Man of Power Ch. 22

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[Part 22]

Laying on the lounger again, Vikas looked at the night sky and relaxed. Kiara didn’t sit with him but pulled the next lounger right next to his and lay face down on that. They were both too warm to cuddle on a warm night like that.

“So, did you hear anything I said?” Kiara asked looking up at Vikas.

“About me scamming you and not admitting that you’d be a good whore?”

“Yes! Was I not right?”

“So, I am tricking you in some way?”

“Tricking is not the right word, I don’t know how to explain it but…okay, think about this, any time these girls are around you, you grab them and treat them like they are your personal bitches, and I think they are.”


“Why don’t you treat me the same way? Why do you make me beg even to suck your dick?”

“I think you know why, darling.”

“No, I don’t. Because I am an actress? Or I am Indian? Or I am famous?”

“Because you are going to do great things with your life. Becoming my personal whore will only restrict you.”

“Rubbish! Utter rubbish! Have you ever thought that it may actually motivate me, make me happy and help me do those great things?”

“Hmmm, all this because you will be taking my cock in you on a regular basis?”

“You make it sound ridiculous the way you say it, but the truth is I am really, really happy when I am with you. And no, this is not a proposal of love, just saying being with you, spending time with you, and yes, taking your cock in me, makes me happy. Right now when you railed my ass on that railing, that is the happiest I have been in a long, long time.”

Vikas grinned “Yes, your screams were an evidence of that.”

“Asshole!” Kiara slapped the back of his hand “You know very well what I mean.”

Sony came back with water for Kiara and the juice drink for Vikas.

Kiara took the bottle from her “Thank you. Hey, I have heard a rumour that you are moving to Bombay soon?”

“Yes, ma’am, not right away but soon.”

“Please, please, call me Kiara.” Kiara said “We were just licking his cock together five minutes ago and now you are calling me, ma’am. It’s ridiculous.”

“Sorry…yes, Kiara.”

“Will you be his whore in Bombay too?”

“Umm…I hope so, ma’am…Kiara. Sir is going to help me get into modelling.”

“Cool. I will give you my number. If you call me when you are settled, I will introduce you to some people.”

“That will be wonderful. Thank you, Kiara.”

“Don’t thank me, just recommend him to make me his whore like you.”

“Oh God. Even the thought of giving advice to sir is scary. It is not my place.”

Kiara nodded and looked at Vikas “Okay, I can see what you see in her. She’s lovely.”

Vikas smiled and looked at Sony “Looks like you need to be somewhere, Sony.”

“Yes, Sir. I need to give a hand to the girls to tidy up the First Class. If you would give me permission, I mean.”

“Sure. That’s fine, darling. I will see you later.” Vikas said.

“Thank you, Sir.” Sony said and went back towards the First Class dining room.

Kiara stayed close to Vikas as they enjoyed looking at the stars on the warm, clear night. After a while, Kiara asked “Was that a call from your wife when you were fucking my ass?”

Vikas nodded “Yes.”

“Oh. When is she coming back?”

“In a couple more hours.”

“Not for a couple of hours? Would you like to fuck me again then?” She said then added “Wait, let me rephrase that — please fuck me and make me your whore, Sir!”

“Why don’t we go to my cabin?” Vikas suggested.

Kiara got up “Anywhere you want.”


As soon as they entered Vikas’ stateroom, he told her to get naked. Kiara obeyed instantly. Vikas turned her around and pulled her hands behind her back. He guided her to hold her wrists with the opposite hands. Then he took out his belt and tied her hands together. Kiara moaned.

He took her arm and helped her get down on her knees. Already Kiara was breathing heavily, her young proud breasts heaving with each breath. Vikas dropped his clothes on the bed and stood in front of Kiara. She immediately opened her mouth. Vikas pushed his fingers into her silky, soft hair and slid his hard cock into her open mouth.

“Show me what a good whore you are.” He told her.

