leaving me feeling totally humiliated…and perversely excited. I couldn’t believe that I responded as I did.


“Take off your clothes …Mommy” and as if I no longer had control over my hands I started to disrobe. Paige stopped me when I was down to my garter belt , white stockings and panties. I closed my eyes as she fondled my breasts, helpless to stop her. After a moment she lightly slapped my face…jolting me sufficiently that I opened my eyes and looked at her.

“Whenever I am using you, I want you to look at me…do etiler escort you understand…Mommy”

I nodded reluctantly, the tears starting to come now.

“You want me to pull your panties down …don’t you …Mommy”

“Noooo” I said and immediately her hand struck out to lash my face again.

“Whenever you lie to me I will have to punish you,” “now I will ask you again…

do you want me to pull your panties down”…”Mommy”

In a defeated voice I mumbled, “yes dear”

“Then I think you should ask me…Mommy”

I couldn’t repress the sobbing that left me barely able to speak. “Please p…pull my p..

.panties down.”

With a smug grin Paige knelt before me and slowly rolled my panties down to my knees.

“If you let them fall any further I will have to hurt you.” She said looking up at me with a mean expression on her face. It was a look that I had never seen from her before and it frightened me. I spread my legs slightly, stretching the thin material to hold it in place.

She leaned forward and planted a kiss on my vagina. My body betrayed me with an involuntary quiver. Grasping me by the hips ,she slowly turned me so that my bottom was facing her. She nuzzled my bum, her nose sliding between the cheeks until she reached the anus. I had always been sensitive there and Paige quickly discovered my weakness. I trembled as I felt something wet and warm laving my crack, teasing my rosebud and gingerly seeking entry to my rectum. I couldn’t help myself. My cheeks clutched at the intruder, my hips rocking gently.

When she stopped and rose to face me I felt a perverse disappointment. I had surrendered completely to my degradation. She grasped me by the nape of my neck and moved me towards the bedroom, one of her hands falling to my bum with a subtle cupping of one cheek. Because of the restriction of my panties I was forced to shuffle forward with little baby steps. Reaching the bed she sat and forced me to my knees.

“Last night was fun, but there was something that you wanted that you didn’t get…wasn’t there Mommy.”

I clenched my teeth determined not to speak…until she slapped me again. I couldn’t help myself. I licked my lips and said “I don’t know”

“Oh I think you do know. We both know what you want” and with that Paige opened her legs to expose her panty less cunt. With a great effort I resisted the urge to drop my eyes to her treasure.

I started crying again and begged her “Please Paige don’t do this to me”

“Why Mommy what is it that you are afraid of?” and when I didn’t answer she slapped me again. “Tell me Mommy or I will have to hurt you.”

Through my tears I could barely get the words out “You want me to give you oral sex”.

Paige sneered as she reached forward and lightly pressed the back of my head. There was so little pressure that I knew I could resist, but somehow I found my face between her thighs, my nose softly splitting her lips and I knew that I wanted this debasement. I wanted to perform this act for the first time in my life. I wanted to please her.

My lack of experience was no impediment. Jake had many times gone down on me and I knew intimately the dance of lips, tongue and teeth that would bring her to rapture. I felt Paige’s legs go over my shoulders. Had I lifted them into place or did she? No matter, I was totally engrossed in serving her, my tongue licking her labia, my lips grasping her clit and sucking it from under the hood. I submersed my face as much into her vulva as possible, wallowing back and forth, using my nose to penetrate her tight little hole. She quickly went rigid in the first of several orgasms, her thighs clutching my face, her entire body convulsing. I couldn’t stop. I wanted to fındıkzade escort go on for ever. I lost count of the number of times she came.

Finally she pushed me away and only then did I realize my jaw ached. I was exhausted but as I laid my cheek on her thigh I looked up and with a timid smile I asked her “Did I do it ok?”

I was rewarded with the briefest of smiles and she said “You were good Mom”

She was even more tired than I. she lifted me up and kissed me…a soft loving kiss, her child’s tongue lazily probing my mouth.

I had just committed an act so shameful that I could not have imagined it just days ago.

But somehow I felt fulfilled. I was content. I had now accepted my total subjugation. I was now my daughter’s willing sex toy.

Over the following weeks Paige became even more dominant and I more submissive. I had accepted my role and now would do whatever she demanded of me. Jake’s two day assignment stretched out to a month without even a break to come home. Paige took full advantage to establish herself in charge and develop our relationship to her satisfaction.

I was helpless to stop her and without any moderating influence from Jake her treatment of me became creative to say the least.

Two days after Jake left, Paige informed me that she wanted to buy a strap on, something she had heard about at school. My attempts to dissuade her were fruitless so that on my first day off she skipped school and I found myself being dragged downtown to a sex shop. I hadn’t known that such places existed. Fortunately we were the only customers but that was of little comfort when we faced a decidedly mean looking sales lady. She was not unattractive; in fact most men would probably call her handsome. It was just that she seemed to exude an aura of evil.

