Male Man’s Delivery Ch. 02

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Jerry got back to his house and he sat down and turned on a sports channel. He was too turned on to focus though and didn’t really pay attention to it.

All he could think about was Lou, Sherry, Katie, and Cherise. All wanted a piece of him and he liked the idea they did; he wanted to ‘be with them’ also. He’d like to fool around anyway they cared too, so what’s a guy to do?

He went to the bathroom, made sure he was as clean-shaven as he could be, brushed his teeth, and gargled. He ended up taking a shower and while in it, he thought being at the park with Lou.

He wanted her in the shower with him and wished Lou and he would play around more. He got out, went and got his cell, and called her, but she didn’t answer. Her recording came on, so he left a message.

“Hey Lou its Jerry, I’m thinking about tonight and how much we kissed and well, God Lou, you made me hott and horny tonight. I hope you get this message soon, I really hope you get it soon.

I’m going to take a shower, so if I don’t hear the phone, it’s cause I’m takin’ a shower. Talk to you soon.”

In about 5 minutes, just a few seconds after he stepped in his shower, he was lathering himself up with shampoo and rubbing his balls and limp scrotum. It was becoming stiffer and longer as he massaged it.

In half stride, he was ready to go full blow on his cock, since he was letting himself get hornier. His cell, which was around the corner on the sink, rang. He reached around and answered it. It was Lou.

“Hello, as he answered it. Hi Lou, how are you? What’s going on?”

“Hi Jerry, we were all wondering what you were up to. Everyone has left and we weren’t tired and wondered if you wanted to come back over?

What’s that noise? Is that your shower? Are you actually in the shower, as we speak? Seriously, are you really in the shower; is that what I hear?”

She laughed, but Jerry said he wasn’t. She didn’t believe him. She thought it was cool, very cool that he was talking to her while he was in the shower.

“Hey no it’s the water in my kitchen. It’s running; let me shut it off, okay? He shut off the water in the shower. He stepped out and started talking to her, but she pulled the phone away as he began saying stuff.

“He is in the shower as we speak”, she quietly said to the others.

She put the phone back up to her ear, while the girls began laughing or giggling. That was a huge turn on to them; he was talking to her from his shower.

“Jerry, come back over here, would you please?”

“Nah, I think I am going to just hang out, although that does sound pretty tempting. I don’t know, maybe I should take another shower or at least clean up, since we were all over the ground tonight”. He laughed and so did Lou.

Then he added, “Okay, I’ll think about coming back over. If I come back, it would be in about an hour.”

She said okay. She told the rest of them what he said to her, as they got anxious and jumped the gun. They all left the house and walked a few blocks, heading for his place.

He didn’t expect them to come to his house at all. It wasn’t lit up. All anyone could see was a light flickering through the windows from the TV, which turned on.

They were right. He had gone in, got a shower, started to jack off but didn’t finfish that, got out, walked back to watch TV, and sat in his chair naked as he pleased.

They saw his back and saw that he wasn’t wearing any shirt. They went to a side window and could see him a lot better through the blinds

They got down on their knees quickly and began laughing. “He’s naked I bet”, said Katie giggling. Then Sherry saw his limp member and that impressed her big time! “He has a huge cock, did you see that?”

They didn’t see his dick, but they giggled more and more. Obviously, they were in a playful mood. He didn’t hear any of the commotion outside. He was glued to the sports show on TV.

Sitting there though, he began fidgeting with his ‘pimp mobile’. They all lifted their heads and caught him toying with it.

They squatted back close to the ground and smiled as they whispered to each other. All of them were in awe, including Lou. They giggled and whispered amongst themselves how they wanted to help him toy with that prized pop-up.

It began absorbing his attention more while watched the show less and less; eventually he turned off the sound and got up. They girls watched in wonder due to his length. As he stood up, it hung down, further then they expected.

“Wow, said Lou that’s awesome, isn’t it?” Katie thought Lou said that too loud. He didn’t hear anything from outside. He walked around the family room naked as they all got good looks at his entire body, with out a bit of clothes on.

He had an okay shape but in most peoples’ eyes, it was nothing to write home about, however these girls liked it perfectly! They all stared and envied not being able to be in there with him or along side of him.

“God, I should just go knock on his door and say hi”, said Cherise. otele gelen escort Why don’t we all just go up and knock on it.”