Kiara got to work. Not having her hands to support her on his thighs, she could not use them for leverage. She only had to use her mouth. With her hands tied behind her back she felt quite helpless, but he had challenged her to show him her skill and she was not going to step back bursa escort from the challenge.

Using her tongue, she licked his cock and ate his precum from the tip of his cock. Vikas left her hair. Instead of making things easy, it made it harder for her because she didn’t know exactly what he wanted her to do. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on giving him the best blowjob ever.

His hand connected with her soft cheek with a loud, stinging slap. She opened her eyes.

“Eyes open!” He commanded.

She nodded and looked up at him with watering eyes.

“You are my whore, yes?” He said.

Kiara nodded with his cockhead resting on her tongue.

“Then keep looking at me as you serve me like a whore.”

Again Kiara nodded acceptance of his orders and closed her soft, warm lips around his shaft. She moved her head back and forth, sucking his hot, meaty cock in her hot mouth. As she started to enjoy the taste of his cock which she loved already, she forgot about her hands being tied and everything else. She only focused on sucking his cock the way it would bring him the most pleasure.

She had had sex many times, but she had not had to suck cock a lot because that’s not what an Indian man would typically demand. She had learnt about the blowjob mostly from watching western porn and her practice was mostly confined to the one boyfriend who had been into that kind of thing. But she was an actress and a good one. She treated the blowjob as a performance piece and gave it the same kind of attention.

When she felt Vikas’ hips move to fuck her mouth in and out, she knew she was doing it right. That made her try harder and even though she could not really take his big cock into her throat, she sucked him deep and hard, closing her soft, plump lips around his hard shaft. She could feel his hips moving more with his cock fucking her mouth harder and faster. Kiara kept her mouth wrapped around his dick and surrendered to his use. She looked up at him and let him fuck her gorgeous face any way he wanted.

A minute later, she felt his cock erupt in her mouth and his hot, creamy cum filled her mouth. Kiara quickly swallowed it and closed her lips right around his pumping shaft so his cum would not leak out. Vikas fucked her face deep as he came in her mouth and Kiara stayed in place, her hands tied behind her, her face turned up to accept his cock.

Keeping her lips tight around his cock she swallowed all his cum. Then she sucked him clean. It didn’t take long as she had not let his cum spill. But she kept sucking until his cock was hard again. He stroked her head as she sucked his cock and Kiara loved this feeling of being his pet bitch.

Vikas picked her up by the arm and untied her hands. She climbed on the bed under his guidance and went on all fours. Vikas pulled her by her hips until he had her positioned just right, at the edge of the bed, her ass right over her heels. Kiara pushed her hands forward and grabbed the bed. She rested her forehead on the bed.

She was a stunningly beautiful girl with a body like it had been sculpted by God himself on his day off. In her current submissive position, completely naked, ass pushed back and her legs wide, open, she looked insanely hot. Vikas’ dick was rock hard as he stood behind her and brushed her hair off her back.

He touched her puckered ass hole. It was soft, pink and warm to his touch. Kiara was breathing heavily as he played with her ass. His thumb was tracing the puckering of her rim and she could feel her heartbeat getting faster with his teasing caress. She held her breath when she felt his hot cockhead pressing on her ass hole. She knew how big he was. She knew how it was going to hurt. Just because she had just had her ass fucked by this monster cock didn’t mean it would not hurt her again. She gripped the bed tightly and waited.

Vikas pressed slowly, his cock was soaked in her saliva, which lubricated her hole as he slowly pushed in and pulled back without fully entering her ass. His cockhead repeatedly opened her sphincter than let it close as he pulled back. He did that several times and Kiara started to crave his cock in her ass.

“Ungh, mumma!” Kiara screamed as Vikas finally pushed in and didn’t pull back. His thick, rounded cockhead popped into Kiara’s ass and stayed there. She could feel the heat of his dick with her anus as her sphincter stayed tight around his shaft.

Gently, he rubbed her soft, bare back, his manly hands moving up and down on her silken, smooth skin. Kiara moaned as she felt like he was taking possession of her. She was bursa escort bayan his bitch and he was breaking her in. The thought made her body squirm with arousal. She pushed her ass back to take more of his cock into her ass. He let her.

