Making Love

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It’d be nice if we were spooning right now. It would be better if neither of us had clothes on. I’d start poking you of course and, on a whim maybe, you reach back and take hold of it. I continue poking, you roll over, and I lean over you and kiss you.

We kiss for a good while. I move down and kiss and suck and nibble at your neck, slowly and heavily, then I move down to your nipples. I lick and nibble them slowly, yet passionately. I kiss all over and between your breasts, and squeeze them as I nibble and circle your nipples with my tongue.

I come back and start kissing you more, but my hands slowly wander between your legs. You spread them and my fingers walk slowly across the outside. Walking turns to rubbing slowly, and I move down and kiss your neck some more. Soon you are wet, and I begin to move my fingers between your open lips. I pause and move my finger lightly but quickly near your clit to hear you moan, then I slide my finger slowly into you, moving it around as you squirm. Soon two fingers are making you squeal. I pump them slowly in and etlik escort out, sometimes pausing to move them against the upper wall inside you so you moan louder. As I do this I tell you I love you, and you manage to say it back.

I lick your nipples hard once more, then I move down to your warm pussy. I kiss it lightly at first, then thrust my tongue as deeply into you as I can, flitting it around and touching as much area as I can. I slowly bring my tongue up to your clit and tease your clit for what seems like an hour, fingering you all the while. I go back and forth from inside to clit, inside to clit, inside to clit until you’re almost screaming.

I raise your legs onto my shoulders and slowly slide my penis into you. You feel hot, and so wet. I bite my lip and continue to push it in. You close your eyes and moan until I’m all the way in. I pause for a moment, before sliding a few inches in and out, in and out, in and out, slowly at first, but after a minute I’m doing it as fast as I can, while you moan and squirm like mad, urging etlik escort bayan me forward.

I pause while all the way in, lean down and kiss you deeply. I pull out and tease your clit with the tip of my penis. You beg me to put it back in but I want to tease you some more. Finally I slide it back in and pull it almost all the way back out again before pushing it back all the way, hitting so many hot places inside you that you think you might pass out.

Soon it’s going very fast and we stop to change positions. You sit up and roll over, kneeling on your hands and knees. I hold your sexy hips and push into you from behind, slowly once again. I only bring it out two or three inches each time before pushing it back in so that the deepest parts of you can still be reached. I continue thrusting, doing it so fast you think my cock feels like a big, warm jackhammer, hitting all the good spots inside you until your eyes roll back in ecstasy.

Before we go too far, we move to the floor. I lie on my back while you crouch over escort etlik me. You slide onto me until I’m as deep into you as ever, and you pause and moan. You come up a few inches then use gravity to bring me back deep into you, faster and faster. Not too long after I think I’m going to burst, it’s so good.

We move back onto the bed and you rest some pillows under you and lie on your back. We thrust and moan like this for a while, then you move onto your stomach. Our heights line up perfectly, I can thrust into you as rapidly and as deeply as you want me to, which is pretty much as fast and deep as I can. We get going, fast and hard. Your sheets come up off the bed from all the motion, the bed butts against the wall loudly, and we both moan like crazy. But you don’t even notice, all you can think about it how I’m filling you up, and how amazing it feels.

We keep fucking, harder and harder. Suddenly it hits you, and you cum with such force that you scream out loud in ecstasy. You cum so hard you squeeze my cock from the inside and I cum too, just as hard as you did. I push in and out of you very, very slowly, slowly going in less and less while we look at each other. You tell me you love me and I say I love you too. I come out and collapse next to you. You look at the clock, and it’s been four hours. Ten minutes later we do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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