Just then, he disappeared out of nowhere. He came back in full view with something in his hand. It looked like a bottle of crème, from what they could see.

He poured some cream like substance into the palm of his hand then began lathering up his cock. They watched more dutifully. He was getting ready to masturbate!

He turned off the TV and it was dark inside. No one, unless right up against the window, could see him. They could see him petting his friend, their friend too as far as they were concerned.

He stood right there, smack dab in front of them and began beating away at it. It got harder and longer. His face showed signs desirable pleasure. He began flinching as his cock was being stroked faster.

You could see he was ready to shoot his load. He was ready to shoot it big time. He started arching backwards, against a wall. His eyes closed up and his pelvis started slightly convulsing back and forth.

The girls watched in utter amazement. Cherise and Katie were hornier then hell. Even Lou and Sherry were turned on by what they saw. Cherise pulled out her picture phone.

She snapped two shots of him. Sherry did the same thing, but hers were better quality shots due to her phone being of a higher quality.

Accidentally, Cherise hit the window with her cell and hand that, which had a ring on it, making a loud pang against the window.

That surprised the hell out of Jerry, who jumped forward a little as he was jerking himself off. The girls squatted down again, quickly and were startled as they swiftly scampered away.

Jerry dropped to the floor and crawled over to the window where the sound came from. He looked through it, as he pressed his face against the window, but he didn’t see anything or anyone.

“Goddamn, that scared the fuck out of me. I wonder what was or who the hell that was. No one could have seen me doing that, he said aloud, unless right up against the window.” He put on his clothes, quickly stepped outside, and looked around. He saw nothing and he heard no one.

The four girls were all up the street running away. They were giggling their heads off as they finally slowed down about a block and a half away.

They laughed and giggled how cool it was and how massive his size actually was. They all wanted to see him like that again and thought,

“Should we offer to pose for him, if he’d show us his piece, said Cherise”.

They giggled and giggled. Meanwhile, Jerry cleaned up and thought about the girls offer earlier. It brought a very naughty smile to his face as if he wanted to discover what they wanted to propose or even so, what they wanted him to show off to him.

He cleaned up and started back towards the girl’s house. They had reached their house but decided to turn around and venture back to his. They were going to meet about half way. They would be surprised as it meant seeing him was a ‘Welcome Mat’ of sorts for all of them!

Just prior though, the girls stood around in front of their house and looked at the pictures off the phones they took of Jerry. They got excited as they marveled at his stock, again!

Then they slowly began heading back towards his house as they laughed and laughed at different things they said about him. Jerry had just begun heading towards the girl’s house.

“Lulu, he’s that stacked and you didn’t get some while you were with him? Why didn’t you”, exclaimed Cherise!

“I would have been all over it”, continued Katie.

Sherry agreed, but Lou didn’t say a word, as she wasn’t sure what to say actually. All were hyperactive in their quest to, if they were lucky and all of them agreeable and they got along well enough, to see what could become of this bold mind set.

Lou was embarrassed but she was also aroused as the others. The only advantage she had was that she already gave and got, some ‘lovin’, with Jerry. Obviously, their party had broken up at that point and it was 1:50AM Saturday, so they had the whole day to enjoy or survive from what was going on.

They saw him coming, but he didn’t see them yet. “Hiiii Jerrrry, said Cherise, wanna come over to our house or were you on your way alreadyyyy?” He smiled and picked up his pace when he realized it was them.

“Hey hi there, I was coming back over to see Lou. I got a question for you guys. Were you at my house earlier; just a little bit ago?”

They didn’t answer, but Katie was bright enough to make it appear as if they weren’t. “Nope, we’ve been here cleaning up the house. Why do you ask?”

“Oh I thought I heard something outside as I was watching a show on TV. I couldn’t tell, but it sure sounded like someone was out there and hit a window.”

“Nope, not us, replied Sherry and Lou at the same time, umm we’ve been here all night.

Lou continued with an invite back over to their place, “Jerry, wanna come back rus escort bayan with me, us to our house?”

“Heck yeah, that’s what I was doing anyways. You guys, excuse me ladies, offered that earlier anyways, so I thought heck yeah.”

The girls giggled eagerly and they all turned around, walked back, and Jerry held Lou’s hand for a little bit. They all wanted in on her action and hoped she would give him up for public consumption.