“Aaah!” Kiara screamed as she herself stuffed another inch of his huge cock into her tight ass.

She knew he would go in much deeper, and she knew she would love it when he fucked her ass deep and hard. But it still hurt like hell when he first entered her ass. There were tears in her eyes from the pain of his entry. She closed her eyes and the tears started to leak out of her eyes. She again held her breath in anticipation as Vikas started to move his hips in a circle.

“Oh God!” Her breath came out in a scream when he gripped her hips and stuffed a couple more inches of his girth into her tight ass.

Kiara could feel his cockhead in her anal canal now. His cock was heating her from the inside. Kiara breathed deep and tried to adjust to his size. By rights his cock was too big for anal fucking and she should not even allow it in her ass. But she was his bitch. The feeling of helpless vulnerability that she got from it was highly intoxicating. She liked knowing that she had no say in the matter. He could take her pussy or her ass whenever he wanted.

It was this feeling of submission that made sex with him incredibly hot. Kiara could let him hurt her because she knew she was safe with him. She could trust him even when she knew he was going to hurt her deep. That combination of helplessness, submission and trust is something only a girl could understand. Kiara wanted him to hurt her because she knew he wouldn’t.

A soft moan escaped her lips as he gently caressed her back and bent over her. His cock moved inside her ass and she could feel it stuffed in her anal canal. Her anal canal was getting lubricated now and the pure pain was beginning to feel like pleasure.

“Who is my bitch, baby?” Vikas whispered in her ear.

“I am your bitch, Sir.” Kiara replied quickly “Please take me. Just break me and use me, please. I am yours. Make me hurt and teach me my place.”

She could not believe she was saying this. She was asking him to hurt her! But even her own words were exciting her so much that her pussy was dripping non-stop. She squirmed and felt his massive dick grind inside her ass. She moaned.

“You know this cock is going to own you, don’t you, baby?” Vikas sucked her earlobe.

“Mhmmm. Own me, Sir.” Kiara pleaded “Take me as your bitch, please?”

He stood behind her on the floor and rolled his hips, fucking her tight ass slowly in and out. Gradually he started to push his cock deeper into her anal canal and Kiara started to pant like a bitch. He moved a little more each time, and continued to impale her slowly deeper. Then he grabbed her hips and drove his cock into her ass with a hard thrust.

“Aah, god!” Kiara screamed, her body jerked under him and her pussy exploded with an overdose of sexual excitement.

Using smooth, long strokes, Vikas fucked her tight ass while her pussy squirted her juices on the bed. Her whole body was throbbing with the heat of the orgasm. Kiara pressed her forehead on the bed and pushed back with her ass on Vikas’ cock. Vikas drilled her ass in and out with strong, powerful thrusts. He knew from her moans and grunts that she was experiencing a body-rocking orgasm. He took advantage of her extremely aroused state to penetrate her deeper.

“Mumma!” Kiara’s young, slender body trembled with pain as Vikas jammed his massive beast fully deep into her ass.

But even with the deeper penetration her body was still loving his powerful strokes. She was pushing her ass back for him to fuck harder. She was holding on to the bed while he drilled her from behind, pushing her body forward with his forceful strokes. Vikas bent over her naked body and kissed her spine. His lips moved slowly up along her spine, with each kiss and Kiara felt the warmth of those kisses warming up her body. She moaned harder as his lips moved up to her neck.

Her breasts were rock hard with arousal, her nipples engorged with blood and intensely sensitive. When Vikas reached under her and cupped her soft tits in his hands, her erect nipples rubbed on his calloused palms, making her cry out as her body reached that peak again. Vikas’ long, hard cock was jammed very deep in her anal canal now. Kiara could feel his dick stirring her bowels as he moved his hips. That incredible feeling of complete helplessness pushed her over the edge and she came again with the next thrust escort bursa of his hips.