She addressed me as the older of her customers but Paige answered before I could say anything.

“I want to see what kinds of things you sell” in her most grown up voice.

With my instant blush the woman quickly was able to size up the situation and transferred her attention to Paige. “Certainly miss, if you would like to follow me I can give you a quick tour to give you an idea of the range of merchandise that we handle.”

Paige relaxed a bit with the respect she was being shown and pushed me forward to follow the woman. When I stumbled the woman smirked and cast a knowing glance at Paige. I was mortified at how this visit was starting but as happened so often now I could feel that I was wetting my panties.

A conversation was quickly opened up between the two of them leaving me ignored.

“My name is Toni” she said,” Has your…uh..friend been with you long?”

Paige answered “She’s my mother, but she does what I tell her…don’t you Mommy”

My embarrassment couldn’t have been greater. Eyes downcast I mumbled in a tiny voice “Yesss”.

Paige instantly grabbed me by the chin and raised my face to look into her eyes.

“what have I told you about talking to me?” From the corner of my eye I could see that our spectator was enjoying my predicament immensely.

“I’m sorry dear, I should look you in the eye when I speak to you” I said, desperately

trying to recover some semblance of dignity.

At that point Toni spoke up. “I think I will close up the shop…I will be able to serve you better that way and we won’t be disturbed.” And quickly added “Things are very slow this morning anyway.” She quickly walked to the front door to pull the blinds, her high heels beating a staccato rhythm. Walking back she cast an ingratiating smile at Paige who returned it with a smug grin of her own.

I felt an impending disaster approaching. I could see that something was brewing. göztepe escort I was trembling and trying unsuccessfully to hide it. Toni spoke again , simple words but with disturbing innuendo.

“I have some lovely strap ons I would like to show you, we would be more comfortable in the office and if you like any of them I could show you how they are attached.”

It was with a sinking feeling that I followed my daughter and Toni to the office. Decorations were somewhat sparse, but there was a coffee table in the middle of the room and a counter that ran the full length of the longest wall. On it were a number of items that instantly filled me with dread. A number of cocks of various sizes and colours lay on the counter while numerous harnesses and what looked like gags hung above them. There were many things that I couldn’t even identify. Toni took down a leather harness and picked two cocks from the shelf. Both apparently rubber and realistic looking, one was only 4 inches long while the other was a monster about a foot in length. She turned to Paige and said,

“You might like this combination. The harness allows you to attach a smaller more comfortable penus for your own use and a larger one to service your partner.”

Paige fondled the apparatus intently. “Can you show me how it works?” she said.

Smiling, Toni attached the two cocks in the harness and looking into Paige’s eyes said

“If you had your mother take off her clothes I could show you how it is worn.”

Paige turned to me and barked out that word that was becoming so familiar, “Strip.”

I knew better than to argue. With tears in my eyes and despair in my heart I obeyed, finally standing in nothing but my high heels and thigh high nylons. Toni approached and with an amused air fitted the apparatus on me. To my chagrin and no little pain it was the huge penis that she pushed into my vagina. I gasped at the intrusion but resisted the urge to pull away from her. She laughed,

“It is a good thing that she was already wet or I would have taken forever to get it into her.” “This is if you want her to service you, if you want to do it to her, I would suggest you use the smaller one in yourself”

Throughout this demonstration, Toni had her hand on my bottom, two fingers in the crack, insistently rubbing the sphincter in a circular motion. I said nothing. Even when she achieved penetration and started thrusting to and fro with her hand I was silent. The humping of my hips I couldn’t avoid. Paige wore a huge grin at the spectacle of my new cock bobbing up and down.

“Now model for us, walk over here to me.” “And turn”… “And walk back to Toni,” as she slapped my bottom. My hesitant steps quickly brought me face to face with Toni who reached up and cruelly slapped both of my breasts. I turned and again my bum was slapped as I started back to Paige. By this time I was crying uncontrollably and becoming very wobbly on my high heels, but I continued to make the trip back and forth between them, being slapped at each turn.

“Faster” Toni said and I started to run, thinking that if I just did as they told me it would end my humiliation more quickly. It was on the return run back to the sales woman that I collapsed and to my utter mortification had a huge orgasm on the floor in front of my tormenters.

The next hour became a blur to me. They both used me in ways I would not have thought possible. I blindly did whatever they told me, reveling at last in my degradation, orgasm crashing down upon orgasm. Toni’s vagina became as familiar to me as my own. Paige removed the strapon from me and put it on herself, leaving the monster cock protruding as Toni had suggested. As I sucked and licked Toni, Paige wrecked havoc on both my bottom and vagina.

Finally they were both exhausted and the party came to an end. Paige invited Toni to the house sometime which she accepted with obvious relish.

When we got home I was so tired I couldn’t even clean myself up. I threw myself on the bed and fell into a troubled sleep.


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