“So now what do we do, do we just hang out, bullshit, talk about ‘stuff’ and whatever?”

“Talking about ‘stuff, hanging out is good, said Cherise, what about the rest of ya, what do you all want?”

“I know what I’d like”, said Lou.

“What’s that”, asked Cherise.

“I’m not saying out loud”, as she laughed. However, Jerry knew what she meant.

In a round about way, Katie and Sherry also intimated they wouldn’t mind some face time with Jerry.

Jerry was noticing subtle and not so subtle hints that he was desired big time by all of them. They all wanted what Lou experienced and had their sights on him and piece even.

At this point, no one was buzzed any longer, but either way, all were hungry for some physical time and it didn’t matter how they went about it either.

Cherise was the most aggressive towards the interesting adventure. She was charming, but she was open in what she wanted too. He was a little weary, but he’d also be aroused equally by her or again by Lou. He just had a connection with Lou and he liked it that way.

The other two, Katie and Sherry, wanted him just as much but weren’t as open about it. They would get it on with him, if he’d get it on with them.

“Want a beer Jerry? We still have a case left over. They all sat around as the four girls wondered amongst themselves if they should become overt in their intentions.

“Anyone wanna make out”, asked Cherise giggling. Lou didn’t answer that question, but for the hell of it Katie did, stood up, and went over towards Cherise. As she did, she looked Jerry’s way, winked at him, and sat down next to Cherise and they started kissing and feeling each other up.

Lou looked at Jerry. Jerry was mesmerized by what he was watching, looked at Lou and smiled differently, and then looked at Sherry. Sherry’s eyes were locked in on Katie and Cherise going at each other.

He began to think, “She’s turned on I bet, and she’s horny”.

He said something first, “Should we do that Lou, I know I loved kissing you earlier. What about you Sherry, if Lou won’t get upset.”

“Heck no, I like sharing, said Lou, feel free to spend some face time with Sherry, if Sherry wants to.”

Sherry jumped at that opportunity, looked at him, he looked at her and they smiled; He went to her as she shifted herself on the couch so they could make out.

It wasn’t too long before Lou got in on the action; as Sherry and Jerry kissed, she’d rub both Jerry and then Sherry’s bodies. Sherry, at first turned and looked, but she quickly went back and resumed kissing Jerry.

Jerry didn’t flinch. He let things happen. His hands moved all over her as her hands stayed in one spot while hugging him. Lou’s hands were everywhere on both of them; she tried to be involved and be turned throughout all fun.

Sherry meanwhile was getting overwhelmed and felt an emotionally charged urge to undress. She tugged at her top somewhat as her cleavage appeared ‘big time’ in Jerry’s line of sight.

Quickly Jerry said, “Wow, sweet, nice”, as he went back to kissing her, but his hands wanted to grope Sherry’s boobs and cleavage. Sherry, in turn, wanted him to do that too.

Meanwhile Cherise and Katie were at each other like two lesbians in a new relationship. They were pounding one another in a methodical like kissing approach and both knew exactly where they were going.

They were going to get each other hornier then hell and eventually get Jerry involved. They weren’t sure, but they hoped it would work out that way.

Cherise and Katie’s hands slid up inside of one another’s tops, feeling each other’s tits. Cherise lifted hers up over her head so it was clearly visible. Lou was surprised by what Cherise was doing, but Katie followed suit as they were wrapped up in their emotional pursuit.

Then Lou saw that Katie’s hand slid down inside of Cherise’s underwear. Deeper it went and that’s when Lou got horny, watching something she never expected to see from her roommates.

Now Lou was feeling left out. She wanted someone to do that to her. Hopefully Jerry would turn his interests towards her and carry on in a similar manner. But she would do something with anyone at this point, just to augment stimulating emotions!

Jerry was beginning to reach down into Sherry’s top and he felt her up a little. He could feel her large supple boobs that she wanted him to massage. He wouldn’t mind doing that with Lou. He looked over at her and she had that lonely and abandoned look about her. He felt bad.

“Hey everyone, let’s get sıhhiye escort bayan naaaaked” he said in a wild manner! He stopped kissing, took off his shirt, and they all looked at him thinking he was crazy. Then they smiled, but weren’t sure they were ready to follow suit.