“Ow, mumma!” She cried as she came. Her sphincter tightened around the base of Vikas’ thick cock as her body rocked with the deliciously hot orgasm.

Keeping her soft, firm breasts in his hands he kneaded them hard as he speeded up his strokes. Kiara cried out at his rough treatment of her soft body but she didn’t ask him to stop. Neither did she stop pushing back to fuck herself on his hard, throbbing cock. As his cock destroyed her young, tight ass, she just pressed her head on the bed and accepted it. She wanted him to feel like he owned that ass. She loved the feeling of being helpless in his hands. Each hard, rough thrust of his cock that was ripping her open was telling her how much he liked fucking her. That, she found incredibly hot and arousing.

“Mmmm yes!”

The first pump of his hot cum deep in her ass made Kiara moan with the deliciousness of it all. This was him marking his territory. This was his cock telling her that he owned her. Every stroke of his cock that pumped his hot seed into her ass was showing her that she belonged to him and he had just claimed her ass.

It felt even hotter for her when his cock started spreading that cum inside her anal canal and some of it got squeezed out. She could feel its slimy warmth over her pussy hole and slithering down over her pussy slit. Kiara came again.

She felt this orgasm in her bones. All over her body she could feel the jerky waves of a hot current pushing towards and away from her centre. Her eyes were tightly closed and she could feel Vikas’ cock pushing into her ass, hot and pulsing as she came uncontrollably hard.

Her right hand was on a pillow and she squeezed the life out of the part she was holding in her fist. Her body felt like a powerhouse of hot currents and Kiara never wanted this feeling to end. She pushed on Vikas’ cock with much more confidence and the urgency of her orgasm. He was still slamming his hot, pulsating cock into her ass and it was fuelling her orgasm, making it feel hotter and last longer.

Gradually her orgasm did slowly subside and she started to feel more in control of her body. When Vikas slid his cock out of her abused ass, she could feel the cold air rushing into her gaping ass hole. She knew it would take a minute or two before she would get control of her sphincters back. His cock always did that to her.

Kiara got off the bed and went down to her knees, making sure she had the attitude and expression of a pet bitch. She still wanted him to have her as his bitch and she was going to try hard to make that happen while they were still on the cruise.

She sucked his cock clean and ate his cum. She made sure to lick his thighs and balls, tasting his sweat on them. Then she lowered herself right to the floor on her hands and knees. She licked the few drops of cum from his feet and licked them clean. She spent enough time there to make sure that he could see that she did not mind serving him in any way.

After that, they took a shower together. Vikas played with Kiara’s young, smoking hot body in the shower and fingered both her cunt and her ass. But he did not let her cum and did not fuck her. Kiara was ok with that. She knew it would take her at least two days before her pussy and ass were not sore. That did not mean that she would wait that long before seeking his cock in her again. She actually expected that when she woke next morning she would be hungry and ready to beg for his cock.

They dried and went out of the bathroom. Both were still naked when Vikas pulled Kiara to him and kissed her slowly while their moist, naked bodies pressed against each other.

“God!” Kiara panted as they parted after a hot, breathless kiss “You do know how to make a girl all helpless.”

“I wasn’t trying to, I was just being nice.” Vikas said and turned to find some clothes to wear.

“Okay, if you are still in a nice mood, I want to take advantage and ask will you please make me your bitch?”

Vikas didn’t say anything, he just put on fresh underwear.

Kiara persisted “Okay, at least tell me how many times I have to ask. I will ask and beg that many times.”

“Once.” Vikas said.

“That’s all? I will do it now,” Kiara said “..will you please..”

“No, not now.”


“When we are both in Bombay, when you are back in your own life. You text me, ‘Vikas, this is Kiara. I still want to be your bitch.’ I will call you over and make you my bitch.”

“Really? That’s all it will take?”

“Mmhmm. That’s all.”

“Deal. You won’t go back on you word then, right?” Kiara asked.

“Not at all. A deal is a deal.”

“Ok, shake on it.” Kiara offered her hand.

They shook hands on it.

[End of part 22]

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