Lou, in order to not feel left out, removed her two tops. Jerry looked at her bra and noticed it matched the tones of her camisole. He wanted to shake off Sherry and bite in to her boobs now, or at least fondle her right away. He smiled at Lou and winked as he stretched out his arm for her to come join him.

She did and then Sherry took of her knit top, showing off her beautiful cleavage as well. Jerry was becoming turned on more then ever. It wasn’t showing yet because his pants were still on.

Cherise and Katie stopped playing, turned around, saw what was going on across from them, and decided to do the same thing. They all had their tops off now. Now everyone felt a little better, except Jerry had a hard on and he wanted to adjust his boner somehow.

He couldn’t, so he said, “I’m getting a beer, anyone want something?”

Knowing none of them could legally drink, except Sherry, he wouldn’t offer a beer. Sherry went with him into the kitchen. While in the kitchen, she asked if he would suck her titties off.

“Now, he asked, take it off, pointing to her bra; I sure will if you want me too! Take it off right now!” He saw her large firm nipples looking him straight in his eyes!

She did and he pushed her up against the fridge, sucked her tits, and licked her cleavage. He’d push against her as his cock became more enticed. He’d suck on her tits, trying to swallow them whole. He also began licking her solid nipples, tantalizing her even more, and seeing if they began tingling dreadfully.

She loved it, although it felt maddening inside of her, she wanted him to continue licking, teasing, and sucking her off. Her arms braced against the sides of the refrigerator as her thighs began spreading apart, accepting his sexually charged advances!

She started moaning, but not loud enough to be heard in the other room. Then he lost his mind a little and his hands slid down to her tunnel of love: down inside of her shorts and in her panties. She didn’t shave and that was fine with him. She didn’t like it that he was becoming more aggressive then she wanted, at that time.

“No Jerry, Please don’t do that. It feels good, but don’t go in there.”

“Sherry, slide your hand in me. Go down inside of my pants, right now, okay?”

Although a little hesitant, she was curious, but she did and she was astonished by what she felt. She had seen his gargantuan cock earlier, but she had the extreme pleasure and felt it’s hardness as it was so looooong!

“Ohhh myyy goddd, Jerry, ohh myyy god! That is so… ohhh wow, Jerry, ohh wow, ohh… wow!”

What she said was loud enough that the other three girls heard what she said easily enough. They came quickly into the kitchen and saw Sherry topless with her hand down his pants! They saw an amazed and thrilled look on her face.

Sherry instantly got horny once she felt it. Her pussy juiced up as it released splendid drippings into her panties! Now she wanted to get to the next phase: wanting to be fingered, licked, or even fucked, if that was a choice.

“What the hell’s going on here”, asked Lou. She saw Sherry topless and was jealous. “What are you two doing Jerry?”

Sherry pulled her hand out of his pants immediately. She could care less, as she easily would have put it back in, regardless who was there now. But the tone of Lou’s voice caught her off guard, at first.

She found her ‘gold’ and that was Jerry’s bulky cock. She had to get it back and hopefully in her mouth, her hand, or somewhere! Hell she’d love to feel that in her mouth she thought to herself, even though all three of them were watching or criticizing her.

Lou was a little put out. Cherise and Katie were amused and wanted time with Jerry as Sherry had his attention now.

Katie was thinking, “Take them off, take his pants off”.

Lou stormed out of the room upset he was letting someone else have part of his body she thought was exclusively hers. No one knew for sure her reasons or exact thoughts, except they knew she was upset.

Jerry, caught up in the personal attention, didn’t think of her feelings; he only was aware of the thrill he was experiencing from the attention he got from Sherry and the others.

They came up, after watching Lou leave abruptly and instantly began fondling other parts of his body, as it was their intention, to undo his pants and get some time with his penis too.

It was hard, although no one could see it, Sherry felt it, so she had the most awesome and vivid image of it.

“It’s incredible, I mean it’s incredible. Should we tell him guys?”

“How incredible”, asked Cherise, looking over at Katie.

“Yeah, said Katie, how incredible? Should we tell him what, anyways”, she replied towards Sherry’s question.

Cherise, looked at Jerry and smiled, giggled and then looked at her roommates. She knew what Sherry meant and said, “Should we show him what we have? Should we show him those you know what’s?”

“Ohhhhh, ohhhh yeah, said Katie, should we? I don’t see why not. Sherry, what do you think?”

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